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    Regarding Cammy - I've criticised him in the past. Cost us a lot of goals from errors the past few seasons, but due to his work effort, caring and commitment, the slate is wiped clean for me. Just find it baffling we have 3 or 4 pages criticising a players limitations who never got on the pitch on Saturday. Like a couple of others have said - I prefer Cammy with his limitations in the defence than Meekings who I don't think I've ever seen have a good game for us. Just doesn't look right confidence wise and maybe injuries have taken their toll. Basically, I'd rather we accommodated Cammy...
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    Can't understand the criticism Gowser gets nearly every week (from some) for at least two or three years. I think he's the most underrated player in our team, works the hardest and at times (not all of the time) , we've been lost without him. Find myself several times a game nearly every game saying "well done/played Gowser", probably more so than any other player we've had the last three seasons. Definitely has his limitations, but at the same time, i think a lot of his critics miss what he brings to our team.
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    Can someone, anyone, tell me why we have this constant analysis of whether he is good enough for us !! After every single game, now it seems whether he is even playing or not. Every player makes mistakes whether it's a defender with a short back pass or a striker missing a chance. For some reason there are more posts about him than the rest of the team put together. I'm a Cammy fan but more importantly I'm a Dundee fan for 50 years. We now have the Kerr comments / criticism on every thread on the board and frankly I'm fed up reading them.
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    What a crazy decision. They are only four points off automatic promotion.
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    Gowser is unbelievably brave on the ball and never hides - also very very clever how he protects it and in tur can win us loads of free kicks . A wee criticism is sometimes he hangs on a bit too long to the ball and doesn’t use an easier option
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    Wattie, how often do these comments have to be made? What's going on at training? The idea that mature skillful footballers can play almost anywhere has been the cause, IMO, of most of our troubles. Bring the player in to play the position that he is best able to play seems to me to be the way forward and I'll be delighted if this is the start of a new management style from JMP.
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    Saturday was his best performance. Ask him to play further forward and he struggles but as a defensive midfielder he looks the part.
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    Looked a really nasty tackle. Looked like he was holding his arm? Said it from the start , play this boy in his proper position and he will be a massive player for us. I think we have seen glimpses of the player he can be but will keep getting better and better. He’s technically very good and hardly loses the ball. Keep him and dorrans playing together and I don’t see a better partnership in this league
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    Looking back at the highlights we created more chances in this game than any other this season. Forster, Gowser x 2, hemmings x 2 and Mcdaid x 5 all had decent efforts. If we continue to create that many chances in games then I'll be happy.
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    The answer is certainly not Foster / Meekings, I don’t think Cammy has been too bad this season, yes he has made mistakes, but who hasn’t . McGee alongside Foster with Cammy at right back is probably our most balanced back 4 with the players we currently have. We got away with it against Arbroath however , IMO other sides would with a little nouse would shred the pairing of Foster & Meekings.
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    Interested with the critics of Cammy trying to explain that they are realists. Seems to me that they are not being realistic at all but they are actually holding Cammy to a higher standard of performance than almost any other Dee player. He is what he is - a very fit and committed defender. Those who support his inclusion in our team do so on the realistic basis that that is what we need. IMO it is really unfair to quote McGhee's performance in a team with Byrne and Dorrans as part of the midfield when Cammy had little or no support from Jesse Curran et al for a couple...
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    There’s more chance of me having a fling with Margot Robbie than Jack Ross arriving at Dens just now.
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    The BBC coverage of the story included the stat that, since his appointment, only Liverpool and Manchester City had lost fewer league games than Sunderland. Hope they now get their Kernaghan.
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    From what I read it appears the sale of the club collapsed today and the fed-up owner has responded by sacking the manager after what was a disappointing defeat at Lincoln. I don't think a club should ever sack a manager just after a painful defeat like we did with Duffy. Any team can lose a game of football. You need to wait for the emotions to subside and then look at the bigger picture.
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    Wee challenge for you - show me and the rest of the world where I've said I hate Cammy Kerr. Strong word you're using so justify it for me. If I was Cammy (I'm not) and a 'bigger and better' club came in for me and I had the option to move on to 'bigger and better' things after being told by that last 'manager' of ours that I was surplus to requirements you wouldn't see me for dust. Generally when an in demand player becomes available a pre-contract is agreed quickly with his preferred club. Can't recall that happening. Cammy was available for a good time before committing to...
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    I've added the goals from twitter earlier in this thread mate.
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    I would say He has been Playing more of an advanced role where on Saturday he was more protecting. Fin is gonna be big player to for us this season but I think it’s correct time to take him out and give him a rest. He’s only 16
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    Byrne, Ness and DOrrens and we will do alright.
