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    Raith Rovers: The View From the Opposition

    • By UWTB1893
    • 16th July 2017, 7:22 pm

    In what will hopefully be the first of many for this new feature, we welcome rival fans from our up-and-coming games to give their views on the current events at their club.

    Our first guest to take part is Raith Rover fan and Terrace Podcast contributor, Andy Harrow.

    Dundee take on Raith Rovers at Starks Park this Tuesday in the Betfred Cup, KO 7:45pm .Read what Andy had to say!

    To kick off this new feature, as a lifelong Raith Rovers fan, what’s your first memories of supporting the club?

    The first game my Dad took me to was the 7-0 victory over St. Mirren on the opening match of the 1992/93 season, but the memory of my second game is more vivid – a 5-0 shellacking to Kilmarnock at Rugby Park in the Scottish Cup. Our goalkeeper got injured, which meant tough-tackling central midfielder, Davie Sinclair, spent the majority of the game between the sticks. He was utterly abject. To make matters worse, we had a man sent off and Bobby Williamson scored a hat-trick.

    Last season saw Rovers lose their Championship status in the play offs. Did you think the club would be fighting relegation last term?

    Not initially, no! We’d finished fourth the previous season and although the appointment of Gary Locke tempered expectations, we should have finished no worse than seventh with the bones of the same squad. After a promising start, our form fell off a cliff and we didn’t win a single game between November and February. By that stage, it was pretty clear we were in serious trouble. The appointment of John Hughes, with hindsight, did nothing to help slow our descent to League One and the play-off defeat to Brechin was as depressing as it was predictable.

    John Hughes left almost immediately after your relegation was confirmed and replaced with Barry Smith by a few weeks later. Were you happy with Smith’s appointment and what was the general view of the fans regarding it?

    If the reaction to Barry Smith’s appointment could be described in a single gesture, it would be a shrug. He’s not a particularly exciting appointment – he’s not an especially young manager and his recent track record isn’t stellar – but he showed at Dundee he’s capable of galvanising a squad and achieving success, so fans are willing to give him a chance. Plus, he’s neither Gary Locke nor John Hughes, so he’s immediately got that going for him.

    Understandably, there has been a good few coming and goings through the doors at Starks Park. Are you happy with the deals that have been done so far?

    The most surprising aspect this pre-season is how few new signings we’ve made. The two strikers we’ve brought in –Liam Buchanan and Ramsden’s Cup hero, Greig Spence – look astute transfers, given the number of goals they pilfered in League One last season, while our new centre half, Euan Murray, looks competent. Otherwise, the bulk of the squad from last season have signed on for a shot at redemption. It’s also a big season for our young players to prove themselves, especially Ross Callachan and Lewis Vaughan. Both have offered glimpses of their talent and, assuming we don’t loan either to a league rival in January, it’s a chance to prove they can deliver on a consistent basis.

    What’s the aim for Raith Rovers this season in the League?

    Promotion as champions. As one of only three full-time clubs (including a shambolic Airdrie), we should be near the top throughout, but our record in the playoffs (no wins, ever) means we need to secure top spot. I can’t see us staying full-time if we spend a second season in League One.

    How do you feel the new format of the Betfred League Cup has gone so far?

    I like it, actually. It gives each team a few juicy fixtures at the start of the season and last year’s version threw up quite a few surprises (as I’m sure you’ll remember…)

    As us Dundee fans know, it can throw up a few cup upsets. With Group B consisting of Dundee Raith, Dundee United, Cowdenbeath and Buckie Thistle, is their potential for a few shocks?

    Would Dundee losing to their city neighbours be an upset these days? Otherwise, Raith are probably best placed – we’ve improved as pre-season has progressed and beat Ross County on penalties in this competition last season. Buckie Thistle might beat Cowdenbeath, given how poor the Blue Brazil were last season.

    Can you name a player from each team that the opposition should be wary of?

    Dundee – it would be just the thing for Craig Wighton to deliver his best ever display at Stark’s Park. Otherwise, I’ve seen footage of the punch Randy Wolters packs, so I’d be a bit wary of him too.

    Dundee United – James Keatings once scored a hat-trick at Stark’s and should be a shrewd signing for United.

    Cowdenbeath – A Cowdenbeath-supporting friend has suggested Cammy Muirhead. He came through the Fife Academy and scored against Buckie.

    Buckie Thistle – I would be lying if I said I knew any of Buckie’s players.

    Who do you think will reach the final of the League Cup and eventually win the trophy?

