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    Forget the management team for a minute, I haven't seen or heard any justification or excuse for yesterdays performance and a lot of these players have to take massive responsibility. The fans were for the most part quiet until the point where it was obvious that we were in no danger of scoring a goal. Lots of groans, shaking of the head for the most part and personally I could help but laugh at how one sided it was at times. The first 10-15 minutes, we were abysmal and it did set the tone for the rest of the game. At that point it had less to do with tactics...
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    Maybe the 'appeal' is getting away from a club whose fans boo you for daring to misplace a pass and who will deliberately criticise and berate you until your confidence is so shot to pieces that you have to be dropped to the bench for your own good rather than it being about where you're actually playing your football?
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    The lack of width on the right was gawling. I like Gowzer but the balance would’ve been better with Todd. It illustrates how imbalanced our squad is: Ness, Gowzer, Byrne and Robertson pretty much all want the same jersey.
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    I was in 2 minds about heading but glad i did as the team turned up and deserved our support. We spoiled their party, they were expecting to give us a hiding in front of a big home crowd but failed and you could sense the rage leaving the stadium. Proud to be a dee tonight and have hope that we can kick on now if we continue to show the same fight.
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    Very poor assessment. Do you actually watch what's happening or just have a pre-determined opinion of a player that you're desperate to stick to? I'm seeing a frustrated player making clever runs and making it very difficult for CHs also almost every game but he's having to forage around 40 and 50 yards from goal most of the time just to get near the ball. Hemmings movement and general play has been excellent. It's the pedestrian midfield shambles behind him that's the problem. Swap him and Shankland and Hemmings would be on 20 at United, Shankland 5 with us. You will struggle to score goals in this team regularly because...
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    Hamilton has been terrible since the first game of the season. I always thought Jamie McDonald was an excellent keeper, think he’s at Alloa now.
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    That home 'crowd' tonight has to send a message to the board?
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    I'd just like to say to everyone who can make to get up to the game tonight to support the boys. We'll get to see callachan for the first time and with Mcdaid back we'll see a bit more pace in the side. If you're swithering may you swither towards our ancestral home, the Kilmac stadium at Dens park 💙
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    Can we play all our games behind closed doors
  10. 6 points
    Gentlemen, you can't fight in here. This is the war thread!
  11. 6 points
    No, not after last experience, too many factions, cliques and power brokers. Just my view.
  12. 6 points
    Just seen Christophe Berra’s is training with the youths at Hearts and has been told to find a new club either by means of a loan or permanent deal. I think he’d be worth a loan deal till the end of the season.
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    Good post mate, i don't get the fans are to blame argument. I don't boo during games but think it's justified at the end of games if we lose in the manner we have been at Dens recently. When JMP was appointed he asked for the fans backing and said he would restore some pride and give us a team to be proud of. Despite a few terrible seasons we have sold a very decent number of season tickets so have done our bit but week after week the team isn't even showing the minimum which is to give 100% and leave nothing on the park. If the players give...
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    I think (tin hat on) that it depends on the audience and the environment. I've heard black people joke about themselves and gay people joke about themselves too. I've been in a group with an openly gay guy and there's been stuff said regarding his sexuality. It was taken in the manner it was intended and, as far as I'm aware, the guy delivering the joke, or put down, isn't/wasn't regarded as being homophobic. I think that people can sometimes put the offended hat on when it suits. I made a daft comment on here that I'll admit I've made before, the problem was that I didn't consider the audience....
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    I put my steel helmet on for the flack coming my way but I think we need a solid right back. Not doubting Kerrs commitment to the club and team but he is an accident waiting to happen. I would also think we need a centre back and a wide right player.
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    Gowser soaking it all in...
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    Fk me. Bumming up United's crowds now. Thousands of them going this season to watch their team win week in week out that didn't want to know the last three seasons. Comparing their crowd today when they've won something like 12 out the last 13 league games against the lowest home support Dundee crowd in our history last night which was clearly a freak one with multiple circumstances, again, WTF?
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    Zero - we have a decent squad of players. We do not have a decent manager. Employ a manager who knows what he's doing and we may just stop embarrassing ourselves.
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    I have been supporting Dundee for over 50 years. That was as embarrassing as - well probably the last time in the Scottish...We've all been here before as dees. I'm old fashioned in thinking that a good team starts from the back. Dundee throughout the years have always had good goalkeepers. Ally Donaldson, Mike Hewitt, Thomson Allan, Rab. Sorry to say, that JH has to go. No confidence - players in the team or fans. Nobody likes to deride their own players but ffs how many c*ck ups is this keeper going to get away with? Get rid. In fairness to McP he can't be blamed for stuff like that...
