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    2 years today. We made them cry. If you've not been following, notable events since last year's Dooniversary include... Every bookie and their dog tipping them to win the poorest Championship in living memory. An open top bus booked following a bonus point earned at Dens in the cup only to immediately be informed they had to play us again in the next round. Losing to us in the next round. Gowzer provoking a lot of slavers from the knitting section. Out the title race by February. Failing to defend the Irn Bru trophy, being knocked out by Irish pub side Crusaders. 6 from Falkirk, 3 from Queens (twice), 3...
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    Dundee Football Club isn't the one that's going to relegate, award titles or promote teams. All your own clubs voted. Most of them to relegate Partick Thistle unfairly. You have no right to complain about us. To the Rangers fans, awarding Celtic the title, the source of all your fury, is, again, not our decision. Dundee fans want a fair solution for everyone, not just ourselves, you can be assured of that. We have been shafted time and again by other clubs and the SPL, SPL and SPFL but that doesn't change the fact Dundee fans are, by and large, pretty reasonable given all we've been through. If we do...
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    If our club is to make progress then this kind of Sh!t needs to stop, everyone's entitled to an opinion but calling for the managers head after every single defeat isn't doing anyone any good. We're all hurting and the last three results have been particularly painful. Some of the comments aimed, mostly, at the manager though are poorly thought through with no real thought of the consequences and with little or no constructive comments on the way forward post McCann. The same people, I suspect, are saturating Facebook, Twitter and other forms of Social Media with the same bile and it doesn't make good reading. Some people have posted...
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    I am going to stick my neck out and also put on my tin hat with this, but John Nelms has come in for a lot of stick recently, and I feel IMO that most of this has been down to a lack of connection and communication with the fans, but hey can you fault the way he and FPS have handled the Manager change, I am really happy that he has done the full process very, very well, and (also in my opinion) he has done exactly the right thing in giving the gig to an inspirational man like Jazza, who knows the club and the fans so well,...
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    New stadium being planned ✅ New training ground being planned ✅ Stable and ambitious owners ✅ Young, ambitious manager ✅ Young, talented and improving squad ✅ Fourth consecutive season of top flight fitba ✅ Home grown first team talent ✅ Expanded youth academy ✅ Dabs on the brink of oblivion ✅ I’m going to stop moaning about the prices for a bit... The only way we can make sure this all work is to get behind the club financially and support them from the stands whenever and wherever we can. Incredible to think where we were only a few short years ago. Firhill for thrills on Saturday.. Mon the fucking...
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    I’ve been trying to get my head round John Nelms’ programme notes from Saturday. I’ve posted a few comments here, on twitter and on facebook where I’ve been extremely critical. I’ve even questioned his sanity. But I don’t dislike John Nelms or what he and Tim Keyes have done for Dundee FC since they became involved with our club. I think we have a huge amount to be grateful to them for, although I think many of the decisions made since they arrived have been, and continue to be, flawed. However, I think there’s always going to be a fundamental disconnect that exists between incomers and those who have been...
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    Hi Spurs fan here. Just wanted to come on and offer my condolences to a Dundee and Spurs legend and thank you for producing such a magnificent player. I was privileged enough to have seen the magnificent Gilly play live and on TV in the early 1970s an on DVDs of our cup finals and league matches of the era. The partnerships he had with Greaves and subsequently Chivers were an absolute joy to behold and there can't have ever been many better headers of a ball in football. We used to sing 'Gilzean, Gilzean...born is the King of White Hart Lane' and he earned and deserved that accolade. The...
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    About a month ago I got quite down about Dundee's terrible form, possibly partly as a result of a heavy session and certainly because of yet another defeat. My missus asked me why I go if it gets to me that much. My answer was I would have stopped years ago if I didn't care. Happily I'm feeling much more circumspect about our team now and am actually looking forward to next season in the championship. It's been a horrific season on the park and I'll be glad when it's finished however I'm a Dundee fanatic and have been since I was 5 years old (although I didn't go until...