    It’s hard to see past Celtic given their form last season and Hearts will be the ceremonial whipping boys in the final.

    How do you think Dundee will do in the League this season after struggling last term?

    Another season of bottom-six misery, I’m afraid. Hamilton will surely – surely! – be relegated in the automatic berth this season, but Dundee’s squad still looks relatively weak. Admittedly, Scott Allen seems a good signing and a few of the news guys are relative unknown quantities, so it might depend how useful they are.

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    User Feedback

    chomp my root


    Good addition getting an outsiders point of view, the problem with being a single club forum means we can disappear up our own arses at times. Well done mate.

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    Cheers mate. The vast amount of the feedback is positive so I'll keep it going. Which is a good thing as I've already got the League Cup ones lined up 😂

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    Brilliant to get a point of view from outside our bubble!

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    Abernethy Dee


    Great idea, will look forward to this it's always good to hear how other teams fans perceive Dundee, thank you.

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    On 16/07/2017 at 23:55, UWTB1893 said:

    Cheers mate. The vast amount of the feedback is positive so I'll keep it going. Which is a good thing as I've already got the League Cup ones lined up 😂

    Decided we shouldn't do this any more......




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    8 minutes ago, TheDarkBlues said:

    Decided we shouldn't do this any more......




    After managing to find a Buckie Thistle fan to do this, I'll riot if it's put on the old scrap heap :lol2:

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    All responses are valid and bang on the mark. (Excellent) Chomp sums it up well in the first post.

    Trust him to bring "arses" into a respectable threed (near as bad as me) It's the "John influence":wub:

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    • UWTB1893
      By UWTB1893
      Cowdenbeath vs Dundee
      Venue: Central Park
      Date: 26th July 2017
      KO: 7.45PM
      Referee: Euan Anderson
      Linesmen: Ralph Gordon, Stuart Hodge

      Match Facts:

      Dundee and Cowdenbeath have only came face to face in this competition back in 1979 when Dundee beat the Blue Brazil 7-2 on agg

      The first tie at Central Park ended in a 4-1 victory for the Dee in front of 1,551 supporters. Eric Sinclair (2), Jim Shirra and Ian Redford got the goals.

      The team that day was: Donaldson, Barr, Turnbull, MacLaren, Glennie, Watson, Williamson, Shirra, Sinclair, Redford, Murphy Subs: Fletcher, McGeachie

      The return tie saw 4,553 fans witness Dundee win 3-1. Eric Sinclair found himself on the score sheet yet again as did Jim Shirra who bagged a double.

      The team that day was: Donaldson, Barr, Turnbull, MacLaren, Glennie, McGeachie, Fletcher, Williamson, Sinclair, Shirra, Murphy Subs: McGhee, Watson

      Head to Head League Cup Record:
      Total Games: 2
      Dundee wins: 2
      Cowdenbeath Wins: 0
      Draw: 0
      Dundee Goals: 7
      Cowdenbeath Goals: 2
      Head to Head League Cup Record at Central Park:
      Total Games: 1
      Dundee wins: 1
      Cowdenbeath Wins: 0
      Draw: 0
      Dundee Goals: 4
      Cowdenbeath Goals: 1

      League Cup games at both grounds:
      Won | Away | Round 1 | 4-1 | August 29th 1979
      Won | Home | Round 1 | 3-1 | September 1st 1979

      Admission Prices:

      Adults £10
      Concessions £5 (65 and over and under 16)

