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  • Nelms Talks About Proposed New Stadium

    • By UWTB1893
    • 21st August 2017, 10:54 pm

    John Nelms spoke to the media yesterday as he divulged some more news regarding the proposed new stadium at Camperdown.

    The club announced on their website last Friday that the owners were ready to start putting plans in place for building a stadium on the plot of land at Camperdown that they bought last year for £1.2 million.

    A formal planning application is expected to be made by Dark Blue Property Holdings Ltd, who Dundee owner Tim Keyes and Managing Director John Nelms are sole directors of, in December this year.

    In an interview with The Evening Telegraph, Managing Director Nelms hopes that the building of a new stadium will start in 2018.

    “Ideally, in the perfect world we’d like to have a shovel in the ground in the summer of 2018,” said Nelms.

    “In this type of scenario, nothing ever happens the way you like it. If we can get everything up and out of the ground and be utilised by the winter of 2019/20 or the summer of 2020, I think we’d be in good shape and that’s realistic.”

    The top brass at Dens have stopped short though of speaking about how much a new venue will cost.

    “The finance we’ve been working on from day one works, otherwise we wouldn’t have bought the land.”

    One thing they haven’t been shy of speaking about is the possibility of ground-sharing with rivals Dundee United.

    Nelms said, “We don’t have a problem with anybody leasing the facility from us.

    “We have no problem with United playing at the ground.”

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