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    Agree with this - at this stage cammy is part of our strongest back 4
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    He’s proven he’s got a lot of vision his assist at raith rovers first game was absolute sublime , I honestly don’t know how he seen Craig Curran when he was behind him. He is technically very good but play him in his natutal position and we will get best out him I think
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    He posted this on Instagram today, fairly vague but he doesn't indicate anything serious as far as I'm aware. https://www.instagram.com/p/B3VCGtlgH2PuV7Ql5GtwYY5HfiwzqvKxBZhwkc0/
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    It was Jack Hamilton for a long period then Gowser then Curran and recently McDaid- so it’s not new for one player to be the topic of discussion over a lengthy period. If Cammy can up his game then the baton will find a new owner
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    Yes, I think you’re right re his crossing improving...he did say in an interview mid last season that he knew this was one of a couple of aspects of his game that he needed to (& intended to) work on. He didnae take up the offer, though, (which another poster made) of using you & me as static ‘little & large’ targets for his crosses, on the pitch at Barnhill primary (near his parents house, I believe). On that topic, I noticed near the end of the Alloa v Arabs game, Alloa had a great inter-passing move down the right wing, involving a lengthy run by their RB/RM, who broke...
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    Some amount of Cammy Kerr criticism on this thread for a player who was an unused sub on Saturday? 🤔
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    Felt we played well for the most part, first 20 odd minutes were on the slow side as other have alluded too before me, Arbroath set up with everyone behind the ball looking to counter so we were perfectly within our right to be patient, poke and prod until an opening inevitably comes. Really don't understand the moans and groans at this as it is very difficult to play against a side that is well organised and camped on their 18 yard line. Try not to jump on the bandwagon about our fans but I did have a pop at a few guys around me including one of my mates...
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    There are plenty of posts saying all of the stuff in bold, so in many ways that disproves that Cammy is getting it harder than anyone else. While the part in bold/italics makes no difference whatsoever (sorry @Prince Buster - love you!) This is a forum. It has basically zero influence over what happens on the park on a Saturday. People post honest opinions about players and some take umbrage at that. It's great that Cammy has his supporters, the laddie deserves it. He's a great servant to the club and a great influence for the club in the community. He's also an important part of the first team squad....
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    Being fit, fast and having good training stats doesnt make you a good player unfortunately. Dont think there's a single Dee who isnt desperate for cammy to produce. However, the simple fact of the matter is (like wighton)hes just not that good.You say McGhee isnt out answer at right back,yet he probably had a better game on Saturday than Kerr has had all season. Not thinking a player is good enough even though he is a Dundee fan doesn't make you a "Hater",just a realist
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    I go along with yout comment above Rebb ... There is still plenty time in this season (& especially in this division) for more shocks & surprises. And the very recent results, shows any one that takes the final outcome for granted are possibly goin' tae look pretty stupid when season ends. DFC beating Arbroath (especially after a slow & sticky first half) is no a cause for wild celebrations. But it's enough to get the guid feeling back. Mon the Dee...Noo let's build fae there
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    I didn't think our fans were particulary great yesterday but can't say I witnessed any of the stuff mentioned on here around me or anything untoward at all. A bit of impatience and groaning first half as Forster and Meekings both treated the ball like a hot potato that had to go sideways or back the way and a severe but expected lack of atmosphere for Arbroath on a damp miserable afternoon but nothing OTT as I said. Good turn out of over 5000 with only 300 plus away fans and the overwhelming majority of our support do not boo the players or shout abuse at them. We seem to...
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    Just pointing out that he has certain 'traits and weaknesses'. I actually thought he had a decent game yesterday.................. .......... for once
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    There was a marked difference at RB yesterday in terms of composure in the ball and quality balls McGhee played between the lines and link up play with others . There is no doubt he can and will have a greater chance to influence our game in a more positive sense from RB so should play there .However I would also note there was a definite decline in quality from the CBs yesterday in terms of playing through the lines with accuracy and at a greater pace . It was rectified in the 2nd half with Dorrans dropping deeper to take up the mantle. With Forster and Meekings there is...
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    It's fans like that Prince, that gie the fowk wi' a genuine split personality, a bad name "Yes nurse, more pills please"
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    Guy along from me in The Coxy yesterday whinging and moaning 'this is too slow', 'stop this passing it across the back sh**e', 'FFS Hamilton get it up the fkn park' etc. The guy moaned at every pass that didn't go forward - until that is Fin Robertson came on. Fin had been on about five minutes when he passed the ball back to Jack Hamilton. Our man then applauded saying 'well done Fin'. Speak about split personalities.
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    People who sit near me in the main stand can't wait for things to go wrong or for the players to become laboured in the breaking down of other teams; they can then hold forth with their "critique" of the payers or impart their "tactical suggestions".....all cringewothy at best and usually inconsistent with what they were shouting at the last home game. These "supporters" don't applaud they team out, don't applaud subs on or off, don't shout encouragement and are almost coming in their pants when the current hate figure(s), (right now it's McDaid) proves them right by in their eyes f**cking up.....(Translation for others, trying something that doesn't always...
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    Great 3 points against the league’s surprise package. Well done Dundee. Well done to the management team. Questionable line-up worked
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