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The Dark Blues
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Deleted Posts, Infractions And Warnings.

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I just want to post a little update on a few things which might be getting misunderstood by our members, basically regarding Hiding your posts, Infraction and warnings. We have had a few members accuse us of being biased, favouring other members, our being heavy handed when it comes to the rules and infractions which we hand out.

All I am going to say is this, I don't care if you are family or friends when it comes to this website, if our moderation team believe you have broken our community guidelines, then they will have no choice but to moderate. We will try our best to remain impartial and fair at all times, but we are human and mistakes tend to happen now and then. That's just life!

Hidden Posts

We do NOT delete or remove topics or posts, we hide them from our members view. We will only ever hide posts which have broken our community guidelines (forum rules for a better term) and for no other reason. When our moderation team moderate a topic or post, this should be done in a professional non personal way. It is against our moderator code of conduct for a moderator to remove posts for personal or selfish reasons.

In the case that you are unfortunate enough to have a post removed by one of our moderators, you should receive a Personal Message giving a detailed explantation as to why.  This private message should also explain the procedure to take if you have any grievance regarding to the reason why your post was removed.


We have just published a list of infractions on our forum. These infractions let you the member know how many points and how long they will last if you break one of our community guidelines. We are doing this for transparency sakes.

These infraction points can range from 1 to 150, depending on the infraction encored. If a member reaches 125 points over a period of time, they will receive a temporary suspension from the forum. If a member receives a 150 penalty points, this will be a permanent ban. We only ever hand out permanent bans in extreme circumstances, as we believe everyone should be given a chance to prove themselves.

These infractions will receive a permanent ban:

  • Advertisement Bots: Permanent Ban,
  • Circumventing a Ban or Suspension: Permanent Ban,
  • Phishing, Malware or Hacking Attempts: Permanent Ban


Contrary to belief, we do not hand out warnings left right and centre. In fact, over the last four years we have handed out less than 50 warnings to our members and we have currently 8 banned members at the moment.

We will only ever hand out warnings as a last resort, or in very special cases where certain forum rules have been broken. This is and always has been our policy. In most cases we will suspend a members account or revoke posting privileges for a period of time only, because we believe this is the best policy and we all make mistakes at times. 

We will also hand out topic suspensions: If a member is disrupting a topic, then we would rather topic suspend to give that member a time out and hopefully calm down before taking further action.

But sometimes, we have to play the bad guy, and we will pull out the banner hammer in cases where we feel we have no choice (sorry).

Appealing Moderator Decisions

You can formally request that our administrators look into the decision again for you. You can do this by contacting our administration team via our Member Support Centre. Please supply us with any details to the hidden post from the Private Message and a reason why you believe the decision to remove you post was unfair.

Our administration team will review your case objectively and notify you of the outcome.

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The above, does not require a comment from me ... And I am not in a position to offer above, my seal of approval ... (And nor would I want to have this extra added responsibility) But if it there to add clarity & explain in greater detail the process & the reasons ...For me it has achieved that.

To my way of thinking, TDBF offers a great deal as a News, Discussion, Informative, Entertaining Platform, to everyone, of whatever age or gender, who has the good fortune (no sae sure aboot the good fortune bit) to follow Oor Beloved Dundee FC. (Even eh'm allowed some space here) :wacko:

Ideally, keeping to the rules/guidelines. Which in simple terms, means showing each & every member, a little respect, & maybe to expect, or hope, the same courtesy is returned in like. I think the Admin, Mods, Staff & nearly all Members, all of the time, achieve this...except on a "bad day" :)

As a personal view, I think this forum, goes out of it's way to keep things running happily & smoothly, & successfully, for the benefit of everyone, But when things do go wrong, for the better good of all members, the forum , & oor general peace of mind & well-being ... They have to be addressed.

The above (imo) is a big step towards understanding the difficulties, as well as the process. In part at least, sometimes it is the non-understanding & lack of clarity that causes the problem (imo)   Hard Rules, Soft Rules, No Rules?

The last bit wid work if we awe paused a minute before posting. No need for insults or disrepect. It's no hard to make a strong point, or go hard against the tide ... Be firm, but be respectful ....It kinda works for me :wub:

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I think if Dees gave a little thought to things they'd realise this website is ridiculously good at encouraging positive debate. Nasty trolls simply don't survive on here. I don't know what it's like for supporters of other teams but I suspect we're quite lucky to have this message board.

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