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    Before I start I just want to get this out the way ; one performance doesn’t make you a great player, I hate to put any unnecessary pressure on players and I’m not claiming he is the next big thing. BUT Finlay Robertson take a bow son. That has to be the best starting debut (I know he’s played before) at Dens I’ve seen for a lad of that age. To stay on the park for the full 90 whilst Byrne was taken off speaks volumes about his display. Confidence, composure, ability, desire, awareness and range of passing he showed it all yesterday. And without getting too far ahead of...
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    5/6 points from two away matches is better than our league cup norm-,keep the heid folks.
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    Tight pitch, wet and slippy plastic, ex-Dee factor. 5 points from 2 games, acceptable after relegation, rebuilding and previous seasons cup results. Time to accept that whilst things aren't perfect they're a hell of a lot better.
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    What a difference a week makes. It’s not even July and it’s doom and gloom already. Starting to feel sorry for JMP as think he is on a hiding to nothing here with the attitude of some. Last season we couldn’t keep a clean sheet to save our lives and this year we have 3 from 3 so as far as I am concerned it’s progress. Rome wasn’t built in a day and I am sure the management are well aware that we need some more numbers in.
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    Pitch for the game tomorrow. Don’t think the ground staff get the recognition they deserve. The pitch in recent years has been one of the best in Scotland.
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    Here lads and lasses I mind being a very naive 13 year auld laddie when we got relegated in 2005 thinking we’d storm the league an we’d be right back at the first attempt... 9 years give or take later we were still languishing but we made it out properly (not counting the club 12 stint) We’ve got to remember that we are one of the big fish now in a wee pond of angry piranhas nipping away at us, making it difficult for us to enjoy the pond and make it back to the ocean again.. bad analogy but anyway teams are gonna make it hard as phuck for...
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    Two away games, two shut outs and 5 points. What's not to like.
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    Hi all, I've seen the pre-match press conference discussed a few times and thought I'd explain what happens. On a week day, usual a Thursday we invite the press in to speak to the manager and a player. This press conference is split into two rooms, one the written press and one the broadcast press. For DEETV we set up a camera and film the broadcast one and put the full thing on for subscribers. The questions asked are normally from STV, BBC, Radio Tay, Wave and 24/7 Scotland (who are a freelance company). 24/7 Scotland are nothing to do with the club at all and don't produce any content...
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    Time for a clean slate (was going to say sheet but he's had plenty of them recently) for Jack Hamilton from his doubters and critics in our support. He's our number 1, under contract, isn't going anywhere and is unlikely to be sitting on the bench in this division when we paid a fee for him and is under contract. Has he had nightmare moments in his Dens career? Yes, St Mirren away first game and St Mirren at Dens last game both instantly spring to mind. Did he recover from both? Yes, he had good games since the opening game at St Mirren, think Rangers draw at Dens sticks...
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    While I wasn't there yesterday I can't help but feel this might be a bit of an overreaction.
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    I think some people need a reality check here. It is our third game of the season with pretty much an entire new team that we all acknowledge is not complete yet. Peterhead might be a league below but they are a very experienced settled team who are used to winning most weeks. You say we have to give the new management team time but then immediately you call it diabolical and as bad as anything under the pervious managers. Let’s not go down that road in July.
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    The way I see it, we need two more forwards. A physical target man to compete with Curran and a more poacher striker to compete with Nelson - think that target man type player won't score many themselves but be essential for our other forward to score with knock ons and service etc, think Nelson gives it his all but isn't near effective alone. Erwin is very very well liked by his previous clubs and Killie fans would be happy to take him back by all accounts - they had one of the best attacks in the league and seemed to do well when he played and just had so...
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    People still going on about Hamilton? Give it a break lads. The guy has done feck all wrong so far this season and has been very reliable. Give him grief if he fucks it up but until then, get behind him because he is our number one. The biggest concern is how low we are on numbers. Lose a few to injury and we're fucked. That's our biggest worry. Plus we still need better quality up top and someone who is creative.
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    That very same career which is very short and he absolutely should be looking to maximise his earnings in what he has left of.
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    if this was the squad we were going with then of course we should all be worried, but it isn’t, I said weeks ago we still needed 4/5 players and I stand by that... 1 more defender (if Davies goes) 2 creative players type players 2 strikers....
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    Haven't read all the posts, gave up as reading them was worse than the actual game. The game was pretty poor but not nearly as bad as the BBC statisticians would make out. We had shots on target, with McDaid's goalbound effort one of one or two that required last ditch blocks. Hamilton looked confident and assured, the defence looked ok (although Forster needs to cut out the 60yrd world cup passes) young Fin was very, very good for a 16yr old, we kept another clean sheet and won a bonus point scoring from the previously unrewarding penalty spot, with 17yr old Mikey Cunningham showing the more experienced players on...
