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The Dark Blues

Personal Attacks, Trolling, Baiting, Personal Arguments.

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I have noticed that there has been a lot of topics/posts which are starting to contain personal attacks, trolling and baiting other members of this forum.  It is now becoming more and more frequent and starting to disrupt the normal activity of our other members.

Well today, this was the tipping point for myself and I have decided that there will be a zero tolerance for anyone who wishes to use this forum for their personal vendetta's against other members. I don't care if you have a beef with other members because of another forum you may have frequented, or you do not like the other person and I don't care to see it on here either.

Any member who engages in 'personal attacks, name calling, flaming, taunting, baiting or accusing other members of being trolls' will be given one of the following:

  1. A message from the moderation asking you to stop or a Topic Ban (if you get ones of these you now know why),
  2. A warning which will result in posting privileges being removed from anywhere from 3 to 30 days,
  3. Member could possibly lose their Gold Member or Donator Status,
  4. In extreme cases, a complete ban will be issued.

I also want to make this very clear, if someone baits someone else please use the report button to alert the Moderation team. Please do not engage in any personal attacks or flaming, as this could mean you will end up with a warning as well.

Keep your personal shit at the login screen please and I apologise to our other members who have been affected by other members personal agenda's.

If you are unsure please read our community guidelines:



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Fair enough. Nothing ambiguous about that so we all know where we stand (or crouch under our bridges waiting for billy goats). 

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A reminder to all on personal attacks, baiting and down right trolling. 

It's becoming more and more prevalent in recent days and weeks and it's starting to annoy our members who want to come on to the forum to simply  blether about the Dee or life in general.

Many are clearly twitchy with the poor start to the season we've had but some of the comments being posted are more regularly crossing the line or pushing the boundaries of acceptability. 

Can everyone take a deep breath, count to ten and think before you post please.

I've not been on the forum very regularly for the past couple of weeks but I've got a little time off work over the coming days and I'll be intervening more frequently with some of the trolling and abuse that's flying about.

Praying for a win this weekend to bring even a little sense of perspective back to the forum.

Mon the Dee and chill the fuck out please.

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I’m struggling to chill out when my OCD is kicking in on this part of the forum. 👀



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