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  1. 19 points
    Fair play to gowser.
  2. 17 points
    He turned down a Premiership club and took a wage reduction to stay at Dundee and the first thing you come away with is "would he make as much elsewhere?". Get a grip of yourself.
  3. 16 points
    Season tickets bought, very busy day the lad selling the tickets said , lots of renewals as people in the line saying they couldn’t buy the same seats online
  4. 16 points
    If Meekings leaving is the bad news I can't wait for the good news! 😁
  5. 16 points
    Well blow me..... (😮), went and told the missus I was planning on buying mine and she reckoned 'we' would save money if she was going to the games with me (true) so I've just bought two ST's. I think we've each shuffled along a seat from our old ones (officially) but there's another £510 quid into the coffers. Was originally planning on not getting them for another year to shift debt but hey ho, gotta be in with the in crowd.
  6. 15 points
    Bought a season ticket after many years PATG and choosing games, persuaded another ex ST holder to buy one, both full price season tickets.
  7. 15 points
    I’ve been a Dundee fan for over 30 years and like a lot of Dundee fans I’ve never bought a season ticket, this is where the problem lies at the moment as there is no games for the pay at the gate supporter to hand their money to the club, we have basically the same amount of support as the scum over the road but we have more pay at the gate supporters and they have more season ticket holders, I’m actually going to buy a season ticket for me and my two sons as it will help the club. We have a lot of fans who are sadly not...
  8. 15 points
    We've been behind them in fan engagement for years - as long as I've been alive. They're always going to outstrip us as 2 generations ago grew up with European football, winning the league. The last generation has seen a couple of Cup wins. This generation will be taken along for the journey because, the two before it will take them. People seriously need to stop talking about United. Stop comparing ourselves to a united and stop popping off at United at every opportunity. They've just won the league and their crowds will swell due to that. Are we in a precarious position? Possibly. No more so than the rest...
  9. 14 points
    Renewed my season ticket this morning wont let me upload the picture on here says 2MB but my mate who usually patg due to not being able to attend every home game is going to get one today aswell
  10. 14 points
    Our captain has walked away after refusing a paycut during a pandemic. Maybe this can help galvanise our brilliant support. The Deefiant season showed that our passion can make a big difference. I think any player who is still here come the start of the season will be backed from the 1st minute to the 90th minute, and that's going to put points on the board.
  11. 14 points
    Have decided to leave mine and the U18s ticket refunds as a donation to the club.
  12. 13 points
    The SPFL have actually gone to considerable lengths to mitigate harm to clubs via reconstruction proposals, as have Hearts. The clubs took hugely selfish decisions, rejected it and stuck up the middle finger. One of those was united, another was Raith. Those 2 in particular haven't acted in the best interests of other members, despite benefitting hugely from clubs willing to help them. They don't have a leg to stand on. Remember Mr. Nelms words - no clubs should be worse off than they were prior to the vote. He's tried to help all clubs, even our closest rivals, and they threw it right back at him pishing themselves. Might...
  13. 13 points
    Was speaking to someone at the club this morning. Told the following - Hoping to have Hazard back (possibly on a permanent deal) but depends what happens with the Forster/Gordon situation a Celtic, he might end up being needed as their 3rd keeper. We’re still hopeful of Berra but looking at other centre halves in case the Neilson arrival changes things. We’re bringing a couple of boys in from the States on trial. We’re a good way down the road with a striker (didn’t get a name). There’s an offer from the SPL for one of our midfielders (got confirmation it wasn’t Dorrans or Gowser). Guessing Byrne but that is...
  14. 13 points
    I cant afford a season ticket,but have bought the home and away top. Will pay at the gate next season.
  15. 13 points
    Just bought a couple of season tickets. Let's hope we can shift a decent number. Mon the Dee!
  16. 13 points
    I am lucky in the fact that the pandemic hasn't affected me financially in the way it has hit others, i will now buy a season ticket after reading that statement despite getting to just roughly half the games..... Positive for me is the honesty, the club has some serious challenges ahead but doesn't seem to shirk them in the statement, but so does the rest of Scottish football. As for players leaving, its getting clubs that will take players on, Hemmings and Dorrans mentioned above will be on good wages, just my opinion but all clubs will be looking to cut back their playing squads not just ours.....signing players...
  17. 12 points
    Very healthy sales of season tickets again today by the number of folk who were in the ticket office at 2.30.
  18. 12 points
    I wonder if it’s announced that the players have taken a wage deferral(hopefully) and not a cut, it will possibly bring the players and fans together not seen since the defiant season, Dens gets criticised sometimes for being a hard place to play for home players because of the negativity from the stands. But I bet that defiant season, opposition teams hated coming to Dens, if the players are asked to make a deferral, I genuinely think we could be looking at the same type of defiance next season, if players are prepared to take a hit on wages, then us as fans will back them to the hilt and...
