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    Dundee Football Club isn't the one that's going to relegate, award titles or promote teams. All your own clubs voted. Most of them to relegate Partick Thistle unfairly. You have no right to complain about us. To the Rangers fans, awarding Celtic the title, the source of all your fury, is, again, not our decision. Dundee fans want a fair solution for everyone, not just ourselves, you can be assured of that. We have been shafted time and again by other clubs and the SPL, SPL and SPFL but that doesn't change the fact Dundee fans are, by and large, pretty reasonable given all we've been through. If we do...
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    Last season the worst ever. A disgrace. Previous two seasons only a fraction better. This season so far? 6 unbeaten before today. 7 unbeaten in 90 minutes. Feel really proud of the players and feel like there's a connection and togetherness with the players and fans for the first time in over 3 years. This team is well worth watching unlike the last 3 seasons. We should back them to the hilt numbers wise and vocally.
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    Just seen on the Grampian news Jackie McNamara has been admitted to hospital with a bleed on the brain. This puts football rivalry on the back burner. Get well soon son.
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    Our club stood by you when you had your serious injury, gave you an extension to your contract despite never knowing if you would kick a ball again. We then gave you a good job coaching the kids, a job that coaches up and down the country would love. We then gave you the first team managers job despite you being nowhere near ready or qualified to be in that position. This club has been good to you... Now do the decent thing and think of the club and walk away, you are killing the club that has been so good to you, that helped you in your hour of...
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    You'd think the guys who played 30+ games during the Deefiant season and ran themselves into the ground to keep the club alive would be able to read this board without seeing digs about their lack of commitment... but apparently not.
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    Not sure if it has already been mentioned but credit where it is due for the transfer business so far. No doubt many mistakes made last season and questions were asked about the interview process or lack of it when we hired Mcpake and then the pricing of various tickets. Looks to me if the fans are willing to back the club with their money despite it being more expensive than a majority of our rivals then the board will back the manager with a very healthy budget. As fans I don't think we can ask for much more than that and personally I don't have an issue paying that...
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    Your team has just played it's best game of football in a long while....in a game no one really expected us to win in a competition that is way down our list of priorities I disagree with most of your assumptions/analysis BTW. I'm just glad i can appreciate the effort, recognise how well we played and how close we came, and be thankfull for the many positives of today; even if others prefer to focus on the downsides. Takes allsorts though!
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    I must admit, I’m really starting to dislike a proportion of our support. Booing when 4-1 up against Dunfermline, and now the utter vitriol against the club and Nelms. I know I’ll get abuse for this,but it’s honestly the way I feel. You just have to look at this site and the Facebook ones to see that they are busier when we have a bad result, or something like this occurs.
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    My 5 year old grandson was lucky to be a mascot for Dundee FC at the dump on Friday night. I just want to say a thank you to DUFC for allowing the away team to have a mascot but more importantly I would like to thank everyone connected to DFC who ensured he enjoyed an amazing opportunity. Top praise to the players who allowed him into the dressing room pre-match and willingly signed the ball he had been given. He really enjoyed that bit!! The club also gave him other bits and pieces which he loved. Finally a special thank you to Cammy Kerr, his favourite player, who said...
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    Thistle fan here - pleased to hear the reaction of you guys to the latest news. To me, that makes a difference so won't stop me going back to Dens, but you can imagine what some folk who don't know what the average fan thinks might make of it. Been thinking about the 'lucrative' friendlies. What are the chances of these being held in the USA ? Could that be it ? Good luck, whatever happens ....
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    Most are probably aware but Deefiant hero Jamie Adams has been forced to hang up his boots due to a long term knee injury at the age of 32. Signed on loan from St Johnstone in 2010 he played 11 games for the Dark Blues. He's probably best remembered for scoring the winner at home to Partick after the -25 points deduction which sparked wild scenes within Dens Park. This was the also the red card display match and the first time that season that we did the 'huddle'. All the best Jamie.⚽👏
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    Did Pavarotti not sing about them?
