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    I like a lot of what he says. Basically too many wee clubs playing at being professional. I personally would like two leagues of sixteen. No splits and bu**er the 4 x OF games a season. Proper futba. 30 games.
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    Wouldnt it be magic if all the other teams told the old firm that they were going to start up an association and leagues without them being invited to join. Maybe then a lot of people could get back into attending matches and supporting Scottish football.
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    Was going to get Dundee Football Club tattooed along my todger but unfortunately, there wasn't even enough room for DFC so gave it a miss, 'D' would have just been too vague..... 😒
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    Can I ask any Dees who shop on Amazon to click on the smile Amazon option on your account so that the Dfc community trust receives 0.5% of the value of your purchase. Amazon pay the community trust so it's not costing you anything. It might not seem a huge amount but if we all do it, it adds up. It's also compatible with Amazon prime. The community trust have lots of great projects including Alzheimer's, mental health, kids football, keeper school etc. Ddyb 💙
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    I look at a club like East Fife and have spoken to a couple of their directors. They are a community based club, prefer grass but artificial pitch gets used 7 days a week by the community, friendly environment 500-600 fans, supporters lounge used thoughout the week, youth teams, oldies walking football, enough income to pay players 80 - 100 quid a week and Strachan thinks they are arseholes. WTH does he expect them to do and what business model does he want them to adopt? I know those running East Fife would tell GS where he can stick his opinion on how to run a div1/2 club.
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    blah, blah, old firm, blah, blah, old firm is all I hear when Scottish Football authorities talk. Honestly, look after the whole thing properly or f**k off.
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    The fuckers are rotten to the core..despicable set of b*****ds
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    Surely people don't think that Nelms and Keyes are just sitting on their hands?
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    Let me get this straight, you don’t want us to consider a 20 cap Full international goalkeeper who was on Liverpool’s books for 4 years, Bolton’s for 8, and had multiple player of the year awards because he had some dodgy moments? I know the lockdown has been on for a while now but surely you’ve no forgotten who is our only senior ‘keeper on the book? 🤷‍♂️
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    Only team to relegate the “world famous” at Dens
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    I admit that I am an insufferable optimist when it comes to Dundee. It could easily be that there was in fact no difference at all between what we had on offer in the vote and what Mr. Nelms held out for. I still don't buy that many or any clubs in Scotland see Dundee more negatively after recent events. Maybe a bit of a curiosity, but hopefully not much more than that. It is also possible that there was a world of difference between what was proposed in the vote and what Dundee held out for. Just because neither has so far been successful does not mean they were...
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    If the windae lickers across the road bring one out they might be onto something. Even Covid19 wouldn’t go near that horrible colour.
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    I lived close to Croydon at the time and it was brilliant to bring my kids (20 and 18 at the time) to see Dundee and especially the fans on that amazing night. For once they were proud to let their South London friends know that they had Dundee connections. The Palace fans they know thought we were awesome that night. Special night, amazing memories.
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    I fully agree with Strachan and in his statement he never said that any club should be allowed to go to the wall. All he said is that clubs have to find their own level. He is spot on about the product for if the product is right it will mean more sponsorship. He is after all only speaking truth that we all agree with. I remember East Fife when they were a great club and had a great Cup pedigree. No club wanted to be drawn against them in the Scottish Cup because they were renowned Cup fighters, but they were in the First Division at the time. What...
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    If GS is basically saying the Scottish game is f#cked, then he is absolutely right. National team not qualified for a major tournament this century, 1998 if I mind right. Not even close. Teams qualifying for Europe out in the first or early rounds. Champions of SPFL not qualifying for later stages of Champions League and then embarrassing themselves in the Europa Cup. Only one of 2 teams can win the top league. Self serving, selfish and self preservation of clubs, particularly Chairmen now the common thread. Teams who do get a good team together with some decent players, plundered by the a**e cheeks then back to square one. Same...
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    Absolute nonsense. You don't agree so the club should make a statement? Ridiculous comment. Strachan was absolutely spot on IMO. The game in Scotland is heading down the pan unless something is done. We should be listening to guys like Strachan who have operated at the top levels in the game. He made some very relevant points, not least about the product being atrocious with nonsense like plastic pitches allowed in the top league. With so much other football available on tv now we need to something to make the product more appealing to a new generation. The lower league clubs are effectively amateur/junior clubs now, very important to people...
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    Sorry BCG, we more often than not agree on things but I'm embarrassed to be associated with Strachan's comments by way of him 'representing' DFC when he speaks these days. As I often say when this sort of stuff comes up, who are we to decide who has a professional football team to support in the leagues? There's zero benefit to cutting a host of the teams in the leagues adrift and telling thousands of supporters that their history, passion and dedication following what are well run clubs working within their means (unlike most in the top two divisions) that their club has basically zero value just depresses me beyond...
