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    Dundee FC managing director John Nelms has said that Camperdown Park is the “future” of the club.

    The American spoke to the club’s website to reveal that the club plans to put a land use application for “potentially” a new playing or training facility.

    The Tele revealed that Dark Blue Property Holdings Ltd, for whom Tim Keyes and John Nelms are sole directors, bought the site for £1.2m in August last year.

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    Today, Nelms said that the club’s current home, Dens Park, was costing more to run.

    He said: “We’re trying to give a 21st century entertainment product in a 19th century building. And it’s not new news that Tim [Keyes] and I have bought 29 acres near the ice rink in Camperdown Park. We will be putting in a land use application here shortly that we hope really enhances Dundee Football Club (DFC) and not only its day to day inner workings but the type of event we can put on for DFC.

    “We think that that’s going to be the future of DFC and we’re quite excited about it.

    “It’s early doors. I’m not going to talk about it until we get to certain levels – then I’ll talk about it at those levels.”


    He added that there were “a lot of hoops to jump through" but added that talks were positive with Dundee City Council.

    “It’s something that we all see being a good thing for the city. We are trying to make it so we can future-proof as much as possible any facility that we put on that site, and make it exciting and make it work 24/7 and just be a jewel for the City of Discovery. We will continue to work on that and I’ll give updates when they’re appropriate.”

    The nature of the facility at the site hasn’t been finalised with games possibly being played there.

    Nelms added: “Moving forward we’re going to have a really good product. There are exciting times ahead where we’re potentially playing games overseas, playing games potentially in a new facility, training in potentially a new facility – that’s where we’re headed and it’s a lot of hard work.”

    The video comes as the club posted it’s annual accounts. The Dens Park side posted an operating loss of £530,000.

    On that, he said: “Financially we’re sound, we know the risks, we know what we’re doing, it’s sustainable for us. We only take the risks that we know we can afford. obviously we don’t want to be losing money year in year out but that’s the risk that we take and we won’t put the club at risk because of that.”

    To view the accounts in full, click here.

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