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    We face Hamilton today with both clubs looking to shrug off opening day defeats to register a first win of the season.

    We spoke to Hamilton Accies fans Twitter page WeAreHamilton to ask them about how their transfer activity has went this summer, how it felt winning the play-off final and what player we should look out for today.

    So, what made you support Hamilton? What drew you to the club?

    With both my mum and dads families being divided between the Old Firm it didn't look likely that I would turn out to be an accies fan, however for the first 11 years of my life, I was raised within a mere 3 minute walk to NDP (New Douglas Park).

    One of my best friends, God rest his soul, John Paterson lived below me in the flats and his dad is the man who runs The Accies away supporters bus. So pretty much since a very young age, my Saturdays were occupied by going both home and away to the games with him. My first accies game was 19 years ago when I was 3.

    What’s your feelings on the clubs transfer activity this summer? If I’m right in saying, there hasn’t been a lot of coming and goings for the Accies?

    The transfer window is meant to be one of the most exciting times to be a football fan. Unfortunately with accies there is very rarely anything to get excited about and this season in particular has been even more dire than usual.

    Managing to get Skondoras signed on for another year was very pleasing. The only signing so far Xavier Tomas has looked really shaky in the games I have seen him and he doesn't look upto much whatsoever but hopefully that will change.

    We only have one first team striker currently and he certainly isn't going to score more than 8 goals this season. We've been crying out all window to bring at least one in and still we're yet to do anything. But as per usual we will wait to the very end, if not after the window and bring someone in who hasn't been able to tie down a club anywhere else.

    Do you feel the team has improved from the season before?

    Definitely not.

    You kept your Premiership status with a play-off final win over Dundee United. How was the nerves going into these matches and was the outcome expected within the ranks of Hamilton fans?

    I would be lying if I said I wasn't sh*ting myself. I didn't give us much of a hope whatsoever.

    After the first match in which I thought we played brilliant that made the nervousness even worse because I felt since we didn't get that crucial goal at Tannadice, it was going to come back and bite us. But we got there eventually and what a feeling it was to say we've managed to stay in the top league once again and prove everyone wrong as per usual.

    I don't think you'll find many accies fans that could say they were confident going into the tie.

    You kicked off your Premiership season with a defeat to Aberdeen and that was followed by another loss to the Dons midweek, this time in the League Cup. How did Accies perform despite the defeats?

    The first game I felt we actually played very well for the most part of the game, however I think we could have played for another week and wouldn't have scored. We didn't threaten whatsoever and if we don't sort that ASAP we are certain for the drop. Getting the red card obviously didn't help us but Aberdeen were deserving winners despite the good effort from most players.

    The second game I thought we were well and truly hopeless. The centre half partnership of Sarris and Tomas was scary to watch for the most of it. It was another game of having nothing in final third to threaten. We weren't up to much whatsoever and again Aberdeen deserved the win.

    One good thing to come from the game was the performance of youngsters Scott Mcmann and Steven Boyd. Mcmann has came on to a fantastic game the past season and is by far one of our most consistent players, you very rarely get a bad performance from the boy. Wee Boydy is one to watch aswell, a great young talent. I can see really good things coming from him in the next few seasons.

    We’ve have seen some pretty tasty encounters between Dundee and Hamilton in the past. What one stands out the most for you?

    Recently we've had a lot of crucial victories against Dundee. They have been wins that have been more relief than anything and have been celebrated extra special. It's a tough decision cause I've got a few, but the Dundee game that stands out most would be two seasons ago when we won 1-0 at dens to stay up. Carlton Morris got the winner and it meant we secured safety for another season. As you say, most Accies Dundee games seem to be fiesty ones, like a small derby.

    What player from each side should the other consider a threat?

    Accies - Easy, Ali Crawford.
    Dundee -  Faissal El Bakhtaoui. He didn't have the best opening season with yous last year but I think this season he will definitely rekindle the form he did for Dunfermline.

    What would you like to see Hamilton achieve this season?

    If our board showed a little bit of ambition and spent money on bringing in a decent few players I think we could definitely fight it out for a comfortable position however, that won't be the case. If you offered me safety once again just now then I would take it in a heartbeat. I would love to go on a good Scottish Cup run, to see Accies at Hampden would be a dream come true for pretty much every single fan.

    Most importantly, what’s your score predictions for Saturday?

    With the lack of threat up top, unfortunately my prediction for Saturdays game is Accies 0-2 Dundee.

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    Another good one Danny, well done. The guy didn't even mention our falling ST sales. :lol:

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    Another excellent one Danny.  l really like your approach questions Always phrased to draw out interesting and engaging answers. Especially like when the comments come from the supporters of the "Lesser Clubs" I don't mean that in a bad way ... But I feel in most cases their support is based on more genuine reasons/feelings, than some o the ither lot, like the Big West Coast Twa. However all that aside for now ... The momentum should be with te DFC today, so sorry tae oor Accies freeens but eh hope the Dark Blues go there to New Douglas Park & Do Their Stuff Today...THE MIGHTY DEE :wub:


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    Cheers lads! Nearly forgot about doing it this week due to Wednesday but I managed to squeeze it in.

    Yeah @chomp my root , I was surprised he never had a pop ;)

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    With a big drop in Accies average home gates from 2015/16 to 2016/17 (around 20%), I think ticket sales is a topic they'd be happy to avoid!

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