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    I was bloody furious when the board went up and saw the 6 minutes added time, as the first thing that came to mind was that Madden thought Celtic needed more time to score. I don't blame Woods for the goal, because if the normal stoppage time had been given He and the other players wouldn't have been on the park for that to happen. You could see how hurt Woods was after they scored and I thought the whole team played well together as a unit, yes it wasn't a brilliant game but I feel that the players played McIntyre's whole game plan which was to sit deep and defend and hit them on the break (and it nearly worked). I don't care that it was Celtic that played bad or whatever excuse people want to make, what I saw on the park was a lot of hard graft and teamwork from every player in a Dundee Shirt today. Hopefully we can take this into the rest of our games.
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    Hi guys - Sunderland fan here in peace! Thought I'd sign up to share this with you. This morning we released an almost hour long Podcast with your striker Andrew Nelson, which was recorded a few weeks ago. It'll be really interesting for your fans as it covers his career to date, how he ended up at Dundee, how he's settling in and more. It's available on itunes, acast, spotify and youtube - just search Roker Rapport Podcast or click the link below: https://rokerreport.sbnation.com/2019/3/13/18263393/roker-rapport-podcast-an-interview-with-former-sunderland-u23s-striker-andrew-nelson If you'd like to interact with us on social media, we're @RokerReport!
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    Really disappointed with this. The timing is poor, the deal is a little bewildering and the full price cost is nothing short of ridiculous. I hadn't even begun to consider budgeting for a ST this early in the year and with a whole load of different stuff going on here over recent months, it's something that's been a million miles from my mind. I really can't justify scraping about for the money within the next two weeks and I really need to see how things go before committing to anything prior to the start of May. I know in my heart of hearts that if I don't buy a ST, then there's no way I'll be rocking up regularly and paying £24-£30 for a product I genuinely haven't enjoyed for around three years now. Like a few others have said I am beginning to look forward to weekends that I'm not going to games as much, if not more, than weekends where I am (Sunday being a prime example). Things like the bring a friend scheme add zero value for me, because I genuinely can't give the ticket away, so it's just down to whether I a) find the money and b) justify spending it on something that's more habit that anything else. That all said, it's easy saying all the above, but it's harder to make that emotional break and admit that I won't be going to games. Announcing this package has made that a real decision this time when it really hasn't been before now. The fan 'engagement' from the board has been piss poor in recent times and this will undoubtedly sour those relationships further.
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    We had no option but to accept FPS's involvement. The fan-run experiment proved to be a disaster for DFC. Supporters were bitterly split, we had a board paralysed by fear and unable to sack the manager despite a catastrophic run of results. Most importantly we were reliant on a six- figure handout each year to plug the huge hole in our finances just to keep us afloat. Even if we did have a choice I'm still glad FPS got involved. We've been a failure on and off the park for decades, staggering from one financial crisis to another, a yo-yo club that was fast becoming a Championship club. Our fortunes have undoubtedly improved since FPS arrived though. We've seen some quality players like Stewart, Hemmings and Thomson, we're in the league above United for the first time since 1960 and crucially we've established ourselves in the top flight for the first time since 1990 (the bank paid for the Bonetti era so I don't think that really counts). For the first time since the 1980s I've been able to concentrate largely on the football without having to worry about rogues in the boardroom taking us to the brink of going under. It's fair to say we've been served beans on toast at the top table week after week for the last couple of years but the fact we're at the top table is what matters to me, and I'm in a no rush for us to bite our nose off to spite our face and tell FPS where to go.
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    The best ownership we have had in my time supporting Dundee FC. I’ve been going to Dens since 1980 and for the fourth consecutive season we have finished above Utd, we have a competitive youth policy where kids are now signing for Dundee over united, we have had international players in our first team, we are trying and hopefully will have a new stadium. Fan ownership was dreadful. Communication is the only draw back with FPS, as there is none, zilch, nada.
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    Gonna miss my 8th home game this weekend due to work commitments, I've not even looked further ahead yet. A ST for me is just a way of helping the club, unfortunately the time has came where I've got to prioritise and decide what's important and what's not. Paying for a ST for me is just throwing cash away, my young lass is bored shitless with the fayre on offer and my goddaughter is off to Uni. The missus still wants to go but I'm not buying the 5 tickets we normally buy in the next fortnight and I'm not paying the full prices. So that'll be 5 ST down next season. I'm gonna be out of a job, or in a lesser paid job, too so I'm just gonna call it quits as far as shelling out daft money goes. Could be a good reason why the club have made an announcement today but I wouldn't bet on it with our past history. I think (guessing) that Campy is dead in the water and that FPS are on their way out and are grabbing as much dosh as possible to either tidy up the books or to recoup some of their personal losses.