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  21. 5 points
    Was really disappointed with Johnson on Saturday. Second to everything, jogging for the ball rather than busting a gut and lacking in any movement to get open. I thought he was the worst player on the pitch. Hemmings didn't have a great game but at least he showed some effort in a team sorely lacking in even that basic element.
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    There's no dummy spitting or foot stamping in my posts Rev. I'm just sorely disappointed in the lack of fight and spirit shown today. We support a club where you win some, you lose some is always the way it's going to be but the way you go about that has a large bearing on how much leeway the players deserve. I don't personally think they deserve much, if any leeway after that today. I also appreciate that's just my view.
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    Coming from the guy that took a boat to Perth.😂
  24. 5 points
    Whether we're offended or not, the courts consider it a pretty serious crime. I think racism is deemed totally unacceptable because of the history of slavery and apartheid and prejudice in general. Folk don't get a free pass to call a player "a black b*****d" because they got caught up in the emotion of a football match. It's no different to doing it in the street as far as I'm concerned. Look at the distress on the face Shakhtar's Taison after he was racially abused by opposition fans. It might be "banter" to you but it's not to footballers on the receiving end of it.
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    Around 30 years since my first game at Dens. Old man is a Derry boy through and through as were my grandad and great grandad on my mums side and taught me from a young age which path to choose. Never looked back. Dundee til I die 💙
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    2019 was mainly a disaster. It's been done to death from everyone including me over the year and the previous 2 years were only marginally less worse. New year and new decade coming up. Perfect time to ditch this negative atmosphere surrounding the club. Get the booing to fk. Get some atmosphere back in the stands and some real backing and it will be a more enjoyable place to attend win lose or draw. I was there last night and our fans were ok, but our songbook has become so narrow, it's actually become the opposite of what I grew up with going to the games in the 90s and...
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    Good luck and all the best to all Dee's brave enough to head to the dump tonight. Cap well and truly doffed, you guys deserve a result. C'mon The Mighty Dee.⚽👏
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  29. 4 points
    Star post of the Feckin decade mate, Cobra's disappeared after last night's shenanigans and I think I'm gonna follow suit. Get the DAB's to Feck!!!!.
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    See I don't buy into this whole if he goes we need to rebuild the whole squad. It I was generally accepted in August that we had signed some decent players and had a decent a squad for this league. It's the manager who is not getting the nest out of these players. A new manger(of we go down that route) should be allowed to bring in 2/3 new faces but this constant rebuilding has to stop
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    On paper, that is more than a decent squad/team. As I have always said, a good manager will get the best out of mediocre players, but a bad manager will never get the best out of quality players.
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  33. 4 points
    I think it's a good point. 66% of our first-team squad (excluding homegrown players) were signed by the manager appointed six months ago. Of the others Todd is apparently a problem and Nelson is stuck on the bench. Hamilton and Meekings are probably only here because we couldn't tear up their contracts. Hartley wanted his guys, McCann wanted his guys, McIntyre wanted his guys and now McPake demands his guys. In Europe you work with the what you've got but here players get paid off or loaned out the minute the new manager decides your face doesn't fit. McGowan is probably grateful for what the club have done for him...
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    My first game was v Hearts at Tynecastle in 1954. I've been a Dee all my life despite living in the central belt where most if not all support one of the ugly sisters. My Dad brought me up as a Dee and trained me into expecting us to lose when we expected to win and vice versa. When Dundee aren't playing i look forward to going to a match without the pressure that comes from watching MY team but get bored pretty quickly and nine times out of ten leave early. Its a hard life being a Dee but as my Dad used to say "We have our moments"...
  35. 4 points
    I think we need to realise what a big change has been made to our team by McPake. Two up top, a proper option of bringing on the third striker to freshen things up. A settled defensive system with Meekings actually getting a chance to play in his recognised position. Kerr playing with better defending skills and a couple of crosses that were turned into goals. Dorrans and Robertson getting to build a partnership and Gowser being kept on the pitch because even though he's clearly tired there is more to his game and it helps the team. Hopefully we get some more wins at Dens. I think that second...
