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    The way I see it, we need two more forwards. A physical target man to compete with Curran and a more poacher striker to compete with Nelson - think that target man type player won't score many themselves but be essential for our other forward to score with knock ons and service etc, think Nelson gives it his all but isn't near effective alone. Erwin is very very well liked by his previous clubs and Killie fans would be happy to take him back by all accounts - they had one of the best attacks in the league and seemed to do well when he played and just had so...
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    Looking at Brian Graham's stats he's scored goals right through his career: 115 of them. He's big, quite quick and knows the league. A decent focul point.
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    Eh ken auld decrepit pensioners that try to pass themselves off as very young lads !! The last time Chomp tried to lift me ower the turnstile, eh ended upside doon. Wi meh neck jammed in thon metal bit. And meh heid jammed in chomp's crutch. Then in meh struggle tae free mysel fae that akward situation my wig fell aff And meh teeth fell oot. (Oh aye, and Puir Chomp, ended up in hosptal wi a hernia) He's now awaiting trial... For attempted assault on a" junior"
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    The goals/target man bit would do for me Not sure how the level of boredom becomes relevant, McPake needs to build a balanced, competitive team rather provide titilation on twitter
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    Maybe being harsh but I thought it was a very cynical move by the club, it pushed me into not renewing this season. I had about 500 of the £680 set aside but I thought it was really necky so I've voted with my feet for this season. I nearly folded a few times when they brought in the interest free 4 instalments as a compromise but I'll PATG this year.
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    Yeah that's true. Tbf we're all just guessing as like you say we don't know all the details. Won't know if we've dogded a bullet or missed out until we see who we do sign.
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    26-30/31 should be most outfield players' prime years. I believe, if played to his strengths, he can get back to his best form. So yeah. Not the best comparison in quality, but De Gea just signed a 6 year deal. If you believe a player will improve you for years to come, get them signed up on a long contract
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    I wouldn't write him off tbh. Most of his games there were off the bench. He's a big strong lad who brings others into the game.
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    Quite glad the May saga is over. We could now move on to other targets, and hopefully we are less public regarding our intentions to sign them.
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    Oh oh hope Islay doesn’t get a sniff at this.
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    Over 60s are £14 too, gotta be 65 for a Dens Concession. Inconsistencies across the league.
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    Yeah it’s frightening how quick they grow up these days, was not sure to go the season ticket route for her or not as it is now a lot more expensive and she is at the age where she wants to go shopping in town with pals on a Saturday, need to weigh it up! But I do think this is the age where clubs lose a lot of younger fans, and it would be great if there was more of an attraction pre match or something just to keep their interest going.
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    Did McPake not state during pre-season that Davies was dealing with personal issues? If this is the case then perhaps we need to respect his privacy and let him deal with his personal life. Probably why the media haven't mentioned it at press conferences either.
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    Sadly Mr S., the lower the crowds fall the higher the ticket prices may become. Whilst we don't necessarily need a good start to appease the punters, it certainly helps. We have already seen the signs based on the last 2 games that we remain a demanding bunch despite only being 3 competitive games in, undefeated and no goals conceded.
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    I would take Graham at Dens as I think he would score a few and be useful as a big target man... He would be quite a boring signing though and I'm surprised at how open arms everyone appears to be , especially when a player like May is deemed not good enough.
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    It's old ground that's been debated to death with arguments from both sides being well presented, but I didn't renew either. I probably would have paid £340 for Championship football but I can't personally justify parting with £370 either in instalments, borrowed or on finance (where it's obviously a fair whack more) so will pay at the gate the majority of games and miss a small amount of home games, most likely in winter, or on TV or when I have something else on. Should have kept them at £340 all summer IMO after a horrendous, records tumbling relegation,
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    Our club has never felt the same since he left. Bad results aside, I personally put his departure from the club after Austria as the darkest day in our 5 season spell up. If only Hartley had fkd off and Harkins had stayed. Strolled his first couple of seasons in the Championship after that too in spells.
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    Ah sorry that's probably my wording thats confused you. I meant a wingman as in someone to support him with hold up play at knock downs. Not actual WING play.
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    Just had an operation, will be out for a while.
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    A very good deal for the small minority of our support who had a spare 340 quid lying around for a two week period at the end of March.
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    Re creativity. Announce Harkins and get him on an intense fitness programme. He's only 34. We're now a level down from where we've been the last 5 years.
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    I don’t think the boy deciding to stay playing Premiership football necessarily implies any fault on our part. Just business. We move on.
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    Totally agree with this Love to see a small reduction for the 18-22 bracket, although it would be hard to police and open to abuse.
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    He was on over £4,000 per week and wasn't scoring goals in an Aberdeen side which would have seen more chances than even we will in the Championship. Folk need to stop looking at what he done 6 or 7 years ago and actually look at what he is now - over priced and finished.
