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  • Dundee Dismiss 'untrue' And 'bizarre' Report

    • By UWTB1893
    • 03rd March 2018, 8:38 pm

    Following an article and front page headline in Saturdays Daily Record that suggested Dundee “were on the brink”, the club have acted quickly to shoot down this report and also ban the paper and sister publications from press conferences and to report of matches at Dens.

    In a club statement put out this morning, the club responded to these accusations to ensure fans that this was not the case and the directors were committed to the club.

    “Upon seeing this mornings Daily Record front page the club were shocked to see an incredibly damaging and misleading headline regarding the Financial Statements for the year ending May 2017 which were released yesterday.

    “To claim the club are “on the brink” is completely untrue and a bizarre spin on the statement released along with the accounts.

    “The Board of Directors would like to reaffirm their commitment to the club which was highlighted in yesterday’s statement.

    “We would also like to put on record that due to this ridiculous front page claim we will no longer welcome any reporters from the Daily Record or their sister publications to Dens Park for press conferences or to report on matches.”

    The club recorded a loss of £354,000 up to May 2017 which included the transfer fees of over £737,501 from Kane Hemmings and Greg Stewart from June 2016. Football Partners Scotland (FPS) injected £785,000 into the club to cover the losses but will now look to turn these into shares.

    It’s worth noting that in the previous year’s accounts, the club spoke of the rising cost maintaining the ground, renting Dens Park and changes in accounting rules “would require an additional £500k having to be provided in the 2017 accounts.”

    This was of course all lost on the Daily Record who deemed yesterday’s statement worthy enough to have us “on the brink” despite only selling Jack Hendry for a tidy profit only a few weeks ago. The club may have said that a new TV deal would help them break even as would another 1000 fans through the gate but can't this be said about quite a few other clubs?

    It was selective journalism at its best and it should be known that the Daily Record editor who put the headline on the front page was on his last day of the job and a Dundee United fan at that.

    The word ‘bitter’ springs to mind.


    Edited by UWTB1893

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