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Important: Please Read Regarding New Members On the Forum!

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Hi Everyone,

The reception towards new posters recently, with the finger pointing and calling them out to be DABS doesn't do us any good or make us feel welcoming or friendly. Yes, we do get the occasional united supporter joining the forum and they are quickly found our and dealt with (Sometimes with most of you guys even knowing about it).

I would appreciate and ask our members to revert from the finger pointing and creating posts towards new members being DABS. I know personally myself, if I joined a forum and were made not to feel welcome because of the way I post or on the suspicion that I might have joined under false pretenses, then I would leave and never come back.

We used to be a welcoming place for all Dees and I feel we are quick to judge and condemn new members solely on suspicion rather than evidence.

So I would ask that you let the Moderators deal with suspected DABS on the forum. Send us a report or a private messages if you suspect anyone being an Arab. Please do NOT create posts accusing new members of something which they very well may not be. We will remove these posts in future.

Thank you for your understanding.

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