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    East Fife beat Hearts on penalties dumping the DABs out in the process 😂
  2. 4 points
    Got my season ticket today but nothing to do with the email. Was at least one more season ticket sold while I was in there That email, poorly compiled as is it is, smacks to me of 'get your fees paid and get your season ticket or you'll have no chance of a Tannadice ticket'. I won't be giving those cnuts a single cent so of no concern to me. .
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    I'm not sure if it's been posted already but apparently Dundee, or JMcP, have said that they've been chasing new signing Danny Johnson since the start of June. (I haven't saw yesterday's presser so just going on the tweets of other Dee's). I think this just goes to show that football transfers are anything but as simple as a contract offer and a yes or a no. Stevie May has reportedly had 6 clubs chasing his signature, with permanent and loan deals speculated. I think it's little wonder that things appear to be taking longer than us fans would like. It's maybe just normal business.
  4. 3 points
    I sometimes think I have idiotsyncrasies when I say something and it comes out wrong. 😜
  5. 3 points
    Buys a few seconds to give a reasoned answer
  6. 3 points
    That's how I see it. Seems he is quite a measured person in general.
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    I see Jim Spence is calling for this competition to be scrapped although I don't suppose he would be saying that if United had cantered through the group stage and were sitting on the top of the group. Sour grapes methinks!
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    In fairness to Tommy Coyne I'm posting this. One year on and an unrecognisable Super Tommy destroys United at Tannadice. (I love the stat that he scored more goals at Tannadice after he left United than he did when he played for them.) The second goal is a classic. Big hoof up the park by Stewart Forsyth. Keith Wright makes a donkey out of Narey. Malpas tries and fails to handle TC's shot on the line. Ian Angus delivers a celebratory salute to the Shed.
  9. 2 points
    One of my most memorable moments as a Dee. To think then how hopeless Tommy Coyne looked for them, weeks later signed for us and the rest is history....
  10. 2 points
    Dee win in 90 minutes - no room for pessimism at this stage of the season . As for fearing united - this the same team who have ripped up their league cup group? 😂
  11. 2 points
    Lighting up the Canadian Premier League with Pacific FC.
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    Will all depend how they start on how many tixs they sell.... if we get right down the side, it’s roughly 3000
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    Not trying to disagree with you Nemsadze but have you read some of reasoned alternatives to your own personal view further back in this thread?. The boy Danny Johnson's transfer has taken nearly 2 months to get over the line but was all done away from the public domain, unlike the May situation. It maybe suggests that transfers aren't done overnight, especially when there's a whole host of potential suitors vying for the players signature.
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  15. 2 points
    I would rather have Wright than May but like you say i think he's trying to fight his way into the picture there. If he doesn't impress he might become available closer to the transfer deadline. The more i think about it i don't really care if we sign May or not. JMP has so far signed hungry players with a point to prove. We clearly aren't May's 1st choice and you only have to look across the road to see how hard it is to motivate over paid players. Johnson sounds like the type we should be signing, he sounds hungry and desperate to get us back up. We...
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    He presumably does this in the press conferences in the boardroom (though I can't say it's something I've noticed)....where some of the questions are not tremendously audible (McCann often asked them to repeat the question). Sometimes it's helpful to hear what he's responding to. Some people, though, who are not totally comfortable with public speaking & being the focus of conferences, use this to give themselves a few more seconds to think about their response. Just as well he doesn't have a stutter, though....imagine how much that might get on some people's nerves, eh.
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    I'm not completely opposed to the summer league cup group thing but my word what a balls up this is. You'd be hard pressed to find any league format anywhere where all the teams arent playing their last game att the same time as other teams concerning them. Everyone everywhere avoids that scenario after Germany Austria in 82. It it ends all square tomorrow East Fife should be knocking on some doors. And dont even get me started on the bonus point system. Perhaps the most tin pot idea Scottish Football has ever had. FWIW if we win tomorrow weve earned a place in the next round. If not, we...
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    A piss weak lager supporting a team of bottlers. Quite fitting. Maybe we should rename the Shankly the Carlsberg in honour of beautiful Monday.
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    I'm suddenly looking forward to this game and expecting a 4-1 rout as Dundee turn on the style.
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    They've got clowns in charge who are just looking for cheap wins to keep the fans onside. It's like Melville saying we'd re-sign Robertson or GDS talking about us his big plans for DFC. We'll see a splurge of cash spent over the road and some silly decisions made and then it'll all go quiet as the money men go into hiding.
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    If true, good luck to the police segregating between the Shed and The Fair Play stands. They'll need it. They're practically on top of each other and will be absolute mayhem. United probably haven't even considered this with their arrogance of reserving 10 thousand seats for home fans in a fixture where there's traditionally been between 6000 and 8000 of their fans in the 24 years of giving us the Shed. Not a chance they'll sell out the home end tickets either. Just seems daft all round all so they can get an end back that their support stood in traditionally for about 2 to 3 decades of their history...
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    Cheers, seen the updated totals now. One point would see us through and ahead of East Fife on GD.
  23. 1 point
    Well done that man
  24. 1 point
    Not sure if it matters. United are throwing silly money at Shankland and denying us the Shed for the derbies. Clearly this season is about building a bonfire made of cash so I doubt they care about missing out on lucrative cup ties. I just hope the new owner loses interest when they fail to get promoted again.
  25. 1 point
    Just bragging rights. I think....
  26. 1 point
    (He made such an impression on me, I got his name wrong !! ... Sorry Marcus) Eh blame it on Cobra ... Confusing me wi' his mathematical/statistical brain
  27. 1 point
    Good, but not if we lose tomorrow & East Fife qualify ahead of us.
