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    What Exactly Is ‘Budgeting For The Top Six’?

    ‘Budgeting for the top six’ is a phrase that we’ve heard from Dundee’s board for quite some time now. However with five clubs guaranteed to outstrip us in terms of cash on the park, what exactly does that mean? In practice it’s led to a pair of spoilt manager’s who only have to pretty much ask for a new player in order for one to appear in their squad. Does that mean we’ve aspirations, or just the inability to spend wisely? Squad size and results would certainly suggest the latter. So is this really the best way of using the cash we have at our disposal?

    To A Moose

    Twelve goals from open play in Dundee's entire league season to date will tell you where our issues lie. Yes, we concede too many soft goals and no, we don't seem to know how to close a game out but surely the antidote to those ills also comes from the ability to score more goals? I remember The Cobra and The Mongoose, but will anyone ever remember The Moose?

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