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    I got in from the match on Saturday, totally hacked off, walked into the dining room where my James McPake framed shirt from the season I sponsored his home kit hangs in pride of place, and thought 'f**k you you prick'. I then fumbled in my pocket for my season ticket and thought 'why the f**k did I waste my money on this garbage'? Had a think whilst eating my bridie and beans and actually more or less decided to take the shirt off the wall and file the season ticket under mistake and basically do as I've always promised myself I'd do one fine day and give up completely...
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    Read the Derby County forum this morning and see that CF returned to the Derby team at the weekend after his latest serious injury and according to reports had a stormer at centre half. Good to see him back and we'll played.
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    Love this post BC. I'm glad I've stood firm in the face of criticism and ridicule and that I'm not the only one. The same negative stuff is being trotted out week in week out and anybody who doesn't toe the line is sneered at. I respect the views of almost all of the posters on here but that doesn't mean I have to agree with them. Let's hope that, with some support, JMcP can get some points on the board and regain some positivity and restore a wee bit of pride. The next two games are going to be massive and mightily tough but my optimism, whilst waining, isn't...
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    Just a little reminder, please show others the same respect as you would like to be shown to yourself. I know it is a trying time for us supporters, but please keep it civil on the forums. Thanks in advance.
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    Have we stopped having a little bit of fun these days, or does it all have to doom and gloom because results are not going our way?
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    If you feel this strongly about this, then this topic isn't the place for you to vent your anger over. You really should contact the club and let them know that this offends you this much. At the end of the day, It's our third strip and this topic was to discuss what we thought about it, and not the politics and bullshit that we have every year when we have a kit to raise cash for a charity...... the same shit every year.
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    This is absolutely the worry. I also agree about the delay which is in my opinion what got us relegated. Nelms gave McCann way to much time, or put another way, dithered for far too long. We are getting worse. The system doesn't work, the players feel that and their confidence is absolutely shot. McPake should be a coach not a manager. Learning his trade. The pressure that he is under will not develop him, more likely, it will ruin him. I have serious and genuine doubts about John Nelms' football judgement, specifically when he has to decide. His gamble with McCann instead of Ross was just so very wrong,...
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    We are in a real rut just now but I’m not having a lot of the negative pots here . The team is lacking confidence and some of the players look like they need help , particularly in the last third . In some cases i believe we should be dropping certain players for their own good with Mcdade being a prime example but who would we bring in for him , young mcpake ? Not sure that’s the answer in our fragile position . However their is a real agenda imo with certain post of negative crap that is unjustified. Sure a club like Dundee should win at Arbroath...
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    I don’t think any fan thought we would be looking over our shoulders at the teams at the bottom. Dont think anyone thought we would be a country mile behind the Arabs. Don't think anyone thought we would be 7 points behind a team our budget dwarfs. Don't think anyone thought we would suffer 2 derby embarrassments. Don't think anyone thought we would barely have more than one shot at goal per game. Im sure Tim Keyes didn’t expect this horrendous season when he signed off the cheques to bring Dorrans and Hemmings to the club, players that 8 Championship clubs can’t begin to look at... Im all for giving...
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    Please @TheDarkBlues let us keep this one for a bit. Not many of them would go to all the bother of registering just to do this.
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    That was as bad a performance as I can remember from any Dundee side for a very, very long time.
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    They should be supported, and looked after, by the MOD and not charities. There's an ad on TV just now raising funds for Erskine. Features an ex soldier who was medically discharged and on it he says he left the army with nothing, that in itself is a total disgrace, and it goes on to say he's been in Erskine since he was dumped on the streets by the army (my words not his). And yet, this guy is standing there proudly showing his medals and still wearing his beret. OK probably just nonsense but it's the image they're using to sell their point and those people do exist. Why...
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    Brilliant result. Performance was way, way better too. Shouldn't have been so nervous but still a great result. Can't wait for next week!
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    He is hopeless. No sign of improvement. No obvious sign of a working game plan. Easily out-thought by almost every manager now. The players’ confidence is through the floor. Crowds falling away because of results. I feel heart sorry for him as he is being hung out to dry. He shouldn’t have been put in this position. He urgently needs to be taken out of that position.
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    This is an example of McPake's inexperience, the question of what Jimmy Nichol does and our poor game management, surely as soon as we score the goal the bench has to get the remaining sub ready to go on, get the board up for the subbie, he isn't quite ready, Hemmings or McDaid does the slow walk off, this kills the game and we take an undeserved point. You don't have to be Jose f*cking Mourinho to get that
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    I just don't think that we are being managed correctly on the training pitch and the park. Saying McPake doesn't care what happens is quite frankly absurd to be honest, as the guy in his own words owes a lot to this club for sticking by him through his injury. Look, I get it, we're all hurting and you want to lash out because of another bad performance..... but, to say that they don't care is just wrong.
