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    Yordi Teijsse Looking to Leave the Dee This Summer

    By UWTB1893 · Posted On · 539 views · 0 comments
    Dundee’s Dutch forward who is currently on-loan to German side, Wuppertaler SV looks set to return back home in the Summer with his ex-club Young Boys looking his likely destination.

    Since signing for Dundee back in May 2016 on a two-year deal, Yordi was only able to find the back of the net once in elven appearances.

    After failing to create an impact and hold down a regular place in the team, the Dutchman was shipped off to Wuppertaler SV on-loan where he has netted twice in elven appearances.

    Teijsse said: “Quick Boys know how I feel about how bad this season has been for me. I still get on very well with the club.

    “I have learned a lot about myself.

    “I am supposed to report back to training at Dundee on June 23, but whether I will actually return there, I really don’t know.”

    Yordi himself has admitted that he has felt homesick on a few occasions since his arrival in the City of Discovery, so it may not come as a surprise to the fans that he could potentially be looking to end his contract with the Dee early to return home.

    Photo courtesy of: Derek Gerrard Photography
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