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  • Neil McCann Has Nothing but Praise for Josh Meekings and Julen Etxabeguren.

    • By TheDarkBlues
    • 10th October 2017, 1:09 pm
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    It seems that there is some good and bad news coming out of the Dark Blue camp regarding our injury list.

    Scott Allan will most likely be going back to his parent club as Celtic will want to oversea his recovery. Whether that means we will see him in a Dark Blue jersey again will remain to be seen. McCann stated in the news that “Because he’s a loan player we, quite rightly, have to be guided by Celtic and their medical staff. It’s early days and we’re just waiting.”

    Julen Etxabeguren's injury nightmare looks to be coming to a close. The Spanish defender injured his Achilles tendon last March against Partick Thistle and was stretchered off after 69 minutes. He went under the knife to correct the issue and has since been making a slow recovery.

    Jules has played in the under 20's and as recently as last week in Dave McKay's testimonial. McCann said 'That was his third or fourth game and he looks really good. I wanted him to feel like being a professional footballer again with a crowd, against a good St Johnstone side'.

    McCann admitted that before joining Dundee as manager he didn't know much about Julen.

    'I knew he was a quality player but I have to admit that I didn’t know too much about him beyond that. You need to get to know a player personally and see him training. I’ve been able to do that over the last couple of months, But he’s like a new signing. We’ve got Kosta and Josh coming back as well. These are like quality signings outside the transfer window.'

    Another long time absentee Kostadin Gadzhalov is set for a return. The big Bulgarian has been out since July with a Calf Strain which has seen him miss most of the start of the season. Like Etxabeguren, Gadzhalov has recently had a run in a few development league games and now shows signs that he could be back in the squad after the international break.

    Neill McCann has stated that Josh Meekings 'is looking brilliant' and could be nearing his Dundee debut. The ex-Inverness defender had been working on his recovery at Dens Park over the summer, fuelling speculation that the big defender could join the Dundee Ranks. Meekings joined Dundee in August just before the transfer windowed closed, however has had to wait over two months to wear a Dark Blue jersey in a competitive game while getting back to full health.

    'Josh has been looking good in training, but you can’t expect him to go straight in after such a long time out. After the international break, all going well, Josh and Jules will be ready to start pushing themselves for inclusion'.

    While this is good news for the players, this will however most likely give McCann a choice headache, this will possibly mean he will have 6 central defenders to choose from after the international break. However, with the way that the youngsters Kerr Waddell and Jack Hendry have been playing recently, the returnees may have to wait their turn before they get into that starting line-up.

    Photo courtesy of: Derek Gerrard Photography
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    I rate Meekings quite highly so looking forward to him fighting for a spot. With the Waddell and Hendry looking good in the team, he will find it hard though.

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    • UWTB1893
      By UWTB1893
      With just sixteen minutes left to play, the Dark Blues were ahead and looked good for the win with the man advantage but they surrendered the lead and eventually the points by allowing Killie to not only equalise by also grab the winner.

      "Only the players can explain why they're not doing their jobs properly," McCann said.
      "They've been told and they will be told repeatedly again that it's unacceptable.
      "We're 2-1 up and a man up, I've taken off a more attacking player for a defensive player, but for some unknown reason we can't manage that situation.

      "We've just got players running and I'm screaming at them from the touchline. We shouldn't lose that game."

      McCann was quick to point out that he felt Glen Kamara was fouled in the lead up to Kilmarnock’s winner but refused to blame the match official for Dundee throwing away the three points.

      "Glen Kamara is fouled right in front of us, Nick doesn't give it, and he waltzes through, the boy," McCann said.
      "I'm not happy with [the referee] not giving a free kick when Kamara was fouled. Other than that, both managers might have a few grumbles. [But] it wasn't the referee's faulty we lost the game."
    • UWTB1893
      By UWTB1893
      Despite the defeat, McCann has promised to not be too hard on the players as he was happy with the performance.