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    Was a poor performance. McDaid hasn't done much to impress me so far and was off the boil today. Mulligan looked good in patches, turned the defender inside out a couple of times but on another occasion was very clumsy with the ball in the box. Robertson was the best player on the park and was running our midfield. Was always available for a pass, was strong on the ball despite his size, dug in defensively and his passing and vision was excellent and something we have been missing for a long time with his through balls and switching the ball to the flanks. Most of the chances we had...
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    Dundee FC failing to score against, never mind beat Cove Rangers and Peterhead two games on the bounce is completely unacceptable any day of the week any year of our history. Picking up a bonus point for being better at two part time outfits at penalties does not change this. It merely softens the blow. The good news is, we have time to strengthen and we simply must. Hoping to see at least 4 or 5 signings including two forwards between now and Dunfermline away. The current squad is way short of what's required.
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    Folk in the Coxy booing his passing was an embarrassment. Same with Cunningham when he kept the ball moving. These guys are 16. We get it, everyone’s frustrated but f**k me.
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    Well well well. Having seen that today we need far more than another 2 strikers. Whilst I thought the back 5 were decent and midfield solid there was just no creativity whatsoever. Mcdaid, I’m not going to say too much but imo we simply have to bring in better. He’s certainly no better at set prices than Martin (spit) woods which is saying something and was quite rightly booked for an embarrassing dive One plus for me was Finlay Robertson who I thought was outstanding (hard to believe really considering how poor we were) for a kid who is 16 and built the way he is he was terrific in...
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    I think we all (as hard as it is) need to remain patient. I don’t think the fact that the story about leaving Aberdeen so early in the preseason has helped as the longer it has dragged on has led to massive speculation and probably a lot of false assumptions being made by both supporters and media alike. I don’t blame the player one bit for taking his time (if that’s the case) to make a decision on his future. You’d have to assume he’ll be taking a pay cut to make his next move and is at a critical point in his career where after being such a highly...
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  23. 7 points
    Just strolled up on the off-chance of a ticket and got one no problem (shoulda been working till 8pm but developed a dreadful stomach bug)
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    My information is that the only acceptable offers (to the player [through his agent] and to Aberdeen) are from us. I was assured the deal was very imminent at the weekend and all May had to decide was whether he wanted to come permanently or on loan, so I can't understand the delay at all. United have no interest and I was told that no other interested parties will get close to our offers. I will hopefully see my source again this evening and will report back. They are not connected to Dundee FC.
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    The very fact that we're not signing players right now suggests that we're trying to break the cycle of filling the squad with mediocrity every summer. Pressure is building on the management to bolster the squad but we have to hold firm. If we can't attract players good to enough to make our starting XI we have to persist with a threadbare squad and use the youngsters.
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    I think we are all guilty (and understandably so) of seeing this from a purely DFC standpoint. May, it would appear, has a lot to weigh up, with 3,4, maybe 12 options to consider. Some will offer him more money, some will offer him more game time. Some will see him have to drop a level, some will see him have to relocate and so on. He's in an industry with a short opportunity to earn a living and arguably this move could be make or break for his career. If he needs time to consider and see every option he has and weigh all that up - and he...
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    *stuck record alert* so if negativity upsets, I wouldn't read on. Said to a couple of lads today that I'm really beginning to question whether I actually enjoy football anymore. Not just going and watching games like today but just the overall lack of excitement, interest, incident or entertainment that the modern game provides. Teams happy to hold on to the ball without ever looking to score (we had a great period of possession with about 20-30 passes before losing the ball still inside our own half and almost getting caught on the break, for example) and just the general lack of character about anything that happens. We have not...
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    With all due respect we really should be beating these teams. They may be physical and well drilled but surely we have the quality to score a few goals against these diddies? It doesn't matter if we have injuries or a new team etc. We should be going out to win every game we play and considering we are in a higher division (recently relegated premiership team) should be blowing these teams away. I bet if you look at the St Mirren forum tonight they will be saying the same thing about their team. Anyway... let's move on and sign 4-5 quality additions and hopefully have a crack at getting...
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    Gents Our first League cup outing last year was a 4-0 win at Stirling and it went downhill from there, ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM. 4 Games on the trot and we haven't conceded a goal, Defence and Midfield look solid, vast improvement on last season, goal scoring woes are still to be fixed, 2 games against lower league opposition who have worked their socks off and we haven't found the net in open play, clear clear message to the Management Team, we have improved 2 of 3 problems areas, if we don't fix the 3rd we will not be in contention at the top. Still time to fix,...
