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    I remember watching Dundee in the old First Division and us having zero presence in midfield. It used to do my head in. Some days you knew we had no chance of winning because we were non-existent in the middle. With Gowser you always have a presence. He might be ineffective at times but he never hides. He always tries to get the team going. It's disappointing to see Dees laying into him after what he's given to the team.
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    Pretty much everyone on here would've been delighted if we'd signed Shankland, I can't understand why he's now being branded a potential flop because he's went elsewhere. The spin surrounding this transfer is incredible.
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    5/6 points from two away matches is better than our league cup norm-,keep the heid folks.
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    That 'something' is the stuff that goes under the radar, the hard yards and simple stuff which will never grab the headlines. I think that's why so many fans criticise him, because they can't see what he brings to the side. So many fans these days look for the sublime, the moments of magic etc, but the players who give their all, ain't flashy and do the dirty work in the engine room often go unnoticed, to the point that they become disposable in many fans' eyes. If you take the time to watch Gowser, you can appreciate what he brings to the side. I genuinely think we're a far...
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    Why the f**k are we speaking about a United signing in our transfer rumours thread? Mcpake is building a very solid looking squad so I wouldn't be surprised if we end up with us signing a good striker. f**k United
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    Tight pitch, wet and slippy plastic, ex-Dee factor. 5 points from 2 games, acceptable after relegation, rebuilding and previous seasons cup results. Time to accept that whilst things aren't perfect they're a hell of a lot better.
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    Very good signing for the dabs if true,let's be honest here we would all be delighted if we had signed him.Hope we can get a cpl of decent strikers in ourselves.
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  9. 10 points
    Big fan of McPake taking United captain on trial then going "lololol f**k off ginger dab" to him. Big fan.
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    Seriously??? ....McGhee (3 yrs with hearts, 2 with Falkirk, as captain)....Marshall (4yrs at QoS, played against us)....McDaid (2yrs at Partick, 2 yrs at Ayr, played against us for both)....Todd (2yrs QoS, MoM in SC against us). Probably only 50% of McPake's planned recruitment, so far, but these guys are far from 'unknowns with potential', especially in the Championship.
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    Here lads and lasses I mind being a very naive 13 year auld laddie when we got relegated in 2005 thinking we’d storm the league an we’d be right back at the first attempt... 9 years give or take later we were still languishing but we made it out properly (not counting the club 12 stint) We’ve got to remember that we are one of the big fish now in a wee pond of angry piranhas nipping away at us, making it difficult for us to enjoy the pond and make it back to the ocean again.. bad analogy but anyway teams are gonna make it hard as phuck for...
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    Two away games, two shut outs and 5 points. What's not to like.
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    Hi all, I've seen the pre-match press conference discussed a few times and thought I'd explain what happens. On a week day, usual a Thursday we invite the press in to speak to the manager and a player. This press conference is split into two rooms, one the written press and one the broadcast press. For DEETV we set up a camera and film the broadcast one and put the full thing on for subscribers. The questions asked are normally from STV, BBC, Radio Tay, Wave and 24/7 Scotland (who are a freelance company). 24/7 Scotland are nothing to do with the club at all and don't produce any content...
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    Probably a weird thing to say after last season’s disaster, but I would like to see how Ben Kallman would have done with decent service from the flanks and at this level. He is a strong lad with a decent head and positional sense. I think last year, on the odd occasion that our non-existent midfield was able to pass the ball forward, it was always that slow and ineffective ‘threading through-the-middle’ to his feet whilst heavily marked. I thought he showed promise but was starved of any decent service. His opinion of Scottish football is probably very low after working with McCann and McIntyre though.
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    People shouldn't park illegally then they won't get tickets. It's about everyone's safety not the convenience of people going to Dens. If people stop doing it these people will stop going there to bag the easy money.
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    I think you're right Chomp, maybe it's about Dime to give it a Twirl. So without getting my Snickers in a Twister, I'm going to give myself a Boost and not Rolo ver and let you Revel in the negative feedback
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    Miller scored 8 goals from 21 Premiership starts last season. I think he had one wrongly ruled offside as well. Doolan scored 6 from 24 starts in the Championship while Scott MacDonald managed 6 from 10 for the Jags. Paying Miller off to make room for Doolan would be a questionable move.
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    Curran shut's pusses!
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    I agree they are probably favourites but let’s not make them out to be the Harlem Globetrotters here. McMullan, Sow, Pawlett and Clark were all their last year and they didn’t run away with the league. McMullan is a one trick pony show him outside you and 9 times out of ten he will put his cross into orbit. Sow is a f**cking cart horse. Pawlett is utter gash and even if he didnt have the reputation he does at Dens wouldn’t want him here anyway. Clark I will give you is a decent player. Shankland is a good signing on paper but not convinced he will have the season...
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    Any chance we can get back on topic rather than slagging aff our most committed player?
  22. 8 points
    Having a right good chuckle at some people’s hastily revised opinion of Shankland as a player. I would have been over the moon if we’d got him but one player does not make a team and the filth better hope he delivers Im also glad we haven’t spunked the cash that he’s reportedly on especially in the Championship. What is noticeable is that for the first time there seems to be a coherent joined up plan at Dens whilst the Dayglo beasters look like they are just throwing cash with no sustainable plan behind it. If last season is anything to go by it will be the team keeping clean...
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    Definitely not Kenny, the model doesn't have a chip on his shoulder.