      “We deserved to take something from the game,” said McCann.
      “Their keeper Joe Lewis has made two very good saves and there was also a shout for a penalty.
      “The boys deserved something for their application and the chances we created.
      “The performance was there, although we didn’t get anything from the game.
      ‘The players have shown a lot of character to stay in the match.
      “It shows respect that Aberdeen decided to camp in and hit on the counter-attack.
      “Coming up against a team who have been the second best in the country for the past few years, though, I think the players can be pleased and I haven’t been too hard on them.
      “I have told them there is no disappointment here because I was happy with the way they played.”
    • TheDarkBlues
      By TheDarkBlues
      It has now been well over a month since the Mexican manager flunked at Rangers in a hail of controversy. The Rangers board decided after only 8 months that it wasn’t going to work out for both manager and club and after just 229 days in charge,  Caixinha became the shortest ever serving manager for this born again Glasgow side.
      Rangers were then on the look out for a replacement. It seemed for a short time that the post would be going to Alex McLeish, with the former Rangers manager telling the Ibrox Board in October that they have ‘Got my number’ only for just a week later stating that he wasn’t on the verge of returning to his previous post as the Rangers manager.
      Rangers then turned their attention to the Aberdeen boss for the job, but it seems that this has been a farce with 'will he or won’t he' be taking the job, and it seems that Derek McInnes has always been insisting he is going nowhere and will be staying at his post at Aberdeen. However, this hasn't deterred Rangers in the least and they still seemingly have Derek McInnes as their number one target, with the bookies having him favourite to take over the reins at Ibrox any day now.
      However, it isn’t clear whether or not Rangers have actually approached the Aberdeen board or Derek McInnes for that matter regarding the move to Glasgow, it could very well be more than nothing but west coast media paper talk getting the sharks into a frenzy at the smell of blood.
      McInnes has even been quoted in saying that he isn’t interested in the Ger’s job.
      “I want to reiterate what the chairman said. I speak to him every other day and relationships are key to me. He wanted to put something out, he spoke to me about it, and I was happy for him to do that.
      I have never been one who feels the need to react to speculation and I don’t see how I can pick and choose.
      I’m getting asked all the time about this job or that job.
      A month ago I was asked about the Scotland job and I answered one question about it, so everyone was happy with that.
      Has it angered me? Not initially because you can’t control the speculation, and in the past I have usually answered it and we have moved on."
      While McInnes is defiantly the ‘bookies’ favourite, there seems to be a late and surprising up and coming runner for the job, the Bookies now have Ex-Rangers man Neil McCann second favourite, slashing the odds from 40/1 down to 9/2.
      This could either mean that a lot of people have been placing bets on Dark Blues manager hoping to make a little killing or Rangers have contacted Dundee in trying to sound him out for the post.
      There has been quite a bit of talk by Rangers fans who would like to see McCann take the trip from Dundee down to Glasgow, for no other reason than he is supposed to be a Rangers man through and through. For some reason playing for Rangers is the only prerequisite for getting the manager’s job for many of the light blues fans.
      I find it strange that when it came down to the nitty gritty, McCann choose to come out of retirement to help Dundee Football Club. His goal against Raith Rovers to help secure Dundee ‘s division one status after the club were docked 25 points, will forever keep McCann a legend with the Dark Blues support.
      He then put his job at Sky on hold to come to the Dark Blues rescue again and secured the club’s premier status when it looked assured Dundee would be playing Championship football again this season. For some time after, it looked as if McCann would return to his Sky job as he hesitated but finally found the lure of managing the side which started his career over twenty five years ago too much to walk away from.
      Neil McCann has just started his managerial journey and is by all standards, still a rookie learning his trade. His time as assistant manager at Dunfermline will have helped him immensely, but he still has a lot to learn and after only 6 months in charge full-time, is only starting to get Dundee on the right track.
      The football at Dens is night and day since McCann has taken over, the drab defensive playing for a draw style which Hartley had us playing is long gone. McCann has brought in a new attacking philosophy which didn’t look like it was going to work at first. The Dark Blues were shipping goals at an alarming rate and were stuck to the bottom of the table. The club 12 team which when down in season 2013 had more points at this stage.
      Unlike our previous manager, McCann realised that he had to change things around and swap around personal if we are to have a chance, and this seems to be working. Two clean sheets and unbeaten in the last three games with wins against Rangers and Ross county away from home.

