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    Good addition getting an outsiders point of view, the problem with being a single club forum means we can disappear up our own arses at times. Well done mate.
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    Thank you bark blue ... When I heard Jimmy Nichol was coming to DFC, I did a wee bit further research on his background (as I'm sure all of us do when another "nw face" signs up to the Dark Blues) Either the emphasis was on "my wee bit research" ... or my memory is getting much worse. Either way freend, you have produced another knowledgeable, interesting article, obviously time-consuming & very well research ... Aye when ye git re're heid doon, there's jist nae stopping you ... (Looks like baith him & you are busy fellas) & summed up weel with your concluding comment ... "Jimmy Nicholl arrives at...
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    The article states that The Dark Blues play "The Rangers" on 27th February. Surely we are playing "A Rangers"
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    If a 2 match ban is standard practice then perhaps ALL managers should tell thier players to do likewise if it looks like it will win 3 points as over the season a good deal of points could be amassed as the result of these games stand regardless .Perhaps then the authorities will be brave enough to reverse the result if diving results in the winning of the game .
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    And / or Killie could have either passed the ball to Parish or knocked it past the post. Regardless of how we look at this Killie / Jones don't come out of it too well.
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    If Jones is adamant that he did not try to con the referee into giving a penalty he could have done the honourable thing and told referee Steven McLean that Cammy Kerr did not foul him. However Jones said nothing.
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    "We are the wee team in the diddy league" yes you are...
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    I finally got aroond tae reading this ... And Good stuff again fae baith parties. You're turning oot to be a bit o' an expert at this (eh nearly said dab hand)
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    That was good of him to do it, cheers for posting it mate.
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    After managing to find a Buckie Thistle fan to do this, I'll riot if it's put on the old scrap heap
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    Decided we shouldn't do this any more...... Kidding!
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    Great idea, will look forward to this it's always good to hear how other teams fans perceive Dundee, thank you.
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    Brilliant to get a point of view from outside our bubble!
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    Cheers mate. The vast amount of the feedback is positive so I'll keep it going. Which is a good thing as I've already got the League Cup ones lined up ?
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    Would have liked a hint, just a teeny weeny hint that tactics have been reviewed. It hasn't been entirely about player motivation and application.
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    Look on the bright side, Could have been worse, could have done a Hearts & lost 3-2
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    Firstly I didnae realise the two recent DFC signings were of that age ... For some reason, I thought they were older Should it be decided they will play, I've got the feeling, they will be desperate to prove what they can do. They could turn out to be the key. But the focus will also be on the two managers. So let's hope Ph has got all his players really primed for this game, and go out there showing they mean business. DFC players & manager are bound to be feeling nervous for this game (ken eh am) What a test this is going to be for the Dark...
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    • What Would You Change About the Club Right Now?
      If there was one thing you would change about the club which you believe would make a difference, what would it be?

      Me, I would change the following: Tannoy's/Speakers in the stadium, those things make my ears bleed every time they announce that the opposition have scored a goal!
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    • Match Aftermath: St Johnstone 1 - 0 Dundee (25th Aug 2018)
      The Dark Blues lose their fourth game in a row away to St Johnstone, leaving the Dark Blues with no points in three league matches.

      Again it was a player who could have been a Dark Blue who scores. Tony Watt who had trained with the club joined St Johnstone earlier this month scored the only goal just after the break.

      Dundee again had plenty of chances but failed to monopolise on the them.

      St Johnstone 1 - 0 Dundee
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    • Dundee Fantasy Game
      Just for a bit of fun I thought we could have a mini DFC fantasy game.

      Pick 11 Dundee players before our league season kicks off at 3pm on Saturday. Formation can be 4-4-2. 4-3-3 or 3-5-2. Five points for an appearance and 10 points for a goal. Captain scores double.

      Free to enter a team. Prize to be decided.

      This is my team...



      Elton (captain)


      Top scorer tie-breaker: Mendy with 15 goals
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    • Eh Mind O' Duffy (Part 2)
      Once in the hot seat at Dens, ‘Cowboy’ made ‘Wee Georgie’ his number one signing target, spending a full afternoon convincing the player that his future still lay in Dundee and resulting in the frontman re-signing until the end of the season. Shaw however, clearly had an axe to grind as The Courier headline revealed ‘Shaw Pays Big Tribute To McCormack’. With the ‘new’ signing explaining further… “If I’d been given the same offer by Jim Duffy back at the start of the season I wouldn’t have been looking for a move in the first place.” Going on to have another swipe at his ex-boss by adding “…And from where I am standing it seems there’s one rule for managers and one for players, because while I was unable to join another Scottish team because no-one could agree a fee with Dundee, Jim Duffy was able to take himself off to Hibs no problem.”
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    • Eh Mind O' Duffy (Part 1)
      The sale of Jim Hamilton to Hearts for £200,000 highlighted the two other major issues Dundee faced at the time. Namely a budget that barely seemed able to cover the heating bill, never mind a promotion push and the complete disinterest of the club’s latest white knight turned villain, Canadian ‘business man’ and club owner Ron Dixon.
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