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    I am quite left but supporting the govt in this as we have no choice. On the topic above I had two lads in the shop in Edinburgh last week and one was talking about flitting. That word is not used in Edinburgh for moving house so I asked if he was from Dundee and he was. The next question was if he was into football, he said aye so the next question was where were his loyalties? He gave the perfect answer, “ a Diehard Dee from a Dee family of course” He got a wee discount!
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    Man taken to court on sexual offences charges. Whilst under oath, man admits to doing the things the prosecutors brought against him. Man cleared of all charges. Got to feel sorry for those women who were assaulted. There are folk actively celebrating this creep getting away with a crime he admitted to simply because of what political party he represented. A sad, sad day.
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    Slane is irritating as f**k
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    This is just me saying a big thank you to all our members who have kindly given donations to help with keeping the forum open. This means a lot to myself and Scott, cheers!! The good news is that Google have now lifted our advert suspension a couple of days ago! Thank you all,
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    From whispers I am hearing, we are only 1 of 6 teams within Scotland to have the appropriate insurance to cover the events that have unfortunately unfolded. Hopefully the whispers are true 🤞
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    I'm sure I've shared this before but as someone once warned me many years ago 'Always beware of the inexpert expert'.
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    Mostly working from home, trying not to drink too much coffee. Getting some miles in on the turbo trainer in the garage instead of going out cycling...........I know how much everybody loves cyclists I was tempted to get the mountain bike out for a bike ride through Templeton Woods and Campy but can't be bothered dodging dog walkers that think their pooch is everybody's friend......you know the people that stand there shouting their mutt's name at the top of their voice and telling you it's ok he won't touch you All dogs should keep their owners on a lead
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    If he's over his injury and doesn't want silly money then i'd happily take him back. His workrate is good and he's a decent poacher.
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    I think the expression I am looking for is... Telt!
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    Not for the first time either.
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    The way I see it governments around the world would not be closing countries risking economic armagedon if they had another option.
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    The 60th anniversary of this match held at Dens to mark the inauguration of our Floodlights was marked a few days ago in the Courier.It was before the great days for both sides we were average in League 1 and Liverpool languished in English second Division.The Shankly brothers were hardly known but the two brothers Bob and Bill faced each other as managers for probably the only time.I was at the match with pals and still have the Match Programme. Dundee won 1-0.The Courier article last week reported that there was doubt surrounding the goal.Was it a Hugh 'Shug'Robertson special direct from a corner or was it an o.g. by...
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    Just my take but I reckon you're right, its why we're getting these bite size chunks of lockdown, 3 weeks just doesn't seem very realistic when you look around. The peasants would definitely be revolting if we were given the 'big picture'. Its looking like we can discount the Chinese data, whether they just made stuff up or their approach was fantastically successful, its not a model we can use in The West. Italy is the most advanced and stll struggling, while its quite possible that we don't get it in the same numbers that's a more realistic model for us to look at so we'll see how the country...
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    Just reading on BBC that Aberdeen have it also, however their policy is due for renewal next month. Their insurance company aren’t allowing this type of cover going forward. If we indeed have the cover, just hope our policy isn’t due for renewal for a few months yet 🙏
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    no problem Deemo, She did say she was married to an Arab, i knew she was telling a lie, as there is no such thing as an Arab, as I told her they are all ARAB b*****dS, 😎😎😎
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    Hi Potterson ... Thanks for the interesting & extended response .. I can relate to that, although maybe in a different way. Being the age I am, I guess I was raised, when maybe there wasn't the same interaction in the family ... Certainly "fathers" were more aloof & distant in my time, & it seemed to me anyway, they very rarely showed the same emotions (affection) that are more accepted/encouraged now. And I could count, probably on one hand, the times my dad took me to Dens. And similarly took me fishing (something which he did very regularly himself) Not I hope, trying to be sad or over-nostalgic friend,...
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    One of my favourite songs and the story that goes with the advert is really cool.
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    I would think there’s a way Deeboy to get the free content, otherwise you should pay for the service which is well worth the cost. I use my computer , iPad or phone and a chromecast to get dee tv on my tv.
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    That's all you can do. I've a nearly 17 year old who was sent home from college the week before the lock down as there was a positive case reported. He's in his element as he's been practising social isolation for years. 🤣🤣
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    Get the impression barkblue, that you would have little time filling in your day. If that is the case, I think I could say, there was a time. I was that way myself ... To my mind, both on a physical level, accompanied by a brain, that seemed to have difficulty switching off at times. But age catches up with us all I guess. And these days, I'm no as sharp or as fit as I'd like to be some (most) days .... Mind coming on here and annoying a few fowk and driving them daft maist days, gies me a lot of pleasure.
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    Three goals, two v Partick and one away to Ross Co, won us six points.
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    The prospect of one club in the city was there long term aim back then.
