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The Dark Blues
  • Dundee Fc And The Curse Of The Scottish Cup

    • By TheDarkBlues
    • 23rd January 2018, 2:22 pm
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    Yes, the title does suggest a Sherlock Holmes type of mystery but this goes much much deeper!

    To let you get a better understand how long it has been since Dundee won the Scottish Cup and had our name etched for all to see, we have to get into a time machine which will take us far back into time, to when the world was a much different place as it is today. No computers, phones, social media and a club called Dundee United - I kid you not!

    How far back you say? Well, the Titanic was still on the drawing board and had not yet made its infamous voyage. The First World War had not yet taken place, George V was still king and instant coffee was the next big thing!. There was also no Ecstasy, Brillo Pads, crossword puzzles and the assembly line production had yet to been invented. In fact ‘takies’ at the movies wasn’t even thought of and the list goes on and on!

    It has now been 108 years since the famous Dark Blues lifted the prized Chalice and it wasn’t easy either as it took over 300 minutes to bring Scottish Cup silverware back to Dundee and Dens Park.

    Dundee had previously played three games against Hibernian in the semi-finals which Dundee finally won 1 – 0.

    The cup final against Clyde was played at Ibrox in front of around 60,000 supporters and ended in a 2-2 stalemate. The replay finished 0-0 (AET) and the second replay finally broke the deadlock, with the Dark Blues winning 2-1.

    Our Scottish cup Heroes of that day were: Bob Crumley, Bert Neal, Daniel McEwan, Bert Lee, Herbert Dainty, George Comrie, Jimmy Bellamy, George Langlands, John ‘Sailor’ Hunter, Sandy MacFarlane and Jack Fraser.

    Our goals came from Bellamy and ‘Sailor’ Hunter that memorable day.

    Since then, Dundee have come close to winning the Scottish Cup only to fall at the final hurdle.

    In 1924 The Dark Blues played Celtic in the cup final but lost 2-0. Dundee had to wait another 26 years to get into a Scottish cup final in 1951 only to be brushed aside by a powerful Motherwell side 4 – 0.

    Dundee’s next chance came in the 1963-64 season when the met Rangers only to be beaten 3-1 that day. It took another 36 years to see the Dark Blues in a Scottish Cup final, again playing Rangers, only to narrowly lose to an Amoruso goal in the 66th minute.

    You would start to think that Dundee FC has been cursed when it comes to Scottish Cup success and you could very well be right.

    After Dundee won the cup, a crowd of around 20,000 greeted the victorious team when they arrived back in the early hours of the morning. 

    The cup winning team boarded a horse drawn carriage at Dock Street and into Union Street and by this time, the Dundee fans had taken over the duty of the horses and the precision carried on towards Dens. However, the weight on the fans broke the carriage’s back axel and the Dundee players ran the rest of the way to Dens Park with a police escort.

    Now, Dundee folklore has it that the Scottish Cup was displayed in the window of a premises which belonged to a Dundee Director, who just happened to be an undertaker. 

    The story goes that a Dundee ‘speywife’ was so outraged and incensed by what she perceived as a bit of bad taste, she preceded to put a curse on the team stating that from that day onwards Dundee FC would never lay their hands on the silverware again.

    Whether this is true or not, you cannot help but have leanings towards believing this tale and what the club has to do to lift this curse, which has seen Dundee go over 108 years without winning.

    So To Whom It May Concern, that Dundee ‘speywife’ of days gone by, we humbly ask that you forgive our transgressions and see fit to remove this albatross from around our neck and lift this heavy curse on our weary souls to which you laid firmly at our feet so many moons ago!

    Failing that, we could always sacrifice all the first born in Dundee! Gulp!

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