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    Coming from the guy that took a boat to Perth.😂
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    Before the madness starts, I would like to wish Dee fans everywhere a Happy & Dee-lightful Dark Blue New Year.🥂🍾
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    All the best for 2020 to all members of 'The Dark Blue(s) Nation'. Lang may yer lum reek! ....the last couple of years have not produced much on the pitch that we'd wish to remember, hopefully we'll leave that behind us & show steady improvement through to May, and maybe a quick return to the Premiership via the playoffs. (I don't believe in miracles ;0) Oh, aye....and some positive 'concrete' news on the stadium development plans would also be very welcome! The 'Blind Faith' that keeps us supporting our team, year after year, needs to be fuelled with good news from time to time....and this is one of those times!
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    My first game was v Hearts at Tynecastle in 1954. I've been a Dee all my life despite living in the central belt where most if not all support one of the ugly sisters. My Dad brought me up as a Dee and trained me into expecting us to lose when we expected to win and vice versa. When Dundee aren't playing i look forward to going to a match without the pressure that comes from watching MY team but get bored pretty quickly and nine times out of ten leave early. Its a hard life being a Dee but as my Dad used to say "We have our moments"...
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    I don't think it's obvious. Rory Loy and John Baird scored plenty in this division. Until Shankland has delivered against quality defenders he'll remain unproven as a truly top goalscorer as far as I'm concerned. We all assumed Stewart and Hemmings would tear it up at Birmingham and Oxford but both failed miserably.
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    Same to Yir Guid Self Mary ... And of course all other Dark Blue Lassie & Lads on the Forum. And be Cannie, Cannie on the Alcohol ... Jist look whit it did tae me
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    I don't think we were ever winning the league. Utd are better equipped and I think we are still building. McPake's brought in a lot of players but they're not necessarily the players he wanted just the players who were available. Sometimes you've got to make a couple of moves to get to the player that you want whilst hoping that those on your books that you do want to keep don't decide to move on. It a tough ask to expect any manager, never mind a rookie, to build a league winning squad in one window imo.
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    I'm having a champagne, gin and orange juice. In the cocktail world it's known as a Jerren Nixon because it's tangerine and nowhere near as good as expected.
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    Happy New Year to all Dee's and their nearest and dearest wherever you may be. May 2020 bring you all that you hope for.💙
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    No choice, there was and only ever will be DFC. As someone once said your can change your wife but not your football team’ right before buying a team he didn’t grow up supporting 😂😂😂
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    Few Gareths down the road 😃
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    That's pretty much how I feel too. Duncan Ferguson had me interested recently as I liked the way he brought everyone together for the cause, reminded me a bit of the Deefiant season. Can't stand Man City as everything seems so plastic, a bit like Man United and their Asian fans although I like how even though they could buy almost anyone in the world they still persist with youth. I saw recently that they'd played 4000 games on the bounce with a home grown player in their team going back to the 1930's. They've got the pick but it's still an amazing stat.
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    We go from wrist slitting to side splitting in a couple of posts. Could rename this place The Dark Biopolar Forum.
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    After some thought I've gone for option C. Here's why... Dundee move into new stadium (probably cements DFC's long-term future) Dundee win major trophy (brings a day of unforgettable bliss) Dundee United liquidated (probably cements DFC's long-term future + brings a day of unforgettable bliss)
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    Venturing into the Derry bogs is pretty breathtaking.😁
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    Not enough to erase enough of 2019 ;0) Crabbies 4% ginger beer, to be followed at midnight by a 'wee' glass of Balvennie 21 yr old portwood (which is too close to being an empty bottle!)
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    Bloody hell, Cobra....you're no' half making us work tonight....GeDee'll be here half an hour with the number of decades he's had as a Dee. 50's....Billy Steel & 2 League Cups (even though I was too young) 60's....Where do I begin? The title. The European Cup run. Gillie's goals in 63/64. The cup final. All the other European seasons. Buying Charlie Cooke from Aberdeen to replace Gillie, and the fury of The Sheep. 70's....The League Cup. Strachan. 80's....The hope that The Cobra & The Mongoose brought us. The arrival of Archie, and Jocky, as managers....briefly. 90's....Weighorst (the real one!). Duffy. 00's....All those superb players (but flattened by the under-achievement of it...
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    If we could start the new decade without a thread being ruined by bloody puns that would be great. I've haddock with these gags.
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    If Cobra had put up the poll around midnight, I think I'd have gone for option 3.....bu**er 'sensible' when that liquidate the arabs option's on the table & I've had a few beers. ....and to be clear.....this post carries no 'threat' to the poster known as Mr. Sensible 😮 ...... 😂
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    I suspect he's just fishing. ;0)
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    Tell us something new.😁
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    Breaking news... Rev is talking Pollocks
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    Don’t know if your joking or not cause every emoji that’s meant to be shown are just showing as empty boxes
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    Imagine the scenes in City Square when Dundee returns to being a one-team city.