  15. 19 points
    Before I start I just want to get this out the way ; one performance doesn’t make you a great player, I hate to put any unnecessary pressure on players and I’m not claiming he is the next big thing. BUT Finlay Robertson take a bow son. That has to be the best starting debut (I know he’s played before) at Dens I’ve seen for a lad of that age. To stay on the park for the full 90 whilst Byrne was taken off speaks volumes about his display. Confidence, composure, ability, desire, awareness and range of passing he showed it all yesterday. And without getting too far ahead of...
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    I didn't go tonight. Not because I don't still love my club but because it's hard enough to drag my a** to watch the team even when I've paid for a ST, never mind lining other club's pocket on a Friday evening. Hence I watched the game on TV. Well, I say watched but in all honesty I lost interest at around the 50 minute mark and ended up having the game on in the background as I booked an appointment through online chat to get my boiler serviced (no, that's not my other half!) and replied to a few emails. The game was so bad and we were so...
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    I was going to post the following under the "Do We Stay Away From Games To Get Our Point Through" topic, a good one despite coming from a now banned numptie, but thought it deserved a topic of it's own. I have thought long and hard as to whether a boycott would be a good idea. I don't think so. Depriving the club of funds is not a good idea imo but I am coming at this decision from another angle. There is no doubt the supporter apathy and poor atmosphere comes from the poor side selection, poor performances and a few related issues like ticketing matters, pricing and the...
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    Anyone willing to take it off my hands? Two requirements 1. you live locally but can't afford to attend games for whatever reason and 2. you don't boo the team before the final whistle. I work most weekends and that's just the way it is, so all I can do is make a token gesture to the club.
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    He turned down a Premiership club and took a wage reduction to stay at Dundee and the first thing you come away with is "would he make as much elsewhere?". Get a grip of yourself.
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    WTF, some utter nonesense being posted here about John Nelms and the blame he should carry for the mess we are in. Had he kept the No vote, and given what we know now, does anyone believe that reconstruction would have been more likely, or the relegations avoided by some other jiggerypokery? We all watched the cracks in the dam grow over many years. When the first holes appeared and the authorities suggested sandbagging up the doors of the clubs in the low lands downstream, Nelms thought he could get them to deal with the holes in the dam as a condition of acceptance. That those discussions broke down is...
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    Last match I got to attend with my Dad. He was riddled with the big C and really frail and not well by that time. I remember getting to his house that day to pick him up and he said he didn't feel well enough to go. My reply was that if I had to put him over my shoulder and lift him to Dens I was doing it! I knew it would be our last match together after 38 years following the Dee. So to add in the emotion of that, together with all the others experienced by everyone posted above, it was a bittersweet day indeed. I do...
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    There's a much longer answer to this but in a nutshell... John Nelms has gone absolutely through the ringer in the past week for the good of scottish football and our club. He's taken an enormous amount of stick from people desperate for answers when none were ready but stood firm because it was the right thing to do. All of this was when there wasnt a great deal that could really be won for dundee. In the grand scheme of all scottish football, we weren't really due anything. Yes we missed out on a play off shot that we had a tiny chance of winning but of all the...
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    Love these positive topics and I’ve got so many to choose from so I’m gonna list all meh wow moments.. 2003 Scottish semi final against caley, I was 11 and had the chicken pox that day, should have really stayed home but as a young excited dee going to hampden for the first time, there wasn’t a hope in hell I was missing that ane.. I mind the roar when georgi sliced his shot in the bottom corner and it was mayhem.. first time I realised there was something special about our club.. the final was great for the crowd and atmosphere but rangers were there for the taking.. opportunity...
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    Reading this post took me back. I have my late fathers scarf he wore to Dens when we won the League. He passed in 1965 and I have kept this for all these years. It is a dress scarf. Have attached a pic.
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    Season in the coxy, absolute embarrassment today. Booing our own player, booing whilst keeping the ball at 4-1 up. Up there with the worst fans. Great result against one of the form teams. Need the players to be big and not hide when the toxic bile starts from the “fans”.
