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    Hartley is a level up completely on McCann and McPake. One bad window cost him, otherwise we'd still have a good manager. I'd have him back in a minute over the dross we've appointed since he left. He deserves a good reception whenever he's at Dens.
  2. 10 points
    f**kin hell ya couple of doom merchants! Lighten up!
  3. 9 points
    Not yet convinced by McPake,Totally against Nelms and co and their conduct/stadium plans etc.....but thats 2 more season tickets bought despite all this! Forza Dundee!
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    We can only work with what we've seen of him since he left, but considering Wighton's brief but successful stint with Arbroath, he clearly still has that talent to play and play well at this level. I'd be more willing to take a chance and have him back in the wake of his time at Gayfield than I would have before it.
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    The protocols on teams resuming training were around early resumptions for the top flight teams with the logic being that obviously their football calendar required that and it's not necessary for lower league sides to take the risk so far away from October. Hearts were given an exemption as they argued there was still a very slight chance of them needing to play in the top flight. The date given for teams to return to training was the 17th August. In the light of some of the rule breaches and transmission of the virus in the footballing community, the JRG met on Friday and reviewed all protocols. The earliest return...
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    What a mess out game is in - ran by absolute muppets . Meanwhile celtc and Aberdeen no sanction from the joint response group .........headed up by Rod Petrie
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    Hamilton is a very good keeper, it's a concentration/confidence issue that is affecting his game. He'd be a top keeper if he can address that.
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    I find it incredible how football fans harbour grudges these days. Some supporters even boo players who wanted to stay but were moved on. Greg Stewart was being abused while he was still a (brilliant) Dundee player. Ian Ure, Alan Gilzean and John Duncan are rightly lauded as three of the best players to ever play for the club but all of them forced moves one way or another.
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    Was raging about Hemmings' u-turn initially but have calmed down over the past week. He turned down other offers to come back last year, probably on lower money than he could have got elsewhere, and was our player of the year last season IMO. He's never made any secret about the fact he wanted to be down in the Midlands with his family and we don't know the circumstances that led him to change his mind. He goes with my best wishes and I've got plenty of great memories of watching him in his two spells at Dens.
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    The only hope Boli has is if he can convince the authorities that he only flew to Spain to test his eyesight.
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    Another public ‘heartfelt’ apology that means nothing to anyone. The cynic in me would bet that Celtic were well aware of the breach but wanted him to play against Killie and would deal with any subsequent ramifications retrospectively. I think it’s time SPFL started to impose point deductions (This is where it hurts teams most) on teams who continue to jeopardise the season and the health & wellbeing of other people. This is not a difficult guideline to follow yet we have 2 blatant breaches from 2 of our biggest clubs in 2 successive weeks. There really is no excuse at all.
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    Morning everyone we completed our run on Saturday evening but some of us continued yesterday. Thank you everyone on here for your support we are not far away from from reach 2k if anyone can you please donate what you can link provided below https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/runforthedee1893?utm_term=VMQdE23a4
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    Just had a glance over RWD Molenbeek history. I know, I know, I'm a bit of a saddo. The club took its title from a 1973 merger. Quickly became successful, Belgian champions in 74-75, same season they removed Dundee from UEFA Cup. Semi-finalists in same competition 76-77. Crashed and burned (bankrupt) in 2002. A new team formed in 2003 and they have evolved since to become RWDM47. Molenbeek, a district of Brussels, better known today as the jihadi capital of Europe, a haven for terrorists linked to ISIS. Dundee are a bit of a jinx to some of our opponents in Europe. FC Liege bankrupted in 1990s, since revived....
  14. 4 points
    Harry, these ill-thought, flippant responses from you, does not help anyone ... Jings Man ye ken yir stuff freend ... Do you think some o' your intelligence will ever pass on to me if eh keep reading your posts. I just love reading your posts. You're aye ahead o' the game.
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    I think BCram is just trying to say he hopes everyone gets behind the player if he re-signs instead of remaining cynical and waiting for him to fail. If a section of the support don't believe in you, it can be very hard to turn it around, as we saw with Holt.
  16. 4 points
    And often had to track back and defend.
