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  2. Was slivka not rumoured as part of a deal for Kamara to hibs? Would definitely take him to dens. Not sure about bogdan, is he a keeper?
  3. Like this post Barkblue. It is a great metaphor for the covid -19 virus. We are obsessed by it, the media spends most of its time talking about it and the reality is that nobody knows what will happen. We speculate and give our ideas, repeat stuff we have read or heard and it is exactly like being a football fan wanting his or her team to start winning games. The current chat about the state of Scottish football is very dispiriting. If the social distancing rules are not going to be changed then we really do need to consider some way of helping our club, and we need to do it now. The SPL being able to play behind closed doors is not an acceptable solution if all the other clubs are driven into oblivion, IMO.
  4. I fully agree with Strachan and in his statement he never said that any club should be allowed to go to the wall. All he said is that clubs have to find their own level. He is spot on about the product for if the product is right it will mean more sponsorship. He is after all only speaking truth that we all agree with. I remember East Fife when they were a great club and had a great Cup pedigree. No club wanted to be drawn against them in the Scottish Cup because they were renowned Cup fighters, but they were in the First Division at the time. What has happened to them since then, I do not know. Strachan is speaking a lot of common sense. Something has to be done to reward clubs with ambition with the product being improved through better competition. The way things are structured at the moment it is killing our game. The international team have suffered along with our European co-efficient. We find even Aberdeen being content to known as the third force in Scottish football. They have won one trophy in 7 years under their present manager. Can you imagine Dick Donald and Alex Ferguson being content with that? No way. You have St. Johnstone content with being in the top six each year. Do you get a trophy for being 3rd or 6th? And at the end if the day who will remember teams who occupied these positions? The present structure is killing the ambition of some of our strongest clubs.
  5. Remember those daft hats The Casuals Used to wear?? I remember a group of Septic Fans in the Stand Enclosure/Provie Road Segregation all standing there giving us grief with their daft pointy green and white hats (About 20 odd of them)- Nuggets!!
  6. The 70s badge on the shirts is still my fave .Both The "Disc Badge" early 70s and The DFC without the shield onwards but as neither are an option I will sit on the fence ;oD
  7. Happy Times supporting both those sides!!! Agreed 95- Better Club Spirit but best Football 2003.
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  9. If GS is basically saying the Scottish game is f#cked, then he is absolutely right. National team not qualified for a major tournament this century, 1998 if I mind right. Not even close. Teams qualifying for Europe out in the first or early rounds. Champions of SPFL not qualifying for later stages of Champions League and then embarrassing themselves in the Europa Cup. Only one of 2 teams can win the top league. Self serving, selfish and self preservation of clubs, particularly Chairmen now the common thread. Teams who do get a good team together with some decent players, plundered by the a**e cheeks then back to square one. Same plundering teams then complain of 'lack of decent competition ' hence bad record in Europe. Teams in lower leagues, although doing great work locally and in the Community then are merely 'feeder clubs' or a back water for grizzled ex top players. Apart from that, it's sunny outside...for a change. 😊
  10. Speroni Vrto, Duffy, Khizanishvili, Hernandez Wieghorst Nemsadze Rae Caballero Lovell McCann 1995 - 4. 2003 - 7. Biased has I only have very limited memory of the 1995 team so going on what I have heard, seen videos and very young memories. However, my heart says 2003 would win but my head says 1995.
  11. Absolute nonsense. You don't agree so the club should make a statement? Ridiculous comment. Strachan was absolutely spot on IMO. The game in Scotland is heading down the pan unless something is done. We should be listening to guys like Strachan who have operated at the top levels in the game. He made some very relevant points, not least about the product being atrocious with nonsense like plastic pitches allowed in the top league. With so much other football available on tv now we need to something to make the product more appealing to a new generation. The lower league clubs are effectively amateur/junior clubs now, very important to people in the local community etc., nobody is suggesting otherwise and that won't change. But the fact is they are operating in a completely different demographic, very basic full time players wages now are at a level where we need to adapt in the top leagues in order to cope. The romanticism and revisionism is all well and good on fans forums, but it's simple economics for people who actually have to try and run full time clubs. This current situation has changed things, hopefully for the better long term. 4 leagues in Scotland is no longer feasible, we will see things changing soon I think and some grown up thinking us required. I still retain some degree of hope that Nelms sees the bigger picture here.
  12. Think I've mentioned it before on here but I was talking to a mate who was big into his fishing and he was telling me that this rod cost X and he was going on holiday to go fly fishing etc etc. I asked him how much he spent on fishing in a year and after thinking about it he said it was about 3.5k that year, while I was telling him he was nuts he asked me how much I spent on football and after taking my shoes and socks off, I figured I was spending at least as much as he was on one thing and another, ST's, top, half time draw, a couple Dee lottery entries, hospo.... then you throw in the money spent on away games etc and it fair adds up. Then there's the time involved, when I was in the north of England for a few years, if I was there over the weekend I would try and arrange it to have the saturday off so I could get a train up if it was feasible (Dumfries, Glasgow etc). It take commitment as well as cash if you're going to all or most the games.
