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  2. Harold Finch

    Kerr Waddell Away

    We could have had a great young centre half pairing in Kerr Waddell and Jack Hendry KW signs for Montrose and JH is lucky to get a game for Celtic reserves, at least he has a big money deal and some Boohoo bird to keep him warm Both should still be at Dens building their reputations before maybe moving on, what is it that causes careers to go backwards at a young age? Listening to agents? Attitude? Thinking you have made it? It's sad to see KW in particular dropping down the leagues in the same way as Leighton McIntosh, Bobby Linn, Bryan Deasley and other young Dees that broke into the first team then disappearing
  3. WeighorstsWang

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2019-20

    The boys got brilliant patter. It was his own house, I see no harm in it. Decent wrestler anaw. Sign. Him. Up.
  4. WeighorstsWang

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2019-20

    Pretty certain Juantwothree from P&B posts on here under a different username and has posted since that 'Exclusive'. Calling bulls**t.
  5. Have him stay with Gowser and I think that will put a stop to that sort of behaviour.
  6. tommy the tap in king

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2019-20

    Hopefully we don’t go anywhere near Cummings after seeing the video of him smashing up the apartment the boys a nut job
  7. Double Blue

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2019-20

    I dont think McInnes got the best out of Stewart after he performed well at Killie, and you could argue he didnt get the best out of May. Could McPake/Nicholl/Strachan get more out of him and back to his St Johnstone best? If yes it could be worth a deal as long as it was structured right in terms of payments, if not then we need to look elsewhere BUT we certainly need 2-3 experienced heads in.
  8. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2019-20

    If they both signed think the gamble would be to get people to buy season tickets along with if we start winning games with those two and nelson scoring regularly get people back to dens and create revenue. If we get both of them I'd more than likely get a season ticket
  9. The value-for-money aspect is my concern. I know he's a good player & ought to score goals at championship level....but if we're needing to pay £2k+ a week for him, maybe around twice our (believed to be) average, I'm not sold on the 'gamble' aspect. I know there's never a guarantee signing any striker, but it must be a big decision for JMcP, to use up 2 players worth of his budget. Unless, of course, the Board have said that the deal is 'covered' by whatever they may have agreed FPS will cover, or if they have negotiated a deal with options (loan, sell-on, etc, as discussed here) that might bring the overall cost down. Other than Rudden, I have no other candidates, but confident JMcP does. The timing, tomorrow, would be great though, whoever we happen to sign.
  10. Time for Tim Keyes to show these Banjo Pluckers across the road, that everything is always bigger in Texas and he brings in far superior players, in the next couple of weeks, better than Shankland.
  11. Hamilton mcghee Meekings Forster Marshall Byrne. Mcgowan. Ness May. Nelson. Cummings
  12. Killie oot. Beaten at home by semi-pro Welsh outfit Connahs Quay. What a shocker.
  13. Couldn't see a post for this game, so created one to ask if anyone knows if you can pay at the gate on Saturday? Also...what do you think the score will be and what lineup and formation I think 2-1 Dundee 4 2 3 1 Hamilton Kerr Forster Meekings Marshall Byrne Ness Todd McGowan McDaid Nelson
  14. Same boat. Can’t see it. However, 433 formation, frightening!
  15. Just read it too. Says the source is someone who works at Dens. Be a MASSIVE statement if we pull it off
  16. What I don't understand is why Killie fans have been booing their team all second half, even when they were on course to go through. If you are playing badly boos ringing in your eyes isn't going to make you play any better
  17. And down to 10 men. Aberdeen's scraping thru also not good for Scottish football.
  18. Killie's European DVD isn't going to be very long by the looks of things. 2-0 down at home to Welsh team Connah's Quay (3-2 on aggregate).
  19. Garageflower

    Cove Rangers V Dundee 17th July 2019

    You could argue that the players they signed to win the Highland League were not Highland League players. They are a League 2 side and favourites to win that league already. We still drew with a sh**e side (in comparison), regardless.
  20. Can’t see it, but feck me I hope that’s true, Cummings and May at this level would be tremendous
  21. Reverend Lovejoy

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2019-20

    Agree with this, the money side of things is a bit worrying but a good quality signing if we get him. Hopefully everyone is sensible.
  22. If true we should put a cheeky bid in for Nikky Clark, he’s proven at this level and has scored goals at each club he’s been at.
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  24. Iain T Campbell

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2019-20

    May has proved at Aberdeen that he is a good technical player and he could be a good foil for Nelson, but we need somebody who can put the ball into the net consistently. If MacPake and Nicholl see something in him, then I will trust them and see how it works out. However, looking at his recent scoring record it is not a signing that excites.
  25. TheDarkBlues

    Kilmarnock - Dundee FC (0-4)

    Calendar not up to date? Check http://fixtur.es/up-to-date
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