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The Dark Blues
  • About Gold Membership.

    As little as £1 a month, think about it.... you get more fun out of that than an Arab will with their season ticket a year!

    We thought we would give you guys another option to help us raise donations towards our software and server running costs, but give you something a little extra in return. So, we are announcing our 'Gold' Membership package to help us while at the same time getting a little in return.Gold Membership

    • £12 - 1 Year (That's £1 per month)
    • £50 - 5 years
    • £150 - Lifetime membership 

    Premium Membership is the ultimate premium membership package for the Dark Blues. It features all of the features of normal membership listed below plus:

    • Automatic entry into the Yearly player Sponsorship draw to win a signed framed autographed shirt of our sponsored player for that season or tickets to the annual players sponsorship dinner on our behalf.

    Other Benefits;

    • Premium Member badge next to your profile pic to show you support The Dark Blues,
    • Unlimited private message storage - and the ability to send messages to other members even if their inbox is full and allowed to start unlimited conversations per day (Normal members are only permitted to start 10 per day),
    • Give up to 100 likes per day that count towards other users reputation points and see who gave you reputation. (Standard member limit 12),
    • Can edit your posts after you have posted them,
    • You will be able to by pass the word filter as to show all the sweary words (If you want this),
    • Can bump your own posts up to ten times a day (Limited to certain forums only),
    • Double to storage space to upload images and attachments (Currently set at 5meg for normal members,
    • Send pictures and other attachments in private messages,
    • Customise your profile page with a cover picture,
    • Can post and import status updates from Facebook and Twitter.

    We will be adding to this list in the near future.

    Upgrade to Gold Membership

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