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  1. 6 points
    From what I saw him and McGhee would be the only ones getting pass marks. Don't think the keeper could have done anything else and Hemmings was once again isolated and feeding off scraps. The rest - piss poor.
  2. 4 points
    Dundee should NEVER appoint a rookie. Real Madrid can get away with it because they have world class players to paper over the cracks. Brechin City can get away with it because they are a part-time outfit that can exist quite happily with zero income in the fourth tier so a managerial failure can't do a lot of damage. DFC simply can't afford to take a punt on guys with zero experience. And yet we do it. Again and again.
  3. 3 points
    Oh for a gavin rae, Stewart rafferty, dariusz, big Morten or Bobby connor type player to take the game forward.
  4. 3 points
    I would agree with him that there wasnt much between the teams until the penalty. After that we should've put pressure on them but we just put pressure on ourselves. Don't think calling for mcpake head is the right thing now. Need to put this to bed and move on to a tough game away to Inverness. 2nd place was always the target given the inexperience of mcpake and nearly a whole new team.
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    It's understandable being hurt by Fridays result but it's too simplistic to then want "heads to role" and everything will be better next time we play them. We are a championship team now that can't attract the same managers we could when in the SPL so McPake or some similar rookie or another McIntyre type out of a job is probably as good as it gets. Would it be better if we'd beat Utd twice but we're sitting in the bottom 2 ? I think McPake has a long way to go to be a decent manager but I'd rather give him a chance over a longer period to show...
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    Oh I love an almighty collapse especially of the dabs!
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    I don't want to come across as being harsh on the team and agree that probably most teams do have the same situation. It just looked to me, for example, Andrew Nelson is not looking comfortable at all and maybe a more familiar role in a two up front with midfielders who want to take the game forward a bit more or quicker at least would benefit us. The slow build up play, all the time, is easy for opposition teams to just sit in and wait. Need to mix it up a lot more and be more quick and direct and run at defences to commit them to making...
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    Voted for McGhee. I dread to think how many more goals we'd have lost with Meekings and Forster as the starting CBs every week.
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    Great post from Dundeefc1783. I don't think we need to kill every political post if it's informative and balanced. That's my view anyway.
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    Who said he was a great manager,stevie wonder?
  11. 2 points
    Well in that case Rev ... Could he stop giving him advice
  12. 2 points
    An ineffective manager with ineffective tactics hence an ineffective team.
  13. 2 points
    I am certain there was no intended malice meant in your comment Head' (or for that matter probably anyone's other responses) But it is a tricky/sensitive subject to discuss ...And becomes even more so, when you try too hard to show, your personal non-bias. It'very easy (imo) with the best of intention to introduce "categories & labels" into conversation, which does more harm than good.a An example might be: "I've nothing against "gays" even many of my best friends are gay" (And the same works for any "groupings") Another example: "Old People are cantankerous, mean-thinking, moaning auld gits, or "Old people are all loving, sweet, fun & cuddly" The truth...
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    Don't understand why you would make a joke about something that needs to be looked at, IMO.
  15. 2 points
    Stomach churning already - not sure how I’m going to get through the next 72 hrs? Any suggestions
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  17. 1 point
    I'm maybe wrong and apologies if I am but I don't recall you being all over the 3 positive results we had prior to Friday like you are the DAB defeat. As we're all aware anyone can beat anyone in this league and that's nothing new.
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    I don’t think there that far ahead, there a bang average side as I’ve already said, and has been proved by defeats to Ayr United, Alloa and a royal horsing from Queens... if we had laid a glove on them like these 3 teams then we would looking forward to the rest of the season still in touching distance with them. 2nd is a failure if we don’t go up, the owner threw money at it this season, will the owner dig deep again next season on what will be reduced money coming through the gates and season ticket sales down. Somehow I doubt it. If there is a bit...
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    He's left sided mate.
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    Mac and Mc are indeed terms for "son of" and can be either Irish or Scots. Really, is "Mac" common in Scotland , I did not know that ? My quip was a joky poke at the current and 2 previous managers' names beginning with Mc . Maybe the Club should avoid managers with Mc or Mac in their names.
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    pre match I had thought that Yinited would charge down their left flank and eventually get the better of Cammy and Forster--- how wrong was I- Cammy was stand out for his defence, and tackles, and Forster hardly put a foot wrong all night . Cammy my MOM and really fought for the shirt. Most of the rest looked as if their half time drink of water had a sleeping draft in it . Well done Cammy- total commitment and effort
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    Sensible point of view. The worry was when we got relegated that we might slip right through this division and end up like Dunfermline or Falkirk. Some good recruitment and we are disappointed that we are not winning promotion outright. Still don't understand team selection and tactics, but I am not alone and I trust that this is just a learning phase for everyone. As you say Come on the Dee's.
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    Are we giving United too much credit for their win on Friday? You would think Shankland run the show for 90 minutes, he was ineffective until they scored the penalty (got to say he scored a good goal for their second) the same could be said for McMullan and the other one that couldn't get past Cammy Kerr. It was only when they went ahead and we changed our game to try and get an equaliser and we left space in the wide areas that United showed real threat, untl then Nelson and McDaid did a decent job of helping the full backs cope with their wide players. We were...
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    You just know it’s never going to be fast exciting football win or lose. Despite how many times we fans demand it, no getting stuck in and being first to every ball, that’s for teams that give a sh*t. The same anti- football will continue, it’s all the management team seem have in their coaching manuals.