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    That doesn't mean anything regarding if he's got a pay off or not.
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    Know boys in there 30s who pass as pensioners.... Turnstyle operators not interested
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    Baffled by this type of comment. May is a step above anything we have at the club. Let's wait and see what quality forward we bring in if May is deemed not good enough.
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    Yup, think the club are missing a trick with the teens. That's the age that they'll be able to go with pals instead of mum/dad so starting their own 'adventure' with football. Get these young and passionate fans hooked on The Dee, let them in for buttons and we'll get fans who define themselves as Dees for years to come.
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    Surprised the Fermers are happy to go the extra mile for a player that couldn’t score with Aberdeen. Is it going to be any easier scoring for STJ who maybe don’t have the same quality of player creating opportunities for him? Not a good signing at SPL level unless the price was right. This deal will work for Stevie May but I doubt it’s going to work for the club and fans. Would certainly have found it easier to score in the Championship but still a concern he may have gone into hiding and have just collected the salary, especially at Dundee. Disaster averted. Lost count of the number of...
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    If true, it must be some offer he’s getting elsewhere!
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    Terrific news regarding May, personally. Bullet dodged.
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    I did read that but don't know for sure. If I was McPake my no.1 priority would have been to give Miller the armband and get him onboard for our promotion challenge but what's done is done and we need to move on. I do think that losing both Ralph and Miller has torpedoed our chances of finishing top though.
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    Think the reason he walked was because he didn’t get the manager’s job??
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    Huggs, I'm just starting to think we're not serious contenders for automatic promotion. For whatever reason, our most experienced and arguably best player walked out the door. We've got little continuity again with half a new team to bed in. Our squad is threadbare. We've got a novice manager puzzling over how to create chances against Cove and Peterhead. I think it probably all adds up to Dundee realistically aiming for the play-offs.
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    A win at home would be quite something (ie. 3 points in 90 minutes).
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    Nobody's right or wrong it's just different opinions. Hamilton deserves credit for the 5 clean sheets he's had so far though. I just hope that people don't get on his back again when he inevitably does something that doesn't meet with their approval. Nobody plays better when their confidence is low and their supporters shout abuse at them. (Not saying that you do but it does happen).
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    People still going on about Hamilton? Give it a break lads. The guy has done feck all wrong so far this season and has been very reliable. Give him grief if he fucks it up but until then, get behind him because he is our number one. The biggest concern is how low we are on numbers. Lose a few to injury and we're fucked. That's our biggest worry. Plus we still need better quality up top and someone who is creative.
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    That's the kind of pricing that we should have been adopting for this season.
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    Think the keeper has done ok in the two games I have seen, in an ideal world we would have a top goalie between the sticks, but if getting a new goalie eats into the budget meaning an outfield player is sacrificed then I’d stick with JH...
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    I wasn't going to say anything since what I said didn't happen but since you asked, May's demands have changed drastically. The only hope we have now is a loan if he can't get a release from Aberdeen. He is asking Dundee for more money than other clubs, which in my view means we should walk away. My source was very reticent to tell me that and was clearly embarrassed when having to do so. I doubt the subject will come up again.
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    Without trying to ruffle your feathers we won't lose the league in the first couple of months and certainly not if we don't sign a striker ASAP. McPake could be on Wyscout and on the phone to agents tomorrow and have highly rated goalscorers signed up within the day. We all know though, through past experience, that these players very often turn out to be mercenaries or just complete duds. McPake appears to be playing the waiting game in order to get proven players in and whilst that is bloody frustrating it'll be worth it in the long run.
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    We could sign someone like Pat Clarke tomorrow and we'd all be temporarily relieved that we've made a signing but if the player is going to sit on the bench and offer little or nothing we're actually worse off as we're paying a guy that can't help us achieve our goals. I think we're doing everything right in terms of trying to acquire Stevie May. We've put a package together, we've got Dave McKay on the charm offensive and now we just need to wait and see. If he takes a month to make his decision so be it.
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    The very fact that we're not signing players right now suggests that we're trying to break the cycle of filling the squad with mediocrity every summer. Pressure is building on the management to bolster the squad but we have to hold firm. If we can't attract players good to enough to make our starting XI we have to persist with a threadbare squad and use the youngsters.
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    Totes, if the fans are getting frustrated with the lack of a signing then the club are best just to sack it off. Who wants the best players they can get when we can pull the trigger and get someone in NOW !
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    That very same career which is very short and he absolutely should be looking to maximise his earnings in what he has left of.
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    Don’t get your posts sometimes. Think you try and be clever but miss the point. Stupid gif too. We need a striker or two in ASAP or we could lose the league in the first couple of months. We may not get exactly who we want but that's not the point. What if Nelson gets injured? Curran on his own up front?
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    • If there was one thing you would change about the club which you believe would make a difference, what would it be?

