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The Dark Blues
  • 'it Could Cost Them Their Prem Stats' — Chris Sutton Targets New Dundee Fc Boss Neil Mccann Over Sky Work

    • By UWTB1893
    • 24th April 2017, 10:40 am

    Dundee’s new managerNeil McCann faced criticsm from fellow pundit Chris Sutton following a stint in the Sky studios over the weekend.

    McCann — unveiled as interim Dundee boss last week — has five games to try and turn around the Dens Park side’s fortunes after seven defeats in a row saw them slip in the relegation play-off position.

    Despite taking training toward the latter end of last week, McCann returned to Sky for this week’s Scottish Cup semi finals.

    He had previously said he would take training with the Dark Blues before completing his commitments with Sky over the weekend.

    However, former Celtic star and BT Sport pundit Sutton was unimpressed to see him on the TV.

    He tweeted: “Have Dundee appointed a part time manager??”

    After some fans took umbrage with his comments, Sutton took to Twitter again, saying: “Dundee fans have every right to expect a committed manager. You’re either in or out.”

    The former striker went on to suggest McCann’s TV work could ultimately cost Dundee their “Prem status”.

    Following his appointment last week, McCann told fans they were getting so much more than just a man “off the telly”.

    Meanwhile, some fans pointed it out it is not unusual for football bosses to have media commitments, with one user called “Sneaks” responding “What about Klopp doing Monday night football?”

    Others said it was “unfair” to suggest McCann is not committed to the Dark Blues.

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    Sutton (imo) is up to a bit of nonsense.

    And some celebtities & other pundits will follow suit (Some already have)  And will continue to do so, if it makes a good news story ... shines the light on them ... unsettles our new manager, players, fans !!

    Thankfully I believe Neil McCann is mature & intelligent enough, not to take some of these overly negative comments too seriously.

    I am not arguing ideally, it was not so important that Neil did not get into his new management role as quickly as possible. But he is not responsible for the circumstances that did not allow this to happen. And (imo) it showed respect to Sky that he tried to make the whole business as fair as possible for all parties concerned/involved.

    If this opinion of mine appears to show bias towards our new manager...Then so be it... I want him/players/club to succeed :wub:

    Others can come forth with their critical, negative, comments, views & opinions if they choose...But for me He will do fine:chaplin:

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    Sutton likes to wind up anything The Rangers but he normally goes on about the current crop. Kind of disappointed he would have a go at McCann though considering lots of managers moonlight as pundits on some occasions.

    It's not like he will be in the Sky studio again this season. 

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    chomp my root


    Chris Sutton in 'bellend shocka' !!! 

    Fair play to him for tossing in a wee grenade and standing back to watch the ensuing commotion. I wonder what NM was supposed to be doing when the players are at home watching the football. Unless he's supposed to have them in 7 days a week training from dawn to dusk. 

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    Hopefully chomp, comments like the ones from Sutton will only spur them on to prove him wrong.

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