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    The 3500 season tickets sold will include ones bought for babies and toddlers as token gestures who will never go, never mind to an evening kick off derby. Elderly fans who might not fancy a night time kick off. Out of towners who can't make it to the city from work in time. People who don't do Tannadice (I know a fair few). People who will be away on holiday. People who will watch on TV in the house to save the ticket money. People who will watch in the pub so not to give United their money. Think the allocation is roughly 3500 anyway. There will be a general...
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    There seems to be a connection between players/coaching staff and fans not seen for a few years.... The team isn’t perfect, but definitely on the right track.
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    It doesn't say homesick. It says for family reasons. They may have had a change in circumstances that leads to them wanting to be closer to home. Did Davies not have a family bereavement which may make him want to move closer to home.
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    Billy king scored 7 and set up 13 in his first season at United. If he can get back to that kind of form then there's your creative influence. Mcdaid and Todd also look like they can help out with goals and assists.
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    That’s one thing you can’t label at the fans 46 years without a trophy.... We do however demand players giving 100 percent, and managers having an inkling of what they are doing though.
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    Connected, that's exactly how I feel and, as you say, for the first time in a number of years.
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    One man's high horse is an other man's dismay. There's been a fair bit of vitriol based on some sketchy statement from the club, players come and go and they don't all work out, if they go, they go, if they stay, they stay. The need to vilify them based on guesswork is tragic.
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    A winger and/or attacking midfielder should be priority over striker IMO. We've 3 decent strikers now (When was the last time we could say that?) We need to create opportunities for them.
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    https://twitter.com/JordanC1107 Jordan Campbell ✔ @JordanC1107 Lots of teams interested in taking Rangers winger Josh McPake on loan, sources tell HYPERLINK "https://twitter.com/TheAthleticUK"@TheAthleticUK. Dundee, St Johnstone and Ross County all chasing. He’s very highly thought of at Rangers so a loan could well accelerate his progression into the first-team.
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    Can't see us signing a striker like Anderson, Rudden or Shaw on loan now to be honest. Any of them will be 4th choice due to the quality strikers we now have at the club (wow did I really just say that? Been a while) but I can't see Dons, Hibs or Rangers wanting to loan a player out unless they will start every week to be honest. Rumours that we are looking at highly rated young Gers winger Josh McPake on loan (no relation to the gaffer).
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    Wee bit harsh that, they could be at it but we don't know for sure. People's circumstances change. As far as I can see these Englishmen have said nothing, it's DFC that have spoken to the press.
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    I’d be interested to see his stats in those great games you mention. Surely the most important stats for a number 10 is goals and assists? Gowser delivers neither with any regularity I’m afraid. I’d say finding a creative player to replace him in the starting line up should be the number one priority for McPake before the window shuts. He’ll still get opportunities but he’s not a starter for me.
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    I thought the fans really got behind the team, especially at the start and once we started pushing them back with 20 to go. It was unusual to see us win a league game and the fans' reaction probably mirrored that.
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    The 4-4 classic is one that springs to mind. Any others?
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    You will be counting the Tennents Sixes next..
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    Stay safe Boba, beware of the white track suit wearing zombies.
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    There's a lot of stuff in football that could be called immoral, the wages at the top of the tree for starters. When we went into administration and the 'little people' (including the manager and assistant) just got their jotters while the players had 'enshrined' rights being another. Whether we like it or not, players contracts seem pretty cast iron in their favour, its where we're at. No point losing your sh1t over player X or Y taking advantage of the system, they'd be daft not to (not aimed at you BCG).
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    Kick in the intergalactic hawmaws if he does it again 😂
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    It's also possible that Davies had his family (wife & kids) up with him during his years at County, then moved them back south when he left. There can be a huge difference between moving kids around during their primary years, compared to their secondary school years. Partners may also have a career, which in some cases may be more important to their long-term economic situation than the player's career. A lot of players are now taking on short contracts 'across the border', if it's maybe the only decent offer they get, but finding that either they, or their partner, finds the move, or the commute, a genuine strain on...
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    Gonnae no dae that...just gonnae no! 😅
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    There might be more to it. Pretty sure that it was reported pre season that Davies had personal issues that had hindered his recovery from injury.
