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    I think you have to go back to Gordon Chisholm to find a manager that last achieved a feat that no other Dundee boss has since. Whether Barry Smith, John Brown, Paul Hartley, Neil McCann or the current incumbent, Jim McIntyre, not one of those gaffers has united the support in a way that Chis and his assistant Billy Dodds did. Admittedly, the near unification was that no one thought the ex-Arab and Dee defector were the right men for the job and while circumstances overtook the ex-DAB and Queen of the South manager, that he followed a Dee legend in Jocky Scott, who was sacked while his side were still top of the table, didn’t help. However the disdain they received was well earned during what proved to be a truly abject period for the club on and off the park. Since then, no matter who has stood at the helm of the good ship DFC Dens Park, there has been ever shifting sections of the great Dark Blue support who have simply refused to accept them. Sir Barry of Smith did the impossible, offering the Dee’s a season of Deefiance, with record breaking runs and the ability to stick two fingers up at the rest of Scottish Football delivered as his team shrugged off a 25 point deduction. But even that hasn’t been enough to stop some rewriting history and suggest that Barry had little to do with the upturn in form his team mustered, even though he found and then cajoled a mix of bit part trialists, youths, juniors and, admittedly, a handful of top-notch first teamers into an ever changing side that defied the odds on a weekly basis. Sacked after he couldn’t work the same magic with a Championship team playing in the Premier League, it was Dark Blue Legend, or side-mouth talking Hun mad man, depending on your view point, John Brown, that just about turned the relegation headed ship around. However the anger that came from the stands every time Brown’s team didn’t work miracles meant it was only going to be a matter of time before a manager that put some fight back into an apologetic team would be shot down. Whether Bomber turned his guns on himself or was put in the crosshairs by the board is still a matter for debate. That he tumbled from grace when his relegated Dundee team were second in the second tier meant that surely it would take a miracle to catapult The Dee back to where they wanted to be - the top flight. Enter The Messiah, or indeed, the very naughty, stubborn, fat beardy Paul Hartley, depending on your spin. With his Godly name erroneously bestowed on him by those seemingly desperate for the ex-serial promotion winning Alloa manager to fail, not only did Hartley get Brown’s team over the line and straight into the rumoured land of milk & honey, but he also catapulted the club up to its best league finish since the turn of the millennium. And still he got it in the neck for cup defeats, and admittedly some of the most embarrassing derby disasters the club has ever seen. Although the Doon Derby payback he provided is something anyone who was there will simply never forget, no matter whether they were spinning triumphant dark blue above their head or sporting tear stained tangerine. The only slight downside to that night of nights was that it confirmed Hartley’s team had slipped from 6th to 8th in the space of a year and his side tumbled further the next season. The wheels coming careening off at break neck speed and ultimately finding the much beleaguered Hartley, now known as an angry stubborn has been (Falkirk supporters might not even be so complimentary) openly admitting he’d run out of ideas as Dundee slipped to second bottom of the league. Cue the least expected appointment in recent Dundee FC history (you might have to go back to ‘Coco’ Smith in 1988 for a more left-field appointment) as the ex-Dee young gun and returning Deefiant hero Neil McCann took on the job of securing the seven points from five games needed to ensure survival. That he did so in his first three ties in charge, with two away wins and a home draw, can in no way be underestimated. A team that looked in danger of being sucked into the one automatic relegation slot instead climbing away from the play-offs and to safety. It was a cameo no one expected and one few thought was a good idea, so surely this master of Houdini like escapology should be offered the job full time? Well… two capitulations in the final two games of the special guest star appearance should have set alarm bells ringing and when the man himself initially turned down the offer to prolong his stay those bells should have become a blaring klaxon. But with no ‘plan B’ (a feature of John Nelms' time at the helm) and a change of heart from the end of season superhero, the stopgap became a permanent fixture. What had initially seemed to be a masterstroke of survival quickly became an act of folly, McCann’s side and ideas occasionally inspired but often insipid. And after another season of flirting with relegation the early reservations of a section of the support began to spread through the believers who had bought into the supposedly modern, exciting brand of football we were promised but never quite saw. Maybe more than any before him Neil McCann split the support. Those who remembered his playing exploits and who were firmly behind his managerial ethos still, even now, backing the man when it was clear to everyone else that his appointment had been a failed experiment that might eventually prove the catalyst to Dundee losing their top flight status. As all managers do, McCann clung on but with the club looking to foist outside ideas on him, things came to breaking point with The Dee at the bottom of the table. Enter a man with all the attributes that most Dark Blues were looking for. A track record in mid-season rebuilding, a more pragmatic approach to grinding out results in the Scottish game and more than ten minutes of steering a club through troubled waters. Best to mention that he’s also an ex-Arab, wanted to appoint a guy as his assistant that many long suffering supporters remember as a turncoat who tried to kill this club when he – a certain Billy Dodds – and Gordon Chisholm (yes, that pair who last galvanised fan opinion in such a negative manner) voted against a win or bust CVA to come out of administration. Not the best start, granted, but the anti-McIntyre sentiments from many have simmered close to boiling point from the moment he was brought into the club and it’s clear there’s a section of support already lining up to lambast him if he can’t patch up the clearly sinking ship he inherited. Factor in that the