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    My view, for what it's worth, is that the supporters are already communicating with one another and it would not take much for the club to post on this Forum and Dundee Mad. No press conference, no glossy brochures, just a few words of update. Don't think an ongoing discussion is a good idea, but some statement of fact might actually work for them. As an example, The board have complete confidence in James McPake as manager. It was accepted at the outset that this season would be one of transition and the appointment of Jimmy Nicholl and Dave McKay was a conscious strategy to help our young manager to...
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    Bomber done that when he first took over.
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    I've been with you all the way with looking for consistency and a long term plan. However, when we are lauding a point away to Arbroath as some sort of corner being turned, then we're in serious trouble. Fans are turning away in their droves. Booing the team and thoroughly disillusioned, so it's understandable when folk are voicing concerns about the direction the club is headed in. I didn't even go today - first local match I've missed in years and years - and on current forms I won't be heading to the derby either, which would have been unthinkable even just a few months ago. I LOVED McPake as...
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    14 points behind United by December the 7th and they still have a game in hand...... My expectations were certainly not that! A decent attempt at challenging for the title with the money we have spent on players. Sitting comfortably in the top 4 with some good performances along the way....yet here we are huffing and puffing our way to the relegation zone. Pathetic.
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    I’d like to thank police scotland for making it so difficult to get a ticket
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    In fairness, we don't know what McIntyre's part in it was. Maybe had things taken out of his hands or other issues unpublicised. My thoughts at the time and my thoughts now though are that we got the piss taken out of us though. Rangers at the time actually were on the hunt for an alternative option and there were a few loans touted for players earning far more than Kamara was at the time - we're talking a couple hundred grand for some of those options. I think if we collectively stood our ground, we would have either had a player who would have contributed more (I don't buy...
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    I couldn't believe it when Finlay was injured and he picked Moore as the guy to bring on over Byrne. I get that it's not easy being forced into a sub but we had an experienced option there with some presence and he goes for the youngster - baffling. When you're in this league, you get tough games where things maybe don't go to plan and you need to interact with it through the game. I'm unconvinced he is capable of doing that, the way he sulked about and avoided talking to any of the players during the long injury stoppage was telling for me. I really think we're just...
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    Keyes and Nelms are pivotal to our very existence. Dees saying we should bin Nelms is like Ukraine saying, “f**k Trump. We’re better off without America.” Erm nope.
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    "nemo me lacessit impune " means , " No one can harm me unpunished . " Maybe, " Deus nobis auxilium " might be more appropriate for Dundee F.C........"God help us ."If proceeds from the sale of this new strip help ex- service men who are struggling, then that is a good charitable work in my opinion . Fine looking piece of kit.
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    Alan Gilzean scoring in a 1-0 win over England.
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    Maybe we should try boosting the guys confidence rather than knocking it. Just a thought.
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    IF (as I suspect) the confidence is low then hammering them with extra sessions won't change anything. I'm sure our players are more than capable of doing the things we'd all like them to do but the fear of being the one that makes a game changing mistake is holding them back. Some team bonding would maybe be more helpful.
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    I didn't have a great view but forgot McDaid was playing at times second half. Forgot Todd was playing also until he was subbed off. Seen very little from Byrne as per most games. Most frustrating thing for me of the many frustrations we have has to be the Forster long diagonal balls out of play when he has 2 capable centre midfielders right in front of him. It's just bizarre. The team is completely out of confidence as you can tell with our style of play on Saturday. Aimless long hit and hope (which tbf wasn't completely the wrong decision in the conditions and we have been complaining about...
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    Spot on. McDaid has been poor for us as a wide midfielder, presumably tasked with giving us width and providing service to our striker(s). He just doesn't do it. And our midfield are powder puff, all of them. Great at short passes. Basic skills are all that they demonstrate. So weak and easily bullied. No drive or adventure, rather turn around and get the ball away to someone else. They don't serve the strikers and they provide little cover for a not so great defence. And each week we get the same again and the same platitudes from the manager.
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    We should have said £50k plus 10%. He was our player after all. If Rangers didn't want to agree to it then we should have kept him. He may well have been the difference between staying up and being relegated. McIntyre however thought Martin f**cking woods was a better player!