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    I just wanted to let the board know that they have done a great job over the last month or so and made some very good decisions. Firstly they gave Hartley the time he deserved to turn it around. A lot of people (me included) threw the towel in with him after the Partick thistle horror show at dens. He turned it around in the Xmas fixtures. A lot more folk wanted him gone after the Aberdeen disaster. But the board showed loyalty and stuck by him. After hamilton they had no choice. Right call on reflection IMHO. Hiring mccann was a masterstroke. I thought they had lost the plot...
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    Last season the worst ever. A disgrace. Previous two seasons only a fraction better. This season so far? 6 unbeaten before today. 7 unbeaten in 90 minutes. Feel really proud of the players and feel like there's a connection and togetherness with the players and fans for the first time in over 3 years. This team is well worth watching unlike the last 3 seasons. We should back them to the hilt numbers wise and vocally.
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    https://provieroadpod.com/2018/09/24/editorial-mccann-must-go/ Football, the old cliché goes, is a results business. Long gone are the days where a struggling manager is given months, never mind years, to turn around a team and remake it in his own image. While some will mourn the loss of the conditions which allowed Alex Ferguson to become a Manchester United legend, others will rightly recognise that the game has changed immeasurably since the 1990s, when a certain diminutive winger scored a cheeky lob-cum-cross to keep Dundee Football Club afloat. The Bosman ruling has shifted the balance of power within the dressing room towards the squad; the advent of social media has made it more difficult...
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    Is it not the groundsman job to deal with the grass ??
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    When I opened this forum three years ago, it was because the forum I used to frequent became a cesspool of hate, personal attacks and in-fighting and I swore that I would not let that happen here. My attitude is and always has been to allow people on the forum to express their feelings regarding the club, team and players without it getting on a personal level with personal attacks on other members. I was criticised for probably being too harsh at times and being too rigid with the community guidelines and I relaxed on a few of these. I now know that this has been a mistake. Over the...
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    Greetings. I registered on here just so I could comment on this. Tromsø fans loved Sofien Moussa. He was a great guy. He was a fighter, a 110% effort guy, and he was tough, he squared up to anyone and was not afraid to dish it out. He's dirty, he works hard, he wins every single header, and he stamps on people shins. We absolutely loved the guy. Unfortunately he had a training ground bustup with a ladyhandbag-wearing nancy named Wangberg, who was the Manager's lovechild. Said man has since been sacked by the club for failing to get results, and we've only just replaced him with Simo Valakari who...
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    Just seen on the Grampian news Jackie McNamara has been admitted to hospital with a bleed on the brain. This puts football rivalry on the back burner. Get well soon son.
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    Our club stood by you when you had your serious injury, gave you an extension to your contract despite never knowing if you would kick a ball again. We then gave you a good job coaching the kids, a job that coaches up and down the country would love. We then gave you the first team managers job despite you being nowhere near ready or qualified to be in that position. This club has been good to you... Now do the decent thing and think of the club and walk away, you are killing the club that has been so good to you, that helped you in your hour of...
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    You'd think the guys who played 30+ games during the Deefiant season and ran themselves into the ground to keep the club alive would be able to read this board without seeing digs about their lack of commitment... but apparently not.
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    I'm renewing my season ticket. Bring it on you bunch of wonderful people, I can take all your slagging without even flinching. I'm not strong 😧 😮
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    Not sure if it has already been mentioned but credit where it is due for the transfer business so far. No doubt many mistakes made last season and questions were asked about the interview process or lack of it when we hired Mcpake and then the pricing of various tickets. Looks to me if the fans are willing to back the club with their money despite it being more expensive than a majority of our rivals then the board will back the manager with a very healthy budget. As fans I don't think we can ask for much more than that and personally I don't have an issue paying that...
