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  • Hartley Looking to Dens for New Backroom Team

    Reports in today’s papers are suggesting that new Falkirk manager Paul Hartley is keen to raid his old club Dundee for a few old faces.


    Hartley, who was sacked from his job at Dundee last season, is believed to be looking at taking Jimmy Boyle and James McPake to Falkirk.

    Boyle is our Head of Youth Development while McPake, who has been out of action since his injury against Dundee United back at the start of 2016, currently has his Uefa A coaching license.


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    • By UWTB1893
      “Got the all clear to get out on the pitch and start the real work now, said McPake in the tweet.

      “Boots on tomorrow for the first time in a while!”
      James has been out of action since 2016 when he fractured his kneecap in Dundee’s 2-1victory over Dundee United in the New Year Derby.

      Now after nearly two-years on the side-line, the future is starting to look a lot brighter for the former captain.
    • By UWTB1893
      The official statement from the club read:

      'Dundee FC and our former manager Paul Hartley have agreed the financial arrangements arising from the early termination of his contract.
      The details of the arrangement are to remain confidential.
      Dundee FC are grateful to Paul for his services to the club during his tenure and wish him every success for his future career.'

      We at The Dark Blues website will also like to echo the sentiments of the club by wishing Paul all the best for his future.
    • By UWTB1893
      After starting legal proceedings with the club last month with regards to his severance package, The Evening Telegraph are reporting that both sides will likely now be settling out of court. 

      It's understood that Hartley will receive a lump sum upfront instead of the rumoured monthly payments that he was receiving so far. 

      Hartley lost his job as Dundee manager after going a record breaking seven defeats in a row with the Dee, our nineteenth at the time overall in the league.