      If you ask any Dundee Fan if they’re happy with the football this season, most will say they are enjoying the what McCann is serving, but are not happy at the results and the stream of bad luck we have been on the receiving end from the start of the season.
      While the club under McCann is heading in the right direction, he is no means the finished article and there is still a long way to go between now and the end of the season, and we are still in the precarious position of those relegation spots.
      Will Rangers go for a manager that has only been in the job for a couple of minutes or will they be looking for a manager with a proven record at this level? If they wish to continue this debacle of stumbling from one catastrophe to another, then they may probably try and make McCann their manager. I’m just not sure how long the Ibrox faithful would willing to give McCann before turning on him if things didn’t work out as expected.
      As Dundee fan, I just hope and pray that Neil McCann has a lot more sense and realises that the Rangers managerial seat is nothing more than a poison chalice and a hot bed of controversially, and at this time and point of his managerial career changing from Dundee to Glasgow could possibly do more damage to his reputation in the long run and end what seems to be a promising start to his managerial career.
    • UWTB1893
      By UWTB1893
      With Motherwell up next at Dens this Wednesday, the Dundee gaffer looks certain to adapt the same philosophy.

      “It is but no-one is going to come to you and say, ‘There you go’,” when asked if the team are due to give another team a doing.
      “We have to make it happen but I am confident because we are creating so many chances.
      “When I took over last season, I said this was a team that had to stop losing games and in order to do that we almost sacrificed a wee bit of our going forward.
      “I said I would try to change that, to being a team which was really on the offensive when we had the ball.
      “At times this year we have conceded goals but we have created so many chances.
      “Looking at it from Saturday, we could have just sat in and attempted to take a point but I am trying to change the mid-set of this club to not accept that a point is OK against Partick Thistle when we have totally dominated the match.
      “I can’t suddenly turn around and say, ‘Hold on a minute, where are you going?’ when we are trying to go for the winner.
      “We will talk individually about how we could have stopped their goals but overall I am convinced it will turn.”
    • UWTB1893
      By UWTB1893
      “It’s part and parcel now of everyday life - even when I’m about Glasgow.  I still get pelters there as well so it was nothing I wasn’t expecting.
      “I’m delighted that within two minutes later I managed my own reaction.

      “The hassle is part of football and you learn to live with it. It’s fine.  Should it be part of football? It is in this country, so it is what it is.  I don’t know if it motivates me, but it gives you a more enjoyable reaction when you win after it.
      “For me I’m just happy to be back fit helping the boys to a win.”

      Allan has been out of action since the start of October following an operation on his groin and only made his comeback in Dundee’s 0-0 draw with Kilmarnock at Dens the other week.

      Now the playmaker wants to knuckle down to get the team moving up the league and also rekindle the type of form he had shown early on in his Dundee career.

      “I’m just happy to be back. It’s been a frustrating couple of months because previous to the groin operation I hadn’t been playing like myself.
      “I thought I started well when I came in at Dundee and it was disappointing not to kick on because of the groin problem. I’m happy I’ve got it sorted and feel fighting fit now.
      “My last game was Kilmarnock away at the end of September. I’m delighted to get back on the park and to get a win against Rangers is a bonus.”

      “We don’t want to be near the bottom of the league, obviously, because we think we have a good enough squad to be up there in the top six, I would say.
      “This result is something to build on now.
      “We need to go and get a result next weekend now (away to Ross County).
      “We do need to build on it, though, because it can’t be a case of ‘Oh, it’s a win against Rangers’ and then we don’t win our other matches.
      “I was delighted, mainly for the manager and his assistant but also for all the boys because I think there have been some great performances without the wins.
      “So it’s been up and down but we need some momentum now.”

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