  19. 12 points
    Great servant Gavin was to Dundee FC and richly deserves any praise. Jim Duffy- An absolute legend! A great guy,terrific player and IMHO was a great manager for us. Jim Duffy should always be mentioned when it comes to commitment to DFC and should always be highly regarded.
  20. 11 points
    See the things next door are on the verge of appointing Steve Mc Claren to be their gaffer. He wont come cheap and will more than likely want his own backroom staff in. They are already millions in debt, and if he is indeed appointed it will be another huge salary on top of an already massive wage bill . Teams all over Scotland are cutting back and yet the things are splashing the cash like confetti. It is not going to end well..... and none of that lot across the road can see it coming.
  21. 11 points
    Bit of good new. Our club shop is socially distanced queued Oot the door👍
  22. 11 points
    Listening to the open goal Si Ferry interview, with Gavin Rae. He said that he gave up his signing on fee when he joined Rangers to help the club, after being persuaded by JD to do so. Seeing that JD put his own money into the club earlier when we were in trouble, surely both should be in the next Hall of Fame awards And both of them were excellent players for us.
  23. 10 points
    The club doesn't give us the forum to discuss and / or criticise the way this forum does. Certainly give money direct to the club but if you want an open forum where you can express your opinion and read the honest opinions of others it's this one. Not sure how much it costs to run a website and a forum but fact is the club had a forum that was censored beyond reason and eventually took it down because they didn't like to read the honest, heartfelt opinions of its customers. Mad used to be good but if you're not in the clique forget it, there are at least...
  24. 10 points
    Great shout BCG. Just committed £100 on the back of your post. Every little helps.
  25. 10 points
    Yes we are public enemy number one down Tynecastle way. I naively reacted to a post on social media where folk were getting stuck into the Dee. Jambo - “going down the shitter” - as in DFC are. Valentke- “enjoy yourself when you get there”....All rage broke out from said Jambo “invest your time in buying a season ticket You xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx” Val “bought two in March” jambo “hope you kept your receipt You xxxxxxxx xxx” val “ I don’t keep receipts but do keep programmes and I’ve this beauty from 03/05/86” well meltdown commenced all round and I went to bed!
  26. 10 points
    Lawyers acting on behalf of the SPFL have formally responded to the court action taken by Hearts and Partick Thistle over their relegations. Hearts and Thistle are challenging their respective demotions from the Premiership and Championship after the season ended early because of Covid-19. No date has yet been set for a hearing at the Court of Session in Edinburgh. Dundee United are also expected to respond to the 'Get back down where you belong, you dirty arab b*****ds' petition.
  27. 10 points
    Well done to @Wattie Rojas and every single dee who donated. Some effort boys and girls. The £10,000 target was reached this morning it seems with a very big donation by the Charlie Cooke Dark Blues To all involved......
  28. 10 points
    Wouldn't dream of asking for anything back for the loss of games this season or a refund for next season either. What I would appreciate though is some kind of relaxation of the rules on kids tickets. Me and the Mrs pay for full price ST's more often than not and pick up 2 or 3 kids tickets too. Next season though the kids price jumps up to £100+. I think that's too much and potentially stopping, what could be, our future adult supporters from attending.
  29. 9 points
    f**k em.. They laughed when we quite rightly started cutting costs They laughed at uswhen ex England manager was getting linked with them They laughed at us when they were putting in kiddy on bids for Nesbitt They laughed at us for the club and supporters association falling out.. Forgetting their club did the same Well they ain't laughing f**cking now 🤣🤣let's see how this huge fairweather support of theirs reacts to a genuine crisis 😂😂😂 Oh and f**k them again
  30. 9 points
    Captain with gowser vice 👍
  31. 9 points
    Actually, I agree with some of that. He is an elusive character, he does operate privately and he says nothing to the press which is the thing they don't like of course. How that makes him a bumbling Scooby Doo villain is the bit I don't understand. He's anything but bumbling, as anyone that's met him will tell you, and there's no mask - quite simply, that's him and what you see is what you get. Sensationalism and very, very poor journalism once again from a very, very poor newspaper.
  32. 9 points
    You don't know that. You're second paragraph is ridiculous.
  33. 9 points
    I will be buying 2 on Tuesday from the ticket office once the Monday scramble has finished. Didnt have one last season for the first time in years.
  34. 9 points
    I think the problem with the season tickets is that the online system is, frankly, a shambles, and the ticket office has been closed. I would normally have renewed my ST by now, but held off when it wasn't clear exactly what was happening with next season. I want to renew it now, but so far haven't been able to.
