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    CAMMY KERR is a key man for Dundee as Paul Hartley’s side chase a top-six place.

    The Dens Park die hard tells SunSport’s DAVID FRIEL about his trip to the Theatre of Dreams as a kid.

    Kerr also reveals which Dundee player wears Doc Martens and how he was denied the chance to face Gazza.

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    AFRO. Who has the worst haircut? Marcus Haber. He seems to come in with a fresh trim for every game and they are always a different version of a mohawk. He must go to a local barbers . . . or butchers!

    BEYONCE. Who is your ideal woman? Margot Robbie from the Wolf of Wall Street. She’s been in a few good films recently and I am a big fan for obvious reasons.

    CELEBRITY. Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever met? Sir Alex Ferguson. When I was younger I won a Man United skills competition and got the chance to go and watch them train and play a game on the Old Trafford pitch.
    There were young players from all over the world and Sir Alex came over to talk to us and give advice on what it would take to make it.

    DUNDEE. Are you living the dream playing for the club? I’ve been here for 13 years and it was always my dream to play first-team football for Dundee. I had a season-ticket when I was young and Barry Smith was always my hero. He actually gave me my first YTS contract and it was an ambition to sign for the club.

    EGG ON YOUR FACE. What’s been your most embarrassing moment in football? I was on loan at Peterhead and we were playing Dunfermline. I thought the ref blew the whistle and stopped before picking the ball up. It turns out he hadn’t and I got a free-kick against me for handball. Gerry McCabe, the Dundee assistant, was at the game and he still slags me about it.

    FISHING. Any other hobbies? Nothing. Just football. I get pelters from the boys because I go to watch games all the time but it’s what I’m interested in. I’d like to get into coaching one day and I plan to get my badges.
    I have been doing a bit to help out with the Under-17s and I like that side of it.

    GOLDENBALLS. Who’s the best you’ve played with and against? Gavin Rae was captain of the team that won promotion and I’ve never seen a player have so much of an impact on the other boys. Everyone took to him and he led by example. Gav had a brilliant career and you could see why. Romelu Lukaku was the best I’ve played against for Everton in a friendly. He was ridiculous, just a big unit.

    HOLLYWOOD. Who’d play you in the movie of your life? The boys all say I look like Jackie Chan so I need to pick him. If I chose someone else, they would all cane me.

    IDIOT. Who’s not the sharpest tool in the box? Michael Duffy is a great guy but I am not sure he knows exactly what is going on at times. He’s a happy-go-lucky guy but a bit daft. To be honest, since he left I’ve maybe taken his crown. It’s quite an intelligent dressing room at Dundee.

    JOB. What would you be if not a footballer? Maybe a taxi driver, as I am always running people about. On a Friday, the gaffer likes everyone home and resting early before the game so he will get me to take Craig Wighton home. It’s 20 minutes out my way but he’s my mate so I can’t say no, can I?

    KISS ME QUICK. Are you a romantic? I’d say yes but I’m not sure my girlfriend Louise would agree. I do try to be romantic. I’ve booked a holiday for us in the summer so that’s not bad.

    LOOKALIKES. Ever been mistaken for someone else? The first time I ever helped out with the kit for Dundee, someone thought I was Barry Smith’s son! I was only 16 and it was embarrassing. They must have thought we looked like each other as I had the exact same haircut as Barry — a No2 all over. They used to call me ‘Barry’ at Dundee.

    MOURINHO. Which player will make a good boss and why? Darren O’Dea and James McPake will both be good managers. They are taking the Dundee Under-20s and have a lot of experience after playing at a high level. They also have a hard side to them that you need.

    NICOTINE. Addicted to anything? Films. I have an Odeon card and I am always at the cinema. Logan was the last one I watched and it was okay.

    ON THE DECKS. Who’s in charge of the dressing room iPod? It used to be me but Scott Bain has taken over recently and thinks he’s the music man. I’m not sure the boys are having it, to be honest. He claims I just play the top 40 chart songs but I know everyone secretly loves it. I’ve seen them all tap their toes to Ed Sheeran.

    PUB. What’s the best team night out you’ve been on? I always like the Player of the Year night. Everyone is suited and booted, the club puts on a dinner with speakers and it’s always a good laugh.

    QUESTION OF SPORT. Who would be on your quiz team and who wouldn’t? Well, Michael Duffy won’t make it and I probably wouldn’t pick myself either.
    Tom Hateley is quite intelligent and Jules Etxabeguren apparently has a degree. The gaffer claims he’s good at general knowledge so I’d go for those three.

    RATINGS? Who checks their mark in the paper every week without fail? Paul McGowan must be the one because he always seems to get man of the match.
    I’m convinced it’s a member of his family who picks it every week.

    STANDARD GRADES. What were you like at school? I got a couple of Highers but I’d say I was average. I wasn’t a troublemaker but I liked a laugh and all I wanted to do was play football. I left at 16 when I signed my Dundee contract but they didn’t tell me until after my last exam, so I had to study as much as I could. When I got home that day, I found out they had offered me a deal.

    TIME TRAVELLER. What event in history would you like to have witnessed? Dundee winning the league in 1962. Dundee also made two European semi-finals back then and, as a lifelong fan, I’d have loved to see that team play. Pat Liney is around the club every other day and it’s weird talking to someone who has won the top division for Dundee and made history.

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