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    Not a dig but I'm curious, what signing would excite you ? I'll be chuffed if we sign May, far enough, he's not been banging them in at Aberdeen but he's been getting game time for a club that are considerably higher up the pecking order than ourselves.
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    It’s a reality check, nothing more, nothing less. After Saturday some thought the league was done and dusted, after tonight some have us on the brink of a disaster. Bottom line is that we are still a work in progress, we have a good starting eleven but we need 3/4 new players to give us strength in depth, esp in the attacking positions. I’m sure McPake is working away behind the scenes and will be doing everything he can to get the players, of the required quality, in to the club. If we can get through to the next round of the cup with this pool of players it will...
  32. 6 points
    I'm afraid that some folk are all to ready, willing and able to lose their sh*t
  33. 6 points
    FFS I thought Hartley was done embarrassing us in the League Cup.
  34. 6 points
    Hopefully none jeezo we know we need players in so does McPake
  35. 6 points
    Gents I live a little over a mile from the Cove Stadium, due to mob offshore today however no flying for the past 2 days due to weather and delays continue this morning, there is a glimmer of hope that I might not get there, next obstacle will be trying to get a ticket if indeed I am delayed. If that happens will need to speak to an old next door neighbour who sits high in the Cove Rangers set up. Fingers Crossed . 1506 hours update - flight cancelled, tickets sold out (Dundee), contacted old neighbour who has kindly left 2 Complimentary tickets at the gate for the game....
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    Totally don’t understand why some fans are so desperate to see Wighton back to be honest. He played almost a 100 times for Dundee (yes I know a lot as a substitute) however other than a few flashes of brilliance he has never performed on a consistent basis and has done nothing of note since leaving Dundee. People are all going on about him being a number “10” and wasted out on the wing. For me I have not seen enough from him to suggest he can perform consistently at this level. Far too often in games Wighton is absolutely anonymous and offers absolutely nothing and at this point in...
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    We've got a really small squad so adding quality additions cant do any harm imo. I'd rather sign someone of the pedigree that may has, than some random from the 6th tier of the English leagues.
  38. 6 points
    Pretty much anyone with two feet can kick a ball, playing a reverse pass blind, whilst under pressure, that not one of your team's supporter or your manager has seen, is pretty damn good. I'm gonna stick with sublime.
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    We could quite easily go out and sign 5 average players to make up the numbers. However, I get the impression we are still only going for quality players. Players who will have plenty options elsewhere and who on paper are better than our division. We will also have to wait our turn in the food chain to sign players from bigger clubs. If we can't get those targets then at some stage we will need to move onto the more average players. I don't see any reason to panic and do that now though. We are still very much in pre season despite playing competitive games.
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    The definition of a high press means pressing the opposition as far up the park as possible in order to shut down the space and pressure the opposition into giving up possession. This involves the entire team having a high line to close the space. When did I say it means losing shape? It doesn’t mean them all running around like 6 year olds to get the ball it means them holding a very high line. If the defence leave a massive gap between them and the midfield then the opposition midfield/forward(s) simply move into the space and then build the attack from there which would totally defeat the purpose...
  41. 5 points
    There is something simple in this equation and I don’t think it’s the game
  42. 5 points
    Agree it would be good to have a big target man again. People knocked Haber but his signing coincided with one of the few decent spells we have had over the last 2/3 years
  43. 5 points
    It was a shitey home display coupled with a shitey home support. Catch 22. Demoralising for both sets. I certainly heard boos when Robertson made a side pass to Cunningham who then passed the ball back. Felt really sorry for them. Some boys in the Coxxy are a complete minter. Seen plenty creativity coming from the boy Robertson. Was making good quick forward passes/through balls. Think he wasted one pass all game when he scuffed his pass out of touch on the right side late on
  44. 5 points
    Agree some posts are unbelievable. Wednesday and today we played against 2 physical teams who have built up gradually to where they are. We have half a new team and injuries already. Cove scored 100 goals last year, conceding 12. Pretty good in any league. For all the issues, I still think we're in a better position than last 2 seasons.
  45. 5 points
    "When you realise just what you've gotten yourself into". (quote and pic: Tele sports writer)
  46. 5 points
    I'd rather May (and any other players we are in for) considers all offers made to him before deciding to join us. That way we (and he) will know he has made the right decision (in his mind, importantly) and have a player hungry to rebuild his career reputation with no regrets about missing out on the chance to play elsewhere.
  47. 5 points
    We can't force May to sign, we could offer daft money though and have bragging rights over Utd but that would just be stupidity, we're a business after all. If they're offering more money just to get one over us then more fool them.
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    You have my commiserations, you share a birthday with my brother and he's a bit of a tool.
  49. 5 points
    Gerry McCabe on the radio 'Gordon Strachan and John Nelms have big plans'. Fantastic appointment and hopefully his plans will sustain the club for years and decades to come, youth is the way forward - not throwing money at it in hope!
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    • If there was one thing you would change about the club which you believe would make a difference, what would it be?

