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    I think the club are looking at the bigger picture and implementing wage cuts now to safeguard the future of the club going forward. They have realised there will be tough times ahead and by acting now it gives us a better chance going forward rather than burying our head in the sand, splashing the cash in the hope everything will be rosy in 8 - 12 months time. We will not be the only club cutting back and in my opinion clubs who are not careful now and continue to carry on as normal will be in for a huge reality check as the months roll on. There is...
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    This is a key point that has been stressed on this forum several times - if you can afford to buy now, and you intend getting one, you really should get it right now. I'm sure we all fully understand the caution being shown by some, I was reluctant to renew for example for several very good reasons. However if I lose my £255 at least I will know that I've given it to the cause and if the club should go under in the meantime I'll have done my bit by giving the club the money when it most needed it. I'm sure we all also appreciate that there...
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    Turning to all the other players I thank them for seeing the bigger picture and agreeing to the cuts. They've undoubtedly saved other members of staff's jobs with their selfless act.
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    Got my season tickets today but had to use the finance option for the 1st time due to being furloughed for 3 months. But a negative turned into a positive as 3 of my family who didn't have season tickets signed up as well. 7 of us now, just when the club needs it most. DDYB.
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    Nothing to do with any well known chant l just believe that Kerr is well worth his place in the squad. He'll make mistakes but then who won't?. For passion, desire, will to win, effort and Dark Blue loyalty there are few others who can get close.
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    I don't understand this viewpoint at all. Hearts and Partick are not in the wrong and have been shafted by the other clubs, including Nelms u-turn. They have every right to take this all the way. The entire situation has been grotesquely mismanaged by both the SPFL and SFA. Added to that, you'd really want to go up against Hearts next season with them carrying a huge grudge, the financial backing to exercise that, and have united promoted instead?
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    See Robbie Raeside (under 15's coach) has volunteered to work for nothing. Well done Robbie!
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    Just caved and renewed mine there, wasn’t going to until October but the thought of limited numbers getting back into dens and me not being amongst them got the better of me. Also Neil in the shop was very helpful, went through some options and got it sorted for me. Sometimes the shop gets bad press so worth a shout when they do it well
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    Our challenge kicks off Today ! We have 25 of your fellow #Dees running over the course of the next 4 weeks until we hit 1893 miles! All the money raised will be headed straight to @DundeeFC to help over the extended close season, however we as a group see fit. https://t.co/yu5Xv1W64a
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    Dundee Football Club can confirm that our player consultation process has now come to an end. We are delighted to say that all the players who entered the process and remain with the club have taken the decision to help safeguard the future of Dundee Football Club. The club would like to thank the players for their commitment in these difficult times #thedee
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    This is really poor speculating about players! Not fair hammering players that have maybe helped club
  12. 14 points
    I'm serious about this - if Nelms gives those begging b*****ds one penny after asking Dundee fans to dig deep and help the club out I will never put another penny into DFC. Dundee fans do not donate to initiatives to help our club only for the club to give that money to Dundee United. I'd be absolutely furious if this happens and so should every Dundee FC fan.
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    The SPFL have actually gone to considerable lengths to mitigate harm to clubs via reconstruction proposals, as have Hearts. The clubs took hugely selfish decisions, rejected it and stuck up the middle finger. One of those was united, another was Raith. Those 2 in particular haven't acted in the best interests of other members, despite benefitting hugely from clubs willing to help them. They don't have a leg to stand on. Remember Mr. Nelms words - no clubs should be worse off than they were prior to the vote. He's tried to help all clubs, even our closest rivals, and they threw it right back at him pishing themselves. Might...
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    I’ve just joined, only a tenner a month just now but I’ve just started a new job and not been paid yet. Hopefully be able to up it in the coming weeks/months. Season ticket next on the agenda. I think it’s a great idea!
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    Thought I’d try and create a post which incorporates as many links/directions to all the different fundraising activities that are on-going to support the club. The Dark Blue Forum Fundraising Donation - https://www.thedarkblues.co.uk/clients/donations/ Scotty Roberts gofundme fundraiser - https://www.gofundme.com/f/support-the-dee?viewupdates=1&rcid=r01-159301554179-f3ff6db405de4f89&utm_medium=email&utm_source=customer&utm_campaign=p_email%2B1137-update-supporters-v5 Scott Mcruvie & friends running 1893 miles for the dee - https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/runforthedee1893?utm_term=MgjV9zqgV Dfc in the community trust Deewalk - https://dfccommunitytrust.org.uk/walk2020/ 50/50 half time weekly draw - https://dundeefc.co.uk/news/50-50-draw-now-online/ DeeLotto - https://deelotto.co.uk DeeTv - https://deetv.dundeefc.co.uk/tv/dashboard Dundee Direct where new strips will be available Thursday this week - https://www.dfcdirect.co.uk Season Tickets - https://dundeefc.co.uk/news/2020-21-season-tickets-revised/ Cultzeros Dee face masks - https://www2.cultzeros.co.uk/product/the-dee-face-covering/ Cracking bucket hats with funds going to Scotty R’s fundraiser - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/293635727675 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/293635779952 Some Facebook...
