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    I really couldn't give a sh*t about what they're doing right now tbh.
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    If they dont think they can beat that mob then McPake can take himself and everyone of his staff and players and get to f**k. No Dundee team regardless of form, quality of players etc should be f**cking lying down to that mob.
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    Sorry but the mods we're overruled by the man from above (Derek) and told to keep this thread going. Think Derek's probably a bit pissed off as Nelms has been having meetings with another construction company about the new stadium.
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    Why would we sign, or even look at, any player for the future when Derek has made it very clear that Tim Keyes has packed his bags and booked his flight to Pluto?
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    Cobra, I would just like to see them grow a set of balls, have a go, commit 20 fouls, half a dozen bookings just to demonstrate that we have some fecking fight in our souls instead of rolling over and getting shafted "Again" we don't have a player in our team who will stand nose to nose against Butcher.
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    If he isn’t under any pressure then we are in massive trouble, I hope he starts his recovery this weekend, anytime he’s representing our club I will back him to the hilt, and hope he gets a result this weekend to take a bit of heat off him...Being 5th 6th or 7th is utterly unacceptable to me in this league. The one thing I really like about mcpake is that he seems to acknowledge the size of the job that he’s in, and it’s a result driven business... The thought of going to tannadice is giving me the absolute fear if he’s in charge, hopefully these next 3 games can...
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    Seems to me that we have to double down and get behind our club. We need to be in the playoffs and I believe that McPake will get the team sorted.
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    Think the boos come from the frustration that has been building up for a long long time now as to what fans have had to watch, disorganised, scrappy, spineless performances.
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    Aberdeen players would expect an angry reaction to going 2-0 down at home to a perceived rival. Booing might well give them a kick up the a**e but if Aberdeen are struggling for form and the fans start booing them 15 minutes into a goalless game against a smaller club like St Mirren or Livi I guarantee that will make things harder for Aberdeen and easier for the opposition. Look at our 2-1 win at Tynecastle. There's little doubt in my mind that boos from the home ends made it easier for us and harder for them. Every time they booed, I thought "we can win this".
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    Won't be going anywhere near Tannadice on the 27th regardless of our form, haven't been there for years, bar a free entry reserve game, and I don't plan on going there anytime soon.
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    Yup, we had to sign a NDA, DNA, SFA on this one.... we also had a restraining order put out on Scott, because he wanted to do a bit more than just ban them.... he wanted to give them a million warning points as well! Man that's harsh! Finally it took a the a wee court notice to get this all sorted out.... just in time as well... we could have got to a 1000 pages easily with this one!
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    Then he should be sacked if he thinks like that.
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    This is the key thing. We know the club crave stability, we know they want McPake to be in charge of the first team for years to come, we know they'll have no desire to begin another manager hunt anytime soon but the fans simply won't tolerate our current dire form for much longer.
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    IMO, I don't think our owners are too concerned over the results with the DAB's, I believe the acknowledge / accept that they have had 4 years to get it right, they should however be very concerned about results against the others and it will be very difficult for them to retain McPake if he doesn't turn the performance around in the next 2 games, he might not have to worry about the derby on the back of the last 2 poor results and a continued failure. It is not only a test for McPake, the boards credentials will also tell a story on where there ambition is for this...
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    Agreed. I'd rather just ignore them altogether.
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    Imagine him going over this with our lot, they'll smash his macbook up and throw it into the shower.
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    Interesting that our players react negatively to it and QoS players get a lift from it whilst Aberdeen get on with it and get back into the game against Rangers.
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    Either 4-4-2 or 4-3-3. For me 4-4-2 away from home and 4-3-3 at home. For Arbroath I'd go: Hamilton Kerr. McGhee. Foster/meekings. Marshall Dorrans. McGowan. Byrne. Mcdaid Kane. Johnson. 4-3-3 would have mcdaid as part of the front 3.
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    Maybe to much confidence - It looks to me at times Forster tries to do things he’s not capable of .He should keep it simple and defend first and foremost .
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    Forster is better when he is alongside McGee who provides good cover and gives him a bit of confidence, and I agree with the need a centre half. I would be dumfounded if we started against Arbroath with Johnson sitting on the bench, he has demonstrated for the first team and the reserves that given the chance he will score, if that is not good enough to get him on the park given the lack of goals from Hemmings them he might as well ask for a fecking transfer and rightly so. Let Hemmings stew on the bench and see if he can bring to the table what Johnson has...
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    Courier reporting that his kiddie is doing better . Great news.
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    You are the only one pointing out my flaws.My posts are harmless. I shall not alter my posts unless the admins tell me too, in which case I shall be offski .
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    Thank you for that . I had naively thought that contributors on this Forum were allowed to allowed to express their opinion as long as it is acceptable to the Admins .
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    I have been saying this for years, it worked for grumpy Jim across the road, make them work for their money,
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    This whole 'all ticket' for venues like this is total absurd and there is really no need for it. Even if you start throwing health and safety at this, there as been paying cash at gates for over a 100 years now and there has never been issues before..... World going mad for the sake of it.
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    If the answer is none to both questions or one at the very most to both then that shows how bad the manager has been and really suggests he's out of his depth. I'd also suggest we're not as good on paper as we think though. Dorrans is obviously class on his day and has just struggled in recent games as the players around him have been shot of confidence. McGowan is decent on his day and gives his all. McDaid is extremely inconsistent with his end product. Byrne should be one of the best players if not the best player in the league but has been a let down....
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    OK, we were sh**e. That better?
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    You might be right but Nelms has known McPake since 2014, extended his contract when his knee was wrecked and gave him his first job in management. I'd be very surprised if Nelms is anywhere close to firing the manager.
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    We were great at Alloa I believe.
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    I'd say it was last month when we won 3 on the spin and McPake won Manager of the Month and we all thought we'd win the Derby. Some threads on this board when the chips are down, my goodness.
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    think I saw them going in as I was coming out the hospital...well I assumed it was them when there was 1 upfront and the rest 50 yards behind him
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  33. 1 point
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    Awh think this one will seal your fate... tell derek we were asking for him... remember get your homework done
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    The sand on yir sh*t tip Arab pitch probably
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    Was Derek with you
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    We will continue this conversation soon. Head in sand as usual
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    What I want to know Was he one of the 1200 that night in there hour of need Or was he hiding behind the sofa with the blinds shut.... Poll ??
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    Please @TheDarkBlues let us keep this one for a bit. Not many of them would go to all the bother of registering just to do this.
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    $250 Dominos Pizza gift card........ and, I thought to myself 'I wonder if they deliver'?
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    Screw national service, get rid of the Bosman ruling and bring back slavery......
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  43. 0 points
    I don't argue, however I do sometimes point out flaws. I like to help people; call it a personality fault.
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    Oh it absolutely is. When it's an opinion. Only giving some pointers mate, even if something sounds funny to you when you're typing it doesn't mean it'll read that way. Can easily be taken the wrong way. Typing a made up word is neither an opinion nor funny; in my opinion of course.
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    Mate, you started posting last month and it as mostly a bit 'garbled'. You're now trying sarcasm / wit and it's just not working - it doesn't work on written forums. This post is a good example of that, very few will know what you're talking about and those that do will wonder what planet you're on................ Not Pluto is it?
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