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    £1.8m+ losses and no real income for the foreseeable, if Simon Murray is the best we can afford then we crack on and give him our best wishes imo.
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    Jim Steele and John Brown, now you’re talking. What a midfield pairing that would be. I’d love to see the likes of Scott Brown trying to bully these two. They’d boot him from a**ehole to breakfast time. Great footballers too mind you.
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    Unsurprisingly, I suspect your style of humour will help you enjoy "Norsemen", two seasons on Netflix....you'll recognise quite a few faces ('Jan' is a slave, but short-lived!, ), and I'm sure you'll like the chief's wife Freya . There's a fair bit of pillaging & the other things that went with it. One of my pals stopped watching, due to unnecessarily frequent gratuitous killing of 'gentle saxons'.....just a bit of 'historical accuracy'. It's in english, they filmed 2 versions, one in Norwegian, then in english, to avoid having to use subtitles. Too big a challenge in the US, it seems. I've been looking for Season 3, and just noticed it's...
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    He might have fooled the judge and jury but he's still a snaggy B'stard. Its quite frightening that he managed to get away with the #lad alibi. Once the Corona AIDS has been sorted I can see some big questions having to be answered by all involved, the 'Not working alone with the FM' guideline is quite damning. Really not wanting to turn this into a political thing, its just another example of a bloke who wants to use his position of power for his own sexual gratification.
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    I was in a pub in the Hilltown last year and everyone was hammered and we starting singing all the Dundee songs late in the night and it was magic sharing that moment with random Dees. It can't always be like that though. People take a dislike to others and that's always going to happen unfortunately. Thankfully there's not a single poster on here that I dislike these days. Ten years ago I would hold grudges which does not achieves positive.
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    We all have dark blue blood coursing through our veins. We should never forget that. It's more important than political views IMO. It's human nature but I hate falling out with Dees and seeing Dees fighting with each other. We should save any resentment for that mob across the street.
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    Its crap eh ? I ended up having to help the missus up the allotment yesterday instead of tinning up watching football and having a wee flutter. 😒
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    I've chosen to take this part of your post in isolation and to place hidden meaning to it. We can't even get out in the hills right now (technically 😉) But it's something I'm looking forward to getting back to more than the football if I'm honest.
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    👍 Missed that one, abroad for a few years....made that Hogmanay "Selling Scotland" programme of TV ads all the better!
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    Its available to any business of a certain size mate, so don't see why not. System not set up up to reclaim it, so defo short term cash issues, but could be a lifesaver
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    A Dee or a dab? I would not sign me as I'm crap possibly an age thing but would run my heart out. Just because he's allegedly a Dee, (after being dab ) and runs his heart out makes no sense. Headless chicken picture comes to mind🐔 or a 🦃
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    We have business interruption insurance and it's part of our business insurances which are paid monthly but agreed to run for a specified period. quite normal to have cover running for 2 or 3 years, but that is usually to cover a situation where there is some catastrophic physical damage that could destroy your property and rebuilding could take some time. Dont know if it covers government instruction to shut down.
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    Think we could do better. Can't fault his effort but he has very little football ability or intelligence
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    The raising of the "Shorts Topic" seems to me to be a natural progression to the subject of ... "My Long Johns" With the much talked about, durable, long-lasting, reinforced, double gusset. It disnae really but as you say Ross, we're all struggling with something to talk about & from there, it's only a short step to my famous "Golden Balls" For those who can't keep up, final comment is a reference to one of the 20 varieties of Tomatoes I grow yearly
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    "I can see diarrhoea running down your leg, you posh little tw*t"
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    Tim Martin is running him pretty close
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    Strike Back on sky one
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    Hope you can last longer than I did. I thought it was absolutely rubbish and binned it after two.
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    Lilyhammer was better than I expected with Jan being a fascinating character. Been told Hunters on Amazon is brilliant, I'll be giving that a go next.
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    I'm not trying to wind anyone up all I am doing is asking if you still think this is media driven scaremongering and not serous
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    The 1980s was a strange time. We had outstanding players (far better than what we have now) but Jim McLean created a golden era across the street and it overshadowed everything we did unfortunately. Still, it's nice to look back on the highlights.
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    I was always a low stakes gambler but I was at a Dundee game about 8 years ago when I was absolutely convinced Gareth Bale would score for Spurs so I put £50 on it. I won and thought "sh*t, I could make a lot of money quite quickly by betting higher amounts". This is a trap that many people have fallen into I'm sure and it can destroy your life. I lost a lot of money but thankfully I'm able to bet sensibly now again. Even if you do your homework you need a lot of discipline (if you're going to try and be a serious gambler) and you...
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    Have also been wondering about the graph that we are being shown with a high peak which is the theoretical outcome if we don't self isolate. As I understand it the number of people who get the disease stays the same it's just the rate that they get infected is reduced and this allows the health service facilities to cope. Self isolating seems to be the only way to slow the rate of infection.
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