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    Thought we battled well and looked like being the only team likely to score second half. We are not doomed IMO. There is hope that JM has made sensible selection today with Miller in for Nelson and the subbies did not cause any drop in our play. Thought Kenny had scored and a draw would have been a fair result. Again support in the Bobby Cox applauded the team at the end of the gevent and that was acknowledged by the players.
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    I thought we huffed and puffed today ,i had the feeling from early on we would struggle to score and so it turned out. Once Hearts scored it was always going to be difficult as they are quite happy to sit back and defend a 1 nil lead. They are masters at committing niggly fouls, slowing the game down and pulling every trick in the book to grind out a win. Next week in all honesty will more than likely be another defeat ,so all we can hope for is St Mirren and Hamilton to drop points as we need to be in touch, if we start falling behind now...
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    Actually thought he was OK today. Subbies didn't knock our team and we were pressing for a goal. Didn't see any drop in tempo or lack of effort. Very disappointed that we didn't get a point.
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    I stopped going to the games many years ago because of the very poor referees and linesmen, It looks like I will be doing the same again, as I get so annoyed at them, ( I cant put down what I really want to say as I would get banned for life from the forum) the other teams get away with murder and we make a silly foul and our players get booked, no wonder odea went crazy, why McGowan got booked on the halfway line after the big centre had his arms around him, it’s was ridiculous the number of times the ref and linesmen let them away with...
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    When you look at the nonsense allowed by the ref, I think Odea and McGowan were fine. There was more than Odea at fault for the goal. Stick with Odea and McGowan, Ralph and Horsefield. We need consistency.
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  7. 2 points
    meh another coulda shoulda but didna game....ach well still think we win 3 more games this season and we'll stay up st mirren x2 and accies .
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    Hearts are rotten but they're difficult opposition once you've gifted them a goal. We should have claimed a point today but it wasn't to be. I don't accept we're doomed to the drop. Let's see what happens in Paisley. Get Nelson fit and win down there and we'll all be buzzing.
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    Don’t have a clue how we lost that game. Hearts are the worst team to come to Dens this season IMO. No interest in football at all and the joke of a ref (Walsh) let them away with it time after time. On Dundee, we again are the cause of our problems. We let Hearts score (they were never scoring today) with yet another f**k up at the back. I have lost count of the individual errors that have cost us goal this season. But we played into hearts hands by being nervous and playing kick and rush. Any time we played it on the deck we cut them up...
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    shocking is an understatement at how bad we were today myintyre imo is just as bad as McCann, he should go at the end of the season not good enough
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    Can't believe that this game was over 32 years ago. When we do beat Celtic, we can knock a few right past them. Admittedly, this was during Davie Hayes period of Celtic's history. lol
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    I was at this game, poor to the game, we had Zero chance, just shows what committed players and an attacking game plan, can get an unexpected result, big crowd too if I remember, great days, we also had a brilliant midfield.
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    The truth is we have problems all over the pitch. Im back to wondering where the next pont is coming from never mind a win. Were not direct enough and the midfield is toothless and goalless and let’s just forget our central defence.
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    While we weren't great, I didn't think we were awful, a bit toothless right enough. Hearts were so negative, I'm glad I don't have to watch that every week, despite their points haul. Today was 'eye rape' football though, a 'meh' Dundee, a Godawful Hearts and woeful ref.
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    Aye, but now they'd have no need to swap the sets of posts.
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    Where was the spirit and display that we showed v Killie, a few weeks back at Dens? Simply can't understand the inconsistency. Similar team, worse opposition. Unacceptable. All these guys do is play football. Have an off day in training, yes but NOT on match day. Unprofessional.
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    It was always going to come down to if JMs army of loanees were up to the fight .
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    Or.... maybe a minter not applauding on 'one of our own'. I guess it depends how petty you are.
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    It's like Groundhog Day!! 🙁 Every game we are discussing refs and assistant officials incompetence, lack of awareness, not clamping down on cheating and downright uselessness. As one poster said, each one is as bad, if not worse, than the last. Got to be time for full time officials. Oh, and Hearts would not look out of place at Murrayfield!! Oh wait...
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    How damaging was this defeat? We just don't know. If St Mirren beat Killie and St Johnstone while we lose to Celtic we'll head to Paisley five points adrift at the bottom. Hopefully Killie can do us a favour on Monday. Worryingly they're without a win in eight games and haven't found the net in eight hours of football since scoring twice at Dens.
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    What really worries me is, how many customers would be willing to return to Dens next season after we have been relegated??? Nelms pricing structure at Dens, for yet another season has been another disaster, supporters paying stupid money, to watch a so called football team, that's record at home the last THREE seasons, has been turning Customers away, in their Droves, yet this Buffoon, receives, one on the largest yearly salaries in the City of Dundee. Let's hope Tim Keyes, doesn't throw the towel in, because, Nelms is totally out of his depth, he hasn't a clue how to run a Football Club.