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    The boy who filmed it will know what seat he was sitting in. That should narrow it down quite significantly I’d imagine since it was all ticket
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    Damn u autocorrect- holty and el bak
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    I was delighted it went well for Ferguson because he brought something to Everton that's massively missing in the game now but in many ways glad it was short and sweet. Nothing worse than watching something like that flourish and then quickly crumble and die. Didn't know that about Man U. That is some stat.
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    50 years next Feb 28...we play Arbroath on 29th, nice leap year touch. It's in the blood. When I decided to go to a match, it was Dens. United never entered my head, literally. My dad never took me to the 1961-63 title and European games, said I wasn't interested, chicken and egg thing. At least he passed on the Dee gene. *Dundee 3 Kilmarnock 0. Steve Murray was in our team, Jocky and Stubby I suppose, J McLean for them. Prob Tommy as well.
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    Having heard the recording I think it is pretty obvious that they should be apologising in advance to Kane, but I still do think that it is hard for any club to control what their fans may do, just think a wee public apology would have been a nice touch, although didn’t really expect it after the way they handled the biters behaviour.
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    Good post andrak, whilst I'm not condoning this guy's actions at the derby I too would be prepared to give him the chance to redeem himself, although I appreciate it's not my call. If it's a drunken moment of madness then, whilst it's 100% wrong, we'd pretty much all be hypocrites if we were to say we haven't been there. Football can bring out the worst in people when tensions are running high and I'm willing to bet that the same guy wouldn't shout the same thing at a black individual if he was in Tesco.
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    I don't think folk need to dwell on how they spoke in the 20th Century. The days of Love Thy Neighbour are long gone. Everybody knows in 2019 how corrosive that language is and there's no excuse for it.
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    I would be amazed if his comment was intended to indicate any player. Much much more likely a realistic appreciation of the number of posters on here who used the word rookie, just go, etc etc. Think he is getting people to buy into what he is doing NOW.
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    Maybe we should be looking to also tie some of the better performers on longer deals . We have lacked continuity for a number of years chopping and changing .
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    Good to see the BBC picking this story given that this kind of things blows up when it happens south of the border. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/scottish-championship To be fair to DUFC they appear to be handling it in the right way.
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    I'm for giving him time regardless of the next set of results. I think the games at Dens will be more difficult though.
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    Yeah I've seen one or two daft comments but the vast majority of fans want the guy found and dealt with, a lot of fans (myself included} have said that it's difficult to hear what is being shouted but it's true that when someone suggests to you what it was then that's what you start hearing. I would love this guy to be found and made an example of and also the idiots that threw coins and the moron who laid a hand on the United player, all of those events are very worrying imo and need to be addressed before our derby games get out of hand, it would...
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    38 years a Dee for me. First game was about 32 years ago. Grandad, Dad, Mum, Brother, Sister, nephews and now my own sons.. None of us have any choice in the matter.. My interest in football outside of the Dee has dropped off massively over the last ten years or so, but something keeps me heading back to Dens every other week. I keep telling myself my real team are Bayern Munich.. it makes no difference.
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    There are certainly a few dicks in the Coxy that is for sure. They're wife must be holding out or something because the rage coming from them warms your feet during the winter months! 🤣
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  43. 1 point
    It will be painted dark blue two days after it goes up.... 🤣
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    For me I’d look to get rid of Todd, put McPake back to Rangers and try and get Moore and Mulligan away out on loan. If Mackie keeps up the performance he showed in the derby then I’d keep him as that left side with him and Marshall looked really solid and also provided a good attacking threat. Priority has to be an out and out right sided midfielder/winger, while McGowan has played well in the last few games it’s very noticeable that he plays more narrow and our right side gets exposed more often. People might blame Kerr but he constantly has two on ones against him due to...
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    60 years ish. Grandfather and father both Dees as was an uncle who took me to Dens from the early 60s. Plenty of highlights including winning the league (Muirton on the last day of the season was my first ever away game), the League Cup win in '73, the Centenery & Alba Cup wins, promotions, DEEFIANT season, European games in the 60s & 70s (the European Cup run to the semi, ditto the Fairs Cup run, going down to Leeds for the semi, the wins v Cologne & AC Milan in the 71/72 season). Then there was Perugia the best away trip ever despite the result. The Bonetti teams, Caniggia,...
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    I actually thought Mackie had a really good game yesterday. In particular, his vision and passing accuracy for the ball played to DJ was inch perfect over a longish distance. I think Mackie does bring something to the team and I can’t think of a player (within reason) off the top of my head that I’d be quick to replace Mackie with.
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    At 48 years old I burst into tears when CW33 scored - howling like a bairn. A moment I’ll never forget and cherish until I go to the high stand. I was doing my post xmas clear out of my wardrobe today and found a signed defiant season t-shirt- £xxx I paid for it in a drunken stupor - best season of the decade by far as we were all together.
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    He doesn't play a position that we need to fill. We should concentrate on the areas where we are weakest.
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    Rumour mill:- Dorrans to Aberdeen Feck
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    No BarryBoy is a Dab, but he has told me that he supports both teams, which I am beginning to wonder about..... If he continues I will have no hesitation in cancelling his account with us.
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