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    Photo courtesy of: Derek Gerrard Photography

    John Nelms has revealed that he will buy back Dens Park when the proposed move to a new stadium at Camperdown is given the green light.


    Managing Director Nelms has revealed that the stadium will be bought by his and Dundee owner Tim Keyes Dark Blues Property Holdings Company if they see their plans for a new 15,000 stadium approved.

    The ground is currently owned by businessman John Bennett who purchased the asset back in 2008 but Dundee have a lease with him to rent Dens back until 2033. With the club preparing their planning application to hopefully start building on the Camperdown site, it would seem that the sale would be stress-free for both parties.

    “John is a friend of the club and we have an understanding of what’s going to happen,” said Nelms.

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    “He has been really good to the club, I have spoken to him several times and when we get to the stage things are moving we will sit down.

    “We will buy Dens Park back, if everything goes well that’s what we’ll do. That means that if we miss our target of 2020/2021 then we don’t have to worry about having to leave at any certain time and messing him around.”

    The proposed new stadium would be owned by the Dark Blues Property Holding with the company then renting it to Dundee.

    The club have flirted near the bottom of the table this season and last and this has got some fans questioning what would happen to these plans if the club would suffer relegation from the Premiership.

    He said: “Dark Blue Property Holdings is a totally different company, it’s owned by Tim and I. The Keyes are involved in all kinds of things and they are definitely involved in this of course.

    “I get asked all the time about this and what would happen if the club was in the Championship.

    “It doesn’t matter, it’s happening and it’s a totally different company.

    “It will be a multi-use stadium of which the football club will be one tenant but we will also have concerts there for up to 25,000 fans.

    “We have worked closely with the council to find out what’s needed, so there will be conference space too. This will fill gaps and help to enhance the city.”

    Access to and from the stadium seems to be the hot topic around the new stadium and it all seems to hinge on the club and Traffic Scotland both agreeing on a suitable route to the new venue.

    “It just needs to be a safe access and I think we’ll get to the point where we get to an agreement.”


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