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    Cove were 2-1 up against Hearts and just beat Raith 3-0. I don't think they are the Highland League pushovers some of us were expecting? They are also bookies favourites to win L2 before a ball was even kicked
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    Well recovered, PB I'd expect them to do better than Peterhead, Elgin, Annan & Edinburgh City, and become a fairly secure SPFL club. I don't think their backers at the moment would put them in, for example, County's position in a decade or so...but of course they do have the possibility of acquiring fans from disaffected Sheep, or neutrals in the Aberdeen area.
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    No chance. They have genuine business backing, and a long-established wee fanbase that's far bigger than Gretna ever had.
  31. 1 point
    Could they not utilise Mark Habers Auld Dressing Room? Once they clear oot awe his up-style claes he left ahent? (No being sarky. Just a bit daft. I liked his unique style) Seriously, I like a bit of individualism. Whar's he now?
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    Agreed. I think it's the equivalent of saying ummmm in a job interview. Quite possibly it's part of a footballer's media training to repeat the question rather than say ummmm while you think of an answer.
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    It may be to do with their stand being out of commission.
  34. 1 point
    It'll probably spook a handful of folk into buying a season ticket.
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    In that case Mev ... You have defininitely got an"Automatic Pass" for Membership of "The Famous Happy Clappy Club" But don't waste too much time in applying. Membership has now reached near maximum numbers...Me, Cobra & Chomp.
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    I never read Jim's comments ... But I agree with yirself & ither posters. Maybe no top class stuff, but it draws me in. Better than friendlies. And gets much mair exciting, as it heads into the later stages. The "soor grapes" sounds about right to me
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    I'm sure I read it, in a previous post, the competition gives team a good workout and real competition before the league season starts in anger, if we weren't doing this we would probably be playing more friendlies that do not take teams to the level required for the season starting, them we would see lots of differing results.
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    I wouldnae care if he stuttered so long as Dundee FC don't. 🤨
  39. 1 point
    I think James, would be the first to admit, he 's still learning the trade of his full-time managerial appointment with DFC. But one of the benefits of this "slow & steady approach" is there's none of this impetuous, over confident decision-making, Which sometimes comes about with more experienced managers. Direct & leading the way (Then it all goes pear shaped) Even in his "serious" interviews, although an occasional smile widnae go wrang, it's obvious he thinks his responses through. (All just my personal opinion) But if I'm right, I admire him for being willing to ask advice, think things through, & plan ahead
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    I think this excerpt from the Daily Record says a lot about what's reality and about what's presented as a factual report in the press. The Record as claiming that we moved swiftly to land Motherwell attacker Danny Johnson (after their reveal) whilst JMcP has confirmed that the deal actually took 7 or 8 weeks to complete. Johnson was actually a name that was presented to JMcP as far back as his first week in the job!. Record Sport Online revealed the Taysiders’ interest in the player on Thursday night - and James McPake has moved swiftly to add the 26-year-old to his squad after reaching agreement with Well.
  41. 1 point
    Made me wonder where he is playing now. Checked him out and he went back to Sutton in the National League after us, looked to be a bit part player with 16 games, 1 goal. He is now plying his trade the division below, the National League South. Mad how some players can just lose it when it looked like the only way was up.
  42. 1 point
    Roarie deacon was a massive disappointment for me after watching him for sutton United in the FA cup against arsenal and I'm sure they beat somebody like Leeds before the arsenal game and he was on fire both games. Came to dens and just didn't ever look interested tbh
  43. 1 point
    Surely if we win a shoot out we win the section on 9 points whilst ICT finish second on 8 points?
  44. 1 point
    Well, you shouldn't worry Mev, he's maybe only 5ft 7in now....you know, the way auld people tend to start shrinking ....Eh'm still my 14-year-old 6ft, by the way, before any 'friends' start asking ....though I've not yet checked whether the surgeon lopped a few millimetres off my bionic left leg during the hip op last month.
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    I'd rather slit my wrists than watch an OF game and the EPL stopped being fun when money became the be all and end all. The way to attract people to games is to be involved in the community and give them something exciting to watch. It sicken's me when I used to see the OF buses travelling from Dundee to their games. We need to use the advantage we have by being in the city, we are here, we are local, we care and we want you to come see and support us. I know we do a lot, but we need to do more- get the players going...
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    Frank, although I've outlined your opening comment, I get the point you're making ... by your comment that follows. But in defence of the "Happy Clappers" (ME) ... It's easier for the Happy Clappy Mode to kick-in, when things are not going so weel & from nowhere, a New Signing comes on the scene...And in this case it's also a Big Thumbs Up & A Big Welcome fae me as well. I go along with your last comment. Any excitement I had for SM has noo disappeared.
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  48. 1 point
    I feel more comfortable with this signing than May. The pressure on SM to score a load of goals when he hasn’t done it for years against the backdrop of being our highest earner had dark blue disaster written all over it. At least Danny will get to the second half on Sunday before the pressure mounts! Steve can now go and get relegated with Tony and his world beaters.
  49. 1 point
    I get annoyed at happy clapper responses to every signing, especially for players no better than what we had before. So keep that in mind when I say, I am very happy with this signing. Great business by McPake. Scored against all the big guns last season and scored 20+ the season before that. Motherwell fans bemused that they let him go. Big thumbs up from me. Edit - I may be jumping the gun here and time will tell etc but I think this is a better piece of business than signing Stevie May.
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    It's not just the quality of the signal in question with the Dee TV service, although that is obviously important. It is the single camera and no replays. I watched the game on Raith TV and it was much better, the camera work was much smoother and zoomed in on the action, it had picture in picture replays as well. I have watched many games without any signal issues, hopefully last week was a temporary blip.
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