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The Dark Blues
  • McCann Set For SFA Hearing This Thursday

    Neil McCann is due to find out his fate this Thursday at Hampden Park after receiving a notice of complaint following his touchline bust up with St Johnstones' substitute goalkeeper Zander Clark earlier this month.


    The Saints goalkeeper was also given a notice of complaint and is due to also learn if he is to be punished or not for "excessive misconduct".

    McCann is hopefully that common sense "will prevail" and he will be taking his place in the dugout for Sundays clash against Hearts at Dens Park.

    "It is important that I am there because I want to be there,"

    "All the work and preparation is done during the week and really the job as a manager and coach is trying to tinker while the game is on-going.

    "We are clearly not at the stage where I can sit back and take a seat.

    "Anyone who watches me, I don't think I have ever sat down for longer than two minutes.

    "I feel that I need to coach so it is important that I need to be there and I'm hoping that sense will prevail and I will be there.

    “I expect a fair hearing. I will represent myself.

    "I am pleased that the hearing has been put back.

    "They gave me an earlier time which was stopping me doing my preparation towards what is going to be an important period going into the Hearts game.

    "I was pleased that they knocked it back to 2pm so I will get myself down there.

    "My statement has been handed in. It hasn't changed".


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      "I hope this is a turning point and I believe we can carry on from here," said McCann.
      "We have a tough game next weekend against Kilmarnock but I told them to enjoy the weekend because it has been a long time coming.
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      "The coming weeks will tell us how high the confidence will soar. It was a happy dressing room.”

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      When quizzed if he felt he was still the man to get the club off the bottom of the table and climbing up the league, McCann responded: “Yes, absolutely,” while insisting that had not spoken to John Nelms about his future.

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      “I just keep working hard. If that time comes then we will have the discussion but so far, it’s not happened.

      “I feel we are working under pressured circumstances, clearly. I’m not going to hide from that. I know we’re on a real, real bad run in terms of results, so I won’t be ignorant to that fact.
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      I’m trying to give the lads every piece of information they can use.
      “Unfortunately, the guys are playing with that lack of confidence. I can’t give them that. They have got to find that.”
      “They still have my belief in them and I’ll keep giving them it.”

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