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The Dark Blues

Relegation Battle

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We will soon have a 34 year old centre half who was playing in non-league football 8?werks ago before his injury in the team.

That will complement a centre foreard whose last goal was f*** knows.

But we also have a great midfielder who had been relegated  2 years running.

How many goals have we scored in the league this year  fro midfield -2?

Absolutely crap in midfield-both tackling wise,creativity wise and goals wise.


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7 hours ago, Rocky Boy said:

Post of 2019, worst preseason, I can remember, getting totally fucked, by two poor Portuguese teams, a couple of my mates, were at these games and they said, the writing was on the wall then, before a ball was kicked in anger.

I got pelters on here for suggesting we were nowhere near goog enough after we drew with Brechin, but here we are fighting relegation again.

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Although I agree the future is pretty bleak with regard to DFC holding their position in the Premiership, the depressive posts on this thread, are really wearing me out ... Reading these posts, I feel we are already relegated.  Everyone knows (for whatever reason) we have a fight on our hands. But let's start with the assumption with today's game ...

We get beat !! And OK let's stretch our imagination And say we maybe manage even one point

But going back to the first scenario NO POINTS !! I might be wrong & so I am happy to be corrected.

I'm only looking as far as the next game, which is St Mirren, I accept we will have to raise our game.

But a win at Paisley And the additional 3 points that go with it, is surely more than just a possibility.

Hamilton have to play Kilmarnock away from home. Again possibility Hamilton will get NO points.

If these two results go as above, it not only gives us a bit breathing space from that  bottom spot.

It also means we are only three points away from Hamilton. If this is the case & it all goes to plan,

I don't think the situation is (YET) quite so bleak as made out...Are my numbers right? Hope so:chaplin:

It's the away game against St Mirren, which I know will be tough. That will, be the crucial game :wub:


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