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  2. The majority of the posters don't like Arab Barstewards is the only agenda you will find on here. Some have an agenda against the manager but lets not go down that road!
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  4. Mate, I'm getting accused of the DAB nonsense Its draining
  5. Bud, it's not helping your case when you are snippy with everyone and adding things like 'Grow Up' in your posts.
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  7. Scored 2 for rangers reserves tonight For anyone interested
  8. My missus had a call with the exec producers from succession this evening ,they are wanting her to produce an episode in Abu Dhabi in July I won’t give you any spoilers should she decide to do it 😉
  9. So... if you post DDYB on every post you do, never ever tell the truth and refise to admit/discuss the current state of the club, you're deemed a good dee Grow up
  10. New poster Alexis. Zero people have accused him/her of being a DAB. Zero. Another new poster though? At least a dozen posters or more from posts and likes alone have clicked exactly what's going on. Have a think about that.
  11. What's your full name? We can discuss on facebook 

  12. What's nonsense? We are PRICED OUT OF LOAN MOVE But hes going on loan to ARBROATH? What does that tell you other than we couldnt afford him?
  13. Winning is all that will get the fans back. Our home record is an utter disgrace. Unless John Nelms gets people in who recognise that and know how to stir it up then it will continue. Derek Adams would have, but then again he's too much of character for Nelms to cope with. 'In you come James, tea and biscuits, lovely soccer play against Motherswells, who else would you like to sign......'
  14. Where was it ever said we couldn't afford him. More nonsense. DDYB.
  15. Just announced on twitter by the record
  16. I agree supporters need to back the team but until we at least see grafting performances that aren't littered with individual error, then it's never going to happen (even if it 'should'). In a nutshell you've just encapsulated why I reckon we're miles off. No midfield, no width. Add in two poor CBs out of the three we have, a keeper who throws one in at least every third game and an inability to create chances and I'll admire your optimism while not sharing it. I honestly see very few reasons to believe McPake is any nearer to cracking it than he was at the start of the season. Hopefully...
  17. Yes, I can agree with that....a decent 6. I thought the 'stars' were the aerial views of the city & Tay. I guess that's maybe why it was on that channel & not one of the 'main' ones, given the well known actors in it?
  18. Hearing hes close to joining Arbroath on-loan Yet we couldnt afford him? As per paper reports Another kick in the balls
  19. Thanks for the explanation. Hope that things work better than you fear! I think that McPake is learning and his players are playing for him.Supporters need to get behind the players. Agree no game has been convincing but when you look at our squad there's no winger, and unfortunately the Byrne Ness partnership just hasn't worked.
  20. Agreed ...Even the seagulls circling the Derry peh shed could give a true picture of the state of play on the pitch without Sir Alex or wee Ginger giving an opinion.. I may buy shares and attend a shareholders' meeting with a motion to change the Club name to Lemmings F.C.We're a' doomed Mr. Mannering . Ha.
  21. I don't think anyone is suggesting that any of our players have been brilliant this season and it says a lot that the two picking up most plaudits (Marshall and McGhee) are defenders. And certainly no one suggesting that we've been good as a team - we all know where we sit in the league. Hemmings has been far from brilliant, but I just think it's really difficult to judge a striker when he's been working off scraps and more than often being forced to do most of his work around the half way line.
  22. Arbroath are closing in on the stunning loan signing of Craig Wighton, Courier Sport can reveal. View the full article
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