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    Photo courtesy of: Derek Gerrard Photography

    Neil McCann said in the summer of 2017 that he wanted to turn dens park into a fortress, a venue that opposition teams would struggle at when they visited the city of discovery.

    Unfortunately, those words have not aged well and we continue to make a laughing stock of his promise even under new management.

    Only taking into account league matches, so far this season we have amassed just a single home win which came back at the start of December when we thrashed Hamilton 4-0. Going a bit further back to season 2017-18, the faithful Dark Blues fans only witnessed six wins at home all season.

    If we can’t muster up some much-needed wins in our last two home matches against Hamilton and St Mirren, we will have only won seven home matches in two years.

    That can only be describe as utterly abysmal.

    When Hamilton visit us on the 4th May, it will mean that we have only seen the Dee win twice at Dens in 364 days. If Dundee manage a win, that would make it three and they would have all came against Hamilton!

    There’s no denying that our home form has contributed greatly to our current predicament but I’ve failed to grasp just how shite it’s been for the past few years. I knew it was awful but not on this scale.

    Fortress Dens? Not a chance. You may as well be comparing it to a brothel with the amount of times we’ve been shafted on home soil the past few years.

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