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Support The Dark Blues Forum

Please help support The Dark Blues Forum.

All donations will be used to help keep this website and forum up and running, and add new features in the future. In return, you will be given account related features and helping keep your favourite Dundee FC forum going!

Raised £1,252.07

The dark blues forum EPL Fantasy League

To enter the 2023 dark blues' forum EPL Fantasy League, you are required to donate £5 per entry.

If you enter the Fantasy League, and do not have an entry donation, then you will not be eligible to win. If the person who wins the league has not submitted a donation, then the combined donations will go to the next manager in the league position.

The winner will have the choice to take all the entry donations, or donate the donations to the club, full kits home or away strip, or an adult home or away top.

Raised £86

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