  17. 4 points
    Cobra I don’t think the SPFL have the Balls or The Brains in charge to Want to do that. If SellTic Won the League for 20 Years in a row they still wouldn’t Think that was a problem. They had a chance to reorganise this Summer but Clan Mentality Reigns Supreme. Rule 1 Is My Clan OK Rule 2 See Rule 1.
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    Positive post in yesterday's tele about the run https://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/fp/dundee-fc-james-mcpake-fundraising-trek-just-giving/
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    Good player and a likeable guy. He drifts from place to place but when he's a Dundee player he does well for us. Hopefully both him and the Dee can have a good season, and if he ends up having a third spell at Dens like Harkins I won't be disappointed.
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    They didn't think to do this before the season started or even after the Aberdeen fiasco. The SPFL is so inept it took government intervention and the threat of football being stopped before they came up with punishments for breaking Covid regulations. Incredible.
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  22. 4 points
    Sturgeon says of the Celtic breach: "Consider this the yellow card. The next time it will be the red card." She's effectively threatening to ban professional football this season in Scotland. Why not throw the book at clubs involved in breaches? Deduct 10 points or whatever. It would be outrageous if smaller clubs were to face going under as a collective punishment for the behaviour of certain individuals at certain clubs.
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    Cant believe what I am reading,he had one good season. The doon derby papered over some large cracks,then the following season we were an absolute joke. Over his time we had 3's and 4's from the dabs,not mention the 6-2 game. Pumped 7 at home from the Don's,with a defender getting a hatrick. Knocked out the cup first round,and when we did get to the quarters we were pumped from sevco. That's not even starting on his transfer record,allows ggh to go and we are left with William's and Vincent,yordi up top. And what was the name of that Spanish striker who came on as a sub once? Sure I...
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    He does deserve a good reception. He had a good 18-24 months as Dundee manager but after that the wheels well and truly came off. It wasn't just a bad window it was stubbornness to abandon a philosophy that we didn't have players capable of playing to.
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    This is far too complex for most fans to bother getting involved with. That's why the Foundation has been such a success and will probably raise more in one year than DFCSS has since its inception. As I've said before, DFCSS is a useful legal tool to have available in future if needed, but it's remit for fundraising etc. is too cumbersome. Added to the personality clashes, it's best for DFCSS to take a back seat for now.
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    Best manager this century but he cut his nose off to spite his face when he pushed Harkins out the door.
  27. 4 points
    Would have become an even bigger legend if that DAB hadn’t almost finished him.
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    What we should remember is the boy’s been under constant pressure to perform since an early age. That’s bound to take its toll. I agree he’s at the age where he should more consistent as the talent’s definitely there, but with the pressure and bad injury I think we should cut him some slack. Weather it’s with us or elsewhere I wish him a successful and long career. Unless it’s across the road, then you can omit “successful” from the above sentence.
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    We need a new number 1. If we stick with Ferrie and Hamilton, and Ferrie starts over Hamilton then that will be the end of him. He is good in one on one situations but has been well under par in all other aspects. I feel sorry for him as his confidence issues / mentality issues have completely crippled him and there was something there at some point seen as he was highly rated from many sources. However, there are times he might as well not have even be standing in the goal for how much use he is. Most, if not all, outfield players can get away with being...
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  31. 3 points
    Can’t honestly say I have seen Ferrie enough to make that call. We surely have to bring in another ‘keeper you’d imagine though. Unless we just go down the emergency loan route if one gets injured? Like you say there might not be the budget for it
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    I was trying to say that if he did come back I hoped that those who thought he was not up to standard and was over praised might at least give him a chance to show what he can do without prejudging him. It's quite some time since he played for us, we are in a lower division and if the manager thinks he is a player that would be a part of his plans for the team I just wanted to put in a plea to wait and see how things turn out. Keyboard warrior seemed to me to describe someone who is very fixed in their views. From...
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    So they say, but when it was entirely predictable that breaches would happen they should have had something in place from the get-go.
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    I'd be surprised if the Aberdeen bunch and Bolingoli are the only players to have breached covid-19 guidelines. How many more we don't yet know about? Maybe a few more shaking in their shoes, confessing to their bosses, cover-ups underway? Footballers abiding by the rules? Hmmm.
