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    James Signed for Dundee In 2012 After He Was Released By Hamilton and He Went On To Play Over 125 Games and Scoring 12 Times for the Dark Blues.

    James McAlister was at Dens for three seasons and was considered a fan favourite.

    The midfielder was part of the championship winning side in 2014 and it was his goals which helped the Dee on the road to the title. James was also involved in the 'Bitegate' storm when Nadir Ciftci bit McAlister's leg during a Dundee Derby.

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    Q1 When were you 1st aware of Dundee's interest in you?

    I was probably aware the day before I signed. I had played with Barry Smith at Morton so I knew him quite well. He had done a unbelievable job since taking charge at Dundee. A sleeping giant of a club so I was keen to get the deal done

    Q2 What was it that made you want to join the club?

    The biggest lure to joining Dundee a side to the fact they are a big club was the fact they had just been promoted to the premier league and I was desperate for a fair crack at it after not having a very enjoyable time at Hamilton

    Q3 During your time at dens who were you closest too? 

    The squad of players changed a lot over my 3 years at the club especially when Paul Hartley came in so it was hard to get close to anybody. I would probably say because he was there twice of the 3 years I would say Gary Harkins we travelled together and enjoyed a game of golf together.

    Q4 You played in over 100 games for the club what was your most memorable game?

    It would be hard to split two games firstly the Dumbarton game were we won the league that is a day that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Dens packed to the rafters and the way the game finished with big Kyle's save hearing that final whistle and having the pitch invasion was unbelievable. The other game would be finally getting one over that mob from across the road. We were always reminded of how long it had been since Dundee had won a derby so to finally deliver that with a 3-1 win was a brilliant night. 

    Q5 You scored a few goals which goal did you enjoy most and why?

    The feeling a got when I scored against Utd was pretty special but we lost the game 2-1 so that put a downer on it as well as my goal against Celtic. The one I enjoyed the most with the right result at the end of it was the 2nd goal v Raith Rovers. It was an important game for us at an extremely difficult place to go and to score two goals on the 90th min was special. 

    Q6 Gavin Rae what was he like to play alongside?

    Gav was massive for us the season we won the championship. He brought a wealth of experience and is by far the best skipper I have played under he done so much for the boys over the course of that season to make sure everyone's heads were right especially going into the last few games of the season

    Q7 What was it like to play in your 1st Dundee derby and have you experienced an atmosphere like that before

    I was blown away by the first derby being an outsider to begin with you don't realise how big the rivalry is. It was an extremely disappointing day losing 3-0. But I enjoyed the buzz that came with everyone of them.

    Q8 What was it like to play in Julian Speroni Testimonial?

    The testimonial game was a great experience for the boys. The team they put out in the first half with full of super stars. The amount of fans that travelled down for it was unbelievable and it added to a fantastic atmosphere on the night

    Q9 Helicopter Saturday at dens final day going into the game how was the dressing room? 

    The dressing room was extremely positive to be fair. Two weeks prior we thought we had blown it at Morton but results went our way the following week to put it back into our own hands. We were extremely determined not it let it slip for a second time after how low we felt at Cappielow. 

    Q10 At halftime were you as a team aware of Hamilton score? 

    I didn't ask the score at ht as we were 2-0 and only cared about us doing our job. It wasn't until late in the game at 2-1 that one of the subs came on and said Accies were winning 8-2 or something like that and I was convinced he was at the wind up. When the game had finished and we finally got back to the dressing room it was confirmed that Accies had got the 8 goal swing they needed. It made our result even sweater. 

    Q11 In your playing career have you experienced a pitch invasion on last day of season quite like did when we won the league? 

    I certainly haven't experienced anything like that and I don't think i ever will again. There is a great photo I have seen I think it's Benny that's jumped on big Dec and i have jumped on Nicky Reilly bang on the final whilst you could never of imagined what was going to happen in the next 15 secs. It took me about 10 mins to get back to the dressing room it was yet again another very special feeling. 

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