type of player Neil McCann signed was never going to fit with Jim McIntyre’s footballing vision and that we are now trying to ship a minimum of ten players out of the club mid-season, while probably needing just as many to replace them, should be no surprise. It is, however, yet another recipe for disaster. There’s no way back now. Three loanees - Calvin Miller, Andy Boyle and Adil Nabi - have been sent home. Marcus Haber has returned from his short spell at Falkirk only to be, quite rightly, shown the door, while Grant Nelson (who?) has also been given the bums’ rush. Another five, Kharl Madianga, Elton Ngwatala, Jean Alassane Mendy, Sofien Moussa and Lewis Spence, have been told they are no longer in the club’s plans and can leave. Then if you add to that Finnish international Glen Kamara following the path so many Dundee players have before him – to the bench at Ibrox Park – and to say that the pressure is on McIntyre to work miracles is a massive understatement. Will the support give him time to get it right? Probably until about the 70th minute of the Scottish Cup return from the winter shutdown against Queen of the South. If we’re not 3-0 up by then it’ll be time to have a rummage for those well used pitchforks and burning torches. Best o’ luck Jim, I’m sure we’re all right behind you! View full blog
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    I couldn't give a monkey's about long term or even next season right now. McIntyre picked up a dysfunctional shower of absolute dross and it will be a significant achievement for him to prevent us from automatic relegation. So for me a play off is good enough this season, the OP suggests that it's McIntyre's responsibility to get us into tenth or better and at the same time to implement a future vision that will see us progress - nonsense. McIntyre needs to prevent us finishing bottom and if necessary to get us through a play off. How he does that is irrelevant and so what if he started bypassing our best player in his efforts to achieve the goal - that same best player that clearly isn't interested and has probably now played his last game for us. If he does that then a conversation needs to be had as to whether he has a vision for the longer term, if not he should go and another man brought in. I don't think the OP gets the desperation of our current situation and doesn't really appreciate just how bad the squad McCann built is.
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    Whilst I absolutely understand why any poster could be less than ecstatic about the fact the new managers has only picked up 7 points and question if he was the best appointmentment I struggle with messaging that states things are worse than under NM. What fact based argument is there for this as I've not read one? I was a supporter of what NM wanted to do and enjoyed the moments when it worked but it became abundantly clear that we were shopping in places where the goods didn't match the menu the manager wanted to serve up and ultimately we were heading for failure and relegation. Players who looked like rabbits in headlights are without question improved under JM - Kerr, Nathan, Hamilton, Kusunga, Kenny M, Curran as starters for ten. Today we had 15 attempts on goal, many due to early balls into the box, whilst pretty triangles at the back are maybe good football I'm still a supporter who likes to see goalmouth action at the right end of the pitch.
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    Ridiculous the amount of negativity from a few on here and on social media. The fact that some are using a defeat away to Celtic as reason to stick the boot into Macintyre just shows they can’t wait to jump at the chance to claim he’s a failure. Claims that because of today we will definitely be going down are not helpful and just not true. Face reality that its not Macintyres fault that we don’t have a team good enough to go away to Celtic, Aberdeen and Killie (in current form) and win. Face reality that we can’t appoint a Gordon Strachan or Guardiola level of manager. We have appointed a manager with as good a record as any available to us and the support needs to get fully behind him. Any negativity only helps St Mirren and Hamilton. We have improved since Macintyre took over. The problem remains that we simply do not have enough quality to bring in when 1 or 2 have been unavailable. We’ve done well in games where we’ve had our best 11 available but really struggled otherwise. In my mind since Livi away it has only been about not being completely cut adrift come January. No reason why we can’t pick up points in the next two games and if we do we will remain in touching distance of Hamilton and St Mirren. Then we can bring in the necessary improvements. The fans need to continue their support for the team. Hitting the self destruct button after every defeat is not going to help us in any way. All it might do is rub off on the players.
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    O'Dea is right to get dirty. One of the reasons we're bottom of the league is because we've been playing fair and getting mugged off by cheating opposition and incompetent officials. I wouldn't applaud what O'Dea did but we've played the victims one too many times for my liking. Time to do whatever it takes to stay up. If Scottish football wants fair play then get video technology or hammer folk with retrospective punishment because at the moment cheats prosper and if we don't play dirty we'll get shafted week after week.
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    Agreed. Neil McCann.
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    Reality - We're the worst team in the league and have been all season (not by a mile but by a fraction behind St Mirren. The table never lies) McCann assembled this team. We were awful beyond belief under McCann hence we lost every time we turned up against anyone not called Hamilton this season We're still pretty awful under McIntyre with McCann's team but not as awful as draws against Rangers, Hibs & St Mirren have shown (all improvements on McCann's results against the same 3 clubs) There's been signs of improvement under McIntrye (settled XI until Saturday. 4 games unbeaten run. Come backs. More organised and better to watch etc) We will be beaten by Aberdeen, Killie (this season) and Celtic under McCann/McIntyre/Pep/Zidane/Shankly etc as we are fkn miles off them in terms of quality/players/points on board etc. Fully behind JM in this extremely difficult task he's taken on in turning round a shambles with only one difficult transfer window to do so in. If we go down, he'll have played a part but it will not be his fault. Anyone would be struggling to turn round the results we were getting under McCann with the squad he left us after 3 transfer windows. Absolute head scratcher seeing boys criticising a manager who has improved us slightly and is playing with several players who in the squad who aren't up to standard who he didn't sign. There's your reality. Merry Christmas.
