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    Just seen this earlier.. Really liked Matt Lockwood during his time at Dens . Should be a good night .
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    Hahah - went to Somerset park earlier in season - bought ticket on way down - straight to phone - scanned at gate - quicker than paying at gate no need for cash - quicker than handing over ticket etc . If Ayr can do it I’m sure we could
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    My suggestion is more to do with atmosphere and aesthetics of the stadium, in the south enclosure we should knock down the wooden shed things🤷🏻‍♂️ and put in a couple of hundred rail seating/safe standing .This seating is already in place at Celtic and more recently Kilmarnock. This was always a popular area to stand when it had the benches in place and looks a tad shabby in its current set up. A lick of paint around the ‘Derry walls’ and a general tidy up for next seasons SPL campaign! Tin hat on.
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    Good suggestion that the SE should be (noticeably) cheaper....it's got the poorest facilities & seating....but it also makes sense to find a way to encourage younger fans (maybe even up to mid 20's?) to go there, and regenerate the 'noisy/singing' section that has been located there at least since my youth in the 60's. It was usually where you expected songs/chants to begin, and spread to the Provie enclosure. Much quieter last couple of seasons, for various reasons debated often on here.
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    Making the Derry the cheapest then Coxy then main stand? Giving 13-20 lower prices in the Derry so they can go with their mates.
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    Agree with a lot of this. There will be all the information,that we speculate about, available to the club. The financial decisions all have to be made against the background of what is happening on the pitch. I'd think that pricing low to attract more ST holders will be a revenue losing strategy. Getting in the younger supporter seems to me to be dependent on having younger players who are working hard at youth programmes, being available at open days, signing autographs and generally being approachable. Cammy is always held up as a great ambassador for our club. Every player should be encouraged to think what he could do to...
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    I’ve got that same mirror in the hoose 😂
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    I think the club need the season ticket money upfront to find out what the budget for the season will be. The problem with direct debits are that they can be cancelled at any time so would people cancel them if we're playing crap?
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    These people are the future of the club
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    How about country membership for fans who live 50+ miles away? Say £20 cheaper or a free ticket to bring a friend?
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    To be honest mate I don't think small things like this will impact sales at all. The harsh reality is that we have a core group of fans who will more than likely buy a season ticket regardless - and the only way to increase numbers is by increasing the product on the park. If we are winning then your now and then punters will go more often or possibly buy a ST, but if we are sh!te like we have been for the last few years then punters won't.
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    It wasn’t too bad during the DOON Derby either PB. 👍😏
  14. 2 points
    In rugby VAR is used to help the referee make a correct decision. In EPL football it's being used to make the decision for the referee. The rugby use is how the technology available should be applied - the EPL use is an attempt to pacify whinging managers who used to come back and criticise referees for making human errors - it's backfiring big time on the EPL.
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    Tickets bought for the show at Whitehall on march 20th and should be a cracker of a night.... Pity some of the current squad don't display half the bottle these lads showed !!
  16. 1 point
    I started this thread and am happy to see such opinion and input. We do care and This forum is one of the few places we may be heard. Letters to the club are a thing of the past.
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    No they come free with the phone 🤣
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    But would membership not be by DD too?
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    I know how it works mate but i still think loads of people will cancel if we're playing rubbish. Loads of season tickets holders have been swerving going to Dens this season and that's with it paid in advance. No way would they keep paying a DD for something they won't be using. Debt collectors will be chasing it for years. Think the idea of some type of membership scheme (as well as season ticket money) is a great one. I'd prefer any profits from it be directed back into the club through youth development.
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    No straight over the other side of terrace - pie and chips- brilliant
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    In all honesty, I think we've got to take a hard look at ourselves and price/budget accordingly to the relative league we're in. I accept that we may be slightly more but I really don't see the justification for being 66% more for a season ticket than another club in this division. If we cut say £50 off what we're charging now, I think we'd be looking at around 400 extra tickets to maybe break even again if +80% tickets we sell are adults. We may not make that margin but the embodied costs in being priced so highly is going to bite us and you do get the sense...
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    Love that statement "our club" true dark blue heroes that season DDYB
  23. 1 point
    Aaaaahhhh the good old days, how I miss them.
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    100% Agree as a short term plan until "something" happens. Such a waste of space that area at the moment!! Those shed things are embarrassing!! If they could put that blasted Fence at the foot of the Derry then surely a few rows of those rail seating things is possible although unlikely!