      Me, I would change the following: Tannoy's/Speakers in the stadium, those things make my ears bleed every time they announce that the opposition have scored a goal!
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    • Match Aftermath: St Johnstone 1 - 0 Dundee (25th Aug 2018)
      The Dark Blues lose their fourth game in a row away to St Johnstone, leaving the Dark Blues with no points in three league matches.

      Again it was a player who could have been a Dark Blue who scores. Tony Watt who had trained with the club joined St Johnstone earlier this month scored the only goal just after the break.

      Dundee again had plenty of chances but failed to monopolise on the them.

      St Johnstone 1 - 0 Dundee
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    • Just for a bit of fun I thought we could have a mini DFC fantasy game.

      Pick 11 Dundee players before our league season kicks off at 3pm on Saturday. Formation can be 4-4-2. 4-3-3 or 3-5-2. Five points for an appearance and 10 points for a goal. Captain scores double.

      Free to enter a team. Prize to be decided.

      This is my team...



      Elton (captain)


      Top scorer tie-breaker: Mendy with 15 goals
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    • Once in the hot seat at Dens, ‘Cowboy’ made ‘Wee Georgie’ his number one signing target, spending a full afternoon convincing the player that his future still lay in Dundee and resulting in the frontman re-signing until the end of the season. Shaw however, clearly had an axe to grind as The Courier headline revealed ‘Shaw Pays Big Tribute To McCormack’. With the ‘new’ signing explaining further… “If I’d been given the same offer by Jim Duffy back at the start of the season I wouldn’t have been looking for a move in the first place.” Going on to have another swipe at his ex-boss by adding “…And from where I am standing it seems there’s one rule for managers and one for players, because while I was unable to join another Scottish team because no-one could agree a fee with Dundee, Jim Duffy was able to take himself off to Hibs no problem.”
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    • The sale of Jim Hamilton to Hearts for £200,000 highlighted the two other major issues Dundee faced at the time. Namely a budget that barely seemed able to cover the heating bill, never mind a promotion push and the complete disinterest of the club’s latest white knight turned villain, Canadian ‘business man’ and club owner Ron Dixon.
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