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  2. Aye. Been there, done it, got the rash.
  3. Said the same for years, they've already tipped their hat that they would drop us like a steaming t**d if they got a better offer so why not at the very least build the 'resilience' into the rest of Scottish football or just force the issue and get them to feck (or well all opt out or whatever). They have no loyalty to us so um.... yeah, why would we go along with this. Down to the governing bodies and owners I guess.
  4. If you've ever been, you'll know its one big favela. 😉
  5. The OF have made no secret of the fact they want to fly the nest. If, collectively, the other clubs had the cojones to say 'see ya' and the respective parties made the case to SFA and UEFA that they wanted a 'divorce', then why not make it happen?
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  7. I didn't know there was a favela district in Rosyth. 😄
  8. Unfortunately we're in the position that all involved (with any say) can't see past the OF as the goose that lays the golden eggs. They might be right but from a fan point of view, there's a hell of a lot of us would be willing to take the risk.
  9. Notice of Complaint (exact same for Partick): Law broken (from the SFA's Articles of Association, Pg. 115): Relevant punishments for breaking said law (via SFA Judicial Panel Protocol, Pg. 86):
  10. You think it cannot get any more bonkers then it does. So let's expel Hearts and Thistle and that is really going to benefit the game? What a bunch of tossers. Personally hope scottish football splits into two leagues and we join the league without the ugly sisters who can play each other every week and scream sectarian abuse and we watch our club in a competitive division. Wont happen but I wish.
  11. Was a fan 'back in the day', saw them at the Glasgow Apollo about 84. Still like a bit of metal, I'm more open to all sorts now though.
  12. We binned 'contents' a long time ago. If we were going to replace 'like for like' then if its an individual item we'll take the hit. If for example the house burned down then we could replace it all for about a grand or less from charity shops and start buying the stuff we wanted slow time. Even a hoofing big TV isn't that expensive any more. We do 'due diligence' on the pet insurance though, we ended up spending about 3k on one of the mutts about 15 months ago and while her premiums have gone up its worth it, more for the missus's peace of mind than anything...
  13. Yes, articles of association are freely available https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/media/1819/articles-of-association.pdf Best of luck reading that stuff mind
  14. It wont take years in the UK. Courts are wise to delaying tactics and wasting public resources
  15. Spot on Ludo, insurance companies would rather pay lawyers 100k to avoid paying millions. This could take years to sort out as I assume they'll be fending of hundreds of claims, pay one they've to pay them all. The tactic will be delay, delay, delay, frustrate, deny, get lawyers involved and then hope the other party has either run out of money in the courts or just got fed up and dropped the claim.
  16. My understanding of the 'problem' is that they left the arbitration process and went straight to the legal one which is against the rules. I'm sure there's a whole load of 'he said, she said...' and finger pointing going on behind the scenes but big picture, they went off the reservation. I agree they've been shafted by the way, just that they were shafted by all the other clubs more than the SPFL (who since their early balls up with the vote have boxed pretty cleverly).
  17. I think you misunderstand. It's the SFA and the SPFL that are the focus of the wish that Hearts and Partick have some success. Didn't even think about United when I voted Alexis a gold star. Having read article 99 of the SFA rules of association it looks very unlikely that they can win anything. However, they will have been aware of all these clauses when they set out on their court case. Must be something that their lawyers think will work to their advantage but I am not a lawyer and it looks to me as though they might have big problems.
  18. 😂 If you thought they had any chance at staying up then I feel sorry for you. It was inevitable Hearts were coming down, for christ sakes. Any punishment they deservedly get is a bonus imo, and with their fans' renewed hatred of us and wishing for our demise I hope they get hit as hard as possible. It's incredible just how much folk on this forum are guided by their hate boner for Yinited on here.
  19. I don't understand this viewpoint at all. Hearts and Partick are not in the wrong and have been shafted by the other clubs, including Nelms u-turn. They have every right to take this all the way. The entire situation has been grotesquely mismanaged by both the SPFL and SFA. Added to that, you'd really want to go up against Hearts next season with them carrying a huge grudge, the financial backing to exercise that, and have united promoted instead?
  20. You're right, it didn't. It could be pretty scary as a youngster in there but it was the only place I wanted to be when we were at the dump. The only time I went behind the goal was when we went in at the Tannadice Street turnstiles and didn't know a fence had been put up splitting behind the goal and the cliff.
  21. Hey, by being patient and letting them have their tantrum they'll have plenty of evidence for the complaint. Throw the book at the Jambo b*****ds.
  22. Just found my full set of panini’s from 87 all unused, Forsyth giving jocky a run for his money with his tash
  23. Could we see what article 99 says as that gives the conditions that will allow going to court. Also did they take the SFA to court. Thought it was SPFL.
  24. SFA Compliance Officer wrote to Hearts and Thistle on or around 19 June asking those clubs to explain their actions.
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