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    I don't think anyone is disputing that Wanklands would have been a good signing for us. What is being questioned is the amount the dabs have had to spend to get him. £750,000 over 3 years is crazy money for a club that has been selling off its assets to anyone willing to take them off their hands. That's on top of the over the top wages the rest of the hillbillies are getting. Still feel their midfield is pish and centre defence is an accident waiting to happen. Let's not be scared of the dayglo freaks before the seasons even started. Keep in touch and their a**e will collapse...
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    Em f**cking fed up reading posts about these filthy boiler suit wearing bawbags
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    And if he has,who gives a flying f**k...the way people are talking about him you’d think it was messi the filth were signing,he had a no bad six month we Ayr united fir f**k sake..let’s no bather aboot that lot
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    Aye a love hate relationship! They loved getting the players loaned out to us and we f**cking hated having them!
  28. 8 points
    I’ll be honest, I would happily have never played them ever again
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    Ireland or Wales? That's a long wafer a Tunnocks cup tie.
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  31. 7 points
    Just strolled up on the off-chance of a ticket and got one no problem (shoulda been working till 8pm but developed a dreadful stomach bug)
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    My information is that the only acceptable offers (to the player [through his agent] and to Aberdeen) are from us. I was assured the deal was very imminent at the weekend and all May had to decide was whether he wanted to come permanently or on loan, so I can't understand the delay at all. United have no interest and I was told that no other interested parties will get close to our offers. I will hopefully see my source again this evening and will report back. They are not connected to Dundee FC.
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    Curran scores. Absolutely DELIGHTED for the boy!
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  35. 7 points
    I think Gowser in the championship will be a good and a very important player for us this season. The trio of him Ness and Byrne should make us very strong in midfield. He give his all for the club and will be better than the majority of midfielders in this league. I don't see the problem? I think people are just a little frustrated with the lack of signings recently and are concerned at the lack of attacking options. Keep the faith!
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    I get frustrated at work by guys “coasting” and taking no ownership or pride in their performance. That is the one main attribute he has for me. He cares! He cares about his own effort/performance, he cares about the performance and attitude of others. He’s a winner (a silly saying I know but you know what it means)
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    Thought meekings had a good game tonight
  38. 7 points
    Jeezo.....surely not another military tie-in?? Are there no other causes or charities worthy of exposure or assistance???
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    In my best david attinbourgh voice... a very rare creature that he is, the pole, however little he is seen always makes his presence felt when making an appearance. And the pack respond in a way you’d expect , with extraordinary love shown towards the diminutive yet well spoken member of the derry. It’s at times like these we find ourselves truly humbled by his existence, and thankful for the wisdom that he brings
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    Cheers for posting the link to the pics Double Blue Here's tonight's pics - very hard session - I was knackered watching it - it's a bit warm here Evening session pics BTW: If there's anyone who doesn't make the pics it doesn't mean that they aren't involved - I've had to concentrate on a few lads who pics were wanted of and I've missed getting many pics of some others - Hopefully I'll get round to getting a fair share of all the players as the week goes on. If anyone is at the game tomorrow give me a shout as I wander round the track - I want...
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    Kerr is only 20 so has plenty time to get back to full time football if he signs for Arbroath. Maybe we'll see him in the dark blue in the future. Good luck to him as he always gave his all and gave some fine performances alongside hendry.
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    Thought both looked good, Cammy looked like a player who's full of confidence and Gowser looked refreshed and ready to drive us on. I know we were playing Brechin (no disrespect) but I really can't understand why some don't appreciate what these two bring to DFC.
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    Hamilton wasn't even on in the second half. Give the guy a chance It was Ferie who conceded.
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    No wonder people don’t want to post here anymore another topic ruined by pointless spamming
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    I've not got a massive issue with Curran if he is fully committed tbh, it all depends on how McPake wants to use him. Nelson's style of play very much thrives off a player like Curran in the knock downs etc, we did see that in a few games they played together and then when Curran needed injections and then Nelson had his issues flare up, we never really looked like having a scoring threat again. I think he'll score a few more goals than he's expected to if he's a starter for us. For a target man, he was reasonable enough for County goals wise in the top flight....
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    I'll certainly remain hopeful until the end of the summer that the squad we're building will have goals in it but I'm also aware of the trouble we've had finding a goalscorer since Hemmings and Stewart were sold. In the last three seasons we've averaged 0.9 goals per game. Haber, El Bak, Loy, Wighton, Yordi, Murray, Moussa, AJ, Kallman, Wright and Mendy have all left for a variety of reasons but none of them were exactly banging them in. We've Nelson (who has major question marks over his fitness) and Curran (who is still looking for his first Dundee goal) and we're strongly linked with Doolan (who Partick got rid...
  47. 7 points
    Not sure why we'd not want to play with Miller and Nelson up front. Miller is an intelligent player with a nice touch still and Nelson has a great engine and plenty ability. Both have an eye for a goal, both are under contract. I'd be happy with those two in the team especially with our new wide players, who'll be whipping balls into the box and creating chances against limited defenders.
  48. 7 points
    Good move for the lad. Served us well. Should never have lost the jersey.
  49. 7 points
    Still get the plums on social media spouting for the yanks to get out the club !They've made some bad decisions, particularly with pricing, however,its safe to say we would be in a very dangerous position if they upsticked and left
  50. 6 points
    I'm afraid that some folk are all to ready, willing and able to lose their sh*t
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    • If there was one thing you would change about the club which you believe would make a difference, what would it be?

