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The Dark Blues

The Dark Blues Infractions System

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The Infraction System

When it has come to our community guidelines, we have tended to be pretty relaxed when it has come to handing our warnings and bans. In the last 4 years we have only handed out permanent bans to a handful of members who have broken our rules, and we generally only tend to hand out warnings in extreme cases.

We want this forum to be a safe and supportive community, and an enjoyable place for everyone who visits us. However on some occasions tempers will flare and we have to step in and be the big bad referee and moderate to restore peace. We will do this either via by removing offending posts, warnings or in extreme cases, we have no other choice in handing out a ban.

Here is an explanation of our Infraction system which we use to handle violations of our community guidelines. We would suggest that our members take the time to read over this post so everyone understands our reasoning for us removing topics, posts and warnings and the consequences of breaking our community guidelines.

How It Works

If you violate a rule, one of two things will most likely happen, your post will be removed or you will receive a warning from one of our moderators. In the case of a warning, you will be receive some points. These points will expire over a certain period of time, however when you reach a certain level of points, it comes with a penalty.

It is important that each of you is treated fairly, and as moderators our job is to smooth tensions and not create them, and please know that we always review each situation giving both sides the benefit of doubt.

Our Philosophy

We understand that emotions can change depending due to many factors (For example losing a game) and it is important for us as moderators to take every post under its own merit and judge fairly. We only ever hand out an infraction if and when they are needed, sometime we might get it wrong, we are human after all.

Infractions are not set in stone, if you believe that you have been given one unfairly, we will review the situation and take appropriate action.

Understanding the Infraction system

If you break a rules, you will either have your post removed and/or be issues a warning and points from our moderators. Any moderation is strictly between the moderated member and the moderation team. We firmly believe that all disputes should be handled in private.

Here is a list of infractions, their points and the length of time they last.

Bumping And Necroposting 1 point, expires 7 days,
Cross Posting  1 point, expires 7 days,
Misleading Topic Title/Clickbait 1 point, expires 7 days,
Politics and Religious Discussions 1 point, expires 7 days,

Bypassing the Word Filter : 3 points, expires 7 days,
Copyright Infringement: 3 points, expires 7 days,
Off-Topic Posting/Thread Hijacking: 3 points, expires 7 days,
Publishing Your Real Life Contact Information: 3 points, expires 7 days,
Grammar Police: 3 points, expires 7 days,

Inappropriate Profile or Signatures information: 5 points, expires 30 days,
Reputation/Reaction Manipulation or Harassment: 5 points, expires 30 days,

Advertisements, Self Promoting or Soliciting: 10 points lasts for 30 days,
Spamming or Trolling: 10 points, expires 30 days,
Abuse of the Report Function: 10 points lasts for 30 days,

Inappropriate or Foul Language: 15 points, expires 30 days,
Inappropriate Content or Media: 15  points, expires 30 days,

Back-seat Moderating or Implied Authority: 25 points, expires 30 days
Personal Disagreements: 25 points, expires 30 days,
Publishing Other Peoples Private Information or Intimate Content: 25 points, expires 30 days,
Flame Baiting and Provocation: 25 points, expires 30 days,
Personal Attacks, Hate Speech Or Harassment: 25 points, expires 30 days,

Discussing Moderator Based Actions: 30 points, expires 30 days,
Multiple or Duplicate Accounts: 30 points, expires 30 days,

Impersonating a Staff Member: 50 points, expires 30 days,

Personal Attacks Staff Members: 75 points, expires 30 days,

Advertisement Bots: Permanent Ban,
Circumventing a Ban or Suspension: Permanent Ban,
Phishing, Malware or Hacking Attempts: Permanent Ban

Please note that these infractions points and expire times will be subject to change.

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