      Dundee fans will be accommodated in the South Terrace and entry is via the High Street turnstiles. Match Updates:
      You can also follow live updates on the Official Dundee Website and twitter page.
    • UWTB1893
      By UWTB1893
      Can you tell me what helped you become a Cowdenbeath fan and what your earliest memory of supporting the Blue Brazil is?
      My Dad is from Cowdenbeath so I was brought up supporting them and getting taken to games on a Saturday. It was a case of my team was chosen for me rather than I chose my team. The earliest memory I have was beating Arbroath 6-2 at Central Park at the beginning of the 94/95 season. I’m sure the game was fairly early on in the season and as you’d expect, I was pretty optimistic about the season. We ended up finishing 9th in Division 3 which was the first season of the then new league format.
      What's your opinions on the new League Cup format that is currently in its second year?
      I’ve got mixed feelings. On one hand, the games are more meaningful than friendlies and they attract bigger crowds which then in turn generates more gate money which, as a smaller club, is very welcome. On the other hand, being a fourth seed club means that you are going to have three higher ranked clubs in the same group. These higher ranked clubs are likely to be full time so they will be a lot further along in their pre-season schedule which means they should be a lot fitter and that can show in the results. It can be a bit demoralising when you’re trying to get the team ready for the League campaign.
      You kicked off your League campaign against Buckie Thistle. Was there much of a gap between yourself and the Highland Champions? They certainly gave us a few nervy moments.
      Honestly, the game was a lot easier than I was expecting. Having narrowly missing out to East Kilbride in the Highland/Lowland League Play Off last season, I thought it would be a hard fought game which would maybe go to penalties. In reality, Buckie took an early lead through a silly mistake but we then looked fairly comfortable. Buckie’s second goal was also preventable and in the end, we could have had 6 or 7.
      When the draw was made for the group stages, what was the goal or highest finish the club would be hoping for?
      I think realistically fourth but with the chance of sneaking third. Dundee and Dundee United are both full time clubs and Raith Rovers are a hybrid of full and part time players so it was always going to be a tough group.
      You enjoyed a good few seasons in Division One/Championship. I believe this was the Cowdenbeath’s best run in the Divisions since the introduction of the four leagues in 1994?
      I’d use the term enjoyed loosely. It was great seeing us competing so high up the leagues but seeing your team suffer defeat after defeat isn’t fun. There were a few highlights over the four seasons we were in the second tier though – namely avoiding relegation at New Douglas Park and THAT win at East End Park.
      10/11 was our first season in the Division One/Championship since the disastrous 92/93 season and came about because of Livingston getting sent to Division Three. It all happened fairly late on so we had prepared for life in Division Two. As you can imagine, it wasn’t a great season but we managed to avoid bottom spot and were relegated through the Play Offs after Dundee overturned their 25 point deduction. We bounced back up to Division One as Champions the following season and then had three seasons in Division One/Championship with an element of luck again involved.