      The ex Dundee manager has been linked with taking up a coaching position with Celtic.
    • By UWTB1893
      On Sunday they face the toughest test of them all as runaway league leaders Celtic visit Dens Park looking to continue their unbeaten run — and possibly lift the title if other results go their way.
      The Dark Blues also face Aberdeen at home, Ross County and Hearts away and Hamilton at Dens before the split, needing to overhaul Partick’s three-point lead over them to make it into the top half.
      And Hartley says there’s still a chance to get in there.
      He said: “It was a good February for us, we had some strong performances but March started off in not a great way.
      “It’s credit to the players for the February performances, they dug out some big wins and some good performances.
      “There’s still a chance for us to get in the top six but we’ve thrown away points at times where we’ve been in good positions and just not killed teams off.
      “That’s just the way it’s been, we’ve got to make sure we get on with it.
      “We’ve got 10 important games, whether we’re in the top six or the bottom six, to get as many points as we can.”
      The first of those 10 remaining games comes with the Hoops on the verge of the title.
      And with Dundee rated at a massive 16/1 by the bookies to pick up three points this weekend — and their last victory over the Celts at Dens coming way back in 1989 — getting anything will be an upset.
      Hartley added: “I think they’re excellent, their results tell you that.To go through the season domestically unbeaten is a fantastic achievement.
      “They’ve got players that can win games on their own.
      “There is a massive gap because of the quality they possess.
      “The way they’ve performed this season has been absolutely outstanding.
      “It wouldn’t matter if they were going for the title, it’s still an important game for us but it might have a little added edge to them if results go their way tomorrow.
      “But that’s not what we want on our own patch, we want to try and put on a show because we need the points as much as Celtic.”
    • By UWTB1893
      Firstly, we suffered a record seventh consecutive defeat at the hands of fellow strugglers Hamilton at Dens which was a shocking performance from the team overall. There was no fight nor did it look like there was any desire from the players except for a chosen few.
      Secondly, we slipped down to eleventh in the table. The dreaded play-off spot. This team were having thoughts and aspirations of finishing in the top six only back in March. It’s been the all mightiest of arse collapses from the team to be in the position they are in now.
      Lastly, Paul Hartley was giving his marching orders on Monday to bring to an end his reign at Dundee which lasted three years, two months and twelve days.
      I wasn’t surprised by the decision. In fact, I felt that it maybe should have come after the 7-0 demolition we bent over and took at home from Aberdeen a few weeks ago. I was willing to live in hope that he could turn it around with the games remaining but Saturday put an end to that for me.
      The team looked disjointed. No one looked like they knew what the hell they were doing. Hateley was playing right wing back (even I never knew where he was supposed to be) and Cammy Kerr was shunted over to play on the left again.
      The body language along with the lack of effort, especially in the second half, from some players suggested to me that he had lost the dressing room.
      In all honesty, it was a sad end to Hartley’s Dundee managerial career that started with a win at home to Hamilton and then finished with defeat at home to Hamilton.
      Paul helped us over the finishing line to win the Championship in 2014 then in our first season, managed the team to a very unlikely top six finish. The following season, we missed out on finishing in the top six on the last day of the season despite having possibly three players (Scott Bain, Greg Stewart, Kane Hemmings) who were the best or close to for their position in the country.
      It was a massive disappointment to finish seventh that year and this was merely papered over by the Doon Derby where we relegated our neighbours on our own patch.
      This season has been a disaster. We flirted with the prospect of being safe this year with a top half finish but ultimately, we bottled it. I lost count of the chances we had to create gaps with the bottom clubs only to blow them. We then went on a record breaking six consecutive defeats only to go on and match that record and then beat it. All in the space of six months or so.
      So, with Hartley’s desk cleared, it was time to find an interim manager for the reminder of the season. Names such as Alex Neil, Jim Duffy, Alan Stubbs and even Fabrizio Ravanelli were banded about but our fate would be placed in the hand of Sky Sports Pundit and former Dundee hero, Neil McCann.
      It’s up there with some of the strangest appointments out there. It caught me off guard and I’ll hold my hands up and declare I was underwhelmed. You then remember that he knows Dundee from his two spells with us. He has seen the team play plenty of times this season and will know the players. There is no doubting that he will have been watching us in the past while wondering why this player was being played there, why we weren’t using a certain formation so the players could play to their strengths etc etc.
      It’s a massive gamble to bring him in for the final five games of the season for his first managerial job but then again, no matter who we brought in, it would have been a massive gamble considering the timescale.
      We need someone to come in and motivate the players. We need someone to come in with a passion for the club and to boot them right up the arse! We need someone to come in to play a simple formation that the players can all adjust to and feel comfortable with.
      Is McCann the man to do this?
      Well, we will find that out soon but one certainty is, he will have my full backing. He has just under two weeks to get in, make his mark on this team and get them back to picking up points. It’s not the most ideal situation to be in but it’s happening now and everyone from the fans to the players have to back each another.
      This starts next weekend at Motherwell, the scene of our best performance this season.
      More than ever, let’s get behind the team and MON THE DEE!
    • By UWTB1893
      The former St Johnstone captain, who started his career at Dens Park, thought Paul Hartley would have kept his old club in the Premiership.
      And the fact that the Dark Blues have gone for a rookie manager to replace him has surprised the Stirling Albion boss.
      “I’m sure Dundee will still be fine but it is obviously a real concern being dragged into the bottom two,” he said.
      “Six weeks ago it looked as if they might have been the team to pip Partick Thistle for the final spot in the top six. But they have been on a terrible slide, losing seven in a row.
      “It can be difficult to get out of runs like that and obviously it has cost Paul Hartley his job.
      “The timing of the change was a surprise. They weren’t in a great situation but it wasn’t the end of the world. There are a lot of teams within touching distance. One win takes them out of second bottom spot.
      “It is difficult bringing anyone so late in the day. I think they’d have been better sticking with what they had with only five games left. Paul would probably have got them out of it.
      “But they are obviously hoping Neil brings something fresh to give them a lift but it is a gamble.”
      Mackay added: “Obviously Neil was a very experienced player and he has been watching Scottish football as a television pundit. He isn’t coming into the unknown.
      “It wouldn’t have been such a surprise if the appointment had been made at a different time of the season.
      “But normally clubs go for fire fighters and the tried and tested in these circumstances.
      “It might work a treat for Dundee but it’s certainly some challenge for Neil going into his first managerial post given the situation Dundee are in.
      “It was only natural people would question the appointment because Neil doesn’t have much managerial experience.
      “He was in training at St Johnstone keeping himself fit for a few months when Derek McInnes was manager.
      “I hope he does well. He is a nice guy, a great pro and I have a lot of time for Neil. And it is a good opportunity for a young Scottish manager.”
      Mackay will forever be remembered as Saints’ first Scottish Cup-winning skipper but seeing both Dundee clubs playing second tier football next season isn’t a scenario he would wish for.
      “It would be terrible for Dundee as a city if they had two clubs out of the Premiership,” he said. “It would be bad for Scottish football because they are both big clubs with big supports.
      “But as we have seen with Hibs, Hearts and Rangers, you aren’t too big to lose your place at the top level.
      “If a club isn’t good enough over the course of a season they don’t deserve to stay up.
      “And for teams going down now it is harder than ever to get back up. It’s not easy to bounce back right away.
      “From what I hear the Americans seem to be the type of people that are committed to the club. I don’t think they will cut and run if Dundee do go down.
      “They have put a lot of money in already and have plans for a training ground and potentially a stadium to take the club forward.”
    • By UWTB1893
      It makes me think what might have happened if Hibs had been as bold in 2014, when we were on a similar spiral as Dundee in my second spell at Easter Road.

