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    Dundee succumbed to ten-men Motherwell in a 4-3 defeat which more or less guarantees championship football next term for the dee.

    Both teams went back and forth in a pulsating game which seen Dundee take the lead twice, only to fail to keep their lead for only a few minutes before Motherwell would draw level. 
    It would be the same story in the second half but it would be the Steelmen who would go ahead, only for the Dee to do the exact same as their hosts in the first half and level the scores right after. 
    The home side were reduced to ten-men with over half an hour still to play but Dundee could not take advantage of this scenario and would instead suffer heartbreak when Motherwell fired home the winner in the 94th minute to make it nine defeats In a row. 
    To make matters worse, around the same time, Hamilton and St Mirren both won a point in their matches with late equalisers to unofficially seal Dundee's return to the second tier. 
    Jim McIntyre, who is statistically Dundee's worst ever manager, called his teams defending as “criminal” and moaned that it was “ridiculous that we should have to score four goals to get a point” in another dour post-match interview 



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    “We have only got ourselves to blame,” McIntyre said. “They go down to 10 men in the last 30 minutes and we have got to realise what an opportunity we’ve got. 

    “I know it’s difficult against 10 men at times but we stopped doing what we were doing when they had 11 and we never moved the ball quick enough. And the game went a bit flat. 

    “We never got enough out our full-backs because we were content to sit as a four when they had only one up front. 

    “And the fourth goal, that’s where it comes from. We are sitting like a back four when we are attacking, the ball gets cleared and we’ve not got our full-backs up on play. And that’s criminal. 

    “That’s managing the game and we’ve got enough experience on the park to be able to manage the game better, and it’s come back to bite us. 

    “We had a couple of real opportunities to kill the game off from great positions and we don’t show a ruthlessness to do that. We have scored three goals and we’ve not scored for a number of weeks, and we still don’t win the game. 

    “That’s why we are where we are, because we make fundamental mistakes and basic mistakes, that always lead to goals. It’s ridiculous that we should have to score four goals to get a point. 

    “It was a desperate situation before. It’s even more desperate now. It’s going to take favours.” 



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