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  36. 3 points
    He was in the Midlands before he came back so if it was that big a deal why come back? I suspect he had no better offers and that's why he came back. Never looked particulalry happy to be back. Then first offer he gets he is off like a rat up a drainpipe. Good player but we are trying to build something at this club so boys like Hemmings are absolutely no use to us whatsoever. Will no doubt be on the move again in 12 months time.
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    In 2015/16, the balls from Stewart were so exquisite that Hemmings could just focus on running into space, having a look and smashing the ball past the keeper. I think we probably saw a different Hemmings this time because the service wasn't there and he was feeding off scraps in most games.
  38. 3 points
    Coming back to bite us on the a**e - mark my words.
  39. 3 points
    Interesting thought Chomp about being "driven". I thought he was a workaholic who needed a break. I think managers are lucky if they get a club that suits them and there is a realistic attitude to what success looks like. I think balancing the books and living within our means might be the attitude that is missing at Dens. Hopefully McPake will get the chance to build success for our club, rather than buy success. Since the Gellatly days we have had a succession of businessmen in charge and the pressure to keep up with spending has been our measure of success. We have the fourth biggest budget so we...
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    They should also be putting out concrete guidelines as to what happens if this season is cut short. What number of games required to make a valid season, whether play offs will be played, cut of dates to call off leagues etc. etc. Would hate to be in the same situation as last season, maybe us top of the league or perhaps more realistically in a play off spot and ending up staying down due to the Covid situation. More so if the DABs end up in the bottom two and end up saved. Nightmare scenario or what!!!
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    After just watching Hibs at the Dump you could just well be right. They were nothing special against a poor United side; hell of a poor game!
  42. 3 points
    Look, whatever you do, don't upset Celtic. That seems to be the watchword. Sing sectarian songs...repeatedly. Wreck seats etc in stadiums, have controversial banners either abusing former managers or celebrating terrorist activities, bring fireworks to every game and never, ever, ever remove a flag that covers paid for advertising after being asked to do so a few times. But please don't upset Celtic. Doncaster 'the puppet' in Lawells pocket dare not upset the chief. Breaking the Covid protocol a mere abberation in the view of SPFL.
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    All the the young people from Aberdeen traveled to Inverness, Stonehaven and down to us in Dundee on Saturday and got pissed, the trains and taxis where busy. So much for locking down Aberdeen, there is going to be a big spike in the virus and it will be down to the young idiots who don’t think they will catch it.
  44. 3 points
    Aaaaaand Boli from Celtic has went and f**ked it up for Scottish fitba, stupid tw*t.
  45. 3 points
    Have to strongly disagree with this bit. For me Neil McCann showed no promise whatsoever as a manager at any point and I include the games he won to keep us up in that. At least PH showed some promise but just signed too many very mediocre and non committed players in a very short time. I partly blame him for that and partly the insistence of JN on using only specified agents and on doing the analysis of potential signings through that system that essentially contained sales videos. Was a bit like buying a sofa from SCS rather than Gillies because you saw it advertised on TV and it...
  46. 3 points
    Never heard that side of the story re pay cut for Harkins. I did hear he was open to PH about Williams and Vincent’s lack of quality... He was proved more than correct as both were terrible signings.
  47. 3 points
    sorry, posted the whole report on a separate thread. Thought it made a lot of sense and it seemed worthwhile to let everyone see the thinking. could mods transfer my post to this thread?
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    ^^^^^ Drug dealer or pimp ?
  49. 3 points
    Yep, Feynoord were European Cup winners in 1970 then Ajax 3 times on the spin from 1971. Twente gave us a football lesson that night at Dens and you could only stand back and admire it
  50. 3 points
    Down in York just now and the pubs are doing all they can. Every pub Ive been in and thats been a few are doing track and trace, you have to use hand sanitiser before you sit down, tables socially distanced, only table service, no standing, after a table becomes free its cleaned as are the chairs, limited amount of people in the toilets, one way systems, card payment at your seat. Seems to be working well and I was out late last night.
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