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    Since coming into the club in 2013 the American has now had to appoint, quite staggeringly, three managers, what with John Brown capitulating with the promotion finishing line in sight, Paul Hartley admitting he had run out of ideas as his team stared relegation in the face and now, the unbelievably convoluted removal of Neil McCann. Arriving after Hartley blurted out that he’d tried everything he knew as he failed to turn round the fortunes of his ailing squad, the tenure of Neil McCann went from the third coming of the Messiah, to that of a manager constantly being ridiculed by former players. The cowardly smirking of Celtic reserve goalkeeper...
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    f**k United they are c**ts.
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    Everyone on this board has a passion for Dundee, the next 5 games needs everyone to pull together, go to the games support each other and support your team. I have not lived in Dundee for more than 25 years, lived out of the country for over 18 years and yet the first thing I think about when I wake up is -what is happening with Dundee? I am typing this in just before I go to sleep. Dundee is in my blood, I care . Supporting Dundee is like life, not everything is good all of the time, there are ups and downs. But the joy of a win,...
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    Your team has just played it's best game of football in a long while....in a game no one really expected us to win in a competition that is way down our list of priorities I disagree with most of your assumptions/analysis BTW. I'm just glad i can appreciate the effort, recognise how well we played and how close we came, and be thankfull for the many positives of today; even if others prefer to focus on the downsides. Takes allsorts though!
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    Hi guys, its been a while while since I’ve offered you our warm wishes from CPFC in south London. It’s great to see our two clubs working so well together again. ryan Iness has had a chequered career so far mainly due to off the pitch issues. However, I saw him play at Swansea on Tuesday night and think given a run of games, should serve you well this season. dont forget, because of all of our mutual love of Mr Speroni, Dundee have 100’s of cockney Palace fans, and we all wish you guys a great season. ( the first Scottish result I look for)
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    I've had a chance to try and look a bit more into this guy and find out what I can. In a bit of information bias in trying to find the good stuff about him out, he seems to have some search results that implies that he was well thought of at Tromsø in 2016 with his ability to create many chances for others and a strike rate of 0.25. Both Norway and his most recent league in Bulgaria rank above Scotland in the European league coefficient (and would probably hump our usual crop of qualified teams) so I wouldn't really put this on par with a punt from a...
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    Obviously there's already another long thread about potential replacements but I think we Dee owe Terry a huge debt of gratitude for keeping us in the premier league. There's no doubt in my mind we were down under Hartley and the turn around that McCann oversaw was remarkable. Thanks Neil, forever a dee legend. He's Blue, He's white.....
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    I must admit, I’m really starting to dislike a proportion of our support. Booing when 4-1 up against Dunfermline, and now the utter vitriol against the club and Nelms. I know I’ll get abuse for this,but it’s honestly the way I feel. You just have to look at this site and the Facebook ones to see that they are busier when we have a bad result, or something like this occurs.
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    My 5 year old grandson was lucky to be a mascot for Dundee FC at the dump on Friday night. I just want to say a thank you to DUFC for allowing the away team to have a mascot but more importantly I would like to thank everyone connected to DFC who ensured he enjoyed an amazing opportunity. Top praise to the players who allowed him into the dressing room pre-match and willingly signed the ball he had been given. He really enjoyed that bit!! The club also gave him other bits and pieces which he loved. Finally a special thank you to Cammy Kerr, his favourite player, who said...
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    I am really not getting the negativity about Goodwin. I've seen folk saying on here and in general it's uninspired, poor appointment, lack of experience etc. What are they expecting? Keep hearing and seeing Strachan's name pop up (since his Scotland sacking), the foreign route, coming from a certain level. Strachan has repeatedly stated he has no interest in getting back into management, and he would probably command at least 500k per year for a full time position in any case never mind managing a Scottish Championship club. I know its been touted he could come in a as technical director (absolutely great if it happens btw) or whatever but...