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    Is the main stand not where most of the people with shorter legs go? It was 'the posh fans place', of course, in my youth (& yours!)
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    I know Partick fans and Pars fans and they cannot believe the prices for away fans at Dens. Think it was £24 for adult whereas at Palmerston last week it was £18. Big difference.
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    What’s better for the club as a business? Big shot of cash from STs at start of season or a regular flow from direct debits throughout the year? My guess would be the latter and picking up on earlier point everyone is so used to monthly subscriptions these days that this is probably the way to go. Those that buy STs will continue to do so by direct debit and you might get a few extras if it’s 30 quid per month as opposed to 360 quid in one go. Local discounts for ST holders or direct debiters would also work I think. Perhaps also some behind the scenes access....
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    Maybe you could have the option of either the vouchers or the money off with the country season ticket?
  29. 1 point
    Probably is. Arab at work uses his brothers student season ticket plus loadsa away grounds it’s not difficult to get in as a concession.
  30. 1 point
    But not for the 20% who live outside Dundee. I never used any of them.
  31. 1 point
    The amount of people getting into dens with wrong tickets must cost the club a bit of money. The worrying thing is they probably wouldn’t go if they didn’t get in cheaper.
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    Money off deals with commercial partners was a good idea for locally based fans like we did under Gardiner. I personally saved a fortune on a variety of things. How about a small share issue included? It would bring the fans closer if they owned a wee piece.
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    This.Winning is the answer.getting gubbed most weeks doesn’t encourage regular attendance.
  34. 1 point
    Good question and I don't know why not if I'm honest. Fear of moving away from traditional season books? Effort involved in moving to a different system? Maybe they don't see a need to move forward with this type of thing. I personally feel that in the modern world where everyone is used to paying monthly subs for things like Netflix, sky, Amazon prime etc football is getting left behind and it possibly excludes people who would like to buy season tickets but the thought of shelling out between £340-380 in one go (nearly a grand for a family of 4!) is enough to avoid it altogether and just pay...
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    Yes m'ludd
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    We need to attract the 18-23 year olds back to Dens, kids who have followed us for years can’t afford to go if they are on minimum wage and being asked to pay top prices.... I don’t think adding gimmicks such as a free cup of tea sells any if I’m honest, plus the early bird just helps more affluent fans with money in there pockets. No easy answers but winning games on a regular basis definitely softens the blow of overpriced football.
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    Or its a pub full of Tangy Baskets that McPake thought he could go for a drink with an invisibility cloak on 😂
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    Your attempts at claiming 'ludditeism' by those who don't like/want VAR seem somewhat flawed. The issue - at the moment, and very much in England it seems - is that VAR is not a 'technological solution', it's just a series of slow-motion replays, from different angles, being viewed by a lower level of ref than the one officiating the match. They might as well get the match ref or his 4th official to just watch the pitchside tv monitor, they at least have the benefit of being in the stadium & have a perspective the guy in the VAR studio won't have...not unless they tool up the Ref with a...
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    VAR was spot on at Anfield tonight although Stevie Wonder may have even seen that one.
  40. 1 point
    Win 3 and a draw at Ayr would be a strong return
  41. 1 point
    The view part is very much a matter of opinion; mine is that high up in The Coxy and Shankly give better overall views than any part of The Derry and same goes for Main Stand. The atmosphere in The Coxy for big games when we're doing well is better than The Derry too. It was great in there on Championship winning day against Dumbarton.
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    In hospo on Saturday but will change three season tickets from Cox into Derry before handing them out
  43. 1 point
    👏🏻🇫🇷👏🏻🇫🇷 @BCram for your efforts on this idea
  44. 1 point
    If Morton were at Dunfermline, losing 7 goals would probably not be beyond them ....allegedly.
  45. 1 point
    Wasnt at the game and haven't heard anything about the refs performance but i thought he was terrible and gave them everything.
  46. 1 point
    chances are if you are relying on pace to get you out of bother you've been caught out of position.
  47. 1 point
    I've been training recently Davie. I reckon I could get past them all.
  48. 1 point
    Honestly mate take a day off
  49. 1 point
    @ThelegendthatisBeto v Gowser? @Wattie Rojas v the stewards 🤷‍♂️ edit to add : Gary Irvine v any sad wee Arab that thinks he’s hard enough 🙊
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    J Mc P's Court case will be heard in Court- the outcome will maybe then be a time to judge .
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