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    In fairness, they've got a demand to sell more tickets, why would they be giving them to us? It's self interest and I think we'd be applauding our board for doing the same and if they are selling more half season tickets on the back of it, that's showing that they've got some commercial acumen. I'd love us to be in a situation where we could potentially take another 1200 tickets at Dens and sell them but disappointingly, our attendance has been falling for the last few years and for whatever reason, and whilst we crowd boast, we're not in a very good place right now and our TV games...
  27. 16 points
    Season tickets bought, very busy day the lad selling the tickets said , lots of renewals as people in the line saying they couldn’t buy the same seats online
  28. 16 points
    If Meekings leaving is the bad news I can't wait for the good news! 😁
  29. 16 points
    Well blow me..... (😮), went and told the missus I was planning on buying mine and she reckoned 'we' would save money if she was going to the games with me (true) so I've just bought two ST's. I think we've each shuffled along a seat from our old ones (officially) but there's another £510 quid into the coffers. Was originally planning on not getting them for another year to shift debt but hey ho, gotta be in with the in crowd.
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    Beginning of the end for me. It's not enough that these two clubs have all the financial advantage, or that they stranglehold the voting structure, now they want to ensure their youngsters and youth squads are unfairly advantaged as well. So they'll have an even better opportunity to scoop up all the young talent (barely any of which they ever give a first team game to) with the prospect of playing professional football against professional clubs and no incentive to loan them out. They'll scoosh that bottom league leaving us a situation where the OF begin to demand promotion for their second teams, or otherwise the team finishing 3rd will...
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    Daily on here.
  32. 16 points
    Well, this is a forum first. Can't say I've ever seen a Dee posting in the hope that the club's manager gets convicted of a crime so we can bin him and get a new guy in. I've consistently criticised McPake in recent weeks, but what the f**k?
  33. 16 points
    Did Hemmings not hit the bar? I think your directing your frustration at the wrong player. Hemmings has been good this year and put in a power of work. We've created cock all for him - i feel sorry for him.
  34. 16 points
    Said to a few lads round about me today that I was embarrassed to be sitting in that crowd. Forster has been awful in recent weeks and he flogged their first goal but booing the lad during a game just because he got a touch of the ball? It's not for me. Then at 4-1 and a man up we go from the derry giving it the good old Olés as we strung together about 35 passes together, to the Coxy booing 5 minutes later because we were moving the ball about and trying to make a 'beaten' team work themselves to a stand still rather than going all out...
  35. 16 points
    I got in from the match on Saturday, totally hacked off, walked into the dining room where my James McPake framed shirt from the season I sponsored his home kit hangs in pride of place, and thought 'f**k you you prick'. I then fumbled in my pocket for my season ticket and thought 'why the f**k did I waste my money on this garbage'? Had a think whilst eating my bridie and beans and actually more or less decided to take the shirt off the wall and file the season ticket under mistake and basically do as I've always promised myself I'd do one fine day and give up completely...
  36. 16 points
    I heard that Shankland’s been back at Ayr to get trained properly
  37. 15 points
    Bought a season ticket after many years PATG and choosing games, persuaded another ex ST holder to buy one, both full price season tickets.
  38. 15 points
    I’ve been a Dundee fan for over 30 years and like a lot of Dundee fans I’ve never bought a season ticket, this is where the problem lies at the moment as there is no games for the pay at the gate supporter to hand their money to the club, we have basically the same amount of support as the scum over the road but we have more pay at the gate supporters and they have more season ticket holders, I’m actually going to buy a season ticket for me and my two sons as it will help the club. We have a lot of fans who are sadly not...
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    We've been behind them in fan engagement for years - as long as I've been alive. They're always going to outstrip us as 2 generations ago grew up with European football, winning the league. The last generation has seen a couple of Cup wins. This generation will be taken along for the journey because, the two before it will take them. People seriously need to stop talking about United. Stop comparing ourselves to a united and stop popping off at United at every opportunity. They've just won the league and their crowds will swell due to that. Are we in a precarious position? Possibly. No more so than the rest...
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    Lads I’m just catching up this as came off all social media for a couple of months, was bursting my head with lockdown. Will give you some inside info but please don’t give me any grief, just take it or leave it! Berra is likely coming back. Told his relationship with Budge is irreparable and the only way he will stay at Hearts is if the new gaffer fights Budge on it. If he leaves Hearts then he wants to come to Dens. Told we reached out to Andy Halliday and Jason Holt after they were released by Rangers. Halliday though is hoping to go abroad but Holt is a...