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    We really should be getting our own house in order before finding any comedy value in our neighbour's failings at Livingston tonight. We really have had a dreadful season and this is something which Neil McCann, as manager, should be addressing immediately starting with:
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    McCann has mentioned a few things. At 11.59pm the deal was done. For a club record. We couldn't really say no. Scott Allan got his agent to text McCann and wanted to leave. Why would we want him here? Scott Bain was never playing for us again and we managed to get rid of him and get a fee. Is that not good business? We have recalled a player to loan him out again? So how can we call Celtic for doing it with Allan? McCann wanted Murray. For a while. Not a panic loan and Murray himself is baffled why he has been loaned out. He will be wanted...
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    "Coach McCann is a real neat soccer guy, who knows that the Team Dundee franchise need more goalshots if they want to be a franchise in the EPL Scotland next season. Coach Hartley was a humungous dorkazoid whose soccer coaching manual made us look like real dumbasses in the last game against the Hamlington Academy franchise. Coach McCann is an awesome soccer guy and will be super pumped to make the players in the outfield and those in the sub shack kick fantastic goals to avoid relegationization to the EPL Scotland One Division." Probably something along those lines.
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    Fair play to gowser.
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    Thistle fan here - pleased to hear the reaction of you guys to the latest news. To me, that makes a difference so won't stop me going back to Dens, but you can imagine what some folk who don't know what the average fan thinks might make of it. Been thinking about the 'lucrative' friendlies. What are the chances of these being held in the USA ? Could that be it ? Good luck, whatever happens ....
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    Most are probably aware but Deefiant hero Jamie Adams has been forced to hang up his boots due to a long term knee injury at the age of 32. Signed on loan from St Johnstone in 2010 he played 11 games for the Dark Blues. He's probably best remembered for scoring the winner at home to Partick after the -25 points deduction which sparked wild scenes within Dens Park. This was the also the red card display match and the first time that season that we did the 'huddle'. All the best Jamie.⚽👏
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    Did Pavarotti not sing about them?
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    Before I start I just want to get this out the way ; one performance doesn’t make you a great player, I hate to put any unnecessary pressure on players and I’m not claiming he is the next big thing. BUT Finlay Robertson take a bow son. That has to be the best starting debut (I know he’s played before) at Dens I’ve seen for a lad of that age. To stay on the park for the full 90 whilst Byrne was taken off speaks volumes about his display. Confidence, composure, ability, desire, awareness and range of passing he showed it all yesterday. And without getting too far ahead of...
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    As above, the talk was about contracts, formations, bad referees, scouting, dens boo boys etc etc. The “last question” was about Gowser being front page news and NM skirted around it before adding that he didn’t want to end the evening on a downer. An elderly gentleman then stood up and said “Thanks for getting rid of Holt”. This was met with a ripple of applause from the audience. Bang out of order imo. NM said he wasn’t having this and defended Holt, citing his work rate in training and this was met with a larger round of applause. He reminded the older gentleman about Holts winner against Hamilton. The...
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    Got a call at 9.30pm last night from Motherwell to say that my daughter Molly has been selected to announce the Dundee team over the tannoy today, she is so excited! But gonna be a busy day, leave Abernethy at 9.30am to get to Forfar where she is playing for Letham Girls under 12s, 11am kick off, so she will only manage to play first half, then a change into her Dee strip in the car en-route to Motherwell, got to be there for 2pm! Phew. CMON THE DEES! ?
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    I didn't go tonight. Not because I don't still love my club but because it's hard enough to drag my a** to watch the team even when I've paid for a ST, never mind lining other club's pocket on a Friday evening. Hence I watched the game on TV. Well, I say watched but in all honesty I lost interest at around the 50 minute mark and ended up having the game on in the background as I booked an appointment through online chat to get my boiler serviced (no, that's not my other half!) and replied to a few emails. The game was so bad and we were so...