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    Curran signed a contract until 2021 in June of last year at Tannadice. He then signed a new contract in January of this year with another team in the same street, again until 2021 so he's been committed to playing his football in the city long-term for a good while now. If he has kids and has suddenly been separated from them then I would empathise with him but it seems incredibly unlikely that both of McIntyre's County disciplines are in the same situation needing to end their Dundee contracts early and at the same time for family reasons. If Davies does want to leave Dens without wearing the jersey...
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    Bang on Cobra. The fact Mcpake has come out and made a point of praising only Curran's attitude at training tells me Davies attitude is suspect. Even after we've paid his wages for months and had nothing back in return. I'm starting to think f**k him, take the hit and let him rot in the stands.
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    After the earlier comments from mcpake about Aberdeen players, anyone think maybe the young Forward, is it Bruce Anderson? Might be one
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    McPake confirms it. Curran wants home due to family reasons but McPake would like him to stay and sympathises with him stating he went through the same situation whilst at Coventry. Looks like we will try to get someone in before we let him leave. "Andrew wants away for family reasons too."
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    I won't be going near the sh*t tip - those twats will not be getting one penny of my hard earned cash.
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    Not seen a great deal written about Nelson. I think he might be the most underrated player at the club. Huge pressure on him to to break the deadlock with that header. Didn't panic, didn't snatch at it. Just guided it into the corner calm as you like. Also produced a fantastic cross in the last minute that should have killed the game.
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    If we don't concede in the first 15 minutes on Sunday that'll be 300 minutes (or 5 hours) without an opposition team scoring a competitive goal at Dens. Not bad at all. Wonder when that last happened.
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    I think your right on that. It must have been around 1980. Big away support, PATG. Those were the days. I'm going to look out my 'They wore the Dark Blue' to find out our team that night.
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    Was told about a guy in The Coxy that was getting hacked off with kids around him and his mates last season so bought fifteen £1 tickets around theirs to stop the kids sitting there. Not sure if it's true but just saying.
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    Whatever side of the fence you're currently on surely everyone can see that 7 pages (and counting) is way , way OTT. You'd think that the posters on this thread had never made a mistake or if they had they'd forgotten what it felt like. Gie the laddie a break FFS!!!!!.🙄
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    I don’t agree Ayr were “much” the better side at all. For two thirds of the match they perhaps looked marginally the more likely to score. However, after Todd was on and our shape/balance was improved (I thought we were less narrow then and started to completely dominate) there was a progressive shift in our favour. Ayr (or should it be “wee Ayr boo hoo victim Ian McCall”) started to behave like desperate hammer throwers, kicking lumps out of us and conceding numerous free kicks with attendant bookings. In the end we deserved the win, IMO
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    PRINCE were we in the championship (2nd tier) at that time?
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    Bjs, harsh 😂, the Jarvie family are friends, the lad was devastated and it was clear from the comments that McCall had decided that his career at the dump was finished, less than 24hrs after the game. The lad played a further blinder at Dens when he was at Clyde kept them in the game which ended up 3-3 after we were 3-0 up under Kerno. Let’s support JH, as fans we have the power to destroy his confidence and potentially his career.
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    That said HK...For me & my potential new readers, it could be an "untapped market" I could initially lull them into a false sense of scurity, before revealing the Real Me
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    That's wrong. He has had some great games recently.
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    Gowser has had one bad game. Give him a break.
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    In response to some of the stuff posted re Curran it's still possible to give 100% of what you've got without being in tip top condition. Curran admitted that his conditioning could've been better, at no point did he say he wasn't giving 100% though. He was maybe only something like 90% of a fully fit and conditioned Curran, it's hard to argue that he wasn't giving 100% of the Curran that was available to us though.
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    Did he have a trace of a 'lilting island accent'?
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    Pisses me off seeing so many folk leave early
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    I first took Callum when he was nearly three. Fin will start going at round about the same age, I suppose. Cal is a canny lad - he sits back and soaks it all up. He’s six in a couple of weeks and already “derry’d out his nut” in the best possible way. Fin, on the other hand is a crazy wee man and all round mentalist. He’s two in September and really is as wide as the Clyde. He’ll be cracking skulls together the minute he starts going to the futba 😆 Wouldn’t put it past him to get the Derry closed - again. They are like chalk and...
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    It is right now.. I’m in Middlesbrough 😬
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    I'm guessing you don't have kids Cobra.
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    Exactly how I see it. How they can say their home sick yet played for Ross County for a number of years is beyond the joke. Davies is an absolute c**t. For what it was worth I actually thought Curran would be a decent player for us this year and really likes his work ethic, despite not scoring.
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