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    I have a feeling that Keyes will put his hand in his pocket and use his own cash to pay off players. I think regardless of what league we are in next year, there has to be a major rethink of how this club runs from top to bottom. Some real hard truth's need to come out and maybe heads need to roll. While as a fan, I loved watching new players come into the club over the last 5 years, but I also believe that this philosophy has been our biggest downfall. We really could do with stability on the park for a few years and not this revolving doors policy.
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    And yet Morelos goes through the Old Firm game kicking, grabbing etc and has no case to answer......
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    Had some great debates ,info, rumours ,shared joy , shared pain, some great laughs on here. To each and every one of you , regular or occasional posters, guests too- Happy New Year- all the very best to you all and your families . Onward to another year with this glorious special club of ours.DDYB
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    You lot think you have problems, that’s my signed official DFC Calendar phucked there’s no DFC players in it
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    2-0 us? Under McIntyre? Some one found your login details?
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    It's hard not to think you're disappointed that we got a point today....a home defeat may perhaps have strengthened your "JM is Mixu" case. Livi didn't dominate either half, nor did they cause havoc anywhere....they just played their usual away game, crowded our players in posession, chased every second ball, aimed plenty of high balls into our box, but created no clear scoring chances....only shot on target was straight at Hamilton. We didn't play well, but created more opportunities to win the game....and ought to have, with a couple of them.
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    Unfortunately a man can only p**h with the cock he's got. McIntyre inherited a flaccid mini dick from his predecessor; you know the guy that froze out senior players because they didn't agree with him and whose man management style and methods were ripped up for lavvie roll by nearly every player that he binned and who he replaced with total sh**e (if he bothered to replace them at all). You need to accept that McCann's gone, that he was an awful manager and you should start supporting the club. We don't have someone with the experience and standing in the game of Steve Clarke to come in and sort things out, we have Jim McIntyre. People who don't want to give McIntyre a chance are damaging the club further; and let's face it, the club's well and truly broken as it is. If things are not significantly better by the middle of February I'll agree that you have a point and it's down to management; however I'll aim my vitriol higher than the guy that's been landed with a near impossible task.
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    Defeats away from home to Killie, Aberdeen and Celtic need to be viewed with some perspective. Its not as if we have had anything out of the last two in years and this is our worst squad in years. 4 points next week and we will have trebled the points picked up in the first round of fixtures and I’m confident that will see us within touching distance of Accies and Saint M.
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    Today's results heap pressure on us, although not unexpected it makes our survival a lot more unlikely. We have one of the worst squads in our History, it's been a horrific season which looks like it's going to end in relegation. Jmac has only about 8 players that he can count on at the moment, it's a terrible indictment of the previous manager and our chairman.
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    Sergio Busquets has scored 7 goals in 350 games for Barcelona. Xavi Alonso scored 4 in 160 games for Real Madrid Closer to home Scott Brown has scored 2 goals in the last 4 seasons as Celtic have dominated the league. Players in this position can't and shouldn't be judged on goals scored.
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    Depends how we will perform if we do get relegated, he got Dunfermline promoted at the first time of asking, so has experience. If he keeps us up, he will 100% still be our manager next season and deservedly so!
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    Who said the club haven't been in touch... Charlie Adam...I want to come back to Scotland 30 seconds later Dundee fans...why haven't we been in touch f**cking disgrace etc etc etc.
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    So are their f**cking goalies, defenders, midfielders and strikers!
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    Get a grip man - there’s no place on this forum for people that can admit they’re wrong once in a while. Where would we be if that caught on ffs
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    If you hadn't gave the game away before then you definitely have now. Total p*ss take of a post and a poor fishing attempt.
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    Yes there were a few hairy moments, but against a team who throw the ball into the box at every single opportunity there will always be a bit of uncertainty. Especially against a team as strong and physical as they are. I thought we defended pretty damn well today to be fair and stood up to them
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    Not the ideal result but after the last three games there were a few positives: Clean sheet, 15 attempts on goal (thought the back four played pretty well), improved home record and a point made up on both our closest basket cases.
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    • Match Aftermath: St Johnstone 1 - 0 Dundee (25th Aug 2018)
      The Dark Blues lose their fourth game in a row away to St Johnstone, leaving the Dark Blues with no points in three league matches.