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    Murray has scored 68 goals and set up 36 in 6 years. When we've watched moussa, zemlik and Sturm I don't think you can call Si useless. His composure isn't great but his pace gets him in areas to score. I'd take him.
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  18. 12 points
    I’ve said it in other posts, there are Dundee fans who can’t afford season tickets, there are fans who can’t afford to pay £24 to go to a game( every 2 weeks) so if this is a way that they can contribute to the club with £10 or more if they can once a month, then it’s a great idea, there might be fans who can no longer attend matches due to ill health. This is a great idea to help the club, I signed up straight away as I’m lucky enough to be in work I also bought 3 season tickets for me and my boys, I work most...
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    The pin badge t shirt is just a token thank you, not to be taken too seriously... Whatever it raises, it’s better than nothing. If it does mean we sign an extra player, pay the stadium rent or just keeps our club alive then it will be worth it... 32p a day, no one is forcing anyone to pay it, but if enough do sign up then it can only be a positive thing.
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    Surely the whole point of a football supporters message board? It’s not serious, I know very few of the guys personally on here unlike back in the Dee mad days. I chose to read some, disregard a lot and laugh out loud at posts. Then I forget about it and get on with real life.
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    In fairness to Deewee there are posters on here who are far more guilty of gibbering nonsense constantly and don’t get the level of scrutiny his posts get. I like a rumour and hope he keeps the posts coming
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    A member of the 1997-98 Championship winning team who now coaches the DFC u15s willing to work with the youth for nothing until club back on it's feet, great gesture... ...and he was a good player back in the day, think he won a few trophies with Raith before coming to us.
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    This is a really positive outcome, let’s hope we get a full house but if not hats off to the guys for accepting the deal.
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    Notice some of the DABs moaning about Dunfermline's Nisbet signing for Hibs instead of them. They are critical of Hibs pleading poverty and then spending money on a player. Do they ever look at their own team? Getting into so much debt to buy promotion last season (I know we have had major debt issues in the past but it is worth bringing up due to the sanctimonious way this has always been chucked in our faces by them in the past) and at the moment handing the begging bowl around the other SFPL clubs. Not to mention paying compensation to get their new manager! They think that they are...
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    Season ticket renewed online tonight. Can't wait to get back to dens!
  26. 11 points
    All I can say is f**k the negativity, f**k the SPFL, f**k Hearts, f**k ICT and f**k Dunfermline. Its about time this club got back into that deefiant spirit and showed all these c**ts what we are about. We are Dundee super Dundee....... Oh and f**k the Dabs And DCT as well.
  27. 11 points
    Always happy to hear rumours. Won't always be right for various reasons, but it's good to hear them anyway. Keeps the board interesting. @Deewee info has been good .Keep it coming as far as I am concerned.
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    If we can somehow tolerate each other's faults before October we can all look forward to clapping 11 dark blue heroes onto the park in the autumn. We can maybe start by letting Deewee post whatever the hell he likes without doing forensic analysis of his posting history. I know none of us can hope to be as chilled and tolerant as DBK but we can at least try!
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  30. 11 points
    I would be. From what I've heard Graeme has been a credit to himself and the club. I've no idea what the situation is with Kane Hemmings but I'm sure the players were being paid full wages up until the end of June. This is a tremendous gesture from the club which allowed players to make provision for upcoming issues and for the out of contract players to be paid in full. I'd imagine most club simply furloughed wages and that's all the players received. You would hope, given the circumstances, that Hemmings would appreciate that the club has tried it's best in this situation and would be prepared to...
  31. 11 points
    f**k em.. They laughed when we quite rightly started cutting costs They laughed at uswhen ex England manager was getting linked with them They laughed at us when they were putting in kiddy on bids for Nesbitt They laughed at us for the club and supporters association falling out.. Forgetting their club did the same Well they ain't laughing f**cking now let's see how this huge fairweather support of theirs reacts to a genuine crisis Oh and f**k them again
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    Won’t be any more lads. @tommydfc has rightly pointed out to me I could put transfers at risk, I never thought about it like that and I the last thing I would want to do as a Dee is cost the club a good player so if I hear anything in future I won’t be posting it. As has been pointed out b4 my record of getting them right is hit and miss anyway, some sources more reliable than others!!!!!! I’ll still be here for the gossip tho
  33. 10 points
    Deewee calls it again. In deewee we trust
  34. 10 points
    Great stuff. Was going to hold off for a bit but with hundreds of Dees getting involved I've decided to sign on just now. Let's make a difference. Mon the Dee.
  35. 10 points
    Hearts have never meant much to me one way or the other but, when you consider the financial and moral implications, I did think it was a disgrace to relegate them, Thistle and Stranraer... but the two teams who really lost out were Thistle and Falkirk.. I've just had a gander at the Jambo forum.. I expected anger and bitterness, totally understandable.. But, feck me, it's turned into an echo chamber of keyboard warriors frothing at the mouth. Understandable that a lot of them have no appetite to go to away games.. especially at grounds of clubs who they perceive shafted them. Now talking about with holding the "maroon pound"....
