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    http://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/teams/dundee/judging-all-44-of-paul-hartley-s-dundee-signings-1-4422618 Thought this may be of interest to some.
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    He's doing his Zoolander impression as he's bringing a bit of style to the Dens dugout. Best dressed Dee manager since Stainrod ?
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    Perfectly reasonable to do this at this stage imo. Would imagine it was part of the signing agreement. Not in the league of Rae on Rangers TV every bleeding night.
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    I'm hoping McCann puts an arm round Wighton, puts him up front and tells him to play off Haber. I'm not surprised he's low on confidence, he's been battered from pillar to post.
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    Even if we win every game 5-0 to the end of the season, I'm still not sure he should be in contention. It's one thing being a motivator with what you've got, entirely another getting into the transfer market/releasing players/guiding youth players to the 1st team etc.
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    I think it's a pretty bad article and poorly nuisanced. It's no use compiling a list and not giving context to certain players signings (for example, Heffernan was here for a few months and was intended as a stop gap which he did OK and linked things up) and I don't think there's actually been that much research (calling Faissal a miss is really daft at this stage). Adding development players is also a bit daft. The argument about the number of players signed is always pretty disingenuous tbh. The main issue is the first team players that we've committed to long term and the balance of the squad in...
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    You won't make it. Still shaking it all about Pre match - as a tee totaller I tend to go straight to the games Score prediction - no comment Travelling Dees - nobody that will be in transit from London, but 1,000 + of those that can make it.
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    Looks like he could still play for under 18's !!
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    Was in there aswell mate horrific f**k having that as your main stand for your teams singing section
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    I remember sitting in the Graham Fox stand. Missed half the game because the sun was in my eyes.. horrible, horrible experience seeing the Dee play a home game on that tattie field.
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    Look at that dapper, cool, calm exterior. Then listen to the measured responses and reasoned thinking. Then glance right and be thankful that we didn't end up with crazy legs Adams as interim manager...
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    Very interesting read. Perhaps I am reading between the lines a little too much though http://trib.al/5w2goc2
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    Is it possible to like a post more than once? Completely agree. It's poorly written, sensationalist (O’Dea was brought in shortly after James McPake’s knee cap was shattered into a million bits in the Dundee derby) claptrap and is symptomatic of why journalism is dying a slow death. Lazy, lazy, lazy tosh. To just lump all those guys in The Misses pile, is purely to fit the narrative of the piece. I wasn't Konrad's biggest fan by any stretch, but he did OK, El Bak hasn't had enough game time to be discarded as a failure, Ross was a key member of the first team last season and Mitchell has...
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    Ask this lad.. he's got his finger on the pulse. WTF?
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    I think McCann should be locked in a room and made to memorise the favourite foods, pop song and shoe size of every DFC squad member, before being tested at random as he wanders the corridors of Dens Park in search of the hidden room marked 'WINS season 2016-2017'. Will the players be at Dens when he's on TV? I reckon that fan needs to get a grip.
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    So you want him next to Haber balancing on his front while McCann lets him balance on his arm? It's Neil McCann we've got in, no Chris Sutton! Sorry....
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    I agree. He definitely looks like (& has been playing like) he needs some quiet, positive, motivation. I don't think he's the type to respond well to his manager saying "he used to score goals", to his face, on a tv programme. Whether he'll play, initially, or not, I'm unsure....I wonder if McCann may want to use more of a wide left player, like Williams...first few days training are critical if McCann's going to be able to decide who can 'hit the ground running' the way he wants them to play.
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    He's also brought 99% of the fan base back on side which is massive at this point in time.
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    He'll keep us up and go back to Sky to make more money in a more relaxed job whilst not getting chased by some space cadets.
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    Some decent points about what McCann has to come in and do. The rest of it re Hartley I wouldn't read too much into. Hartley is someone who for all his faults gave everything to the club. Thomson really couldn't care less about us. The article is only being written to have a subtle dig at Hartley.
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    He'd deserve the offer of a contract but there are areas of being a manager that he will have not handled before and so I'd hope that this would be something that will be discussed. I don't think the special nature of the next 5 games is a full test of his managerial skills. Having said that if we stay up then it would be unreasonable not to consider him as a potential manager for next season.