      Again it was a player who could have been a Dark Blue who scores. Tony Watt who had trained with the club joined St Johnstone earlier this month scored the only goal just after the break.

      Dundee again had plenty of chances but failed to monopolise on the them.

      St Johnstone 1 - 0 Dundee
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    • Just for a bit of fun I thought we could have a mini DFC fantasy game.

      Pick 11 Dundee players before our league season kicks off at 3pm on Saturday. Formation can be 4-4-2. 4-3-3 or 3-5-2. Five points for an appearance and 10 points for a goal. Captain scores double.

      Free to enter a team. Prize to be decided.

      This is my team...



      Elton (captain)


      Top scorer tie-breaker: Mendy with 15 goals
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    • Once in the hot seat at Dens, ‘Cowboy’ made ‘Wee Georgie’ his number one signing target, spending a full afternoon convincing the player that his future still lay in Dundee and resulting in the frontman re-signing until the end of the season. Shaw however, clearly had an axe to grind as The Courier headline revealed ‘Shaw Pays Big Tribute To McCormack’. With the ‘new’ signing explaining further… “If I’d been given the same offer by Jim Duffy back at the start of the season I wouldn’t have been looking for a move in the first place.” Going on to have another swipe at his ex-boss by adding “…And from where I am standing it seems there’s one rule for managers and one for players, because while I was unable to join another Scottish team because no-one could agree a fee with Dundee, Jim Duffy was able to take himself off to Hibs no problem.”
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    • The sale of Jim Hamilton to Hearts for £200,000 highlighted the two other major issues Dundee faced at the time. Namely a budget that barely seemed able to cover the heating bill, never mind a promotion push and the complete disinterest of the club’s latest white knight turned villain, Canadian ‘business man’ and club owner Ron Dixon.
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    • With book one having gone walkabout, our first travel back in time begins in the second tome, which picks up our story on Tuesday 17th September 1996 as Billy Thomson and Barry Smith could be found posing in The Courier with a mop and bucket just below the Dens Park Main Stand. According to the press, the goalkeeper and defender were hoping to ‘mop up’ Aberdeen in the quarter final of the Coca Cola Cup the next night, having seen off our neighbours in a penalty shoot-out in the previous round (which must feature in the lost book!). With the Evening Telegraph exclaiming The Dons to be ‘red hot’, it was clear that the opposition, who had easily beaten Dundee in the previous year’s final, were strong favourites once again.

      Thomson and Smith may have been trotted out to the media pre-match but it was Paul Tosh who hit the headlines with a stunning cushioned header and volleyed finish, which would still be orbiting the planet now had it not struck the back of Nicky Walker’s net. The deadlock broken, the game ebbed and flowed, before the Dee’s Kevin Bain sent a searing volley against the Aberdeen crossbar, but as is so often the case for Dundee, punishment for that miss wasn’t far away. With the cleaning ladies in defence proving they couldn’t even deal with the merest hint of spilt milk, Smith and Thomson made a hash of a weak cross into the Dundee box; a case of ‘after you’ finding the keeper brushing against ex-Dundee striker Billy Dodds, who dutifully added a triple Salchow to his unabashed clatter to the floor. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the play actor then rubbed salt in the Dundee wounds by tucking the resultant spot kick into the bottom right corner of Thomson’s goal.

      Not long after burly ex-Hull man Dean Windass received a yellow card for Aberdeen for bundling into Dundee midfield maestro Chic Charnley, already booked alongside the home team’s Robbie Raeside in a melee after the penalty award,
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