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The Dark Blues

    Dee Legends

    • Dee Legends

      Dundee Legend: Barry Smith

      There are very few players in the modern age that can be describe as 'dundee legends.' We have collected an abundance of fan favourites throughout the years but in my time following the dark blues, none come close to reaching the levels that barry smith did for the club.

    • Dee Legends

      Dundee Legend: Bobby Cox

      From 1955 to 1969, he made 434 appearances for the Dee, scored 3 goals, captained the club to their only Scottish League title and took Dundee on a European Cup adventure that still lives on today. He had a stand named after him and a place in the 2009 Hall of Fame was a homage to the player, the man, the icon who we all know and call Mr. Dundee.

    • Dee Legends

      Dundee Legend: Rab Douglas

      When you talk of Dundee Legends, you tend to go back to the ‘good ole’ days when the likes of Bobby Cox, Bob Shankly, Doug Cowie and Alan Gilzean wore that Dark Blue in the 1960’s. It isn’t always a case that you have to come forward a decades to the modern times and start calling players ‘Legends’ before you feel that you are starting to water down the meaning.

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