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    Yeh, the article is from that rag but if there is any substance to it, I'd guess the top 6 would play each other twice and the bottom 10 just once, giving a 40/39 split of games. Even this could be a stretch with potential delays depending on testing results etc and the Euros next summer. I don't think anyone knows what next season is going to look like as there are so many variables at play right now, teams unable to play behind closed doors, unable to afford testing etc. I personally think the SPFL should've been taking all this into consideration from the start, but from what we've...
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    Hi barkblue ... This may be going off-key a little (Jings, jist like meh singing & guitar playing) In bygone days I was a heavy smoker...and I'm not sure I was even yet in my teens when I started. Alcohol came into my life later. Possibly around the age of 20 yrs. The alcohol addiction (just like the smoking) kinda sneaked up on me. But I suppose, just like the tobacco, it was part of my "daily fix" I knew it was controlling & killing me (& certainly affecting other around me) But I could never see my life in any shape or form without either tobacco or drink. Neither...
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    No sympathy for Dons, their dubious voting over the years has done only harm to Scottish football
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    I personally don’t give two 💩💩’s about any other clubs now, no one, (apart from Stirling Albion if memory serves me right) cared about us during admin 1 & 2, and most of them have showing their self righteous attitudes to ending the season for the ££’s, and also dismissing reconstruction without seeing any plan, if our insurance policy keeps us ticking along I’ll be happy to see us prosper at anyone’s expense, hopefully at any team that plays in tangerine
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    The problem with expanding the league is this 4 old firm games p!sh, how much the SPL take of the Tv deal is also unhealthy and starves all clubs outside the top league... I’ve said before that Scottish football is the most disproportionate in world football in terms of finances and power, no club has won the league outside the old firm in 35 years and the league has only been won out with the old firm on 19 occasions! Celtic and Rangers don’t want Change or if they do it’s on there terms only.
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    A worrying development if no football in the lower divisions until 2021, we could see a lot of teams in big financial trouble or even fold, meanwhile on old phrase comes to mind for the top 12 clubs "Nero fiddles will Rome burns" do they really care especially our East Coast SPL clubs ? warnings have been there from the start that we need at least a temporary league set up for the next couple of seasons to help ALL clubs through this unprecedented situation. Can DFC ride out the storm with no fitba until 2021 ?? and then how do you build a squad for only 18 games and...
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    Hi Billy Sign into Amazon Google......Amazon Smile.....click on the first link Search for.......Dundee Football Club In The Community Trust .......select as charity (ignore the Arab one below) Return to Amazon and below the search bar you will see........Supporting Dundee Football Club In The Community Trust Hope this helps
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    Agreed. It's ridiculous asking clubs to vote on a 14-club top flight when no-one knows if there will be a Championship next season. If there is a 14-team top flight next season and no Championship you can be sure the bottom half of the Prem will be saying in a year there should be no promotion/relegation. The likes of Dundee and Dunfermline simply have to bury this plan until there are cast-iron assurances that the second tier will go ahead.
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    I'm really not convinced that a competition with no prize would be attractive to many fans - a whole season of dead rubbers just doesn't seem attractive.
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    The Championship can't go ahead without fans and a club of Dundee's size needs to be playing football. We should be included in a temporary top 16, 18 or 20 to see Scottish football through the post-Coronavirus period. A top 14 is fantastic for Hearts and ICT but it's of no use to us.
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    As Chomp has said on many occasions over the past few weeks, I'm still on the 'wait and see' side of the fence. There's still a long way to go in this and a lot to play out, and we don't know what is going on behind the scenes, which is why it may be a bit premature to start having a go at the owners before we know what the set-up will even look like for next season.
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    Loads of talk about saving hearts etc,but nothing about us and other full time clubs who might have no league to play in until nxt year. Its about time nelms and Keyes came out fighting for DFC
  30. 4 points
  31. 4 points
    One of my pals lives in Ayr & frequently sees Craig Brown, Archie Knox, and Ian Ure in his local coffee-house. All 3 doing fine, and they often apologise to other customers for the noise they make (laughing), so it seems also in good form too.
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    People like you are dangerous and ought to be locked up. Your comments are far too sensible to be adopted. Ever. We live in a deranged world where common sense is frowned upon. Good luck with your show trial.😄
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    I really have no idea what he's actually proposing tbh. He talks about clubs finding their level, the part time teams in this country generally operate sustainability to their gate income and don't have a huge dependence on subsidy, it's the likes of the mid sized full time teams like ourselves who are in disarray. On decision making, the regulations of league pass member votes with a bias to the top divisions. Having 22 or so full time teams is more than respectable for a nation the size of Scotland. I dont know if the suggestion is to just eliminate relegation from that. He also talks about these teams being...
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    I agree. I know he rubs people up the wrong way at times but he know what he’s talking about. The powers that be should be consulting with people of that ilk but we know that's not going to happen.