      I genuinely believe if Rod Petrie, the then chairman, had sacked Terry Butcher just before the split and we had five games left, we’d have done enough to stay up. We only needed one win. If any other manager had come in they would have played the team that should have been playing.

      Terry was too set in his ways. Nothing changed. He was the same as he was from day one to the last. When we were on the slippery slope he kept on saying “we only need to win one more game”. He was like that for 20 weeks. Nothing changed in training. He never changed in his attitude towards the players. He kept the same philosophy. If you were not involved in the squad you were not allowed to team meetings. He created a big divide in the dressing room.

      I genuinely believe if Hibs had sacked him with five games to go and anyone took the job – me, or even one of the fans! – we would have survived. But it just never changed. You just hope for Dundee it will now they’ve given it a shake.

      If there is anything about the Dens dressing room, there will be a reaction. Neil only needs to come in and remind them how they played against Rangers just a few short weeks ago. They need to reproduce that fight, wherever it came from.

      Forget tactics, forget football, fight for the jersey – fight for your career. Who is going to take you after being relegated for Dundee?

      It is a rut. Every other team will be saying Dundee are gone. Everyone will be raising their game to beat them. When you get into that rut you are looking for a reaction. The reaction comes from the characters in the changing room. The tactics go out the window. You just need 11 warriors on the pitch. It’s not even about a new manager coming in and giving players some confidence. How can you give players confidence in five weeks? It’s about coming in and making training short and sharp, making it enjoyable. Try to get people smiling and get them thinking “we can do this”. If it is the opposite way and you try and change too much you risk alienating the players. If they don’t buy into it, then there’s only one place the team are going – downwards.

      But as I said, I feel sympathy for Paul. I liked him. Paul always professed to like passing football. When we were 2-0 up, he’d rather put on another attacker than a defender. He’d prefer to go for three or four goals rather than consolidate things. That attracted me in the first place. He told me everything would be played through me. I was the link, the talisman he wanted to build the team around. Perhaps they don’t have the type of player now to play that way. They have gone very direct. Is that because of pressure? Is he just trying to get back to basics to find a way of winning? Paul was hardworking – the first in and last out. But in modern day football all managers have to be like that. He is tactically aware and loves his football. But he is the first to admit he is unsociable. He is not the kind of manager who wants to be your pal. That doesn’t bother me so much. But it is harder for younger players or players who are new to the club, who maybe want a manager’s shoulder to cry on sometimes.

      When things are going against the team or players are falling out of form, he can be quite ruthless. Players can find that quite difficult. But that’s modern day football.

       was a bit disappointed when he told the media I’d said I couldn’t cope with playing for a top-flight team. I never said that. We had agreed what we were going to say – that I’d had enough of travelling and I was getting frustrated with my body and I was potentially thinking about retiring. But I could certainly cope with playing Premier League football. I played it all my life.