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    But that was in the 94th minute and “4” additional minutes would have been reasonable. If Celtic had scored in 91/93/93 or 94 it would have been churlish to moan about the extra 6 but they scored in 95+. Last week we watched Hearts waste time from the first to last minute, there were 6 subs and over 30 fouls. ODea was down for as long as this week getting treatment. There is just no consistency.
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    Why not ask fans just to commit to a season ticket now and allow them to pay it up over the next 4/5 months? Paying £85 a month would still mean the club would get their 340 from each fan by July but would also be a lot more appealing to fans. There are plenty ways the club could have made this more appealing without actually lowering the price. As it is there is no out of the box thinking. The result is that less current season ticket holders will get one and there is nothing there to encourage new fans.
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    Even if they'd said a couple months ago (transfer window) that the ST's were going to go on sale earlier than they previously had, it would have given folk a chance to start organising. An announcement and then a 2 week window is just piss poor. Sorry, as someone who is generally sympathetic to the club I think this has been really badly handled.
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    I'd really like Nelms to come out and explain (justify) the new package and especially the two week price freeze. Who do they think that benefits? How do they think it makes people who don't have that money sitting and ready - and who don't want to take out a loan and effectively go into debt for their club - feel about DFC? Do they understand that they are adversely impacting on the relationship between fan and club and ownership? How do they come to the full 'no special deal' price? How many tickets are sold at the top price annually, so is it just a 'fear' number? What do the board feel the increase is price is justified through? Inflation? Increased entertainment? A bigger playing budget for the manager? Or just because? What we get is a video harking back to a certain Argentinian, the V&A etc etc etc. They even managed to scrape a few goals from this season in there too... just. Continually pissing off your customer base and ignoring them will only ever end one way and unfortunately, a lot of the fans seem to feel pissed off and pretty much ignored.
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    If I'm being honest I couldn't care less about sevco or kamara
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    We`re giving up more goals per game now than we were under McCann. With JackHam, Inniss, Boyle, and Kerr all jettisoned (for various reasons) for Dieng, O`Dea/Kusunga, McGowan, and Horsfield we're defo not better and arguably worse! I've made no secret that I wasn't a fan of McIntyre's hiring, and he's bewildered, confused, and frustrated me with some of the things he does and says since he's been here, and I'm really not sure he's the man to take us forward........ BUT it is what it is at this point, and I'm backing him and the squad to pull us out of this. Because what choice do I/We have as Dees. Nothing would make me happier than a crazy winning streak to finish our season off. Food for thought - once Davies is fit he will go straight into the line-up, Woods and CCurran will never be dropped, therefore we will have a forward, midfielder, and a defender as stick on starters that all played for the twa relegated teams last season. Before somebody jumps on me please remember that criticising JM does not mean that one is defending NM.
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    Absolutely. I appreciate people are looking to offer ideas that add value, but what I want is a fair price for a ST, and knowledge of the price and with a long enough time scale to be able to budget for it. I don't want DEETV, Penman lounge stuff etc and think those using these facilities would be surprised by how few folk are bothered by this stuff. Most folk I know go to the game and go home again and watch the highlights on TV later. I'd guess that somewhere between 25-50% of the bring a friend vouchers were never used and things like the free pie with a drink etc weren't utilised either. They are, for most of us, false value and the club know it. People talk about match day experience and all the rest of it but in reality most people want to go to the game, watch half decent football (I know that's never going to be a guarantee) and see us pick up a few points along the way (obviously not a given either). Hence when the home form is so bad, and has been for so long, folk aren't looking for sweeteners to entice them into buying a ST, what they want is improvement on the park and to feel like they are being treated with respect by those setting the prices etc. Neither of those things seem to be coming our way, so folk are disgruntled and it will, sooner or later (it feels like sooner right now, but it's early days), hit attendance figures.