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    I put a fair share of blame at Nelms door. The buck stops at the top. Recruitment of managers and players on the whole has been awful since Hemmings and Stewart left. Player/ manager relationships have been poor and comms from the club has not helped. We hired a Comms guy but it appears that is technical comms not customer comms.....the really important ones.
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    might well be our worse season ever....but that aint down to the man currently sitting in the managers chair.
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    Agree the big Swede should playHearts won virtually every header in midfield -he should have played.
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    Another shocking refereeing performance by yet another incompetent Scottish referee. Hearts cheated at every opportunity stealing yards for free kicks and puhing and shoving Dundee players yet Nick Walsh could not see them cheating.
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    Hearts fouled from the first minute and got away with it so they just carried on doing it. Woods first tackle looked like it was worth at least a yellow and he just got a talking to. The number of obvious fouls that these officials can't or don't see must be staggering and yet you just have to fall to the ground it seems to get a foul. Hearts were way better at the 'gamesmanship' side of things than we were.
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    would have the swedish guy before robson, as he doesn't offer anythin in the middle of the park
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    Mystified as to why Wright got hooked. Thought Dales and Robson were poor today. Crazy defending again kills us. We should at very worst have drawn that game nil nil as they were rank as well. If Nelson doesn't play we don't score.
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    McIntyres substitutions yet again were absolutely terrible
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    I feel that it's the defence that's letting us down at the moment.
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    They aren't it's just that we are worse
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    Footage of the goal we conceded
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  36. 1 point
    Good to see that JM hasn't gone with a stupid formation and just played Miller for Nelson.
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    Hamilton losing 1-0 after 2 mins
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    Neil McCann believed he brought in players who he thought were the same class as the players at Serie A sides like Milan and Juventus but the fans could see from the offset that most of the new additions weren't good enough. Our defence has been a shambles and it doesn’t really matter who seems to play there, nothing really changes and that is testament to the amount of goals we have shipped so far this season. 60 in total so far and that is unacceptable for the club. When you are not scoring goals, you expect your defence to at least keep a few clean sheets. Our goal difference...
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    A few of us went into the boardroom after that game, something to do with a supporters club tour. Jock popped his head in the door after the game and just said “ will that do today?” then disappered again! Man of few words.
  40. 1 point
    I should have added on to the last line above...Except of course Arab Followers Even being of an All-forgiving Presence ... He had to draw the line somewhere
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    Every team in the league relies on other team's results - unless they go through a season withour dropping points. Our safety is in our hands so that's good enough for me.
  42. 1 point
    It must be some time since I watched that chomp ... And help meh boab, it's got funnier by the passing of time And I'd be fibbing if eh didnae admit tae finding the "ongoing dirty-talk" & flashing bloomers an irresistible turn-on
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    Relegation seemed unthinkable after we beat Livi. It felt like in Nelson we might have one of the best forwards in the league. The Admiral hasn't been seen since that win at Almondvale though and our Premiership status is once again hanging by a thread. I just hope he's fit to start in Paisley.
  44. 1 point
    '......and getting beat from Hamilton wasn't exactly what you wanted....' '......we didn't play Hamilton......' Comedy gold.
  45. 1 point
    Not 37 years ago , my daughter is 41 and she was mascot that day , sure she was at least 10 that day , .just checked it was 1987 , 32 years ago still a long time ago. Celtic fans in stand beside us through their scarves at the director's box , and were singing forDavie Hay to get the sack
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    I too have that match report. What a 2nd half that was!!!! I was at the back of The Provie and it went mental when the goals rained in at that end!!!! To think that's 37s years ago is frankly frightening!!!! Can still recall Shannon's goal and the bedlam that followed!!! Don't think there was any TV Footage?? Must look out my newspaper reports as some good ones.
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    Islay, I feel your pain brother! I am also a Morgan FP and absolutely loathed the place from the day I was forced kicking and screaming through its doors until the day of my release five years later. I'm sure the feeling was reciprocated. While all of my primary school mates went to the 'Rocky' or Kirkton High I was 'deemed' clever enough to go to the Morgan. While some of the teachers were ok, the majority seemed to be over pension age and a throwback to something out of a Charles Dickens novel. They continuously reminded us how 'lucky' we were to attend such a prestigious school while one...
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    Imagine we played the commentary of the last 10 minutes from the 1986 game at 2:50pm tomorrow. The reaction from the away end would be priceless.
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    What we have whether we like it or not is a bunch of mercenaries who don't give a monkeys whether we stay up or not as long as they get a game every week. JM has made a dogs dinner of the responsibility he was given to keep us up. The team has no creativity in the middle of the park, no goal threat without Nelson, and Dieng has got me thinking that Parrish is actually a good keeper. Cammy can handle fast and tricky wingers better than Horsefield. Kunsunga along with Ralph are the only defenders we have who knows how to pass although Horsefield comes under that category...
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