  13. Think he was just trying to keep the discussion going. The bottom two leagues said that they would only vote for a 14/14/14 league set up, I think. Setting a precondition for their support for reconstruction might have had a negative effect?
  14. Colour me cynical about the SFA Harry, 'Operation Brave' was their brainchild and while it might have benefited the national game it did nothing for clubs that weren't really part of the top 8 clubs who were going to be 'league 1 academies', the 'league 2' ones were a bit 'meh' and everyone else was out in the cold. I agree that a long term approach is required but if its not from the clubs I'm not sure who else could do it, basically its all a bit of a clusterphuq and I can't see it changing. Sorry for the negative Chi dude.
  15. I read it that he was speaking for himself rather than necessarily on behalf of Dundee FC. I think the photos were probably stock ones - would he have been at Dens much during lockdown. I expect they chose a booted and suited photo to give more of a "higher level" feel to the story. The way his job at Dens was detailed also makes me think this was incidental.
  16. Bit rich from Strachan considering a part-time team were up our a**e challenging for a play-off spot the whole season... Arbroath and Alloa have arguably been better run than us for the past 3 years.
  17. It’s all ifs, buts and maybes but I reckon Dundee can go into the new term full of confidence. View the full article
  18. We just had this issue come up in the last decade and it was widely agreed that the fragmentation caused by the SPL breakaway didn't do anyone any good. There was a bubble there and a lot of apathy when the difference in prize money was 5x what it is now between the top two divisions (and it was also a bit of an abyss you were falling to, the second tier didn't have anything in the form of broadcasting apart from the odd ALBA game which was more detrimental than profitable to teams like us). Maybe we could have pushed all the full-time teams together with SPL2 or whatever which would have bridged the gap but even after the merger, but I'm not really sure what it's actually achieving locking them out of the room. Whatever issues we're facing, I don't really think it's because we've moved to a more inclusive set-up, very easy to bring up the drawbridge but unless you are proposing a closed set-up, you have to consider that you too may drop a level one day. I think a lot of the problems just stem from a disconnect in interests, the CEO we appoint for the SPFL is someone with a background in the commercial and broadcasting side. Whether the incumbent is doing a good or bad job at that, I don't think many will know the full details of the context he's acted in and what it would have been reasonable to describe he's missed out on. We've then thrown these other responsibilities into that role to be responsible for the league set-up. Invariably they are judged for revenue and are going to push for decisions which solidify their work in the short-medium term (longer and they'll likely be in another job....). The clubs have kind of acted with themselves and found consensus in 2012 and 2013 with Rangers and the league merger so we've not really been in this situation before. I think we perhaps need to devolve the league set-up committee to be a long-term set-up and perhaps overseen by SFA, it's a shitfest having to put one together in a time of crisis. There's also just the case as well that many of the changes proposed in Scottish football fans are just plain unpopular at boardroom level. It's not out of badness but it's asking a lot of people who are perhaps subsidising losses to revert to bigger leagues with a significantly reduced gate, potential hit to TV money and then an even bigger abyss for relegation (imagine Dundee getting relegated out of a >16 team set-up? we'd be dropping into a league majorly made up of part-time sides).
  19. Going to go against the general consensus and say Weighorst was better player at Dens than Nemsadze.
  20. I think the 95' defence is tougher (Zurab is the best by a mile though) and the same with the midfield (Nemsadze). I honestly think 95' would run out quite comfortable winners.
  21. Very arrogant opinion and disrespectful to those clubs who operate as part time. Arbroath and Alloa have shown they have some very good players and can compete with the full timers in the championship. Most part time clubs take on youth players and get very little reward when the bigger teams snap them up.
  22. Was the picture in the article a new one taken at the time the comments were made or simply a stock photo from a time ago? If it was the former and Strachan did not disassociate his comments from the club then he could be said to talk at least in part for DFC. If it was the latter it can be looked at as his own personal opinion. If I ramble on about something and expressed a controversial view and a photo was shown of me on the golf course, bowling green or at my old workplace it wouldn't be looked at as representing any of their views. I therefore give him the benefit of the doubt that he is expressing personal views only and don't associate the club with them.
  23. I looked at who from 95 would get in the 2003 team. Vrto, Duff, Morten, McCann and Hamilton. So 2003 just edge it.
  24. Looking at that 2003 team, it’s a good team with players we still eulogise about now. I’m thinking the 1995 team had a better team spirt though, I’m going to opt for them due to Weigorst in centre midfield.
  25. I have never liked Strachan. He is full of self importance. The club should issue a statement distancing themselves from his comments yesterday. There are some great posts above, especially the point about Greg Stewart, arguably our best player since the foreign influx. As Harry says, these clubs take a small piece of the pie and run sustainably. They aren't to blame for Falkirk, Raith, Dunfermline not being able to manage themselves.
  26. Hibs are releasing Bogdan, Slivka and Whittaker. Most likely out of our price range, but Bogdan worth a look?
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