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    If a young experienced manager is meant to drive fans away, bore the support to death with his tactics, suffer derby embarrassments, look like a rabbit in the headlights at every press conference, have his players looking completely disinterested, have no plan A let alone plan B then I’d rather get rid if it’s all the same. I would says it’s imperative we put at least a challenge to united instead of them being the best part of 20 points behind them before Christmas. Who on God’s earth will go next season if this is being served up next term... Just put the man out his misery.
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    This all ticket thing is absolute lunacy and the biggest off put for all football supporters. I live over 50 miles from Dens and its a real pain having to get tickets for games when everyone knows that the stadiums are going to be half full at best. Livingston and Hamilton an eg last season where their average attendance is probably under 2000. I can understand the derbies and perhaps the old firm (sometimes) but honestly its driving fans away and no club can afford to do that. Then we will have a TV Saturday Scottish Cup tie v Motherwell at the non nonsensical time of 7.20pm which you can...
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    Oh for a Cammy Fraser, John Brown, Stuart Rafferty, Gav Rae, Dariusz type player.
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    By offering us a take-it-or-leave-it £50k hours before the window closed they knew we were going to bite their hand off without demanding a penny more or asking for a future % cut.
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    More like he ran over to say “up yours for not picking me!”
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    He simply has to get them playing the ball forward instead of side to side. It doesn't help when you have 2 centre halfs who aren't confident passers (Forster and Meekings) and would rather pass the buck. Ness and Byrne don't really make incisive passes either, preferring to play the safe ball. Byrne in particular slows play down with backwards passes when he should be turning towards the oppo goal. Hopefully McGhee and Marshall are fit to play and I'd start Cammy too. I'd go: Hazard (although I have doubts about him) Kerr Forster McGhee marshall Todd dorrans McGowan Mcdaid Hemmings Johnson There's an argument to say this team lacks...
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    Dear Santa please this year could out fans not be a bit more patient and give a manager a chance
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    The budget will go down next year, the parachute payments will stop in a couple of years... We lose 200k in gate receipts with no derbies next season alone. Season ticket sales will be down, 24 maybe 25 quid to watch boring tepid football won’t get many through the gate. Again no one is expecting “instant success” A challenge would be nice though.
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    Not for me. What worked best recently was Hartley. Young, motivated, conscientious and had experience of actually getting a team promoted. Think we should stick with McPake and let him learn. There appears to be a problem with the inability of our players to change to a fast forward approach. Seems to me that the management team need someone to give them some guidance and encourage them to develop a plan B.
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    Alan Forrest (brother of James) currently at Ayr would be an ideal wide player for us. Should go for him.
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    The DAB's can kiss my @rse. Glory hunters the lot of them.
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    Poor post Gordon - that’s not the way football is played. It only is proper football if you play it out from the back after a suitable delay to allow the opposition to have two banks of four in front of you as you try and thread a pass through #largs badge #largs manual
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    Character will definitely be required tomorrow, Arbroath will be will up for a scrap and we've got to be prepared for that. No disrespect to Arbroath but we have the better players, the pitch and conditions will be a wee bit of a leveller given that Arbroath are used to playing there but really we should win if it comes down purely to quality. Unfortunately I'm not too sure that we'll have the heart to go toe to toe with them if it becomes a battle.
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    Hemmings Contract, is Massive, (nearly 3 years) for a player, who doesn't mix with the other players, does his training, then f**k's off, not popular in the Dressing Room, thinks he's better than everyone one else, what's that now from him ONLY two goals, from Mr Big Baws no wonder Johnson, celebrated his Goal, pointing into JWP's Direction.
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    Forster has gaps in his game, its why he's at Dundee and not further up the footballing tree. I love his commitment and willingness to put his body on the line but he's just not a 'silky' technical footballer. It does beg the question, when we want to play out from the back who was it that thought he'd be the perfect fit for our Barca-esque style. Which then raises the question of why do we think we can play like Barcelona but we could round in circles on this I guess.
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    Started well, but you can see we struggle to get any chances.That result was fair enough, we deserved nothing and they could of had 3.
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    I see what you're saying but I think there's a bit more to it than that. When McCann and McIntyre come in, there were several players on long-term deals on good amounts of money that had massive issues attached. The likes of Vincent, Julen, Low, Loy had long documented injury pasts and had a good few years of contracts in their name, Hateley was a late 20s player who was on good money and then we had a fair few who just never come up to standard. McIntyre then had a lot of players who hadn't even been proven at anywhere near the level signed up. The likes of Gowser,...
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      Elton (captain)


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