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    It’s a question asked a few times now and I have yet to see a proper answer but.... what in your opinion could John Nelms possibly achieved for Dundee that I’m missing? We we’re 3rd in the league and there was no chance in hell of the season being played to a finish. Also then in relation no chance of playoff places being of any use to man nor beast. If we had voted no, yes we could have taken the moral high ground and said “that ones for you Partick” whilst at the same time (through no fault of our own) denying quick cash to all clubs to potentially...
  42. 15 points
    Dont understand how anyone can take any negatives from our performance yesterday. It was night and day from what we've seen for most of this season as it was a 90 minute committed comfortable performance where we were clearly the better team. Didn't let our concentration drop to concede late on and I reckon we could have scored more if the conditions weren't so bad. You'd do well to see Liverpool or City play well in those conditions. You're correct the standard is poor in this division and Thistle were pretty poor, but you still have to work your socks off for the win and if Thistle lacked quality, that...
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    He did the unglamorous stuff. He stuck the foot in, he broke up play, he held the midfield line well, he gave them no peace and stopped them building a rhythm, he moved the ball smartly and he allowed the guys like Dorrans, Gowser and Callachan to play in the role that they were meant to be, without having to drop deep and slow the game down - something that's been a massive problem up until now. I can't pinpoint one individual piece of brilliance, or a killer pass, but that's why guys like McDaid and Dorrans are in alongside him. I'm not saying he's Barry Smith (after all there's...
  44. 15 points
    The 4th goal against Cologne in 1971scored by Gordon Wallace or Bobby Wilson, I cant remember who. I thought the roof of the South enclosure was going to come off. I remember on the lead up to the goal a collective groan went up when Jocky lined up for a stottie-up as he wasn’t renowned for his tackling. Jocky went right through the German lad. 😁 it was reported in the Tully next day that after the match the Cologne star Wolfgang Matheus was spotted wandering about the dressing room area with a look of utter shock on his face. A brilliant night that I’ll never forget.
  45. 15 points
    Guys, can you please be a bit more respectful to new members. He has kindly came on to share information (even if it is just rumours) on the forum. You either take his posts with a pinch of salt and move on or you take them for what they are, a bit of fun and a rumour and move on. If they turn out to be not true, so what, if they turn out to be true.... then we have a decent wee mole on the forum There really is no need for the catty attitude towards a new member.
  46. 15 points
  47. 15 points
    Think he’ll be the same colour he’s always been😁
  48. 15 points
    Hi all, Hope everyone is well. First post in a long time. Through thin and thinner... Mon the Dee 💙
  49. 14 points
    I know that we're maybe coming at this from different angles but is it not possible that we could all come together and show a united (spit) front?. The clubs immediate future is on the line and I think we need to stick together and back those in charge and put our faith in their judgement. There's no doubt that there will be clubs and supporters of those clubs who'll be out to shaft us but I think we need to stand firm and defend OUR club. I don't think it's the right time to be calling into question the integrity of our MD especially as there's been no wrongdoing...
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      The sale of Jim Hamilton to Hearts for £200,000 highlighted the two other major issues Dundee faced at the time. Namely a budget that barely seemed able to cover the heating bill, never mind a promotion push and the complete disinterest of the club’s latest white knight turned villain, Canadian ‘business man’ and club owner Ron Dixon.
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    • Hearts
      With it looking likely they'll be joining us I wonder if they have reductions in player contracts in the event of relegation.

      You'd have thought so but given the mess Budge and levein have made and the panicked statements from Budge there must be a doubt there. 

      Do they offer the high earners a free transfer? Will the players accept one? 

      They've still got about 25 players contracted for next season and many of these will be on big contracts. Boyce, Washington, Naismith, Berra, walker etc.

      A lot of ifs and buts but if they can keep most of their squad and keep them fit then they'll be very hard to beat. Boyce and Naismith are top players in particular. 

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