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  • McCann Set For SFA Hearing This Thursday

    • By UWTB1893
    • 28th March 2018, 2:38 pm

    Neil McCann is due to find out his fate this Thursday at Hampden Park after receiving a notice of complaint following his touchline bust up with St Johnstones' substitute goalkeeper Zander Clark earlier this month.


    The Saints goalkeeper was also given a notice of complaint and is due to also learn if he is to be punished or not for "excessive misconduct".

    McCann is hopefully that common sense "will prevail" and he will be taking his place in the dugout for Sundays clash against Hearts at Dens Park.

    "It is important that I am there because I want to be there,"

    "All the work and preparation is done during the week and really the job as a manager and coach is trying to tinker while the game is on-going.

    "We are clearly not at the stage where I can sit back and take a seat.

    "Anyone who watches me, I don't think I have ever sat down for longer than two minutes.

    "I feel that I need to coach so it is important that I need to be there and I'm hoping that sense will prevail and I will be there.

    “I expect a fair hearing. I will represent myself.

    "I am pleased that the hearing has been put back.

    "They gave me an earlier time which was stopping me doing my preparation towards what is going to be an important period going into the Hearts game.

    "I was pleased that they knocked it back to 2pm so I will get myself down there.

    "My statement has been handed in. It hasn't changed".


    Photo courtesy of: Derek Gerrard Photography
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    • UWTB1893
      By UWTB1893
      After an incident with St Johnstone's goalkeeper Zander Clark following Dundee 4-0 by the defeat to the Perth team at Dens last month, both McCann and Clark with issued with a two-match ban for  “excessive misconduct” by the SFA.

      The Dundee manager has denied slapping the back-up goalkeeper and after his appeal was upheld in part, he has seen it his ban reduced to just the one match.

      McCann will sit in the stands this Saturday as Dundee take on the club that this incident happened against, St Johnstone.
    • UWTB1893
      By UWTB1893
      Following Dundee’s draw with Hearts on Easter Sunday, Neil McCann heaped praise on his team who despite falling behind only after a few minutes, never let their heads go down and could have finished the match with all three points. 
      Hearts took the lead after only two minutes through Ross Callachan and it seemed that the Dundee faithful would be in for another long ninety-minutes at Dens Park but the Dee refused to give up so easily and immediately went about trying to grab the equaliser.

      We did manage to hit back in the form of Sofien Moussa who tucked away Roarie Deacons cross at the back post for his fifth goal of the season in the league and also his first coming from open play in the Premiership.

      At full-time, Neil McCann was upbeat as he spoke of his admiration towards the players for going at Hearts even after going behind and looking ahead to the Glasgow double-header this week against Celtic and The Rangers.

      "There was a belief and trust in our work that led to a really good performance.
      "You're looking for the players to stay strong because sometimes the head can overrule the heart and you go into yourself - but that didn't happen.
      "We continued to play with purpose and I felt we gave Hearts more trouble today than many sides have done this season. That was down to our intent.
      "We have taken a lot of confidence and belief from that performance. It's going to be a big, big task to go to Glasgow twice in succession.
      "It's also a big demand on the fans to dip into their pocket for that but hopefully they will have seen enough from us today to see that it's doable because we need their support.
      "The biggest thing for me is that when we are on it we can go to Glasgow and cause Celtic and Rangers problems if at our best."

      McCann was equally as happy with the result as he was to see Sofien Moussa net the equaliser following from open play for the fist time in the league this season.
       "In terms of a reaction to a really poor goal, I thought it was brilliant. The fans didn't get too edgy, they could see we were playing well, and then you're asking questions of Hearts whether they can stem the tide.
      "I'm delighted for Moussa because he's scored from open play. He's been getting a bit of stick.
      With the match ended one-all, it was a massive point for Dundee in our quest for Premiership safety but it could have easily have been al three-points for the Dark Blues if we were able to have tucked away one of our many chances.
      This result also stopped the run of defeats at home for the Dee. A loss would have seen us extending our unwanted run of form at home to six defeats in a row which we haven’t done since back in 2006.
    • UWTB1893
      By UWTB1893
      It was an afternoon to forget for the Dens Park faithful who were to witness yet another defeat at home. St Johnstone were worthy winners and won’t find an easier three points all this season.