      Me, I would change the following: Tannoy's/Speakers in the stadium, those things make my ears bleed every time they announce that the opposition have scored a goal!
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    • Match Aftermath: St Johnstone 1 - 0 Dundee (25th Aug 2018)
      The Dark Blues lose their fourth game in a row away to St Johnstone, leaving the Dark Blues with no points in three league matches.

      Again it was a player who could have been a Dark Blue who scores. Tony Watt who had trained with the club joined St Johnstone earlier this month scored the only goal just after the break.

      Dundee again had plenty of chances but failed to monopolise on the them.

      St Johnstone 1 - 0 Dundee
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    • Just for a bit of fun I thought we could have a mini DFC fantasy game.

      Pick 11 Dundee players before our league season kicks off at 3pm on Saturday. Formation can be 4-4-2. 4-3-3 or 3-5-2. Five points for an appearance and 10 points for a goal. Captain scores double.

      Free to enter a team. Prize to be decided.

      This is my team...



      Elton (captain)


      Top scorer tie-breaker: Mendy with 15 goals
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    • Once in the hot seat at Dens, ‘Cowboy’ made ‘Wee Georgie’ his number one signing target, spending a full afternoon convincing the player that his future still lay in Dundee and resulting in the frontman re-signing until the end of the season. Shaw however, clearly had an axe to grind as The Courier headline revealed ‘Shaw Pays Big Tribute To McCormack’. With the ‘new’ signing explaining further… “If I’d been given the same offer by Jim Duffy back at the start of the season I wouldn’t have been looking for a move in the first place.” Going on to have another swipe at his ex-boss by adding “…And from where I am standing it seems there’s one rule for managers and one for players, because while I was unable to join another Scottish team because no-one could agree a fee with Dundee, Jim Duffy was able to take himself off to Hibs no problem.”
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    • The sale of Jim Hamilton to Hearts for £200,000 highlighted the two other major issues Dundee faced at the time. Namely a budget that barely seemed able to cover the heating bill, never mind a promotion push and the complete disinterest of the club’s latest white knight turned villain, Canadian ‘business man’ and club owner Ron Dixon.
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