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    I could go on about this forever but I'll keep it brief. I was a young teenager had been to a few away matches during hat season,Hearts,Dunfermline,StirlingAlbion,Partick (disaster),Tannadice on Easter Monday all wins except Firhill.The build up was Roy of the Rovers stuff,highs and a few lows culminating in the last 3 gaes.A re-scheduled Monday afternoon match at Tannadice,luckily school holidays,no segregation vast majority Dees but in these days there were those who supported both and there were a few United fans.They were the black and whites in these days.I,m standing with pals behind the Arklay St goal.Its 1-1 deep into the second half but i dont think we were...
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    The Zurab transfer was the one that got me the most in the past 20 years. It just seemed so unfair 😩
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    I remember the whole day well. It was the week before my tenth birthday and I had persuaded my father to swop with someone at his work so we could go to the game. We had been to a few games during the season but my father worked every second Saturday and we lived in Markinch, Fife so it was not possible to get to every game. Anyway we set off for Muirton and it soon became apparent there was a lot of traffic heading for Perth. When we reached the outskirts the traffic was nose to tail and it seemed to take us ages to get into the ground....
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    Roccati Den Bieman - Hendry -Caulker - Ralph Kiko - Allen - Ketzbia - Czachowski Caniggia - Ravanelli
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    I felt a certain sadness when Kevin Holt left ...Took on some heavy-handed criticism The plus side...My tomato crop has improved, with each passing season...Strange eh
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    I doubt this is his personal money, so the headline is misleading. Hs consultancy company is designed to do exactl what it has done. I guess the alyernative headline of "Local investment company with a Director that helped guide Dundee FC through Administration makes significant investment in local marketing and communications firm in return for a seat on the Board" Couldn't fit on the page.
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    Cobra the atmosphere , the noise, the feeling of anticipation, the excitement leading up to the game & to the kick-off was something I've never ever experienced before. And then the uncontrolled madness & the hysterics o the Dark Blue Fans, with the realisation, we had actually Won the Championship ... hWith a team that oozed talent & knew the real meaning, of determination & hard graft. The excitement of tat day was so palatable ,you could have ate it .... In fact, eh took a big bag of it hame wi me, which eh nibble at, in the long, sad, barren years that followed, that magical day/our season/the Euro...
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    The first one I remember going was Redford, I hadn't set foot in Dens at the time but I'd picked my team. I wasn't aware of John Brown's shenanigans to get a move so was gutted to see him go to. By the time it came to Billy Dodds going I was sort of used to losing our best players, it was just what happened. I've been pretty resigned to it happening ever since. Looking to the future, I'll be sorry if Cammy Kerr goes, I have hopes he's going to be our next Barry Smith.
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    Jim Duffys injury was for me THE player heartbreak of them all- I remember the headline in the Sunday Post and my tearful reaction. 😩
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    I thought the voting basis for potential reconstruction had been 'clarified'. BBC are currently (https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52439324) suggesting..... Should the SPFL remain at 42 clubs and prize money distribution stay the same, any plan would need 75% support. But no other proposal [than the Div1/2's suggested 14/14/14] would get the 15 votes needed in the bottom two tiers if the League Two clubs vote as planned. The picture shifts slightly if the number of clubs was to be boosted by the introduction of Highland League champions Brora Rangers and Lowland League equivalents Kelty Hearts. In that scenario, any plan would need the approval of 11 of the 12 Premiership clubs, 17 in...
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    True but you don't think about that when you're a kid.
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    Scottish football could look very different 10 years from now. Cove and Brora in the top flight... Rangers and Celtic playing in an Atlantic super league... Dundee United liquidated.
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    Well, let's be blunt & to the point......one circle. Re Andrak's OP, I think HMRC consider pretty much all but the OF as 'small businesses', ie Limited Companies with under 100 FT employees. Would that not place them in the same line for assistance/support as any other similar-sized business? I think 'football' has a dilemma, sometimes wanting to be considered somewhere between an independent "hands off us, we'll police our own world" business & also as a community facility, and in doing so, fails to be seen as either of those....maybe moreso in difficult times. The disproportionate difference between the OF & the rest is, of course, an 'exception' to...
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    The signs were there Chomp for all to see ... You noticed neither he nor "his following" were keen on making direct eye contact & he always did his best & most productive work at night (Not unlike Admin John)
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    Coincidence ? I think not. 😒
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    Yeah he come back from Peterhead for that New Year Derby mid-season and then Harkins left in the summer. McCann has also played (and scored within 5 minutes) with Harkins against Raith if we're to be really pedantic!