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    I know we're only a small section of the support on here and its all a bit 'raw' but hopefully the club will get the message that they've maybe kicked the a**e out of it this time. In the past I'd be ringing the club tomorrow to renew my ST's but its not like you need a ST to guarantee a seat in Dens, a lot of us have bought them to benefit the club rather than to benefit ourselves. I'll not be paying more than 340 quid a skull for our tickets and I'll not be buying in the next 2 weeks. I take no pleasure in this, while I'm a bit disgruntled about how we've been over the last couple of season, I'd assumed almost automatically that I'd be renewing, it wasn't a consideration and my missus was a bit surprised when I told her but it is what it is. I hope this strategy works for the club and they get the money they're looking for but I fear they've got this one badly wrong. If that's the case I hope they're big enough to have a rethink instead of becoming entrenched about it.
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    First of all, everything seems very rushed. Why the rush to get them on sale so quick and why the rush with the two week 'price freeze'. A lot of people won't have been paid by then. It's just basic marketing/PR, which has been lacking at the club and has been for years and years. I shall be getting one, but not this quick the joe public like me need to plan for things like that. I've had a season ticket for decades, that won't change but my god don't take advantage of supporters and use them like cash cows because we are simply not.
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    Got to be a joke surely???? Surely the board aren't so intent on reducing our support even further? Complete 2 fingers to the fans. Enough is enough as far as I am concerned. I miss 2 or 3 home games a season generally. If I didn't have a season ticket some of the midweek/old firm games I'd probably also miss. So I buy a season ticket to help the club rather than for the savings. But they are just taking the piss with those prices and even more so with the timing of this announcement/deadline for early bird. The last 2/3 seasons I've been swithering whether it really is worth getting the season ticket. It is a big outlay for me but at the early bird prices I just about justified it to myself. If the club think I'm going to pay (or be able to pay) £340 in the next 2 weeks then they are on a different planet. Unfortunately that is me now done with the season ticket. I'll be picking and choosing games. Overall that will mean the club will receive less money than they normally would from me over the course of a season.
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    Nope, not in my opinion. His troubles were the lack of support from someone who can't defend in front of him.
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    Scottish football bends over backwards to the old firm. It is an easy fix for time added on-play 35 mins and stop the clock when the ball goes out-official in the stand. Works well in rugby and would improve our game no end. The Hearts game was the worst match this season due to their time wasting and other antics. the SFA don't have the will to improve our game.
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    Scottish Government are supporting and giving the club guidance on the PPP deal (Public-Private Partnership). It's a very complex deal, with a number of different groups involved which is causing the delay. However, seems that the majority of the groups are starting to agree on the finance side of things. Many more hurdles to go, including the planning permission side of things, the tree huggers will no doubt reject it and cause delays. On a side note; I see a lot of supporters on a number of social media/forums, moaning how long the stadium is construction is taking to get underway. These projects take years and years to get going before a spade is in the ground. It's very naive to think that this is the same as people putting an extension on their home, the timescales are the polar opposite. Look at Aberdeen FC and their stadium plans. Taken years to get a spade in the ground.
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    We've been in disarray all season including pre season and including now.
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    There's no denying that the Keyes family have backed us well financially. The problems are down to terrible management of the club from top to bottom so the buck stops with John Nelms who is responsible for the day to day running of the club. Tim Keyes has been loyal to John Nelms but i think it's been to the detriment of the club and think we could have progressed under proper management. I'm not saying JN should have no involvement but definitely think he needs help from someone with experience.
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    Been done before. Bronze, silver, gold etc. I had a dip into this years ago and consulted with the Hibs marketing guy, a Dee I may add, and he said we were over complicating our packages which I agreed with. If you offer too many bits and bobs it then costs money to fulfill that. I know this guy and respect his views as a fellow marketeer. Best to be simple, easy to understand and set a fair price. The clubs message has to be “ we want you, need you, and appreciate your support” so join in . The key to that is engagement, relationships, togetherness, fun, and......value for money.
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    Worst release of the FPS era for me and a release that has me worried about the future of our club due to - 1 - The amount of lifelong loyal fans who have stood by the club and backed them financially through a really poor period on the park with nothing in return (1 home win this season plus 3 relegation battles) that we're going to lose/drive away as this extremely early release with an extremely short early bird period with ridiculous post early bird prices and 2 - Why are they releasing them mid March with only a two week early bird period? We must be absolutely desperate for cash. They mighy get some of that cash in the next fortnight but the amount they will lose by driving lifelong fans away completely offsets it. Joked a couple of seasons ago something along the lines of - they'd be as well charging 500 quid a season ticket and just selling 1500 of them. It's heading that way season on season. Zero long term thinking in increasing the support or even holding on to existing support. Today the club are basically saying - Buy a season ticket mid March. Find out what division for in mid May. You've got two weeks. Go! It beggars belief in every single way from the period dates to the post April 2nd prices to the releasing mid March in a relegation battle. Every season the club seems to be out doing itself on driving away fans with daft post super early bird adult season ticket prices and £30 ticket categories introduced etc. It's a shambles. How to p1ss off and drive away a loyal long suffering support. Think we'll struggle to sell over 2000 if we go down. 2500 maybe a couple hundred more if we stay up. Seriously.