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    I don't think it's insulting to be honest. I thought we were together through thick and thin. We were poor there's no doubting that but anything could've happened with 30 minutes to play, it's football after all and often unpredictable. The message to the players seemed to be that the fans had given up when they desperately needed a leg up.
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    You're probably right HK. I expect United to win the league at a canter but this is a strange league and we have some fantastic players. I'm not resigned to us finished behind them. I thought we had a 10% chance of survival after the 25-point penalty. I thought we had a 10% chance of finishing top six in 2014/15. I thought United had a 1% of being relegated at Dens in 2015/16. Us fans think we are only as good as our last game but football is so unpredictable, this league is particularly hard to predict and United are now the scalp that everyone wants. There's a long way...
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    Not many votes so far but nice to see some folk going for unsung heroes. We're all fed-up after losing another derby and rightly so, but we are clearly one of the top two teams in this league and we should IMO take the time to acknowledge some of these new signings who have settled quite quickly and delivered for us. I'll do this poll again in the New Year and I think it'll be a tougher decision then. With Dorrans, Ness, Byrne, McDaid, McGowan, Robertson and Todd we have so much quality in midfield, not to mention three outstanding forwards. It's horrible to lose a derby but f**k me...
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    Now right there IS a reason for a lawsuit
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    If some lad takes a real clatter and falls down the stairs - or potentially sues the club, folk will be clamouring to say that they should have been put up years ago. Is it likely to happen? Probably not, but no one deserves to have their face broken after paying to be 'entertained'.
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    Playing the lad out of his favoured position is daft. Better being a sub and showing what you can do . I hope it’s not just to keep the player happy when he hasn’t been getting a start- that’s no way to pick a team
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    Very poor decision making from McDaid but let's be honest, his decision making has been poor at times in almost every game he's played this season. Fortunately most of these mistakes are at the other end of the park, last night was at the wrong end and cost us the game. Not saying he hasn't had good moments, of course he has, but we need better players if we seriously want to get out of this league
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    Byrne was our best player last night. First half he was breaking up so much attacks and couple good runs forward. That’s not his job to be driving forward with the Ball. One of only a couple players to get pass marks for me
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    Only here for the Real estate development at Camperdown thats where the real money will be made so...….."So what about the soccer team doing badly!!!"
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    Why can’t we turn up for a match though. That was as bad as I’ve seen in 40 plus years... Ffs Arbroath went to tannadice and came within a whisker of a result, we have lay down to them twice, and not put a glove on them.... Shambolic.
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    My point still stands, that a team like Ayr United battered them earlier in the season, the major factor a manager that had his team set up well to do that.... Our biggest problem is we have no legs in midfield, all pretty to watch especially when they get all the time in the world against the likes of Alloa and Morton but when it came to a heat of a derby they were posted missing... Just find it unacceptable that Dundee FC didn't look up for that last night, we can all accept defeats, but not in that manner last night.
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    Please excuse me if I am being ignorant but what exactly is Gordon Strachan’s role at the club ? Surely he can see what is going on and needs to get out of his comfortable seat in the stand,put on a tracksuit get on the training ground and in the dugout and get this team organised.
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    Up for my 5am pee........ I've been going to derby games for nearly 50 years now and I've seen my team thumped from United many times but that was the first time I've seen my team go down with a whimper, very sad to watch.
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    Yep. Thumbs up from me for Kerr. Nullified Apere and tried to make runs like he used to. Keep it up.
  40. 1 point
    We came up well short. McPake should never have got the job. Unfortunately he did. John Nelms doesn't know better. He has boobed again . McCall was the man to go for but JN didn't look that way. Our manager and whatever Mr Nelms calls himself are rookies. To our cost.
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  42. 1 point
    After 2 good results that was horrendous. Practically no fight - apart from Cammy Kerr. Substitutions did nothing to improve our play. I think that we will make the playoffs (please) but cannot see us progress any further and hope to goodness that we don’t spend time in the wilderness ie the championship but things will have to improve dramatically for this not to happen. I hope that I am proved wrong.
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    Could that have been any worse than it was? We never even laid a glove on them and made them look so much better than they are! Total shite!
  44. 1 point
    Dorrans to put in a Kevin Thomson 2015 esq derby masterclass to sword the dab hearts and send the Derry wild! Cmon DDYB
  45. 1 point
    Amen - mon the dee , get tore into the dayglo chunts
  46. 1 point
    Gowser always had it in him to turn it on. I think being used as one of our defensive midfielders has done him no favours. McCann moved him forward against Killie last season and although we lost 3-2 he had a great game. Better players around him is bringing the best out of him. He finds pockets of space to run into and he can lead opposition defences a merry old dance. He has got more to offer than Ness in my opinion but it is only my opinion. I could be very wrong there.
  47. 1 point
    Forster 0(1) Marshall 0(1) McGhee 2(1) Dorrans 0(2) Gowser 2(2) McPake 0(1) Mcdaid 3(2) Johnson 3(0) Hemmings 1(0) Nelson 2(1) Hopefully a lot more to come from our forward players.
  48. 1 point
    Terrible season and terrible manager Cobra cobra gtf Cobra gtf
  49. 1 point
  50. 0 points
    Knew McPake was never gonna be up to this job, playing a small handful of games before getting crocked doesnae qualify you to manage the Dee. It’s probably to late to save this season, but time to send the S.O.S to Sir Jocky Scott, McPake’s naivety is embarrassing us against they fuckers, I ken our recent derby history isn’t great, but 8-2 over two games is unacceptable, get Barry Smith and Big Rab in as his assistants, we need some proper Dee men in the building to let they sh*tebag’s know what it means to play for this club, the lack of effort we showed last night would never happen...
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