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    Charlie Cooke and Gordon Strachan made one think what is this club up to. Cooke was not with us that long and Strachan was barely getting into his stride in the first team when he was sold. Most of the fans were gutted at losing two brilliant players. Was down in Yorkshire for a number of years and had the pleasure of seeing Cooke play for Chelsea. On his day he was magic. The transfer that knocked me back more than any was Duncan to Spurs. As one person has already commented we have never recovered from that. We probably would not have been relegated in '75 if he had...
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    Iain Ferguson to Rangers John Brown to Rangers. Zurab to Rangers for nothing.
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    Hey, Woodstein - i did say not very, very bad!
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    tommy coyne to celtic...I was a young laddie just started my training as a junior leader with the royal engineers based in dover...bought the English sun one day and saw a tiny wee story saying we had selt him...was so gutted I couldn't shoot straight that day 🤣
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    Given my age its Difficult as players i loved left through admin so the admin was the more heartbreaking thing. Gutted at how Novo left for the huns. Gutted when Kev Mcdonald left cos knew we`d prob never see him again in a Dee shirt but hero in how he left ensuring we got money. (was heartbroken when we signed Mark Kerr)
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    Little did people know at the time.. this was the best football team the country would ever see. (Just thought I'd clarify that for you, Cobra !) I wasn't there, as I wasn't even 1 year old by then, but my old man was and is still a season ticket holder at 87. I remember having a minor fall out with him in the late seventies when I was getting crabbit watching Gemmell's duds and he was telling me to settle down. I responded by asking how he could stay so calm watching the shyte we were suffering after seeing the Champions in the early sixties - his response was...
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    Dodds to st Johnstone,and when he signed for the dabs.
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    Ian Ure to Arsenal....although you'd think in the early 60's it would be every player's dream to sign for a big English club, but Yogi was very disappointed that the Dundee Board didn't try to strengthen the team after the European Cup season. Gillie to Spurs, but this was the opposite of Yogi's departure, Dundee wanted Gillie to stay, Gillie ended up 'on strike' to force them to sell him. It was the beginning of the end of that great side, even though we immediately spent the Gillie cash buying Aberdeen's rising star, Charlie Cooke (enraged the Sheep, still does today for the older ones!). The Board did re-invest some...
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    So, HK, can you remember who the Arabs were playing when you went to see them?
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    I’ve no idea Cobra, I wouldn’t have thought so. As jojo Gunn says we bought Joe Gilfoy from Fulham so it was maybe to fund that.
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    The double whammy of Fraser and Ferguson was the worst for me but Billy Dodds was also a real sickener. I could understand bigger clubs signing our best players but St Johnstone??? The only one I've ever lost any sleep over was Scott Robertson; I wasn't a very happy bunny when he left.
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    I had forgot that Shannon had played for the Dabs so it was a big of a shock to me as well. I remember when we signed Stuart Beedie and the Dundee support were quite hard on him at first but he won them around due to his work rate.
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    My old man, 79 now, is a true Dee and even followed them with my uncle into Europe to Cologne. He would have been 22 when we won the league, newly married if my math is correct, so probably didn't make it to Perth for financial reasons. Strangely, he had shared many stories of THE season but nothing abour that day. I suspect he wasn't there and it's not something I'd bring up. Probably something he'll regret to the grave but hey ho. I'll treasure the memories of 3 cup finals and countless Derby wins we enjoyed together - nothing like following the same football team to get over troubles....
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    Three stick out for me. When Harkins left for Killie. When Harkins left for St Mirren When Harkins left for Ayr. It never got easier 😢.
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    Agree with all of that Chomp. I'm also with you with the Si Ferry thing. I'm a bit too much of a grump to listen to stories of grown men being big children and think it's funny. I want to know more about the inner working of that game but that stuff's only ever really hinted at. It's more of a 'lad-in'.
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    No idea where that came from. It would appear that I must have offended you. No idea why or how but it would appear I have. Anyway, no point taking this any further because I don't intend to offend and certainly don't have the inclination or time to continue a 'discussion' in the tone above. Stay safe mate and DDYB. 👍
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    No, because all they want to talk about is old firm games. The media in this country are a HUGE part of the problem.
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      Do they offer the high earners a free transfer? Will the players accept one? 

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