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    This 'carved in stone' view that every reconstruction plan must rotate around four OF derbies narrows the options on what's best for Scottish football at a time of crisis. Or any other time. Every proposal appears to require a split unless numbers in top flight reduce to ten. All discussion seems to begin and end with the OF 'sacred cow' arrangement taking precedence over everything else. Depressing.😠
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    There's no doubt that fitba' is a 'drug' of some sort Gedee. The emotional connection may skew things a bit (or a lot) but I think most of us on here (certainly me anyway) have lost perspective when it came to our club at some point. When I think of the miles I used to travel, the money I've spent, the things I didn't attend or help with that I should have and, being totally candid, the lies that I told, to make sure nothing came between me and DFC, I do think that I've now found perspective somewhat and maybe it's been the journey down that path that's led...
  37. 4 points
    Let's not glorify and reminisce about the days of football casuals as if they were something to be proud of - they weren't and the people involved should really be ashamed of themselves not proud of their 'achievements'.
  38. 4 points
    Not forgetting the constant rattle of the door bell at 5pm on Fridays where your old man had to fork out to the Rent Man, InsuranceBoy, Littlewoods Pools, Milk Boy, Lemonade Lorry, McGills dues, Providential, and Others, mental all cash too, stayed out his way then
  39. 3 points
    Agree with this. There may come a point, a deadline, where clubs are requested by the SPFL to declare whether they can participate or not next season. Only then should a league structure be framed around the known number of active clubs.
  40. 3 points
    The prospect of the season only running with the current top flight as it stands, behind closed doors, and suspended football elsewhere seems horrific. Just taking a very rough estimate at £20 a head over the 19 games, the smallest team in the top division (Hamilton) would have slightly under £1 million coming in for the season. Livi £1.15 million, Motherwell £2.1 million, Hibs £6.4 million, Celtic/Rangers £20 million. In addition, the league sponsorship is ending removing £2.5 million from the prize pot moving another ~£150k. The full-time teams in this country generally operate with players contracted for multiple seasons (which is where pt is a bit more agile) and...
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    My concern would be... what if the top 14 goes ahead without fans and the other leagues get mothballed? At least if Hearts are in the same predicament as us there will be a lot of attention on our situation and greater desire to find a solution to the problem. I fear Hearts being saved might leave us isolated as Club 15, largely forgotten and unable to play football and push for promotion ourselves.
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    Just as a confirmation, per Scott Burns:
  43. 3 points
    Half a season at Dens with a few dodgy goals and he'll be the Hungarian Hamilton.....on the other hand he might produce a couple of decent saves (none of them penalties) fall out with the boss and the fans and he'll be the Budapest Bain
  44. 3 points
    He only stating his opinion on Scottish futba...abody has one, whether it’s right, who knows.. but we all know the way our game is going is on a downward spiral
  45. 3 points
    Given they don't know how long next season might be (due to anticipated return of the virus), they could set this 'unique & temporary' league up to either stop at 30 games, to to split into mini 2 leagues....not just a wee dotted line across & presenters in england pretending they don't understand the concept of 'split'. They could cut the top number to whatever they like (to facilitate the apparently ubiquitous 4 OF games & potential out-of-step european games)....maybe one of the top 6 & one of the rest, with 4/6/yourguessisasgoodasmine to remain in the Prem, the rest going into the top bit of the new championship. When you...
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    Yeah, I'm exactly the same in the terms that it's going to watch DFC that enjoy (I know it doesn't seem like I do!). The tribalism is a turn off for me and the camaraderie thing isn't really part of my psyche. I did sit and watch The Big Match on ITV4 yesterday morning (3 English games form 1976) and while it was a couple of years before my time, I did remember most of the players from sticker books and enjoyed the nostalgia of watching it but that's the only thing football related (that's a lie, I rewatched the Dundee derbies BBC showed) I've watched on telly through lockdown...
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    I didn't realise the shameless dabs were calling for reconstruction less than a year ago. How sweet it would be to see that horrible mob come straight back down.
  48. 3 points
    I agree Cobra. I don't want to see any club go bust because of the current situation especially when, if everyone in the SPFL got together we could sort it out. The vote was given in good faith that reconstruction would be seriously looked at, not just thrown out at the very first meet up of the top clubs. I remember, as most of us will, how it feels to have your club on the brink. All football leagues relay on many teams to develop players that can move up the levels or youngsters loaned out to gain experience etc. We can not survive on our own. I would hate...
  49. 3 points
    Give Rangers and Celtic what they want, a two team league. Let them play one another 36 times, with full houses.
  50. 3 points
    Dabs in the community ! Wash your mouth out . I feel f**cking queezy
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      You'd have thought so but given the mess Budge and levein have made and the panicked statements from Budge there must be a doubt there. 

      Do they offer the high earners a free transfer? Will the players accept one? 

      They've still got about 25 players contracted for next season and many of these will be on big contracts. Boyce, Washington, Naismith, Berra, walker etc.

      A lot of ifs and buts but if they can keep most of their squad and keep them fit then they'll be very hard to beat. Boyce and Naismith are top players in particular. 

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