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    We need the teams that deserve to be there in the top flight - size of support, perceived history and incidental financial benefits to clubs shouldn't be a factor. Pundits continually trot out the fact we need a strong OF but the facts are during The Rangers demise more teams won the respective major trophies than have done for a long time, many of them for the first time in their history. That is good for the Scottish game, having 2 clubs dwarfing the rest isn't - and make no mistake those complaining it is a boring 1 horse race won't be singing a different tune now Rangers are back...
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    It's just my interpretation of the article WS. I think he's being very careful with his wording to not look bitter and angry. For example, I suspect that when he says he was a bit disappointed he was actually furious with Hartley's comments as they made it look as though Thomson was full of sh*t.
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    To be fair I don't disagree with much of that paragraph at all. Yes I have a severe dislike for both sides of the old firm probably more so Rangers. But I imagine they helped the lower league clubs massively financially when they were coming back up the leagues. Also of course we would like to see the biggest clubs in the premier league excluding the dabs of course.
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    They are getting pumped again 4-0 the dee with el Bak on fire.
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    Good read. I find it amusing the way Thomson says he likes and admires Hartley but at the same time totally sticks the knife in. First he compares Hartley to Butcher suggesting that even a fan could save the team from the drop then he calls Hartley unsociable and then he calls him dishonest.
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    I will be disgusted if the fans aren't singing the Minder theme tune.
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    Without wanting to get into a debate about who said what, i never said anybody said anything. I quoted your post to give context to what I was posting, my bad as i can see how it seems i was directing my post at you - i wasn't. I'm not an expert on this, i don't even live in the UK nor do i have a tv licence, i wasn't saying what is and isn't the case, just giving my opinion on what should be the case. As always, apologies if my wording was ambiguous.
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    Then I guess your disappointment and enjoyment cancel one another out, and all is well again. No need to be vindictive. I got a tip off on Sunday night Hartley was getting sacked Monday. Posted it on here and you weren't buying it, that's fine. Pm was meant as a laugh, glad you took it that way. Post it on here if it makes you feel better, I really don't care. Regardless, better we put our energy into supporting the clubs decision instead of wasting it squabbling at one another.
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    As far as I can tell, TV licence stories have the same mythical qualities as Parking Fine stories. If you watch the BBC, pay for a licence. It's not hard to understand. Sorry to be blunt, but it's one of those things that gets up my nose - people looking for excuses not to pay and often the same ones who look for other excuses not to pay other things.
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    We hire a pundit as gaffer and suddenly we're obsessed with licence fees.....
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    Neil talking to Sky shortly after being confirmed as DEE 1
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    Yes why not, that's exactly what we should be doing. Playing with width and getting behind an opponent, taking risks, getting the ball into the box. Entertaining to watch and will result in more goals.
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    it's the part about taking risks I liked. No one in our team gambles with or without the ball. No one makes a run in the off chance that the ball might break their way. Only El Bak will take a quick shot and none of them look to split a defence with a pass. That's exactly what we've been missing, especially when we don't have one single natural goalscorer.
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    I know your not trying to be an ar**, I've never had a need for a licence, got a big tv but don't watch live tv and especially would not the BBC including the iplayer
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    And I still watch a lot of stuff on BBC. The licence fee isn't just for Richard Gordon and his chums. I pay for Sky too and it's much worse value in my opinion. And if you're not paying for your licence I'm telling!
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    Prediction? Loads of 'He's Blue, He's White, He f**king Dynamite... Neil McCann, Neil McCann!!!'
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    Great interview. I know he is media trained and very good in front of the camera's but boy does he come across very confidently indeed. And he deserves a hell of a lot of credit for taking this on as like he says he could have just sat in his comfortable sky chair until the end of the season. Clearly the club means a lot to him.
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    CC33, I don't get how you won't get behind this but will get behind Ravanelli?
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    One of the worst teams we have had ?? Feck me mate in my 40 odd years believe me we have had a lot worse
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    No he is a fully qualified coach who has all his coaching badges. Big difference from being just a pundit
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    I don't know where this came from, it just popped into my head earlier today. Anyway, let's get behind him and the team. Think I will buy a lottery ticket this week.
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    He can count to two apparently........
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    No Wighton for me, was like playing with a man short having him on the park on Saturday.
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    Now that Paul Hartiey has gone, how will he be remembered? I'd say he'll be treated more kindly by history than by us at the present moment. He brought us over the line to get out of that wilderness, brought some much-needed stability and professionalism to our club. He left us in a better state than when he joined. Didn't quite have enough to move us on to the nect level, and that's why he's gone now. Best of luck to one of our better managers.
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