      A Jordon Piggott own goal on the youngsters debut put the Saints in the lead and that was followed by a double from Chris Kane which came either side of a Blair Alston goal.

      At the final whistle, a small scuffle broke out between the Dundee manager as he was passing the St Johnstone bench which McCann described as “handbags.”

      McCann said: "The spat at the end, I'm just a bit fired up," he said. "I thought I was controlled during the match but I've gone over and words were exchanged and one of their players has put their hand on me and wouldn't let go.

      "I asked him to let go and he wouldn't. It took me a wee bit of time to calm down and walk away.
      "But when somebody puts their hands on you and you ask them to remove them and they don't, it is hard to just back off.
      "I put my hands up to grab Zander to say get his hands off me. Then I retracted them because I had started to regain my composure.
      "There was no punch, no slap or anything like that though."

      McCann also blasted the players for their inept performance which has seen the club without a home win all year and staring right into the face of a battle to stay out of the bottom two.

      "I'm ashamed of the performance. I'm embarrassed by it. There is nothing left to say that wasn't said in the dressing room. That will remain in the dressing room, hopefully.
      "I can only apologise to the fans because that doesn't sit well with me and hopefully it doesn't sit well with the players. We were outfought and outplayed, a weak performance.
      "The goals we have lost today are embarrassing. It's basics and schoolboy defending and we have no excuses for it. I'm furious and to be honest I'm actually angry at my own players that they didn't show anger on the pitch. That's embarrassing.
      "I want aggression on the pitch and some sort of show that they are not accepting of that type of performance and result and I didn't see it. That from a group of players is not acceptable and I will not tolerate it."
    • UWTB1893
      By UWTB1893
      A Sofien Moussa double, both from penalties, and another strike from midfielder Mark O’Hara gave Dundee a much needed 3-0 victory after suffering back-to-back defeats against Aberdeen and Hearts last week.
      “I’m smiling. I didn’t hide that I was so disappointed (on Tuesday), I’ve said it in a load of interviews about a lack of application and responsibility,” said McCann.
      “I think we showed that when the application is right, we look a right good side so I am really happy with the performance and some really good individual performances in a great team performance.
      “The main thing for me was the energy levels. We broke forward with unbelievable good purpose and that put Partick on the back foot.” 
      “It was total team performance.
      “From how poor we were on Tuesday night, to flip it to how good we were says a lot about them.”
      Dundee’s victory along with Ross County’s defeat seen the Dee move back out of the bottom two, sitting two points behind Hamilton who are ninth
    • UWTB1893
      By UWTB1893
      Goals either side of the break from Esmael Goncalves and Christophe Berra were enough for Hearts to see off a Dundee side who were missing the vital end product that has been absent all of this season and of last.

      This result seen Dundee slip into the play-off position with a massive game looming this Saturday at Dens Park against bottom of the table Partick Thistle.

      “I thought we were better in the second half for a wee spell,” said McCann.
      “But I am not going to say that cheered me up any. That was a shocking performance tonight. I didn’t see it coming and it won’t be accepted.
      “It is something we work on at this club, where everything is geared to winning.
      “Everything we do in training has a purpose, everything we do has an end point where it is about standards but tonight’s performance was a joke.
      “Anything in the second half would have been an improvement on the first.
      “I am not accepting that. When you set standards you should stick to them and if you fall below them, something like that can creep in so I am not accepting that.
      “I think you can take it from my tone that I am not happy with them (the players) and they know that.
      “That’s not right. The fans who travelled down from Dundee have been short-changed.”

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