  36. 10 points
    A couple of posters on here definitely mentioned him as good signing as soon as he was released.......my memory is fading. Overall this is a really positive sign that suggests we have our cash flow under control and have a positive business plan we can work to. Well done to the Board.
  37. 10 points
    Head above the parapet time again then - defender from another championship club signed in the next 24-48 hours.
  38. 10 points
    Maybe should have added DBK, with the recent personal pocket money issues, I thought it was time I behaved like a Man ... I confronted and stood up to Mrs G !! I am now in Ward 7 in the Serious Injuries Department ... I can't tell what hospital I am in as I was unconscious on arrival
  39. 10 points
    Nelms has appointed a few bad managers in his time, been a bit over ambitious with his forward planning that's left him with egg on his face a few times but I've never once felt that Nelms or Keyes have had bad intentions. Whilst it's not a strong competition they've proven they are the best owners we've had in my lifetime. They deserve a bit of support now that they need it. Keyes isn't a bottomless cash pit and he's obviously got issues with businesses across the board. Brilliant scheme to help the club IMO. Will be signing up come pay day.
  40. 10 points
    Massive thank you to all the players for agreeing to these cuts! Never easy to take a pay cut especially with everything that's going on at the moment so I think the least we can do as fans is get right behind these players this season no matter how well or poor they play in each match. That's the least they deserve
  41. 10 points
    Hemings staying, wage cut agreed. Murray signing. As someone previously posted, can’t argue with Murray’s stats and assists and I think he’ll do well for us in the championship.
  42. 10 points
    The twelve deserve to get the backing of supporters. Not an easy thing to accept especially when careers are so short. A Dundee support backing their team is worth a goal. Maybe time now for the defiant support to get their coats on and do the business again.
  43. 10 points
    Byrne certainly isn’t gash. He was massive part of reason we went on good run at end season. Playing him to his strengths and proper position. It’s also unfair to be slagging these players off when no one knows any the boys circumstances at all. No one knows what’s going on in their life’s. I hope it can all be resolved and everyone comes away happy.
  44. 10 points
    Walking from my grandparents' house in Kirkton, up the Old Glamis Road then doon the Provie for every single home game with my Grandad. He was the one who took me to Dens from a very young age. I only got the lifty over the turnstiles as he wanted me to experience everything.....he even encouraged me to crawl under a few times haha. My Grandad did all the 'Dad stuff' with me when I was growing up, Dens/haircuts/kicking a ball in the park, he was Dundee daft and a huge influence on me, biggest male influence in my life. He passed in 2007, miss him every day, but memories of...
  45. 10 points
    This is what happens when you pay average players big salaries, a wage bill that dwarfed 8 other clubs in our league and some in the SPL.... The pros and cons for me, more bad publicity that the club can do without, players in the future maybe not signing for us with regards to this. The pros, get rid of a lot of absolute deadwood, boys that are bleeding our club, dry, yes we signed them on these contracts, but this is a pandemic, no one at our club could have seen coming down the road.... These 8 players probably know they can’t command these type of wages anywhere else,...
  46. 10 points
    Bought 2 adult season tickets & 2 u/12’s today. Can’t wait for the season to start now
  47. 10 points
    At the moment I don't know which would give me the most amusement, 1 The "Doon" Derby or 2. The first Derby of the new season that we could call the "Up then Doon" Derby Here's hoping.
  48. 9 points
    Welcome to Dens Alex Wee dig by Mcpake at the end of the announcement perhaps? The most important thing above all else is we want people who are fully committed to the football club. I’m happy that the players and staff who are now at the club have shown that this is the case.”
  49. 9 points
    Absolutely no need to apologise or explain anything Gedee. Whether people contribute to this or any other fundraising for the club is a personal decision. There is no difference - all that matters is that we are Dundee fans- at games or not, buying merchandise or not, able to contribute to fundraising or not. It is identifying yourself as a Dundee fan that counts. The Dark Blue Nation, together . No tiers, no superfans, all the same - an amazing bunch
  50. 9 points
    I as a fan expect my club to be in playing in the SPL year in year out, we have to strive as a club and a fanbase to get there. The alternative is grim to say the least... a club like Motherwell have proved that being there for over 30 years.... Said it before, rather have a demanding fanbase than a fanbase that doesn’t care. Just to add that out of all the reasonably sized clubs in Scotland, we are the most with an axe to grind.... Strange thing for Rae to say.
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      You'd have thought so but given the mess Budge and levein have made and the panicked statements from Budge there must be a doubt there. 

      Do they offer the high earners a free transfer? Will the players accept one? 

      They've still got about 25 players contracted for next season and many of these will be on big contracts. Boyce, Washington, Naismith, Berra, walker etc.

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