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    To be honest if I didn’t get season ticket, I would be unlikely to go to most games, due to sh*t atmosphere, and results. But I certainly won’t be getting one in the next 2 weeks. PR disaster.
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    I am actually stunned. The timing of this and the prices are mental. If we were not in a massive fight to save yourselves from relegation I could understand the timing (less so the prices) but to release the season tickets while we are a point from bottom, 3 points from 10th and one win at Dens all season is madness. As for the prices! Near 400 quid for a standard Premier League season ticket is a bit much but for a potentially Championship season ticket is taking the piss along with the Premium, Cat A & Cat B gate prices. Two week price freeze though. Aye very good lads, cheers for that. <<<<<< Seething <<<<<< Head's Gone
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      The Dark Blues lose their fourth game in a row away to St Johnstone, leaving the Dark Blues with no points in three league matches.

      Again it was a player who could have been a Dark Blue who scores. Tony Watt who had trained with the club joined St Johnstone earlier this month scored the only goal just after the break.

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      St Johnstone 1 - 0 Dundee
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    • Once in the hot seat at Dens, ‘Cowboy’ made ‘Wee Georgie’ his number one signing target, spending a full afternoon convincing the player that his future still lay in Dundee and resulting in the frontman re-signing until the end of the season. Shaw however, clearly had an axe to grind as The Courier headline revealed ‘Shaw Pays Big Tribute To McCormack’. With the ‘new’ signing explaining further… “If I’d been given the same offer by Jim Duffy back at the start of the season I wouldn’t have been looking for a move in the first place.” Going on to have another swipe at his ex-boss by adding “…And from where I am standing it seems there’s one rule for managers and one for players, because while I was unable to join another Scottish team because no-one could agree a fee with Dundee, Jim Duffy was able to take himself off to Hibs no problem.”
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    • The sale of Jim Hamilton to Hearts for £200,000 highlighted the two other major issues Dundee faced at the time. Namely a budget that barely seemed able to cover the heating bill, never mind a promotion push and the complete disinterest of the club’s latest white knight turned villain, Canadian ‘business man’ and club owner Ron Dixon.
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    • With book one having gone walkabout, our first travel back in time begins in the second tome, which picks up our story on Tuesday 17th September 1996 as Billy Thomson and Barry Smith could be found posing in The Courier with a mop and bucket just below the Dens Park Main Stand. According to the press, the goalkeeper and defender were hoping to ‘mop up’ Aberdeen in the quarter final of the Coca Cola Cup the next night, having seen off our neighbours in a penalty shoot-out in the previous round (which must feature in the lost book!). With the Evening Telegraph exclaiming The Dons to be ‘red hot’, it was clear that the opposition, who had easily beaten Dundee in the previous year’s final, were strong favourites once again.

      Thomson and Smith may have been trotted out to the media pre-match but it was Paul Tosh who hit the headlines with a stunning cushioned header and volleyed finish, which would still be orbiting the planet now had it not struck the back of Nicky Walker’s net. The deadlock broken, the game ebbed and flowed, before the Dee’s Kevin Bain sent a searing volley against the Aberdeen crossbar, but as is so often the case for Dundee, punishment for that miss wasn’t far away. With the cleaning ladies in defence proving they couldn’t even deal with the merest hint of spilt milk, Smith and Thomson made a hash of a weak cross into the Dundee box; a case of ‘after you’ finding the keeper brushing against ex-Dundee striker Billy Dodds, who dutifully added a triple Salchow to his unabashed clatter to the floor. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the play actor then rubbed salt in the Dundee wounds by tucking the resultant spot kick into the bottom right corner of Thomson’s goal.

      Not long after burly ex-Hull man Dean Windass received a yellow card for Aberdeen for bundling into Dundee midfield maestro Chic Charnley, already booked alongside the home team’s Robbie Raeside in a melee after the penalty award,
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