      We narrowly avoided the relegation Play Offs in 12/13, thanks in part to a point deduction given to Dunfermline. 13/14 saw us defeat The Pars in the Play Off final with Greg Stewart scoring the third goal to secure us a season in the Championship with Hearts, Hibs and Rangers. 14/15 saw the start of our decline as we finished bottom of the League and were relegated to League 1 on the final day of the season despite going into the last game sitting in 8th.
      I vividly remember defeats at your ground in 2010-11 and 2013-14, could we be adding 2017-18 to that list?
      I remember those games as well. Brian Fairbairn got the winner back in 2010/11 with a free kick on the stroke of half time. Davie Hay was brilliant in goals for us and played on with a broken nose. Then in 2013/14, Greg Stewart got the winner when he ran through and slotted home to earn himself a move to Dens Park.
      Will we see a Cowdenbeath win on Wednesday? Probably not but anything is possible. Our squad is really small and being supplemented by development players - Kyle Miller was our oldest outfield player on Saturday past at age 24. Clubs like us rely on loans but at this stage, clubs are still building their own squads before deciding which players are surplus to requirements and can go out on loan. This means we are stretched personnel wise and have already picked up a few injuries to Jack Whittaker (broken foot) and David McGurn (thigh strain) so playing three tough games against full time teams in the space of 6 days is a big ask for the players.
      You’re currently competing in League Two and just managed to escape playing in the Lowlands League after beating East Kilbride on penalties in the play-off final. How much of a relief was it to retain your SPFL status?
      If we had been relegated, it’s highly likely that the club wouldn’t still exist or at least not in the same capacity. It was far too close for comfort – we were minutes away from potential obscurity. At the end of the East Kilbride game, there was no celebration from the fans or players. It was just as you say, relief. Hopefully we never end up in that situation again.
      What's the aim of the club for the up-and-coming season?
      Some stability. We were relegated from the Championship and then League 1 in consecutive seasons before finishing bottom of League 2 last season so a mid table finish which we can build on next season would be satisfactory. Ideally we’d be looking to push for a promotion Play Off place but it’s still early days with regarding to assembling the squad – I’d imagine there will be a couple of other signings and a few loans as well – so it’s difficult to see how realistic a top half finish is.
      Who do you think will reach the final and eventually win the League Cup?
      I think we’ll probably be looking at a Celtic v Aberdeen final again this season. Celtic have strengthened from last season where they were undefeated domestically and although Aberdeen lost Hayes, McGinn and Jack, they’ve brought in Stewart, Mackay-Steven, Maynard and Christie (on loan) as well as shored up their defence with the return of Kari Arnason so it’s hard to see past the two of them.
    • TheDarkBlues
      By TheDarkBlues
      The Dark Blues new signing Sofian Moussa comes off the bench to open the scoring, before Hendry scored a dramatic late winner in injury time to secure all three points in the first round of the Betfred Cup.
      After all the excitement of the pre-season flurry of signings, Neil McCann's new look Dundee side didn't exactly hit the heather alight, in what was a pretty dull and lethargic game to start off with. However this changed in the last 10 minutes when both sides upped their game after tempers started to flare from both side and referee Stephen Finnie did as much as possible to keep the game from flowing along.
      Dundee lined up against Raith Rovers with seven new faces from last year. Manager McCann handed competitive debuts to five players, Hendry, Kamara, Deacon, Allan and Wolters in the starting eleven. While Spence and Moussa were both consigned to the bench for the start of the game.
      Raith Rovers Boss Barry Smith made just one change to the side that lost to Dundee United last Saturday, Yaw Osei came in for the injured Bobby Marr. The Rovers had a few familiar faces with ex-Dee Players Davidson and Benedictus at the heart of their defence.
      The Dark Blues played in their Red away strip and blue shorts and stockings.
      The match started on an immaculate Stark's Park Surface and the Dark Blues of Dundee seemed quite content in retaining possession for large parts of the first ten to fifteen minutes of the game, without really troubling Lennox in the Raith goal. Both sides were prone to slack passing and frequently gave the ball away and both teams could not find a way past either sides defence.
      Raith's keeper Lennox had to look sharp after Allan found Wolters who nearly caught the keeper out at his far post. In the 17th minute, Buchanan struck the ball from outside the Dundee box, and the ball deflects off Spence into the arms of Bain. A couple of minutes later, Buchanan who lays off Callachan, however his shot comes off a Dundee red Shirt. A minute later, a Thomson cross from the right finds Vaughan and his shot is palmed away from danger by Scott Bain.
      The game started to come alive in the 38th minute. Wolters made space for himself inside the box, his shot hit the crossbar from 16 yards and Lennox was left standing on his goal line watching ball. El Bahktaoui also had two chances in quick succession, his first was blocked by Davidson and the second was saved by Lennox.
      Spence was the first player of the day to end up in the ref's little book. He was judged to have dived in the box and referee Finnie booked him for simulation.
      The first half ended in a stalemate and there were no changes to either line ups when both teams came out for the second half.
      Right after the second half started, the ball broke to Deacon on the edge of the Raith box but his shot flew well over the top of the bar. Dundee had a massive let off a few minutes later when Buchanan and Vaughan played a 1 -2, but fortunately for The Dark Blues Buchanan sliced his shot wide of Bain's goal.
      Dundee made their first change of the second half when McGowan came on for O'Hara, and within a few minutes McGowan was complaining that he was hit in the head from a stray elbow, to which he had to receive treatment from the physio. After a lengthy pause in the game Allan then went on to waste a free-kick by nearly kicking it out Starks Park.
      Roarie Deacon got his first yellow card in a Dundee shirt after having a little spat with Murray, and then gave the ref no choice but to produce the yellow for a foul on Buchanan.
      Spence is denied a goal scoring opportunity when Kevin Holt puts in a fantastic last ditch tackle as Spence is about to shoot with only Bain to beat. However, Spence goes down easily in the box and Raith players and fans appeal for a penalty but the ref is not interested stating that Holt played the ball.
      Dundee make another substitution, controversial signing Moussa comes on for Wolters and nearly gets a goal within minutes of his debut. Cammy Kerr cross defects of McGowan and straight into the path of Moussa, however he can't get the ball from under his feet and Lennox comes in to smother.
      The deadlock was finally broken in the 83rd minute. An Allan free-kick in from the left found Moussa who controlled the ball with his back to the goal, turned and hit the ball high past Lennox in goal. Moussa was then booked for celebration in front of the away crowd.
      Raith Rovers equalised on the 90th minute through Vaughan who was unmarked at the edge of the penalty box, he struck from 12 yards and his shot flew past a helpless Bain.
      With the game almost to a close and looking like it would finish with penalties, Dundee struck in the 92nd minute to secure all three points. Allan played a short 1-2 corner with McGowan and Allan swung his cross high into the box and Hendry header past Lennox.
      The Dark blues get their first win of the season under Neil McCann.
      Dundee will now face highland opposition Buckie Thistle on Saturday at Dens Park.