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    That home 'crowd' tonight has to send a message to the board?
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    I'd just like to say to everyone who can make to get up to the game tonight to support the boys. We'll get to see callachan for the first time and with Mcdaid back we'll see a bit more pace in the side. If you're swithering may you swither towards our ancestral home, the Kilmac stadium at Dens park 💙
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    Gentlemen, you can't fight in here. This is the war thread!
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    I have been supporting Dundee for over 50 years. That was as embarrassing as - well probably the last time in the Scottish...We've all been here before as dees. I'm old fashioned in thinking that a good team starts from the back. Dundee throughout the years have always had good goalkeepers. Ally Donaldson, Mike Hewitt, Thomson Allan, Rab. Sorry to say, that JH has to go. No confidence - players in the team or fans. Nobody likes to deride their own players but ffs how many c*ck ups is this keeper going to get away with? Get rid. In fairness to McP he can't be blamed for stuff like that...
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    Can we play all our games behind closed doors
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    I think it's a good point. 66% of our first-team squad (excluding homegrown players) were signed by the manager appointed six months ago. Of the others Todd is apparently a problem and Nelson is stuck on the bench. Hamilton and Meekings are probably only here because we couldn't tear up their contracts. Hartley wanted his guys, McCann wanted his guys, McIntyre wanted his guys and now McPake demands his guys. In Europe you work with the what you've got but here players get paid off or loaned out the minute the new manager decides your face doesn't fit. McGowan is probably grateful for what the club have done for him...
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    He hasn't had a chance to show whether he can follow instruction so I can only surmise he isn't putting the work in. Saying that in the media is pretty much hanging the lad out to dry, so it looks like he's done with us. Honestly getting sick of this season after season.
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    Seemingly has a lot of off field problems mate. His surname looks like when you accidentally leaned on the keyboard.
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    As Attilio says, you hear some pretty unpalatable stuff shouted at Dens and from Dundee fans at away grounds from time to time. There's an element of glass houses here. Plenty posters willing to use this incidence to take a cheap shot at our rivals while conveniently forgetting we're not immune to similar behaviour.
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    Hartley had more money thrown at him than the last 6 previous managers.
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    Unless it’s Davie Cook!!! 🤪
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    Wtf, is going on at our club, the whole of Scotland must think they’ve tuned into a comedy show, seen better organised under 12s
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    Getting slightly worried that we are going to have another terrible January transfer window. Ross Callaghan would be a decent enough addition if we needed another centre mid signed. However, we already have more than enough cover in there and it is the position we have invested most money in already (Dorrans and Byrne will not be here cheap). All the Callaghan signing will do is leave some of our better players on the bench, or worse trying to force them onto the wing where they are ineffective. Todd for some reason McPake does not fancy. We don't know what happens behind the scenes but based on his brief appearances,...
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    John Barlow I think should be John Barbour who's picture is in Dundee fc (images of sport book ) by Paul Lunney. Barbour was an inside forward and made 18 league and cup appearances in the1913/14 season and scored two goals.
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    We're 23 points behind them?
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    You missed the best bits.
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    I think for me,when mcpake signed Forster and said he knew exactly what he brought to the club,I thought fair enough as mcpake was a centre half.On seeing Forster, I think that answered a lot of questions I had about mcpake and none of them were good.And it goes on...
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    And just how are we doing in the championship exactly? This not only about tonight this is about the season as whole. McPake is not good enough it's as simple as that.
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    Based on past appointments I’d expect Vince Mennie to be given his first chance in management
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    Mcpake is still there so a bit pointless this. I'll back Mcpake until/if we don't make the playoffs. Turning over managers every 6 months makes us a joke of a club.
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    I got mine for £15 which I think is very reasonable considering the usual prices to watch live football. Does anyone know how much we get from the BBC btw?
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    I agree with some posters that the £15 was ok value.... My biggest gripe is putting the price up a fiver if you didn’t have the cash flow to purchase a ticket early... Especially in January.... Crazy.
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    I don't feel Todd was afforded the opportunities to play a significant run of consecutive games like other players. The fact that Mackie will probably start again tonight about sums the situation up for me. JMcP seemed to look at Todd after one game or more likely a 20 minute cameo appearance and make his mind up from that. What looked like a decent squad at the start of the season doesn't look that clever to me now. Personally, I will take a lot from tonight's game in terms of morale at the club. We should be expecting a fighting performance from more than McGowan and Kerr so another ICT...
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    Good point Rev. I get the impression I've seen plenty of him but seen nothing at the same time. That speaks volumes to me.
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    Give it a rest please. I am sure the poster that started this thread didn't want it to turn this way. There is no need for this at all.
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    I took my American girlfriend at the time to her first football match at WHL. It was an FA Cup match between Spurs and Man City. Spurs raced into a 3-0 lead. City's one class player Anelka got injured after half an hour and then Barton was sent off on the stroke of half-time. I said at the break that Spurs are the Dundee of England. They will find a way to stress their fans out even in this situation. I didn't think that 10-man City might score 4 unanswered goals though but that's what happened. It was almost comical the way City scored an injury-time winner and there was...
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    Your earlier comments were not to my liking, especially as I received the badge as a gift. However, discussion is always good as long as it is honest and constructive. Thanks to this Forum, I have obtained valuable information about the Players in question. A valuable exercise and perhaps a small way to keep their memory alive. We both agree on that, and that’s all that matters.
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    William Cox was born in Liverpool and played for a few English clubs, us and Hearts.
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    I received this as a gift from my Girlfriend at Xmas. I’ll do my best to find out the source.
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    oooowwwww I feel good Like I knew I would
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    Communications and consultation are both required. They are different things and in my experience if you consult with customers then comms is easy and appreciated.
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    Now that is a quandary. What was best the 1st 45mins or the 2nd 45mins.
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    On paper, that is more than a decent squad/team. As I have always said, a good manager will get the best out of mediocre players, but a bad manager will never get the best out of quality players.
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    William you've appeared out of nowhere and slated the club over multiple posts then got offended when a poster accused you of being a DAB. For what it's worth I defended you privately but I'm beginning to wonder as your doing yourself no favours mate.
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    Absolutely get rid now. Beyond dull and boring.
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    Where have you been John?, you missed all the fun. Cannae get moving for DAB's on here.
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    Something has to give,surly the board have to listen to the fans. He has to go,shocking stuff.
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    Yeah I agree to an extent Harry and I didn't think you had agenda mate. I'm possibly being defensive of this decision as I feel that there's too many things going on that JMcP is being tried for. Looking at the Todd situation in isolation it's not like the manager has been regularly denying players first team football and forcing them out the door, Todd is one of two players who've performed well below their capabilities and I believe that's why they haven't been mainstays of our side. Both of these players have performed to a decent standard before but have failed to adapt to what's being asked of them...
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    I agree plus he is a little rat. Rumours that he played in a bounce game for us along with the Kosovo guy though.
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    20 seconds? Must have been when I was having a pysh.
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    Spot on. He has previous of this anti forces stuff ruining threads. He really needs to stop, there is no need.
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    Agree and if I were him I’d be unhappy too.
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    Heard we have a couple of wingers on trial. One Scottish, one foreign.
  49. 1 point
    Perhaps we (and them themselves) aren't as strict diet wise. Tiny things make massive differences.
  50. 1 point
    No sure there's anything sinister in this to be honest. Don't know why Dundee would release pictures of a saturated pitch if they really believed the game should've went ahead.
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