  36. 4 points
    I actually thought Mackie had a really good game yesterday. In particular, his vision and passing accuracy for the ball played to DJ was inch perfect over a longish distance. I think Mackie does bring something to the team and I can’t think of a player (within reason) off the top of my head that I’d be quick to replace Mackie with.
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    I've been pushed on the chest a few times and it's never resulted in both my feet coming away from the ground simultaneously - and I've never even been a professional athlete.
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    I'll take nothing away from Utd being top of the league. They have found a way to win at this level but although of course we would have liked to have been closer under no stretch of imagination are they(Utd) a class team and we showed last night in the second half that we are better than them. Our manager has taken criticism from all Dees at one time or another this season but to be fair to him he had a team last night, half of whom weren't even at Dens Park when he took over. Maybe it has taken longer than all of us would have liked to...
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    We asked for, or I asked for a performance that competed with Utd and over the piece I got that and more. Three vital games coming up. 4th Jan, get yourself there.
  40. 4 points
    Not often I agree with you JK but think you are spot re Wighton. Have said on here numerous times he has all the ability in the world and would be great in a 5 a side team but to make it as a professional player takes more than ability. For me the boy doesn't appear to have the desire or work eithic to consistently play in a premier/championship side. He would often come on or get a chance to start and you would think he would be bursting a gut to prove himself yet he would come on and just jog about often not doing very much. He needed...
  41. 3 points
    Wtf, is going on at our club, the whole of Scotland must think they’ve tuned into a comedy show, seen better organised under 12s
  42. 3 points
    Getting slightly worried that we are going to have another terrible January transfer window. Ross Callaghan would be a decent enough addition if we needed another centre mid signed. However, we already have more than enough cover in there and it is the position we have invested most money in already (Dorrans and Byrne will not be here cheap). All the Callaghan signing will do is leave some of our better players on the bench, or worse trying to force them onto the wing where they are ineffective. Todd for some reason McPake does not fancy. We don't know what happens behind the scenes but based on his brief appearances,...
  43. 3 points
    I agree with most of Dayters post. We could have gone on forever as a fans' owned club and had some level of ambition for continuous improvement. We were even able to attract nice investments/donations to make this happen however the problems started when some of the people involved considered themselves far more capable than they will ever be. I am one of the people who strongly believes in fan ownership for Dundee Football Club as a protection for a 127 year old institution that we all love. Should the fans run it, never again under the old model.
  44. 3 points
    Just don't get the hype with him,you can count on one hand the good games he has had. Don't need another passenger.
  45. 3 points
    Fan based ownership did not work and I think it would be really helpful if those who were involved spoke their mind. I am always saddened that those who stepped up to the plate and actually tried to run our club are dismissed as blazers and glory seekers. I think personal rudeness is very unhelpful. You often have to work with people who you may disagree with and perhaps even feel animosity towards them but there should be a greater good, the growth of our club, that should trump everything. I think if we understand what went wrong and why it went wrong we could consider a second go at...
  46. 3 points
    McIntyre never happened....................... surely that was just a bad dream. Yeah I messed up with that comment and had forgotten about McIntyre. Realised about ten minutes after I wrote it but hoped nobody would notice.
  47. 3 points
    When we were looking at signing Ness Plymouth fans said online he was good when fit, but rarely fit. Did warning bells ring?
  48. 3 points
    Who was the last loan player to come to Dens and be classed as a success? I would rather see us continue to develop Fin Robertson in central midifeld rather than drop him so Ross Callachan can come in and play a dozen or so games for us. Just like many before him, this would be a signing for the sake of signing somebody, Nelms should keep his cash in his pocket until we have a clearer idea of what's happening in the transfer window, there will be many players available on short term deals over the next few weeks.
  49. 3 points
    What a forum this is. It fills many a happy hour- where else do you get serving suggestions for fish fingers, a pleasant quiz like last night’s top scorers of the decade, team news, arguments over line ups , constant banter, the odd wee fall out , folk with their pet subjects/likes /hates, the pessimists, the optimists, those with memories of the great times, those with hopes for even better days to come . It’s all here . John boy when’s the next fundraiser ? I wish you all a fantastic Christmas Day tomorrow / festive season and to all your people as well. As for the upcoming fixture against...
  50. 3 points
    I can see why a manager might want to treat a derby as just another game BUT IT'S f**cking NOT. Jim Duffy seemed to find a way to get this across to the players. So did Bomber. Learn from your mistakes McPake, and learn now.
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