      Me, I would change the following: Tannoy's/Speakers in the stadium, those things make my ears bleed every time they announce that the opposition have scored a goal!
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    • Match Aftermath: St Johnstone 1 - 0 Dundee (25th Aug 2018)
      The Dark Blues lose their fourth game in a row away to St Johnstone, leaving the Dark Blues with no points in three league matches.

      Again it was a player who could have been a Dark Blue who scores. Tony Watt who had trained with the club joined St Johnstone earlier this month scored the only goal just after the break.

      Dundee again had plenty of chances but failed to monopolise on the them.

      St Johnstone 1 - 0 Dundee
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    • Just for a bit of fun I thought we could have a mini DFC fantasy game.

      Pick 11 Dundee players before our league season kicks off at 3pm on Saturday. Formation can be 4-4-2. 4-3-3 or 3-5-2. Five points for an appearance and 10 points for a goal. Captain scores double.

      Free to enter a team. Prize to be decided.

      This is my team...



      Elton (captain)


      Top scorer tie-breaker: Mendy with 15 goals
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    • Once in the hot seat at Dens, ‘Cowboy’ made ‘Wee Georgie’ his number one signing target, spending a full afternoon convincing the player that his future still lay in Dundee and resulting in the frontman re-signing until the end of the season. Shaw however, clearly had an axe to grind as The Courier headline revealed ‘Shaw Pays Big Tribute To McCormack’. With the ‘new’ signing explaining further… “If I’d been given the same offer by Jim Duffy back at the start of the season I wouldn’t have been looking for a move in the first place.” Going on to have another swipe at his ex-boss by adding “…And from where I am standing it seems there’s one rule for managers and one for players, because while I was unable to join another Scottish team because no-one could agree a fee with Dundee, Jim Duffy was able to take himself off to Hibs no problem.”
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    • The sale of Jim Hamilton to Hearts for £200,000 highlighted the two other major issues Dundee faced at the time. Namely a budget that barely seemed able to cover the heating bill, never mind a promotion push and the complete disinterest of the club’s latest white knight turned villain, Canadian ‘business man’ and club owner Ron Dixon.
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