  35. 9 points
    You would think after reading all the sh**e in those dab rags that Dundee were on their knees and the f**cking lying b*****ds doon the road we’re rolling in it..what an absolute load of utter sh**e...and if there are any dab twats that write for either the Tully or courier that read this forum,yir a set of f**cking w**kers,so f**k off, and when you get there, f**k off again
  36. 9 points
    The govt furlough scheme, the spfl prize money, the James Anderson money, the crown engineering money, the fans' fund and now the season ticket money should keep things ticking over. It's a pity we didn't get the 2nd home derby on. Hopefully the money from the insurance company will come in too.
  37. 9 points
    That's the 10k up thanks to an unbelievable donation from the Charlie cook dark blues. Thanks to everyone who has donated to the fund. I'll keep it open for a while longer as there are still a few things going on. 💙
  38. 9 points
    We’re absolutely not going part time. I can 100% confirm that. Spoke to someone senior in the club this morning. The money men are prepared to foot the bill for the majority of the losses we incur this season but there will be a little cloth cutting. Told cutting the youth setup is not on the table as that’s a key part of Strachan and McPake’s plans for the future, they are both fully invested in bringing home grown players through and neither would entertain it. United on the other hand have had a zoom call where they made clear to their players they are in financial difficulty which is...
  39. 9 points
    I genuinely wouldn’t.... Been done to death on here I think, but the night we relegated them, we should have had a season ticket renewal leaflet on every seat, even a half season ticket one. 9,000 dees that night, in love with our club, with our foot on our throat of our rivals... Its the simplest things that make the big difference.
  40. 9 points
    I can't afford 1 out right but will take out a finance option and pay up to help the club. Every little helps even buying strips etc. will provide much needed cash flow.
  41. 9 points
    With the £450 from the prototype home top added to the £7500, the fans' fund should break through the £8000 mark tomorrow. Thanks so much to the DSA, DFC, DFCSS, all the supporters' clubs and individual Derry boys and girls who have donated so generously. No better fans in the land 👏💙
  42. 9 points
    Whilst I'd love to see the rug pulled out from under those filthy b*****ds over the road I have to say it would be a concern to me if Hearts were allowed to decide that their promotion was cancelled. Once I stopped laughing I'd be outraged.
  43. 9 points
    I think can say with confidence there was no struggle. While the issues of Celtic being handed the title and Hearts being relegated were fiercely debated behind closed doors, on Whatapp, in the papers and in broadcasting studios, according to ICT the play-offs were "barely ever mentioned" and so Scotland become the only country on the planet to end the season early, promote one team and needlessly scrap the play-offs. Inverness, Ayr and Dundee played a combined 73 games in a bid to get promotion but voted against playing a handful of play-off games behind closed doors to claim the promotion play-off final place the rules entitle them to. There's...
  44. 8 points
    I as a fan expect my club to be in playing in the SPL year in year out, we have to strive as a club and a fanbase to get there. The alternative is grim to say the least... a club like Motherwell have proved that being there for over 30 years.... Said it before, rather have a demanding fanbase than a fanbase that doesn’t care. Just to add that out of all the reasonably sized clubs in Scotland, we are the most with an axe to grind.... Strange thing for Rae to say.
  45. 8 points
    Thank you Cobra, this means a lot from Scott and Myself. To everyone who has contributed to the site, either through contributions/donations or the time you spend on the forum making it a fantastic community for all Dees, our heartfelt thanks. We thank you all!
  46. 8 points
    Suspect you might be right Billy. Haven't had a season ticket for 15 years or so, but got one on Tuesday. Also got one at the same time for my brother whose never had a season ticket in his life before. Even though I'm not keen on him, I got two together, so if social distancing comes in, then, silver lining. Wait and see what October brings eh. Strong need to support the club financially at this time though.
  47. 8 points
    Jordan McGhee has been appointed Club Captain with Paul McGowan appointed as Vice Captain. well done Jordan for being made captain and sticking by the Dee
  48. 8 points
    Poor United. Be such a tragedy if Ogren got fed up of the financial mess and walked away, leaving the dabs to go under and Dundee as the only senior club in the city.
  49. 8 points
    In the words of a well known Scottish ditty Brannigan no more Shankland no more Neilson no more Promotion no more Here's hoping anyway
  50. 8 points
    £5647 raised since Monday evening is a brilliant effort especially since the fans also donated £3500 to Dee promotions on Saturday. Dundee fans are the best fans going 🇫🇷💙
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      Do they offer the high earners a free transfer? Will the players accept one? 

      They've still got about 25 players contracted for next season and many of these will be on big contracts. Boyce, Washington, Naismith, Berra, walker etc.

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