      But whenever I have bumped into him recently while I’ve been doing TV or radio work I’ve always shaken his hand and spoken to him. I genuinely like him as a man and I think he is a good manager. But, like any manager, eventually you get sacked
    • By UWTB1893
      Dundee assistant Gerry McCabe has revealed how Paul Hartley gave him his blessing to take charge of the club temporarily.
      The Dark Blues pulled the plug on Hartley’s three-year reign at Dens Park after the club suffered a seven-game losing run which saw them plunge from the top six into the relegation play-off spot.
      McCabe, alongside Jimmy Boyle, will step into the former Celtic and Scotland star’s shoes on a caretaker basis as Dundee look to appoint a successor.
      The 60-year-old insists Hartley urged the duo to help keep Dee in the top flight as he left.
      Hartley succeeded John Brown as manager in February 2014 and guided the club to the Championship title the following term.
      The season after he achieved a top-six finish in the Premiership but in the last campaign they missed out on the top six by a solitary point and ended the season in eighth place.
      McCabe insists there is not a harder working manager in the top tier.
      He said: “John Nelms – the club owner – asked myself and Jimmy to take control of the team and first-team training for the time being before the club decide what they want to do.
      “Whether they are going to bring in a new manager remains to be seen.
      “It is a sad day and I’m so disappointed to see Paul leave.
      “I was with Paul yesterday morning and he took training before the news broke.
      “He is obviously disappointed and was hoping to redeem the situation we were in.
      “Paul leaves the club with everybody’s best wishes. He gave us his blessing and told us just to carry on and make sure we help Dundee stay up.
      “I am working from day to day and don’t know what will happen in the future but we have just been asked to keep things ticking along for the moment.
      “As long as I am there I will carry out the duties I have been asked to do as I am still under contract to Dundee.
      “Paul is the hardest working manager in the Premiership.
      “He puts in an unbelievable amount of hours. He is always at the club and if he is not out on the training field he is taking in youth games. You name it, Paul was doing it.
      “We have hit a bad run at a bad time. When you lose seven games in a row then we all question ourselves – the players and the management.
      “However, the buck stops at Paul as it is a results-driven business.
      “The board have decided to do what they have done and whether it works or not it is a gamble.”
      McCabe admits he was totally shocked by the timing of Hartley’s sacking.

      The No.2 was thrust into a similar situation when Jim McIntyre was bulleted by Dunfermline back in March 2012 and admits it was just as horrible now as it was then.
      However, he is adamant that Dundee can save their Premiership skins in the last five matches.
      McCabe said: “I have been in football a long time and nothing should surprise you but this did.
      “I was in a similar situation with Jim McIntyre at Dunfermline. It was a horrible feeling then and it is much the same now.
      “Paul is my pal and it hurts to see him leave the club. Dundee can get out of this situation.
      “We have beaten Rangers, Hearts and Motherwell this season so we are capable of getting the wins needed to keep us in this division.
      “The boys know we have not performed the way we would have liked and expected.
      “We have to stay strong and we have to galvanise ourselves. One result can change everything.

      “We have five games to get enough points to keep us where we are.”
      McCabe has no doubts Hartley will re-surface and re-invent himself somewhere else.
      He said: “Paul will keep his head up and stay strong. When one door closes another one will open up. His record with Dundee speaks for itself.
      “He got them promoted and got them into the top six. And they just missed out on that target again last season.
      “The experience he is going through just now will stand him in good stead for the future.
      “These things are the making of you and I have no doubts he will bounce back from all of this as a stronger person.
      “The best managers in the world have lost their jobs and it is never nice. I hope he is not out of the game too long.”
      Meanwhile, former Dundee star Scott Robertson believes whoever is pitched into the Dark Blues managerial hotseat has a colossal job trying to keep the Taysiders in the Premiership.
      The 32-year-old Raith midfielder said: “Dundee have clearly decided to act because of the bad position they are in. The seven-game losing run has come at a terrible time for Hartley and you never like to see any manager lose their job.
      “I can’t comment on whether it was the right or wrong thing to do for Dundee.
      “I have heard a lot of good things about Paul so it strikes me as being a bit of a surprise.
      “Whoever is going to come in and take over will need to make a big enough impact to keep them in the Premiership.
      “Whoever it is faces a mammoth task considering the position Dundee find themselves in. They’ll need to have an immediate effect.
      “There is only five games left and the one thing Dundee do have in their favour is they are not isolated at the bottom.
      “They are still within touching distance of Kilmarnock in seventh.
      “Even Inverness players will be thinking they still have to play the teams that are in and around them. Everything hinges on the next five results.”

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