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    Ex assistant manager Dario Bonetti, agreed to answer a few questions for The Dark Blues Website. Read what he had to say below!

    Dario, how did you and your brother Ivano’s move into management with Dundee come around? What was your knowledge of Dundee and also the Scottish game?

    We arrived in Dundee with great motivations, in that moment we did not know many things about Scottish football.

    You were manager of Italian club Sestrese while Ivano was your assistant. How did both of you adapt to reversing the roles?

    We decide of work into the club like what we usual for us in Italy, me as coach and him (Ivano) like a Director or Manager.

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    Understandably, we saw an influx of foreign players join Dundee. The bulk of the team that your previous manager Jocky Scott, were moved on to other clubs. Was the standard of players not up to what you expected or did you and Ivano just want to build your own team?

    We have a global vision about the football and we knew that if you want to be competitive, the team must have quality

    You brought in quality players such as Fabian Caballero, Giorgi Nemsadze and Juan Sara. How hard was it to talk these players to come to Dundee?

    I think that it was very easy to organise a good team anywhere if you have contacts around the world. For us to find good players is easy. At that moment Nemsadze, Caballero and Sara were good, technical investment for the team.

    In your first few games in charge of Dundee, the team defeated Motherwell and Dunfermline and earned praise from nearly everyone in Scotland for the style of play in which the team managed it. Did you expected to start off the season like you did?

    It was very Important to organise a good group players before the preseason because that is the most important period for build the team. The matches we played were the answer to our market. yes, we organised a good team without spending money. One thing you must know, that team was a very good quality team but very cheap. The club didn’t spend any money for transfers (only Nemsadze but he was very cheap plus Fabian, we paid with our own money during second season, me and Ivano).

    Your brother was sent off on his debut against Motherwell. Did you give him a telling off for that?

    At the time after the match, we discussed what had happened. Obviously, the discussion was constructive.

    Fabian Caballero’s season was brutally ended in your first Dundee Derby. His replacement was the superstar Claudio Caniggia. This was a massive signing. How did you manage to pull off this signing?

    We were (Me and Claudio) teammates at Verona for few seasons. at that moment, Claudio was playing for Atalanta and his dream was try other foreign (Leagues) experiences.

    Near the end of your first season in charge, the club had to release a statement due to rumours that you were to be replaced by Spanish coach Pedro Braojos. Also at this time, Patrizio Billio and Marco de Marchi made complaints to the SPL about the treatment from management. What was your thoughts on all of this?

    When you are responsible for the team, you must write the rule. This rule to all the players must be to respect. Who doesn't respect is out of the group. It doesn't matter if they are Italian or Scottish, great or small players. The two Italian players didn’t respect the group full stop. For this reason the manager and coach decided after few months to put them on the transfer list.

    The club started the next season early by entering the Inter-Toto cup but were put out in the first round. Did you see this as a waste of time or a good chance for the players to play in a European tie?

    To have a competitive team in Europe it’s necessary is have more time. I remember that we played in a UEFA preliminary without Nemsadze or khizanishvili and another few players because they were with their national team.

    We started the League campaign well again but would then continue to remain inconsistent and also again, exit both cups early on. We also finished 9th, three points from second bottom. This was with high profile signings such as Temuri Ketsbaia and Fan Zhiyi. What went wrong?

    The second season had been much better of a season for example, we started with the team (we wanted) but soon during the year, we suffered many injures in the team. I remember for example, khizanishvili and Fabian was 50% of his condition, plus others.

    Rumours started to go around that you wouldn’t be in charge for a third season and this became true when the club announced that you had both left by mutual consent. Can you add your own story to this?

    We left Dundee because we (me and Ivano) paid the Fabian Caballero transfer fee with our personal money and Mr Peter Marr didn’t respect our personal agreement. The Dundee fans must know that we payed $1,200,000 for Fabian with our personal money to help the club. this is the truth.

    The club would enter administration a few years after your departure. The main cause given was it was due to overspending during your tenure. Were either of you ever aware or made aware of the finances during your reign? Many fans have always been eager to hear your side of the story regarding this.

    When I heard that the Dee went into administration with our period responsible, I want to answer that is a big lie. Firstly, our responsibility was only technical.

    Secondly, each payment came from the border. I told you, the only player we spent money on was Fabian. I repeat, we paid. Me and Ivano with our personal money. $1.200.000 into the club with Jim Connor the General director making an agreement with Fabian's manager.

    I want everyone to remember to that all the players we brought to Dundee were so the club could sell for a lot of money. Speroni, khizanishvili, Caniggia, Fabian and others.

    How was your relationship with then Dundee owners, Peter and Jimmy Marr?

    I have my personal idea and it is the same idea all the Dee's fan. All the people know. Peter marr used us, this is clear.

    What are you currently up to in football?

    After our experience in Scotland, I worked in Hungary then after in Italy for four seasons. Also in Romania with Dinamo Bucarest and in Africa with Zambia, building the team that won the Africa cup 2012. I won the group qualification.

    After that I returned to Bucarest with Dinamo, winning the National Cup and Super Cup. I’m now working for my football federation, AIAC

    Thank you again for taking the time out to answer these question Dario! All the best for the future.

    For the next future, I would like return to Scotland exactly in Dundee and bring our dear DEE into EUROPE. I hope you will show this interview without problem. I write only the truth. Big, big hugs to all Dee's fan, I hope all the best for next matches. Good luck

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    Absolutely top marks for the excellent, interesting, honest & revealing interview. I have run oot o' likes early today (overdid it yesterday & this morning, wi' awe meh birthday thanks, and now nothing left in my quota)

    If I had, I'd be sharing them equally between yourself & Dario Bonetti. Dario deserves much praise there, for his honest & full answers. But each of your well thought out & presented questions & answers, are a big lesson for anyone on how to approach a discussion or interview situation. Very Well Done.

    I will no' at this time go into the content of this interview ... it's there for all to see. And with plenty to talk about.

    But it's my own feeling that this is deserving of reading through a few times, knowing that each time it's read, something new will be revealed. I have already read it through slowly twice today. I am vey impressed (& excited) with all of it. And both of your input.   

    Thank you. From my humble & non-professional standing in this area ... Really high standard article/Interview:chaplin:

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