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  • Fans Anger At New £30 Premium Gate

    • By UWTB1893
    • 13th April 2018, 7:01 pm

    Dundee yesterday released their season ticket and pay-at-the-gate prices but a new 'Premium' category has been met with a negative response by the fans.

    First off, let me say that the club have done well to freeze season tickets prices for another season. There is still the ‘Kids for a quid’ for U12’s when bought with an adult ticket which I think is a fantastic deal. There are also a few incentives thrown into the season ticket package.

    They now include two ‘bring a friend’ vouchers for any home match this season and one free voucher which can be used in any of the remaining home ties this season. These are of course subject to availability but it’s a nice incentive. You also get a free month of DEETV when you buy a season ticket. Though in need of some improvements, it still is a must have for Dundee fans for checking out player and manager interviews along with highlights, replays and archive footage.

    While this is all good and well, the club I feel have shot themselves in the foot by announcing a new ‘Premium’ category along with the A and B that already exist. I use the term announce loosely though as it seems to have just appeared out of no where along with its hefty £30 price tag.

    After plenty of fans started to query what exactly this was for or what games would be in this category, the club announced via Twitter that;

    It’s became clear to most fans that it will now cost £30 to attend a game at Dens Park when we play either Celtic, The Rangers or Dundee United if we are in the same league.
    This has led to a backlash of Dundee supporters criticising the board over on TDB website and also on their own Facebook and Twitter page.

    The current prices for 2017/18 are already hefty enough. It’s £24 (Cat B )and £26 (Cat A) to pay into Dens on the day which is hardly enticing. We get told that for a good team on the park that we need to pay the price so our manager is given a good budget. Well for the last two years, the fans have paid their hard-earned cash to watch a team struggling to stay in the league and hardly winning any matches at home.

    Attendances are down this year and last and the board have mentioned to break even, they need 1000 extra bums on the seats. Adding a new, expensive category makes a mockery of their cry for help.

    Looking at the teams these prices will more than likely involve, we are struggling to pull in a decent crowd as it is when the Old Firm come to Dens. Nine times out of ten it will more than likely be shown on Live TV and with the price at £26, most fans feel that it’s a lost cause straight away and decide to spend their cash in the pub. We should be doing everything possible to get Dundee fans attending home matches, even if it is against a Celtic team who haven’t lost a match at Dens since the end of the ‘80s.

    Have the board given up on getting home fans through the gate for these matches and are under no illusion that it benefits them more to fleece away fans to make up for the stay-away Dundee fans? Or is it more of the case that they want to make a season ticket that more appealing than strolling up to Dens to pay on the day?

    We need answers why this ludicrous ‘Premium’ category has come into existence. No game at Dundee is worth this much, especially when we are losing fans. One fan on Twitter said that any member of the board is more than welcome to wait in a queue to buy a ticket with them, to then go and stand in another queue at the other end of the stadium to gain access, walk up a hill and then sit in a seat with no back to it in a stand that is around thirty years behind it’s time.

    On the day when bottom of the table Partick Thistle announced a package for their last three games to fill their stadium along with putting on free buses to their two away matches, the men in charge of our club showed just how out of touch they are with the fans when they should have really been announcing their intentions to fill Dens against St Johnstone, Hamilton and Partick.

    I get the club have to try and make their season ticket package more appealing than paying on the day but unfortunately they have got their PR all wrong and if anything, It could be the tipping point for some fans. I know of a few people who can’t attend every game but felt that the £26 was too much too far and now hardly attend. This new price will no doubt add a few more to that list.

    The board have done a great deal for this club, that goes without saying, but they are not immune to criticism from the fans.

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