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    I was going to post the following under the "Do We Stay Away From Games To Get Our Point Through" topic, a good one despite coming from a now banned numptie, but thought it deserved a topic of it's own. I have thought long and hard as to whether a boycott would be a good idea. I don't think so. Depriving the club of funds is not a good idea imo but I am coming at this decision from another angle. There is no doubt the supporter apathy and poor atmosphere comes from the poor side selection, poor performances and a few related issues like ticketing matters, pricing and the...
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    Anyone willing to take it off my hands? Two requirements 1. you live locally but can't afford to attend games for whatever reason and 2. you don't boo the team before the final whistle. I work most weekends and that's just the way it is, so all I can do is make a token gesture to the club.
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    I was trying to refrain from commenting on this topic as it can create more questions that can't always be answered due to the fact some information is between the club and the customer. However I would like to point out no-one was evicted (they don't live in the Directors' Box), they were asked to moderate their language and if they could not do this then we would appreciate it if they could leave. The language used by the person in question was in breach of not only our hospitality rules but also our ground regulations, both of these can be found at the following links: https://dundeefc.co.uk/club/policies-practices/ground-regulations/ https://dundeefc.co.uk/club/policies-practices/hospitality-regulations/ As stated...
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    Even during a season that's struggled for many highs, I find some of the opinions humbly accepting or even encouraging the logic behind an amalgamation to be the most depressing thing DFC related I've encountered all year. I respect those opinions and in ways understand the logic behind them, but I honestly see anyone wanting to or willing to accept anything other than Dundee Football Club, on the grounds that the nameless, faceless thing we'd be left with would have the off chance of pushing for top six every season, to be akin to the glory hunters following the ugly sisters. Would I cash in the emotion, passion, history, good...
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    Only Dundee FC could reemploy someone who tried to have the club closed down🤯 Fans who could ill afford it put in hundreds/thousands to try to save the club only for this a***hole to try to scupper these attempts. I remember working my day off for months so I could afford to do my bit. The wee prick shouldn’t be allowed through the door never mind be an employee again. Totally disgusting decision.
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    Shocking comment from a fan. KH gave his all at Dens.
  48. 18 points
  49. 18 points
    Last 6 games Deefiance level of support and the 12th man stuff guys needed here! Backing the team is all that matters.. get out and support! Don care what you think of the manager, what matters is the team need our backing right now and we should give them it till the very last game. All that matters right now is that we get behind the team and give them that 12 man support and lets start that with this weekend against Hamilton. Please post on your Facebook or Retweet this to get this out there (use the social media links below)! Anyone who says they are not going this...
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      The sale of Jim Hamilton to Hearts for £200,000 highlighted the two other major issues Dundee faced at the time. Namely a budget that barely seemed able to cover the heating bill, never mind a promotion push and the complete disinterest of the club’s latest white knight turned villain, Canadian ‘business man’ and club owner Ron Dixon.
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      The midfielder was part of the championship winning side in 2014 and it was his goals which helped the Dee on the road to the title. James was also involved in the 'Bitegate' storm when Nadir Ciftci bit McAlister's leg during a Dundee Derby.
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      I think it could be October before we can get to Dens again. Just a guess.
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      With it looking likely they'll be joining us I wonder if they have reductions in player contracts in the event of relegation.

      You'd have thought so but given the mess Budge and levein have made and the panicked statements from Budge there must be a doubt there. 

      Do they offer the high earners a free transfer? Will the players accept one? 

      They've still got about 25 players contracted for next season and many of these will be on big contracts. Boyce, Washington, Naismith, Berra, walker etc.

      A lot of ifs and buts but if they can keep most of their squad and keep them fit then they'll be very hard to beat. Boyce and Naismith are top players in particular. 

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      A season yet to be finished or a season that never was? Promotion through reconstruction? Play-off bound? Or denied a crack at the top flight through our own fault or circumstances? Who knows? Either way now seems as good a time as ever to have a wee look back over what has been a (part) season that’s often promised much without ever really delivering.
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