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When you donate to the Dark Blues website, you are helping to keep our community alive and thriving, safe in the knowledge that we will continue to be there for you and our fellow Dees for a long time.

This website and forum is run by two brothers, who are life long fans of the might Dundee FC and we started all of this as way of giving something back to the Dee Community. However, while we endeavour to keep this site free of Dabs and without any annoying adverts, we would ask if you could help by donating towards our running costs (Over a £1000 a year).

So no matter how small or big a donation you can make, you would be helping us and our community for a long time.

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The Dark Blues Football Fantasy League

Goal starts 02/08/17
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Goal starts 06/12/16

Gold Memberships are given to those who make contributions toward the cost of running this site. These memberships do expire after a period of time to ensure continued contributions (and to ensure the continued existence of the site).

The easiest way to make a donation is via PayPal. When you do this, your membership and expiry date are set immediately and you get access to the goodies with no delay.

  • £12 Donation = One-year Gold Membership
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If you make a donation and you already have time left on your membership, the membership is extended by the appropriate period of time.

Finally, please keep in mind that this is a donation-based arrangement, not fee-based. We (The Dark Blues Forum) welcome donations in order to keep this website alive and running, and those donations are rewarded with a Gold Membership. However, we cannot make any promises or guarantees of any kind with regard to service levels, feature requests, or anything else.

All donations will only be used towards the running of this website, the server and software costs and nothing more.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support,

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Player Sponsorship 2017/18

Goal starts 20/06/17

The Dark Blues forum in conjunction with 'Up with the Bonnet's' is aiming to raise money towards the Dundee football Club Player Sponsorship 2017/18.

All donations raised will go towards sponsoring a Dundee FC Full team, Youth and Academy player.  All proceeds will help Dundee football club stars of tomorrow, players like Scott Robertson, Neil McCann, Paul Dixon, Lee Wilkie, Gavin Rae, Craig Wighton and Cammy Kerr. This is your chance to help today for tomorrow!

Unlike last year, we have combined the three goals into one, to make it a lot easier for people to donate.

If you would like to donate, but don't wish for PayPal to take money off for fee's, then please feel free to use [email protected] as your friends and family option. Please remember to leave your username in the comment box when sending your donations.

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