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The Dark Blues
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    The Dark Blues Blogs

    The Dark Blues Blogs, written by Dundee Fans for Dundee Fans!
    The Dark Blues Blogs

    Eh Mind O’ Charnley

    Back in 1996 I began keeping a scrapbook detailing the fortunes of Dundee Football Club. Clippings from newspapers and other little oddities such as team-photo prints and the prospectus trying to cajole fans into buying shares in the club, all stored away for posterity. Twenty-two years later, one of my daughters was tasked with retrieving the surprisingly un-battered books (67 of the 70 that were filled - 3 remain missing in action) from our loft and for the first time in over two decades I’ve been reliving Dens days of yore.

    Do you remember Mark Ward? Laurent Croce? Ole Petter Skonner? No? Neither do I, but they all played a part in book two of the scrapbook years, Dundee looking yet again to drag themselves out of the 1st Division (remember that?) while struggling to score goals on the field of play and looking like a soap opera off it.
    The Dark Blues Blogs

    Forward Thinking?

    It was often said that Dundee lacked options up front last season but when you realise that we employed eight different players in the final third of the park, it becomes apparent that what we really lacked was good options up front.

    Somehow, even in a team that huffed and puffed its way through many games, the simple chances that were passed up would indicate that we finished the season at least a couple of positions lower than our potential. So, who can be classed as a net bursting success and who fell into the category of powderpuff penalty box predator?
    The Dark Blues Blogs

    The Middling Midfield

    Dang, did Dundee use a lot of players last season. What began as a one-off player’s ‘report card’ has grown into a three-part overview. Time to turn the glare of the spotlight on what happens between the two penalty boxes.

    It says much about Dundee’s season that I had to go back through the match reports on the official site to ensure that I hadn’t completely forgotten about some of the players who strolled and stuttered through Dundee’s midfield last season. From the roar of Roarie, to the err…. randiness of Randy and from the picture-perfect displays of Kamara to the never-ending pirouetting twirls of our friend, Paul McGowan, if there was one thing the Dark Blues’ midfield was last season, it was bipolar.
    The Dark Blues Blogs

    The Case For The Defence

    OK children. Term is over and it’s time to bring your games to school so we can all unwind after what has been a long, uneventfully eventful and stress filled year. But who achieved their desired marks in the end of year exams and who will be afraid to show their Mum their report card?
    The Dark Blues Blogs

    How To Please The Fickle Fans

    Whether you frequent The Dark Blues forum, talk about all things DFC on social media, or just chat to folk in the ever friendly and upbeat confines of the Bobby Cox Stand, there’s been a lot of talk this season about Neil McCann implementing a new style of football at Dens Park. It’s been dubbed McCann’s ‘philosophy’, and it involves passing. Lots of passing. Usually in our own half of the pitch. Add in the constant shuffle of personnel, and the tinker, tinker, tinker with formations that we’ve all seen on an almost weekly basis and there’s maybe never been a season where the fans have been so split by what they’re watching. Some thoroughly buying into what’s being attempted, others feeling decidedly over sold and short changed.
    The Dark Blues Blogs

    What Exactly Is ‘Budgeting For The Top Six’?

    ‘Budgeting for the top six’ is a phrase that we’ve heard from Dundee’s board for quite some time now. However with five clubs guaranteed to outstrip us in terms of cash on the park, what exactly does that mean? In practice it’s led to a pair of spoilt manager’s who only have to pretty much ask for a new player in order for one to appear in their squad. Does that mean we’ve aspirations, or just the inability to spend wisely? Squad size and results would certainly suggest the latter. So is this really the best way of using the cash we have at our disposal?
    The Dark Blues Blogs

    To A Moose

    Twelve goals from open play in Dundee's entire league season to date will tell you where our issues lie. Yes, we concede too many soft goals and no, we don't seem to know how to close a game out but surely the antidote to those ills also comes from the ability to score more goals? I remember The Cobra and The Mongoose, but will anyone ever remember The Moose?

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